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O.P. « 2017-Jun-02, 01:19 PM »
Great news, well done to all involved  :clap2:

Good to see coverage still on Sky also, would have been silly to drop them.

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« 2017-Jun-03, 02:00 AM Reply #1 »

Following on from the success of the State’s first ever million dollar races, South Australian thoroughbred racing is about to take a further major step forward with TRSA (Thoroughbred Racing SA) signing a new multi-million dollar media rights agreement with, covering its domestic (including digital) and international rights.

As part of the seven-year agreement, which commences from 1 August 2017, has sublicensed South Australian thoroughbred rights to Sky Racing, thus ensuring that South Australian thoroughbred race vision will continue to be screened on Sky’s premier wall-to-wall racing channel.

A key component of the agreement is that will sell live streaming rights of South Australian racing to the wider digital market of wagering operators, while the International rights are effective from the expiry of the current agreement in March 2018.


While the value of the contract is not being released, TRSA CEO Jim Watters said it represented a “very significant multi-million dollar increase in revenue” compared with the previous media rights agreement.

Not releasing the value of the contract? Why not?

RVL dipping into their $100 million to prop up by subsidizing South Australian racing? Or are the shareholders of Seven West paying. Or both  :chin:

I guess in amongst all the back slapping we will never know because they are hiding that info  :chin:

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« 2018-Oct-03, 04:37 PM Reply #2 »
Caller Terry McCauliffe sounded out of breath in R6 today. Hope he is OK.