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O.P. « 2016-Jul-29, 06:30 PM »
I can't find the "Questions" page, so will post this here if that's OK

Does anybody know the website that the C-M sources its comments for the gallops?

I find these comments very helpful and often pick up something that I have missed . . . and they are not usually wishy washy & meaningless like those on other sites

I do get the C-M but it would be more convenient to access the comments earlier than raceday if that is possible

Thanks in advance

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« 2016-Jul-29, 06:40 PM Reply #1 »
Dunno the answer  Arthur.....but  I'm inclined to think the staff writers would be doing it....suggest you email Nathan Exelby he'll know. :thumbsup:

Giddy Up :beer:

Offline arthur

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« 2016-Jul-29, 07:21 PM Reply #2 »
Ta  :beer:

I think that they are a bit too comprehensive for staff-writers

I will email NE and let you know his answer  :thumbsup:

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« 2016-Jul-29, 10:55 PM Reply #3 »
It's normally outsourced these days, probably one of the guys from Best Bets or Racenet etc.

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« 2016-Jul-30, 07:53 AM Reply #4 »
Don't like your chances of an honest answer, Arthur.

"Nathan, to save me buying your paper, can you tell me where I can source those comments you publish for the gee gees."

Offline arthur

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« 2016-Aug-02, 09:18 PM Reply #5 »
Rec'd email from NE . .

Out of the office and will get back to me with requested info' . .  :thumbsup:

Will keep you posted

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« 2016-Aug-03, 04:04 PM Reply #6 »
  Those C.M. comments are very useful and are available in  the Friday morning edition of The Courier Mail. I at one stage was appending just the comments to lines in the Form Analysis for each horse, but re-typing was too onerous and I dropped that activity. Not sure when the on-line access to the C.M. becomes available, but it sure would be useful if one could transfer those comments into one's computer.

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« 2016-Aug-03, 05:34 PM Reply #7 »

Nathan sent me the above source . . but haven't been able to check it out properly, as it is playing up

NE says that it should be OK in 24 to 48 hours

So there . . JWH  :bleh:  :beer: