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O.P. « 2017-Jan-02, 09:42 AM »
Not sure what all the fuss about is with the Southern Raider From Within , would like to hear some comments from those that saw the run on Saturday.  Also it seems Chauffeur over-raced badly in Sydney same race. Seems Munce has a good chance with Ours to Keep with an interesting tale for the name to boot- has been super impressively locally with 3 wins from 3 runs Wondering what the former owners are feeling like currently? Wonder how they'd feel if it wins the $1.2 million first prize????

Anyhow, one Southern Raider that I was impressed with from Saturday's run was Goodfella - got back to second last and made up a heck of a lot of ground at it's first race start here in Qld. Nice pedigree curently $21 fixed, hope it makes the field I will be having something on this week.

Just watched From Within replay, pretty impressive can see why the Not a Single Doubt filly is favourite

Shaping to be another great race and raceday.

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« 2017-Jan-02, 09:51 AM Reply #1 »
The race From Within won had to be the most uncompetitive race seen for a while. Terrible race. They let her have that.

Looks to be a lot of fast horses in the race. Something sitting just off the pace should blouse them.

Now to find that horse.  :nowink:

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« 2017-Jan-02, 11:39 AM Reply #2 »
Did not like the way he pulled From Within up one little bit. Thought it was overdone to the point the stewards should have said something.

It effectively turned an 1100m race into a 1050m race in preparation for a highly competitive 1200m race. I thought the horse was hard ridden between the 200m and the 50m and wonder how much there really was left in the tank.

2nd horse was thrashed by the baldy faced Khan at it's first race start. I actually think Khan's win in the Breeders was outstanding.

The equal second favourites (going on TAB's market) both met on Melbourne Cup Day. The local coverage focused on Madeenaty and the commentators kept saying how it should have won because it was on the wrong side of the track but they were ignoring an outstanding debut win by an really thick set athletic looking horse in Invincible Star. The head on showed how much more solidly built he was when compared with his competition and he just ran straight and never once shirked his task, unlike Madeenty who was playing games with the jockey.

In a race like the MM where there is going to be a bit of push and shove, you'd want to be on the big fella Invincible Star to come out on top. As they turn in the 28th Dec Wyong BT you can see what I'm talking about with his physique

There is no doubt Gai has a really big chance to win the race again.

Couldn't fault the win of Ours To Keep on Saturday. Won like a good racehorse. It comes down to judgement on the stronger form lines, and of course the all important barrier draw.

Looking forward to the race.

In all the doom and gloom in Qld racing at the moment, the Magic Millions goes from strength to strength. Why? Because it is a private venture where those investing get a good return on their investment via the associated Sales. Remember this when the politicians start getting in front of the camera claiming some sort of credit like I saw the Racing Minister doing on Saturday ;)

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« 2017-Jan-02, 12:44 PM Reply #3 »
Invincible star and single bullet the only ones I want prior to the draw

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« 2017-Jan-03, 01:55 PM Reply #4 »
Grabbed a bit of the $9 Unitab are offering on Madeenaty without a huge degree of confidence. Seems like a generous price, she did a fair bit of early work and will learn from the run at Wyong. Think she'll probably outsprint them if can draw reasonably and be allowed to switch off in the run.
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« 2017-Jan-06, 12:00 PM Reply #5 »
Took a saver Invincible Star, may end up backing both. Happy to let the Waller filly run against me 2nd up. Obviously talented but had all the favours on debut as you guys have mentioned. Unitab have Single Bullet listed as doubtful. Couldn't have Houtzen backing up in a week off a heavy track run? Weather seems to be clearing for next week.

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« 2017-Jan-14, 08:06 PM Reply #6 »
1st and 2nd very impressive today.
The winner oh so dominant, and the Snitzel colt ....great runs in the heat.
Chauffeur was a great place bet...Ryan thinks he will go better at more distance too...

Offline samatt

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« 2017-Jan-15, 10:44 AM Reply #7 »
Yeah wow she was way too good. 1 week backup and gate 16 going at a good clip in a tough 1200 no probs!