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O.P. « 2016-Nov-14, 08:17 AM »
Steroids supply has vet in strife
A VETERINARY surgeon improperly injected or supplied anabolic steroids for horses in three states, including 20 under Queensland’s leading trainers’ care.
Victor Griffin, of the Gold Coast, is facing possible deregistration, suspension or a hefty fine for professional misconduct, after a tribunal found the treatment was for non-therapeutic purposes.

The vet injected 20 horses trained by Queensland’s leading horse trainer Tony Gollan with then-restricted anabolic steroids – before they were banned in 2014.
On October 26, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found professional misconduct in respect of 19 allegations involving Griffin’s supply of anabolic steroids for horses at eight properties.

They included dozens of yearlings and spelling racehorses under care of Mr Gollan, Toowoomba trainer Rochelle Smith and two Gold Coast area trainers.
Dr Griffin also injected or supplied anabolic steroids for hundreds of horses in NSW and Victoria in 2011 and 2012.

The tribunal also found professional misconduct in relation to his mass treatment of horses with non-steroidal antiinflammatories at two other properties, and a failure to keep adequate records.

In each case, Dr Griffin’s examination and evaluation of each horse before treatment was found to be inadequate. The tribunal is yet to determine a penalty.
Dr Griffin, an equine vet for 25 years, said in 2012 he had a mobile practice with 500 clients who controlled more than 8000 horses in three states.

He would regularly visit stables, farms and studs to treat thoroughbred racing horses in training or spelling, and equestrian and pleasure horses.

Dr Griffin said he injected or supplied anabolic steroids for the therapeutic purpose of weight gain, tissue repair, appetite stimulation or red blood cell increase or to prevent a medical problem.

The drug had been widely given to racehorses when resting and coming into training and “with adequate withdrawal times to avoid positive testing’’, he said.
He gave evidence about personally injecting yearlings with anabolic steroids.

Dr Griffin admitted injecting 20 horses coming into training under Gollan near Toowoomba, on June 26, 2012, for appetite stimulation and tissue repair.

The tribunal found there was no therapeutic purpose for the anabolic steroids use and that it was unlikely a number of racing and sporting horses at a stable or farm would present symptoms requiring the same treatment and dosage.

Gollan and Smith have both been up before the racing appeals and disciplinary board recently over other issues.......from memory Smith got off on a technicality I think while Gollan wasn't as fortunate with a hefty fine which he could take to QCAT

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