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O.P. « 2019-Mar-12, 10:31 PM »
I agree it's a poor decision to prevent media coverage.

As much as I hate to admit it,  Gunbower you have made me bite.

As an accredited A grade journalist of many years standing, could you provide when and how many times I have interviewed Ross Barnett on air to confirm your opined "fireside chat" claim.

When communicated, I will return serve.

Over to you.

Offline gunbower

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« 2019-Mar-13, 12:54 PM Reply #1 »
                You appear to have taken some umbrage at my "fireside chat " remark. That was not my intention. I have the greatest respect for your consistent professional approach to your media engagements. You and I both know that Today's racing media lacks "the arms length " history of past days. That has  occurred as a result of racing controlling its own media or its major sponsors doing same. You are  to be congratulated on how you are generally  able to raise issues against that backdrop. I did listen some weeks ago to the alleged "fireside chat" you had with Ross Barnett on your programme "Press Room ". I believe you could have raised the question of the secrecy of QRIC with him on that occasion. Surely the integrity of a so called Integrity Organization would at the very least demand public scrutiny. Attempts to void that scrutiny raise obvious questions about the Organization itself. DJF, I would have asked the gentleman quite simply whether it was his idea or was it the Government's to run racing inquiries in camera. If it was his ; I would have asked as to why he formed that view ? Does he dispute the acknowledged legal principle that justice is characterized by openness and transparency ? Just my thoughts.