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« 2018-Aug-28, 11:30 PM Reply #300 »
In an earlier post on the Internal Review in the case of Mark Currie it was reported  that the decision was to confirm the 2 year DQ although no resons for decision were published.

Mr Currie applied to QCAT for a stay of proceedings which was heard in June and it was granted subject to a full hearing on the.substance of the case in his decision the learned member stated inter alia  as follows :-

"Lack of substance to the charges [27] This is the central challenge that Mr Currie seems to make to the decision. [28] The submission for Mr Currie is that what was given to the horse was a vitamin supplement, which should not be defined as a “medication” under Australian Rules of Racing 178E. [29] The question of whether this type of product should be treated as a medication does not appear to have been considered in a relevant court or tribunal, and counsel were unable to point to any such decision. [30] It will be a question of law at to whether the giving of the boost paste breaches Australian Rules of Racing 178E. Mr Currie wishes to challenge that contention, and the question that arises is as to whether he should be given the opportunity to do so."


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« 2018-Aug-29, 08:34 AM Reply #301 »
Trainer Clinton Garland who was outed for 18 months after one of his runners returned a positive to cobalt has obtained a stay of proceedings.

The IR decision was  previously posted by my good self last month.

The decision of learned Acting senior member Browne granted a stay pending a full hearing which may have been heard although no results have been made public .

My first boss was J D Garland who operated a trucking business out of Jane St West End,


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« 2018-Aug-30, 07:07 PM Reply #302 »
Ben Currie takes case to Supreme Court
3 hours ago by AAP

Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie Image: AAP

The inquiry involving 28 alleged offences against Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie has been further adjourned after his lawyers went to the Brisbane Supreme Court seeking a judicial review of three aspects of the case.

Stewards charged Currie and several of his staff after raiding his Toowoomba stables on April 7.

He was originally charged with 31 offences but three of those were dropped and the remaining 28 charges were to be heard at a reconvened inquiry on August 13.

That inquiry was adjourned to allow further particulars of the charges to be given to Currie's lawyers.

In a short statement on Thursday, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission said the reconvened stewards inquiry had been further delayed until the outcome of a Supreme Court hearing.

A Supreme Court application for judicial review by Currie is set down for September 28.

Currie's lawyers will seek the review on the grounds stewards have not properly exercised their right of discretion to allow Currie to have legal representation at his hearing.

His lawyers to date have not been allowed into the previous inquiry hearings.

It will also be further argued QRIC has failed to provide proper particulars relating to some charges including how Currie was alleged to have influenced or been responsible for any breach of rules.

Thirdly, Currie's lawyers will allege he has been denied justice by QRIC refusing to release to them transcripts of a hearing in which some of Currie's employees were questioned under oath by a barrister.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said the Commission would make no comment at this time.

Currie's lawyer Jim Murdoch QC also said he had no comment until after the Supreme Court hearing.ENDS

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« 2018-Sep-03, 09:07 AM Reply #303 »
Reckless call all OK after rule-check
DECISION: Daniel Aurisch.

BACKERS of Sunshine Coast winner Reckless Choice can thank a relatively new rule for collecting on the Steve O’Deatrained runner on Saturday.

Acting chief steward Daniel Aurisch noted the event would have possibly been declared a no-race before August 2016.

Stewards ruled $201 chance Sol Witness a late scratching after deeming it gained “an unfair advantage” when its gate opened prematurely ahead of the rest of the field.
“In times gone by it most likely would have to be a norace,” Aurisch said. ‘‘That was our only other option.

“But a different arm to the rule was brought in on August 1, 2016, which allows us to declare a horse a non-runner when it has gained an unfair advantage without the race having to be declared a no-race (if the event is deemed to have had no material effect on the result of the race).”

Sol Witness’ rider Tegan Harrison gave evidence to stewards that once her mount had burst through the gates, she rode it in a manner thinking a false start would be declared.

While Sol Witness was made a late scratching, Glen Colless’ plea to have Cedarwood, which reared as the start was affected and left tailed off last, declared a non-runner was rejected.

Colless argued Sol Witness (which jumped from gate 6) jumping out was the reason for Cedarwood (barrier 1) rearing.

“We thought it was a long bow to draw and didn’t have much room to move in declaring the horse a runner,” said Aurisch.

Aurisch’s acting chief steward role ends today, with Peter Chadwick set to start his tenure as the new chief steward with QRIC tomorrow.ENDS

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« 2018-Sep-06, 10:05 AM Reply #304 »
Queensland racing’s new chief steward Peter Chadwick eases into role
Nathan Exelby, The Courier-Mail
September 5, 2018 6:43pm

QUEENSLAND’S new chief steward Peter Chadwick made his first appearance at the races yesterday, ahead of his first meeting as chairman at Doomben on Saturday.

Chadwick began his tenure on Monday and attended the Ipswich races as a guest on Wednesday, before slipping into the helm this weekend.

Chadwick has relocated his family to Queensland after 18˝ years in Singapore. This will be his first stint in Queensland, having previously worked as a steward in NSW, the ACT, Tasmania and Western Australia.

New chief steward Peter Chadwick will chair his first meeting at Doomben on Saturday. Pictu Grant Peters, Trackside Photography

“We’re excited to be working and living in Queensland and the family being back in Australia,” Chadwick said. “I’m looking forward to engaging with the industry and meeting everyone here.”

Chadwick’s last meeting in Singapore was August 12, upon which he handed the reins to long-time Racing Victoria chairman of stewards Terry Bailey.

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« 2018-Sep-10, 10:13 AM Reply #305 »

QUEENSLAND’S appeal system could be in for an overhaul with participants sick of the drawn-out process that comes with appeals to QCAT.

The current appeal system is a mess, with matters as simple as a careless riding suspension often dragged out over many months. It reached a new low recently when a jockey was allowed to return to riding mid-suspension.

To change the status quo, the State Government needs to alter the Racing Integrity Act 2016 and sanction a new appeals board and process.

Victoria has recently legislated change whereby VCAT will be removed from the appeal system, in favour of a system specialised to the industry.

“We went to the Minister soon after his appointment and urged him to make changes to the act and amend this appeal system,” Queensland Jockeys Association representative Glen Prentice said.

“They would rather know their fate, rather than wait many months.

“In some instances, the hearing is heard and then you wait several more months for a ruling.”

Prentice said the old system, where jockeys appealed to a Racing Disciplinary Board, was a preferred option and that his members were more likely to accept the verdict of an independent body than they are the current Internal Review and therefore it would require fewer matters being referred to a higher level.

While jockeys have been frustrated by the Internal Review system, they have on the other hand been able to use it to their advantage, appealing to QCAT for a stay and then effectively taking the suspension when it suits them.

Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the Commission would “prefer that QCAT could deal with hearings more quickly than presently occurs” but recognises the Tribunal has a wide jurisdiction beyond racing and that generally participants are not disadvantaged because stays are usually granted while the matter is pending.

“I know the delays and the granting of stay applications for extended periods can be frustrating for participants and the rest of the racing community but people are entitled to the presumption of innocence until a finding is made,” he said.

Barnett noted that of the 1603 decisions made by stewards across the three racing codes in financial year 2017-18 that involved a penalty, only 116 applied for an internal review and within that, about 20 per cent were either overturned or had the original penalty reduced.

“I believe this is clear evidence of (the internal reviewer’s) impartiality,” Barnett said.

Barnett said 21 matters appealed to QCAT in that time were finalised, with 16 of those either overturned, amended or settled before the hearing.ENDS

Extracted from Nathan Exelby's column in the CM today........prior to QCAT there was the RDB and they made some strange decisions...... the NSW two tiered system seems to work reasonably well and Victoria's new system dispensing with VCAT hasn't had any public exposure as far as I know....IMO the guvment should consider finding a more workable appeals system current one is too unwieldy and unduly expensive with long delays.

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« 2018-Sep-12, 08:15 AM Reply #306 »
Racing Crime Squad blitz of far north results in 33 charges
myPolice on Sep 11, 2018 @ 2:44pm
The Queensland Racing Crime Squad (QRCS) have charged five people with 33 charges in a blitz of the far
north Queensland region over six days in the past week.
These charges have arisen as a result of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Integrity Investigation
Team (IIT) team Stewards and QRCS working effectively together as a result of information received.
Between September 3 and 9, the QRCS and IIT conducted a series of collaborative investigations in the Innisfail
and Cairns region with assistance of local Cairns police officers.
On September 5, searches in the Innisfail area resulted in 17 drug charges against a 32-year-old former Innisfail
track rider including 16 offences of supplying methylamphetamine.
On the same day, QRCS charged a 38-year-old former jockey also from Innisfail with nine drug offences
including supply methamphetamine. Both men were bailed to appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court on
October 8.
A 37-year-old Innisfail man, un-related to the racing industry was also charged with two drug offences and issued
a notice to appear at Innisfail Court on the same day.
On September 6, the QRCS operation moved to Cairns and in conjunction with Cairns Property Crime Squad,
conducted search warrants in the Woree area resulting in several property offence charges against two racing
industry participants.
Property worth thousands of dollars allegedly stolen during a burglary at the Cairns Jockey Club on August 31
was recovered and a 33-year-old man was remanded in custody to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on
September 24 and a 35-year-old man was issued a notice to appear on the same day.
On September 9, two racing participants; a 30-year-old woman and a 33-year old man were detected in
possession of illicit drugs (cannabis) and diverted from the court process to attend health counselling after a
search warrant was executed at a Woree property.
Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said as part of the far north Queensland operation
there was also an increased presence at the Cairns Amateurs event on Saturday September 8 and in a pleasing
result there were no breaches of the Rules of Racing or criminal activities detected.
“If you have any information about wrong doing in the racing industry including the mistreatment of racing animals
I urge you to report it through the Report Something portal on the QRIC website,” he said.

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« 2018-Sep-19, 07:50 PM Reply #307 »
QRIC Internal Reviews decisions are lacking assuming there have been some conducted since the last reported results  dated July.....about 2 months ago..wonder what the problem is?

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« 2018-Sep-25, 07:53 PM Reply #308 »
Man charged after doping threat, Innisfail
myPolice on Sep 25, 2018 @ 8:26am
A former racing participant has been remanded in custody after an appearance in the Innisfail Magistrates Court
yesterday where he appeared to answer trespass and fraud charges.

The Queensland Racing Crime Squad was called in to investigate after an alleged threat to dope a horse set to
race at Atherton on Saturday.

The thirty two year-old Innisfail man was subsequently arrested, charged and remanded in custody on Saturday
September 22 until his appearance yesterday where he was remanded to reappear to face the charges on
October 8, 2018.

It is alleged the man had threatened to dope one of the horses in a shared stable of thoroughbred trainers at

In consultation with the trainers, stewards withdrew all six runners set to race at Atherton on Saturday as a

Samples have been taken for testing from one of the horses to determine if any substances were administered.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online
form 24hrs per day.

You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and
community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via crimestoppersqld.com.au 24hrs per

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« 2018-Sep-26, 06:07 PM Reply #309 »
Latest Internal review decisions available on the QRIC website ....mostly charge and penalty confirmed.


Individual cases as follows

Bradford DQ 6 months meth positive

Gardiner Cobalt positive 12 months

Dale Smith penalty confirmed 16 day suspension

Chambers penalty to be served concurrently rather than cumulatively 6 months in lieu of 9 false urine sample.

Jackson Murphy 15 day suspension confirmed

Corey Bayliss  reduction from 6 weeks  to 4 weeks  his ride on Tumbler

Nathan Day 11 days suspension Reduced to a severe reprimand

2 months suspension confirmed.

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« 2018-Sep-26, 06:10 PM Reply #310 »
Internal Reviews on harness trainer/drivers suspensions all confirmed.


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« 2018-Sep-27, 05:41 PM Reply #311 »
QRIC have uploaded another batch of Internal Reviews most confirm the stewards findings some positives to cobalt and one to arsenic .....and one refusal of a licence under the fit and proper person test .....links below.


Original decision on charge confirmed, penalty amended to a $3,000.00 fine with $1,000.00 being wholly suspended for a period of two (2) years Breach of rule 178 arsenic

8 day suspension confirmed

16 day suspension confirmed

Refusal of licence

Breach of Rule 178)t)$300 fine confirmed alleged hindering of a sample collection from his horse.

Breach of Rule 178 penalty confirmed  DQ 2x 9 months to be served  concurrently

Breach of Rule178 penalty confirmed 9 months DQ cobalt

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« 2018-Sep-30, 03:04 PM Reply #312 »
The second Annual Report of the QRIC has been uploaded on the QRIC website detailing the operations for the past 12 months.

Here are some extracts but the whole report should be read to understand how the commission functions together with details of funding staff establishments and other internal issues.


Our Stakeholders
• All members of the Queensland public
• Queensland racing industry participants
• Racing Queensland
• The Minister for Local Government, Minister for Racing
and Minister for Multicultural Affairs
• Partner agencies including the Royal Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Biosecurity
Queensland, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and
other law enforcement agencies
In April 2018, we commissioned our second annual survey
of Queensland racing industry participants and the wider
Queensland community to measure perceptions of the
industry and the Commission itself.
The 2017/18 survey saw a significant increase in the
number of racing participant respondents with a 132 per
cent increase (n= 243 vs. 563), whilst the number
of community respondents remained fairly consistent
(n= 906 vs. 900).
Almost all industry respondents indicated awareness of
the Commission in 2017/18 (98.2 per cent), which was a
significant increase compared to 2016/17 (93.60 per cent).
Both industry and community participants’ confidence
in the integrity of the industry decreased in 2017/18.
The Commission recognises that publicity relating to our
enforcement activities may impact public confidence in
the industry in the short term, however the Commission’s
longitudinal target is to increase confidence in the
industry. For example, in 2017/18, the Commission, in
partnership with the Crime and Corruption Commission
and the Queensland Police Service Racing Crime Squad,
made 10 arrests in the Harness racing code after a
protracted investigation into systematic match fixing.
Despite the above, the belief that the integrity of the
industry has improved remained consistent – with no
significant changes in 2017/18 for both community and
industry participants.

Our People
As at 30 June 2018, the Commission had a total of 153 Full Time Employees (FTEs), which equates to a head-count of 249. A total of 134.94 of these FTE positions are dedicated to frontline, operational roles including stewarding and race-day operations, scientific testing and analysis, veterinary services and animal welfare, integrity services and licensing and registration. Of the 153 FTE positions allocated to our organisation, 140 were occupied as at 30 June 2018. As at 30 June 2018, we employed 131 casual staff (equating to 25 FTEs), most of whom are casual race-day Stewards employed to help provide coverage for the volume and spread of race meetings the Commission officiates, these casuals are employed on periodic occasions to assist our permanent workforce.Our permanent separation rate (as a percentage of our total FTE) for the year was 7.18 per cent. There were no redundancy, early retirement or retrenchment packages paid during the year. We have administratively adopted the current State Government Certified Agreement and award arrangements for all staff engaged under the Public Service Act 2008 and are now part of the current bargaining process across Government. Staff engaged under the Racing Integrity Act 2016 are engaged on individual contracts. As part of the establishment of the Commission, Stipendiary Stewards (Stewards) transitioned to the Commission under identical contractual conditions to those they had previously under the former structure of Racing Queensland. Following a review of those arrangements the Commission engaged Mercer to undertake a detailed analysis of roles; conduct remuneration benchmarking; and develop a capability framework. In 2018/19 the Commission will be reviewing and implementing a number of its findings.

QRIC paid Mercer $55K for this relatively easy assignment back in my day in the Industrial Commission unions would rely on the old standby comparative wage justice comparing like with like......if the remuneration report is any guide I doubt that the stewards would be overpaid..those above them in the heirachy don't appear to be.

There was one coercive hearing the results of which have already been disclosed although not in this report there were 3 witnesses in this hearing.

Decisions and Outcomes
In 2017/18, there were 1,603 original decisions made by the Commission. Of those decisions, 116 were subject to internal review. A total of 26 decisions were altered at internal review, with 90 original decisions upheld. Individuals also have a right, under the Racing Integrity Act 2016, to apply for an external review if they are dissatisfied with their internal review outcome. The external review of decisions by QCAT offers a further layer of transparency and independent oversight of the Commission’s decision-making process. In 2017/18, 41 external review applications were made to QCAT, with 21 of those matters finalised. Of the matters finalised, QCAT has amended the decision in 16 cases. This demonstrates that the review mechanisms available to participants is genuine and effective.

Only a relatively small percentage went for internal review 116/1603 very light which is a surprise.......26 successful in full or in part.......while QCAT amended 16 of the 21 finalised to date.......with 20 outstanding.

QPS Racing Crime Squad
QPS Racing Crime Squad Our partnership with the Queensland Police Service’s Queensland Racing Crime Squad (QRCS) continues to deliver outstanding integrity outcomes for the Queensland racing industry. In 2017/18, 21 offenders were charged with 47 offences. Since the inception of the Commission on 1 July 2016, the QRCS has charged 45 offenders with 89 offences. The QRCS continue to investigate matters of serious animal cruelty, major and organised crime (including match fixing), and any other offences relating to licensed persons across the three codes of racing. The most prolific investigation is that relating to match fixing in the Harness industry, of which the QRCS made 10 arrests in 2017/18. These charges were the result of a protracted investigation by the Queensland Police Service, Crime and Corruption Commission and the Commission into systematic match fixing which remains ongoing. As a result of the initial greyhound live-baiting investigation, the QRCS also has carriage of four animal cruelty matters still before the courts. A total of 18 Animal Cruelty matters have been finalised.

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« 2018-Oct-03, 07:27 PM Reply #313 »
Provincial jockey Vishan Venkaya refused licence upgrade to allow him to ride  mid week in the metropolitan area...has to improve his skills in certain areas.


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« 2018-Oct-03, 08:21 PM Reply #314 »
What a farce . Never met the bloke . However if he is a worse jockey than some of the postillions who ride in Brisbane every week then I must be George Moore. Funny how the judge and jury was a jockey who was capable of slaughtering one of our greatest three year olds  in a VRC Derby many years ago . I have seen far better rides at Cunnamulla  than this genius's effort . But anyway at least he now stands in judgement on others.

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« 2018-Oct-04, 07:07 PM Reply #315 »
Media Release
4 October 2018
Suspicious activity at Gold Coast stable sparks Inquiry
A Stewards Inquiry was commenced yesterday after the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
(QRIC) Integrity Investigations Team (IIT) reported what they believed to be suspicious activity at
the stable of Gold Coast trainer Les Kelly.
Stewards will allege a licensed stable hand and part owner of She’s a Youeffoh was preparing to
administer a substance to that horse which was engaged to run on the Gold Coast yesterday.
QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said that during a no notice race day inspection, the IIT
allegedly found the stable hand holding an oral syringe.
“The Stewards scratched She's A Youeffoh yesterday and took preliminary evidence from Mr Kelly
and the stable hand,” he said.
“Samples were also taken from Mr Kelly’s remaining four horses that ran at the Gold Coast Turf
Club yesterday, Freddie Fox Trot, Solo Melody, Aggravate and Ruler; there is no suggestion at this
stage that these four horses had been treated.
The Stewards Inquiry was adjourned until the return of analysis of the samples taken.
Also on the Gold Coast yesterday; Gold Coast Trainer Maryanne Brosnan was charged and fined
$200 for engaging an unlicensed stable hand.

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« 2018-Oct-17, 06:04 PM Reply #316 »
Animal cruelty charges, Pine Mountain

Three people have been charged with animal cruelty following investigations by detectives from the Racing Crime Squad and the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) into the treatment of a thoroughbred mare at a Pine Mountain property.

The 4-year-old retired racehorse was inspected at the property on October 4 following information provided to the QRIC by a member of the public and was found to be severely underweight and neglected.

Ongoing investigations have resulted in thee people, a 20-year woman, a 48-year old man and a 51-year old woman, being issued a Notice To Appear for one count each of animal cruelty under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

They are due to appear Ipswich Magistrates Court on November 6.
One of the men charged is the registered owner of the thoroughbred, and also a licensed stable hand.
It is further alleged that during investigations into the welfare of the thoroughbred, the QIRC received information from a person falsely claiming to be the registered owner.
This resulted in a 33-year old female licensed stable hand being charged with the offence of giving false or misleading information to an authorised officer under the Racing Integrity Act 2016.
She is due to appear before the Sandgate Magistrates Court on October 25.

This joint investigation is a further demonstration of the seriousness of which reports of animal welfare concerns are held and dealt with by QRIC to safeguard the welfare of animals and ensure the integrity of the racing industry in Queensland.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via crimestoppersqld.com.au 24hrs per day.
Quote this reference number: QP1801847649
Metropolitan Brisbane, Southern Region

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