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« 2017-Nov-30, 07:24 PM Reply #125 »
Wonder why there haven't been any Internal Reviews put up on the QRIC website since September ........ :what:

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« 2017-Dec-01, 02:12 AM Reply #126 »
Interesting timing.. coinciding with an investigation certain persons are rumoured to be implicated in  :chin:

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« 2017-Dec-07, 06:27 AM Reply #127 »
The reason the results of Internal Reviews haven't appeared publicly on the QRIC website is that the QRIC legal team has been busy working through the numerous reviews in recent weeks while also preparing for QCAT hearings. .......posting Internal Reviews should be attended to in the next few days...there'll be a lot of reading apparently as nothing posted since September.

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« 2017-Dec-14, 07:44 PM Reply #128 »
QRIC Calls On Debtors To Pay Up
13 December 2017
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner is urging the Commission’s outstanding debtors to
pay up before the Christmas-New Year holiday is over.
“We have a list of more than 170 racing industry participants across Queensland who combined owe
the Commission more than $100,000 in fees and fines,” Commissioner Ross Barnett said.
“This is a comparatively small number given there are about 6,000 licensees in the state, but some
of these debts are greater than 90 days old, with some invoices remaining unpaid for more than a
“But in the spirit of the season, we have suspended our efforts to recover the outstanding amounts
until the New Year and I would like people to do the right thing and settle up their accounts
voluntarily,” Commissioner Barnett said.
“If they’re still on our list of outstanding debtors by the time the Commission’s offices reopen after
the holiday break then I will have to consider my options, including licence suspensions.”
The Commission is empowered by the Licensing Scheme Standard to immediately suspend any
licence where a licence holder fails to pay a debt owed to the Commission within 30 days or such
other period of time agreed between the Commission and the licence holder.
“This money is owed to the people of Queensland through the Commission as a statutory body and
we have been very patient in dealing with people up to this point,” Commissioner Barnett said.
“It appears some people may be confusing kindness with weakness and are simply ignoring us.”
Some individual participants owe the Commission between $5,000 and $8,000 each.
“We know from their racing successes that most of these people have the capacity to pay but choose
to delay doing so,” Commissioner Barnett said.
“I would urge our debtors to pay what they owe or enter into payment plans before they find
themselves being called upon to demonstrate why their licences should not be suspended.”
Payment arrangements can be made by contacting the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
on 1300 087 021.

Must try and find the Forfeits List some interesting names and debts last time I looked....I doubt they'll be digging deep as a result of the appeal by Mr Barnett and if on the List they wouldn't be able to ride train or strap for a living.

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« 2017-Dec-14, 08:14 PM Reply #129 »
Just had a look. google Queensland racing forfeits list. Interesting. Some well known names with multiple debts.

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« 2017-Dec-16, 08:00 AM Reply #130 »
Thanks for the TIP CJI knew it was available but needed GOOGLE to find it. :thumbsup:

Some well known names on the list including those still racing in NSW and Victoria it appears that there's little reciprocity on these matters despite AR rules .

I recall one training partnership then domiciled in Victoria owing a large amount to QRL but inquiries to RVL resulted in no action being taken I think their reply was the subject trainer disputed the debt and that's all there was eventually there was a bankruptcy.


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« 2017-Dec-16, 12:04 PM Reply #131 »

Perhaps is the policy they need . .

I see one owing about $7K in total . . roughly prize money for a bush race

Obviously left the industry . .  and owing $7K is a pretty big incentive not to return

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« 2017-Dec-19, 08:25 AM Reply #132 »
Great to see a ADULT in charge with the appointment of Tracey Pelling to replace the LGHR coined goon "The Picture Framer"...............With mssrs Bailey&Murrihys advice via the pub in Brisbane how can they go wroung with a 25mil budget

Dress the windows and deck the halls its smells a bit like Christmas folks!

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« 2017-Dec-20, 06:25 PM Reply #135 »
QRIC Announces New Director Of Licensing And Stewarding
20 December 2017
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner has announced the appointment of a new Director
of Licensing and Stewarding.

“I’m pleased to announce that Ms Ali Wade has been appointed to the position following an open
merit recruitment and selection process that attracted international interest,” Commissioner Ross
Barnett said.

“Ms Wade has acted in the role in a relieving capacity for much of the past year after transitioning to
the Commission as Manager of Licensing and Registration.

“Prior to that, she worked at Racing Queensland in several senior management roles including
Senior Manager of Stewarding and Integrity Operations after joining that organisation in 2006,”
Commissioner Barnett said.

The Director of Licensing and Stewarding is tasked with overseeing the work of 35 stewards across
Queensland and the licensing and registration teams.

“Ms Wade comes to the role at a time of significant change in the racing industry, including greater
community expectations for the welfare of animals and the integrity of the three codes of
thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing,” Commissioner Barnett said.

“I would like to thank the chief steward for Racing Victoria Mr Terry Bailey and the former chief
steward for Racing NSW Mr Ray Murrihy for participating on the selection panel,” Commissioner
Barnett said.

Ms Wade says she’s looking forward to continuing in the role and to ensuring Queensland’s racing
industry maintains the highest standards for integrity and animal welfare.

“This is a great honour and I’d like to give special mention to the support I have received from the
chief stipendiary steward for thoroughbreds Mr Allan Reardon,” Ms Wade said.

“I’m looking forward to a busy year ahead commencing with one of the biggest thoroughbred events
on the calendar which is the Magic Millions carnival on the Gold Coast next month.

“We will also soon begin the process of finding the right people to fill key vacancies including the
positions of chief stipendiary steward for both the harness and greyhound codes.”

That explains Poleline Pete's piece that Terry Bailey and Ray Murrihy had been called on by Mr Barnett not to run the place but to constitute the selection panel.

Good Luck to Ms Wade could be a first for the females. :thumbsup:

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« 2017-Dec-20, 09:32 PM Reply #136 »
ABC CLOWN journo states on the evening news fluff piece with nothing more than a mention of a trotting driver.....Olympic officials and Interpol now look to the QRIC model in Queensland!


These circus clowns writing their own press releases but mwah looks forward to seeing the glowing referances from said "oylmpic officals" and "Interpol-ers"......you really cant make this shit up you f-troopers!


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« 2018-Jan-04, 09:00 AM Reply #137 »
Don't bother looking for recent Internal Review decisions on the QRIC website ......there's nothing to see.......supposedly the decisions would remain there for 6 months and then be removed so there ought to be the latest lot published in September still available.....but they've all gone.

This is from the QRIC IR section.

In the interests of transparency, high level information about internal review decisions will be published after an internal review is finalised. Internal review decisions will remain on the QRIC website for a period of six months.

Date of decision   Name of applicant (s)   Original decision and penalty   Final outcome
There are no posts of this type and/or category.

Last updated
13 November 2017

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« 2018-Jan-08, 05:04 PM Reply #138 »
I'm hearing Former Chief Harness Stipe David Farquharson has won his case and QRIC have been ordered to reinstate him, they also need to pay him any money lost due to his sacking.

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« 2018-Jan-09, 05:53 AM Reply #139 »
I'm hearing Former Chief Harness Stipe David Farquharson has won his case and QRIC have been ordered to reinstate him, they also need to pay him any money lost due to his sacking.

You know if that is correct, the question I have is how does someone get "empowered" to a point that they feel they can sack someone and it turns out that they are wrong.

Sacking anyone is a serious issue - doesn't matter if it is the Chief Steward or the person who washes the windows.

Some people spend their whole lives seeking "empowered" positions and when they get there they go and do something like that.

I don't know any of the parties involved in this case and am not pushing anyone's barrow. Just noticed in the workplace (in general) that a lot of people get "empowered" and they have NFI what they are doing - but that's OK because they are getting the big bucks. No doubt the sacker will blame someone else.

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« 2018-Jan-13, 07:49 AM Reply #140 »
Seems there has been a mandatory change of dress code at HEADquarters......the last piece of attire namely the "fluffy" hat has been replaced by the "tin foil" version

More to come!