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« 2020-Nov-17, 07:48 PM Reply #750 »
Jockey warned off racecourses after urine swap
17 November 2020
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has warned off North Queensland jockey Kerry Rockett from all Australian racecourses for six months after he pleaded guilty to substituting two urine samples with another person’s urine.
The urine samples Mr Rockett provided on two separate occasions in September and October last year were found upon DNA analysis to be from another donor.
Mr Rockett who is currently unlicensed after serving a 12-month disqualification for another matter faced two breaches under AR 139(1)(b);
 A rider breaches these Australian Rules if the rider refuses or fails to deliver a sample as directed by the Stewards, tampers with, adulterates, alters, substitutes, or in any way hinders the collection of, a sample or attempts to do any of those things.
Chief Thoroughbred Steward Peter Chadwick has expressed his disappointment that a jockey would attempt to flout the Commission’s testing regime and the rules of racing in this way.
“The consequences of these actions are harsh and should serve as a deterrent to all participants that the integrity of the Commission’s testing procedures is paramount,” he said.
Mr Rockett’s warned off period commenced yesterday and will remain in place until 16 May 2021.
Steward’s Report
Media Contact Vincene Overs 0472 842 346
Michael Hellyer v Queensland Racing Integrity Commission OCR243-20 Compulsory Conference 18/11/2020 9:30 AM Room 9 Withheld G43189 Tribunal Hearing 18/11/2020 9:30 AM Room 2

Frank Roy Edwards v Queensland Racing Integrity Commission OCR197-20 Compulsory Conference 18/11/2020 1:30 PM Room 19


I haven't seen anything on the progress of the alleged substance procurement breaches raised below apart from three named persons who were scheduled to appear before the Magistrates Court in three different jurisdictions some time back.

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« 2020-Nov-17, 08:31 PM Reply #751 »

................... there is too much about Queensland, generally,  that no one will ever understand.

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« 2020-Nov-22, 10:23 AM Reply #752 »
All Important was second fav @4.80 yesty in R4 at the SC it was better fancied than stablemate $21 chance Vinco which ran a close second... All Important went for 300m before losing ground............. finished tailed off 6L ....an out of character run ......I was interested to see what the stewards did...not a word maybe it was afternoon tea time and they wanted to get their refreshments ......but not asking for an explanation  is incompetence imo...... in the following race Scathing (like AI in the previous race) which started 3.80 raced  handy but dropped out after 300m finished amongst the cap catchers btn 3.9L stewards asked for an explanation here's what they found.

"Scathing – Apprentice J Huxtable reported that his mount travelled comfortably throughout, however when placed under pressure failed to respond.Post-race vet examination revealed the horse to be suffering from Cardiac Arrythmia. Trainer C Munce was advised that he must provide a vet certificate and ECG prior to having the gelding officially trial before racing again."

One fancied runner runs down the lane ..no questions asked ........another below expectations performance by a well fancied runner in the following race an explanation is asked for......hopeless. inconsistency ...... QRIC Ross Barnett should carpet the panel on Monday morning.

Contrast the Sydney stewards asking for explanations to their QRIC counterparts asleep at the wheel .


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« 2020-Nov-27, 09:08 AM Reply #753 »
Racing industry on notice as Martin Inquiry implementation moves ahead


The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (The Commission) is implementing the recommendations from the Martin Inquiry into Animal Cruelty in the Management of Retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred Horses in Queensland and racing participants are on notice to ensure they comply with their obligations.

In January this year Judge Terry Martin handed down his report and made recommendations in response to the October 2019 ABC 7:30 Report program ‘The Final Race’ which highlighted the large scale treatment of retired race horses as disposable commodities at the end of their racing careers.

One of Judge Martin’s findings was that poor industry compliance with requirements to notify control bodies of the retirement or death of racing horses undermines all attempts to calculate the number of racing horses retiring each year that require aftercare and the true destination of those horses.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the Commission was tasked with committing more resources to the active enforcement of retirement notifications including the auditing of ‘high-risk’ categories such as racing horses that have been ‘spelling’ for more than 12 months and horses that are still registered but have not had a race start in the last 12 months.

“In response, and as a result of extra Government funding the Commission has dedicated two Integrity Investigations Team (IIT) staff members and an audit is underway to address the registered horses that fall into the above category,” he said.

“Results so far confirm a large number of Queensland horses have been inactive for an extended period and accordingly there is an unacceptable number of Queensland horse trainers that have failed to comply with their obligations under the rules of racing.”

The Commission’s enforcement approach to these notifications strives to enhance animal welfare outcomes and at the same time deliver a process that more accurately reflects the current racing stock domiciled on Queensland properties. 

Commissioner Barnett said as part of the Commission’s enforcement activity to implement the Martin Inquiry recommendations, those trainers identified as non-compliant may be subject to further investigation.

“In an amnesty period, held late in 2019, while the Martin Inquiry was in session and during a follow up audit of non-compliant trainers, more than 150 Queensland trainers were identified as not having fulfilled their obligations,” he said.

“Ongoing enforcement activities will soon commence and may include stable inspections and stock audits.

“The Commission’s last resort is to hand out penalties, we would prefer that participants worked within the rules at all times.

“Our goal is to nurture voluntary compliance with the rules through education and engagement with the industry.

“However, noncompliance or a failure to submit the relevant notifications within the prescribed time frame will be subject to penalty.

“The Martin Inquiry IIT Stewards are authorised to issue formal stewards’ directions, fines, referrals for further investigation and to act against a participant’s licence,” Mr Barnett said.

The Commission is also planning a targeted education program commencing with reminding the racing industry about the importance of keeping accurate lifecycle records including retirement, deregistration and death notifications.

Further education will also be provided by the Martin Inquiry IIT Stewards during stable inspections.

The Commission will keep the industry updated as the Martin Inquiry recommendations implementation continues.

Media contact Vincene Overs 0472 842 346

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