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Media Release
11 January 2019
Currie Steward’s Inquiry delayed on consent
In lieu of a Supreme Court hearing today, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC)
and legal representatives for Toowoomba Trainer Ben Currie have agreed to delay a QRIC
Steward’s Inquiry until a Supreme Court decision is finalised.
A Steward’s Inquiry into four alleged positive swab offences was due to be heard on Monday 14
Mr Currie’s legal representatives brought Supreme Court action earlier this week requesting
admission to Monday’s Inquiry.
A similar Supreme Court action also calling for the admission of Mr Currie’s legal representatives is
pending in relation to the resumption of a separate Steward’s Inquiry, where Mr Currie faces 28
alleged breaches of the Australian Rules of Racing.
As both Supreme Court actions relate to similar legal issues in each case, they will now be heard
By consent of both parties, the Stewards Inquiry previously set down for Monday 14 January and
the resumption of the Inquiry into 28 alleged breaches of the rules of racing will be held on a date
to be confirmed following the outcome of a Supreme Court hearing on 22 February 2019.

CM reports that  Currie’s legal representative is Michael O’Connor, whereas the previous application to the Supreme Court was filed by Jim Murdoch QC maybe Currie has changed counsel putting all his eggs in the one basket....probably an incorrect assumption by my goodself...... previous story by Nathan Exelby in the CM on 30 Aug referred to the original isuue which was to be heard in the Supreme Court on 28 Sept ...now both matters are listed for hearing on 22 Feb .......extract from Nathan's story previously posted is reproduced to aid understanding of what is involved .....it's not just the right for legal representation to be permitted at stewards inquiries.....the right to remain silent is a fundamental right in law.....as is the right to legal representation ......this upcoming hearing might settle the question of licensees to have the same rights in stewards inquiries especially when serious charges involving loss of livlihood are involved .

"A Supreme Court application for judicial review by Currie is set down for September 28.

Currie's lawyers will seek the review on the grounds stewards have not properly exercised their right of discretion to allow Currie to have legal representation at his hearing.

His lawyers to date have not been allowed into the previous inquiry hearings.

It will also be further argued QRIC has failed to provide proper particulars relating to some charges including how Currie was alleged to have influenced or been responsible for any breach of rules.

Thirdly, Currie's lawyers will allege he has been denied justice by QRIC refusing to release to them transcripts of a hearing in which some of Currie's employees were questioned under oath by a barrister."

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