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« 2017-May-04, 10:18 AM Reply #1875 »
They are talking about having a State of Origin game in Townsville . .

Why not have the Winter Carny in N Qld?

MKY track hasn't missed a beat, and TVILL going OK as well . . perhaps not as well as we thought

And the weather  :no1:
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« 2017-Jun-19, 06:42 PM Reply #1876 »

BRC decision to suspend new applications for membership seems strange...Neville Bell's explanation doesn't make sense ...knocking back prospective members is unheard of.......... most clubs are desperate  to enroll new members..

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« 2017-Jun-19, 07:52 PM Reply #1877 »
Perhaps he is mindful of what happened in TWBA . .

BUT . . on the other hand

A "cushion" at E-F has a bit of a ring to it  :whistle:

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« 2017-Jun-20, 02:00 AM Reply #1878 »

Anything coming up that requires a vote by 'members'?


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« 2017-Jun-20, 05:59 AM Reply #1879 »
The BRC's decision does seem odd. And Neville Bell's defence of the decision seems even odder. It is virtually an admission that current members haven't received and won't receive 'value' for their membership fee unnecessarily opening the door for even more criticism and conjecture. Maybe even claims for a discounted membership or a rebate on last year's fees may be sought given the defence offered. From my point of view I hold memberships at a few race clubs as a show of support for the sport I love and to be honest I don't really expect too much in return. However I do expect the clubs to be managed as best they can be by an experienced hardworking committee. I have no doubt the BRC committee are experienced hardworking people but whether the current issues facing the club have been well managed will no doubt be in member's minds come voting time. As for rumours of an attempted coup there has been enough bad news and controversy to fuel that fire and I'm sure the sitting committee members up for re-election will be a tad nervous. At the end of the day I honestly don't care who's in charge and who's not as like everyone else I just want Eagle Farm back in it's place as QLD's number one racetrack. And an honest assessment of how Eagle Farm and the BRC got to this point prior to the election would be more than welcomed. As for the decision to put a membership suspension in place  - Silly comes to mind!

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« 2017-Jun-30, 08:04 PM Reply #1880 »
Rudolph joins Brisbane Racing Club

Brent Zerafa@brentzerafa   5:29pm
, (
Matt Rudolph is set to make a move to Queensland after being appointed the Brisbane Racing Club's new general manager of racing.

Rudolph was formerly employed by the Australian Turf Club in a similar position and such experience was vital in securing his services according to BRC Chairman Neville Bell.

"Matt Rudolph is an excellent addition to the racing knowledge of the BRC and his presence will continue the BRC's development into one of the strongest racing clubs in the country," Bell said.

"This is a time of immense growth for the BRC with our Master Plan and Matt joins us with experience that is rare among racing executives.

"He played a critical role in the launch of The Championships at the Australian Turf Club and in keeping Sydney racing moving while a new grandstand was constructed at Randwick.

"Most recently he has been critical to the success of Inglis' new Chairman's Sale which was an instant success in Sydney.

"We have been looking at this new position for about 12 months. We decided that Matt was ideal for this position. He's a Queenslander and he has outstanding experience."

Bell said the BRC were fully aware of Rudolph's disqualification imposed by Racing NSW but were more than satisfied to give him another chance.

"Matt's referees were of the highest calibre - former Racing NSW chief steward Ray Murrihy, former ATC Chairman John Cornish, and chairman of the Australian and Queensland Breeders' Association Basil Nolan spoke to us of Matt's considerable abilities," Bell added.

"Matt is welcome back into the Australian racing industry and we're fortunate to have him at the BRC."

Rudolph's position will see him manage the BRC's racing program, tracks and training facilities.

"My love for racing began as a child at Doomben and Eagle Farm so it's very meaningful to me to return," Rudolph said.

"My parents were regular racegoers as owners and breeders and all three of my brothers have worked in racing here."

Former VRC chief executive Dale Monteith is currently undertaking a review of the Eagle Farm track and is expected to hand down his recommendations on the surface shortly.ENDS

Maybe Rudolph is replacing Bart Sinclair .
Davie Fowler dropped a line in his blog that might be relevent he said quote * The mystery about one south-East Queensland racing media man continues to deepen and it ain't pretty!

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« 2017-Jun-30, 10:18 PM Reply #1881 »
Is the BRC for real?

Neville Bell and his gang of under achievers must have finally hit their heads once too often.

Rudolph attempted to sway testimonies in the major ATC Cobalt case.

He was sacked by the ATC and disqualified from the Australian Racing Industry for 2 years that was later reduced to 12 months.

This is like a Solicitor being disqualified for preventing the course of justice then being hired as a Legal Council by his mates in another state.

When is the Racing Industry in Queensland going to wake up and take control of their destiny?

The leading participants must take action at the highest level of the QLD State Government or they will be doomed.

If this was an April Fools Joke you would most likely laugh it off but this is no joke.

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« 2017-Jun-30, 10:34 PM Reply #1882 »
That has to be a joke, surely  :chin:

Sure the bloke is entitled to another chance but you wouldn't think it's a walk up start straight back into such a gig  :shrug:

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« 2017-Aug-17, 01:08 PM Reply #1883 »

THERE’S nothing quite like a huge crowd at the track for anyone who follows or loves horse racing.

But for the traditionalists it’s a bit hard to swallow when they aren’t there to have a bet.

Most of the 16,000 who packed Doomben for Mekka Wednesday were there to ‘party’ or hoping on a little horizontal therapy after the last if they were still capable.

One would hope their massive presence at the Exhibition Holiday meeting in Brisbane did more than just improve the profits of the Brisbane Racing Club through alcohol sales. Chairman Neville Bell boasted how there were 12,000 tickets presold - bouquets to his crew for their once-a-year marketing coup.

Watching the horses race is a novelty for some but one wonders how many of these young racegoers actually had a bet and just how much the turnover improved on a normal midweek Wednesday of racing at Doomben.

Of course the Exhibition meeting doesn't come within cooee of what it once was. Remember the days of the big Maiden etc. Then again nothing is what it seems or once was in racing in Queensland.

It’s amazing how much racecourse attendances have gone downhill in Australia since the arrival of SKY but such is life. It’s easier to get 16,000 to party in the brilliant Winter sunshine at a racetrack in Brisbane than it will arguably be to get half as many to turn out to Randwick in Sydney on Saturday to see our greatest star of the turf Winx make her return to the track.

Times have changed – except in Melbourne in the Spring – where it seems the big crowds still want to witness first-hand the major Cups and the Cox Plate but the question remains there too – how many less would be in attendance if it wasn’t for the big party in the car parks, on the lawns and in the marquees?ENDS

Massive crowd as shown on TV capturing the masses in the stand and on the front but hardly any punters shown watching the horses parade where the jockeys are legged up.

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