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O.P. « 2017-May-22, 09:29 PM »
The Courier Mail is supposedly our leading print media publication here in QLD and it puzzles me as to why many relevant racing industry stories are side stepped, avoided or barely mentioned if at all. Being new to this forum I wondering if many of you share my frustration. Some of the stories seemingly unreported, underreported, avoided or missed include:
1. The Eagle Farm track seems a no go zone after some criticism.
2. No report on the ASIC clearance for Bob Bentley & co.
3. No report on the frustration of the cyclone/flood affected clubs in CQ & NQ with regards to the cyclone flood event. (Rockhampton has funded over $300k in repairs itself with RQ referring the club to the minister for funds and she referring them back to RQ with no result either way.)
4. No further news on the 'corruption arrests' including naming the alleged culprits despite many of many being aware of who they are.
5. The QRIC and its complete lack of the transperancy promised when installed to oversee the integrity issues in racing. Not to mention some of its ongoing sagas that remain a mystery.
6. Grace Grace's performance as racing minister.
7. Complete avoidance of the Kevin Dixon TAB rights deal.
8. Prize money in QLD
9. General state of racing in QLD

To be fair many issues above have been 'touched on' but never elaborated upon to the same depth as other publications in print and online. Given it is now winter carnival it seems any controversial issue is a no go zone so I ask is Nathan Exelby & co. muzzled by management or relationships or are issues that most racing industry participants concerned about just not newsworthy?  I think not!

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