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« 2017-Mar-30, 10:00 AM Reply #1525 »

Queensland racing is at crisis point


TOO LATE: Scott McAlpine of Eureka Stud says Queensland racing needs more competitive prizemoney now.

GLENLOGAN Park’s decision to stop operating as a stallion farm has been described as “the tip of the iceberg” for the Queensland racing industry unless new funds are injected urgently.

Owner Jon Haseler shocked the industry on Tuesday when he announced Glenlogan would relocate their stallions and restructure the business, with a sole focus on breeding yearlings for the major national sales.

Scott McAlpine, whose family has nurtured a long and proud history at Eureka Stud on the Darling Downs, said Haseler’s decision was indicative of where Queensland racing finds itself.

“We are on our knees and they need to take note,” McAlpine said. “If Racing Queensland can’t see the writing is on the wall and change the prizemoney situation by making it competitive, people will just continue to leave Queensland in droves. It has reached a crisis point.

“They keep saying it’s going to be two years. Well, that will be too late.’’

Queensland had prizemoney slashed almost 12 months ago. At the same time, Racing NSW announced a major tax win and pumped millions of dollars into prizemoney.

Prizemoney at Newcastle yesterday was double what was on offer at Doomben, and small tracks like Ballina and Murwillumbah now race for considerably more than what is on offer at nearby Queensland tracks like the Gold Coast.

McAlpine said that, as late as Monday, he was contemplating sending his homegrown stallion Spirit Of Boom to NSW in search of better opportunities.

“The reason I bought Spirit Of Boom was because at the time I was assured prizemoney was on the rise and everything was on track for a brighter future,” he said.

“The horse was very well supported, but we got half way through the exercise, then the Government changed and the rug was pulled from under our feet.

“The owners and trainers don’t have any confidence to invest because of the prizemoney debacle.’’

Glenlogan Park stud manager Steve Morley said yesterday he and Haseler were not bitter but would dearly like to see racing removed from the political sphere to give it some certainty.

“It’s been used as a political football for too long in this state,’’ Morley said. “We have an opportunity to change that going forward to the next election and we should really be pushing that as an industry.’’

With Glenlogan’s decision, Lyndhurst Stud will stand proven sire Rothesay this year.

Jeff Kruger, whose family has occupied 160-year-old Lyndhurst for 60 years, said while he was thrilled to stand a horse of Rothesay’s quality, Queensland’s racing’s situation was sad.

“The Government are not doing enough for what is a big industry,” Kruger said.

We are on our knees and they need to take note

If plan B is to rely on the current ALP guvment being done over by the LNP at the next election..... which is a possibility probably 50/50 at this point... but expecting the LNP or any guvment to subsidise prize money for racing at the expense of other essential services is delusional ....the breeders need to have another and better plan .....which  is not obvious.......they've got no ideas it seems ....they have their wants  but no proposals forthcoming  so far as to how to achieve them.

One of the problems is QLD is very decentralised there are more race clubs that depend on funding without having the opportunity to earn revenue due to no TAB coverage ...they outnumber the handful of clubs covered by TAB meetings that do contribute to the fund....Racing Qld has no idea how to fix this imbalance without overturning the current arrangements of robbing peter to pay paul.

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« 2017-Mar-31, 01:01 PM Reply #1526 »

Racing Queensland boss Steve Wilson denies industry in crisis

March 30, 2017 7:43pm

Nathan Exelby

RACING Queensland chairman Steve Wilson accepts there is no sugar-coating the urgent need for more prizemoney for the local industry but has pointed to a resurgence in Queensland wagering as evidence there are better days ahead.

Wilson’s response follows Jon Haseler’s move to stop standing stallions and fellow breeder Scott McAlpine ­declaring the industry is “on its knees”.

Multiple champion trainer Rob Heathcote joined the chorus of critics on Thursday, saying urgent action was needed to arrest the decline.

“It’s a sad indictment on where our industry is at when someone who has been as passionate about it as Jon Haseler decides to basically give it away. Nobody seems to understand how critical our plight is,” Heathcote said.

Wilson said he did not believe the industry was in crisis but it did face a turning point, with NSW pouring millions into prizemoney increases that were directly affecting Queensland.

“We are very aware of the prizemoney gap,” Wilson said.

“It’s virtually an arms race. Not only have you got standard metropolitan and provincial meetings where there’s a big gap, but you’ve also got The Everest and the top-end races.

Racing Queensland chairman Steve Wilson says the wagering figures are encouraging. Pictu Tim Marsden

“They are all factors and we have to be able to respond.”

Wilson pointed out the new RQ board was managing a $21 million 2015-16 deficit, but said the latest indicators on wagering were encouraging.

“The summer carnival was a great success. The average race turnover was up 22 per cent,” he said. “Overall this year to date, we are up 9.9 per cent across the board (with wagering turnover on Queensland product).”

Within that, thoroughbreds are up 12.9 per cent and greyhounds up more than 9 per cent, while harness racing is worryingly down 5 per cent.

While turnover figures will deliver long-term funding, the potential for an immediate injection can come if the Tabcorp and Tatts merger is successful.

It is estimated Queensland would benefit by $20-$25 million from the merger.

RQ has signed a deed of understanding with Tabcorp, meaning if the merger happens, RQ has more certainty about the benefits the merger will deliver.

The deed of understanding includes more investment for racing infrastructure.

Tabcorp chief executive David Attenborough remains confident the merger will go ahead, despite Racing Victoria opposing it with the Australian Competition Tribunal.

“As part of the merger we are committed to a whole lot of investment, sponsorships and marketing,” he said.

Mr Wilson's optimism reminds me of a saying attributed to former big time punter Eric Connolly who has long departed this mortal coil...his saying tho is still remembered ...."Money lost nothing lost....Confidence lost everything lost."

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« 2017-Mar-31, 01:19 PM Reply #1527 »
The problem with " Stevie" is that he hasn't a clue.

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« 2017-Apr-06, 04:31 PM Reply #1528 »
Debbie Does Dallas North Qld . .

Saturday Bowen meeting gone . . Maybe a replacement later on??

Rocky track under . . damage unknown as yet . . 2 meetings to Yeppoon, 1 to Mackay (after that dependant on track damage)

Mackay lost last Tues . . Track OK apparently . . minor damage to some infrastructure (wonder how the old bar under the roofless grandstand fared; it used to spring a leak with a bit of rain

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« 2017-Apr-11, 10:19 AM Reply #1529 »
If you were still wondering if the dunderheads that run RQ were either just dumb or simply had no idea of how to run an industry then this weeks media release about the future of the industry answers that query. Here we have these idiots calling for expression of interest for new tracks for greyhounds and wait for it the red hots, somewhere in south east Queensland. What a load f bullshit. There are already plans on the board for a one turn greyhound track at Ipswich, which the industry fully supports and there are advanced plans for a red hots venue at Yatala. Both these projects have the full support of participants of both codes but instead of progressing to start construction these fools at Deagon are now  delaying any new tracks by a few years. So now we have to go through an EOI process and no doubt forbes and co will need high costing consultants to explain all the EOI as RQ staff would have no idea of what they mean. Once these consultants have got their chop it will then go through a consultative stage with participants, another six months, and by then we will have had a state election, forbes and co will be gone and new faces probably with the same low level intelligence will be in place and the whole process will start again. Racing in queensland is like a slow merry-go-round thats gradually running out of power, sooner than later it will just grind to a halt. Its a disgrace no wonder leading stables are looking at moving, you cant blame them the blame lies squarely at a useless minister, a uselesss board and a disfunctional administration - and we have had these three ingredients although of different shapes and sizes for the past 25 years, thanks bollinger bob, another useless minister who sacked the old administration which worked successfully for eons and replaced it with a board masterminded by the biggest bogan of them all.

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« 2017-Apr-11, 12:12 PM Reply #1530 »
Stan Still, you have summarised RQ perfectly.

I stated on this forum some 6 months ago that the new team at RQ will only procrastinate in making major decisions and they have certainly confirmed my concerns.

Forbes and his team have become masters of throwing up "smokescreens" and failing to make positive decisions.

Instead of the "smokescreens" of changing feature race distances and timing of traditional events why haven't the real issues facing the QLD Racing Industry been addressed?

Now as Stan Still stated another round of procrastination lies ahead with EOI's and then a Tender process and no doubt Forbes and his team will engage highly paid consultants to review the Tender process.

I ask, has the minister got any idea at all what the key issues are within the QLD Racing Industry?

I keep hearing that "we need additional revenue from TAB returns".

Well here is food for thought.

In QLD we have days when no thoroughbred racing meetings are held.

You see NSW and VIC with 2 or more thoroughbred meetings per day 7 days per week. We have now been informed VIC will trial a no race Monday schedule for a 10 week period.

Why can't we look at maximising turnover?

I agree that Monday's is not a great day for TAB turnover but the next 6 days can be programmed far better.

Tuesday: North QLD meetings (Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay) and South QLD meetings. (Beaudesert, Kilcoy, Dalby, Gatton).
Wednesday: Doomben, Eagle Farm, Gold Coast and 1 of the provincial or country tracks.
Thursday: Refer to Tuesday.
Friday: Ipswich (Day) and Caloundra (Night). With our climate Caloundra could race a 40 week night program on a yearly basis.
Saturday: Doomben, Eagle Farm, Gold Coast, Toowoomba (Night).
Sunday: Caloundra (Day), and a showcase race day every 3 weeks at 1 of the provincial or country tracks.

So from the above at least 2 meetings a day could be programmed for TAB coverage except for Monday's.

I fully realise that prizemoney initially will be a stretch but you can't gain revenue if you don't trade.

Would be interested to hear your comments.

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« 2017-Apr-14, 07:12 AM Reply #1531 »

RQ Launches Flood & Cyclone Assistance Fund for Animal Welfare

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13 Apr 2017


Racing Queensland (RQ) has established a special fund to assist trainers who have encountered additional animal welfare, care and transportation costs due to the recent cyclone and flooding across parts of Queensland.


RQ CEO Eliot Forbes announced the establishment of the Animal Welfare and Training Assistance Fund, for all codes, kick-starting the fund with an initial contribution of $20,000.


Dr Forbes said wagering operators have also been quick to recognise the importance of trainers and their animals to their business operation and to racing in general.


gI want to thank UBET, Tabcorp, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Sportsbet for their major donations and quick support. Already we have around $120,000, a fantastic effort in just two days.


gThe Brisbane Racing Club is going to run a charity auction on Victory Stakes day to raise funds and we are in contact with other wagering operators.h


Itfs estimated in excess of 200 trainers across multiple regions have faced additional costs for transport, food, forage and bedding for animals, directly related to the cyclone and flooding.


The fund will provide payments to eligible trainers of $350 or $700 depending on the level of activity each trainer has in their region and the impact. Impacted trainers, who have had race starters in the three months prior to impact, are invited to apply from the following local government areas:

øtMackay Regional Council
øtWhitsunday Regional Council
øtIsaac Regional Council
øtRockhampton Regional Council
øtLivingstone Shire Council
øtImpacted areas of Logan Council, Gold Coast Council and the Scenic Rim


Dr Forbes invited other key supporters and suppliers to donate funds, as every dollar will be directed to trainers in need, and their contribution will be recognised.


RQ officials will oversee and administer the fund to ensure that some of the pressure is alleviated on affected participants as quickly as possible. gWe recognise that the participants and their animals are the backbone of the racing industry,h said Dr Forbes.


Full details on how to apply for funding, the assessment criteria and how you can donate to the fund are available at:


Racing Queensland is also working with clubs to ensure normal racing and training operations are restored as soon as possible with races rescheduled or relocated where possible. Where events have been abandoned RQ has repositioned races and race meetings to other venues to ensure animals have had an opportunity to compete.


Dr Forbes also stated that early estimates indicate the damage to clubs from the cyclone and floods will be in excess of $1m.



For further information please contact:

Corporate Affairs Manager Darrin Davies on 0438 733 738 or

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« 2017-Apr-14, 08:39 AM Reply #1532 »
Goodness gracious.....Dr Forbes said wagering operators have also been quick to recognize the importance of trainers and their animals to their business operation and to racing in general.

Bloody hell, RQ has just realized a cyclone went through the State, hey fellas it happened two weeks ago. Been busy in the Deagon bunker I suppose that they didnt realize the cyclone was upon us, they did after all have a red hots case to keep quiet as well as manage all the sackings of senior stewards etc etc. One of these days RQ might notice that the racing industry in this state is almost defunct. (I don't think so)

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« 2017-Apr-16, 07:29 PM Reply #1533 »
Winter of discontent for ailing industry

CM story Saturday

ON THE eve of the Brisbane Winter Carnival, racing identities have revealed the massive industry is on its knees.

They say Queensland is falling behind other states and urgently needs increased funding and stronger leadership.

Prizemoney continues to lag behind powerhouse states NSW and Victoria, and many tracks have not seen upgrades for decades.

While NSW and Victoria raised their Saturday prizemoney levels to $100,000 per race late last year, Queensland has slipped to $60,000 since August 2015.

This means trainers are opting to take their drawcard horses south of the border in search of a better return.

Every sector of the industry is desperate for more funds.

Country racing, considered to be part of the Queensland fabric, is in grave danger.

Without TAB status, bush meetings are losing money.

Queensland jockeys are the lowest paid in Australia outside of Tasmania.

With much anger directed at the State Government, Racing Minister Grace Grace has the unenviable job of turning the industry around.

Former Labor minister Bill Byrne commissioned the Mac-Sporran inquiry into greyhound live baiting, which led to the dismantling of racing boards for all three codes.

“History will look back on the Palaszczuk Government as diabolical for racing, and what’s really sad is that I don’t think they know what they have done,” leading Brisbane trainer Rob Heathcote said.

“The MacSporran report was the greatest travesty of justice for the racing industry.

“What started as an investigation into greyhound live baiting turned into a dismantling of the entire industry.

“For them to use it to justify the actions they took to tear this industry apart was disgraceful,” he said.

Last month, Queensland’s most successful commercial stud farm, Glenlogan Park, made the decision to cease standing stallions because of the state of the industry.

Fellow breeder Scott McAlpine was moved to say “the industry is on its knees”.

The potential effects of an industry downturn could be catastrophic, with it directly and indirectly employing more than 68,000 people, contributing more than $1 billion to the Queensland economy.

Ms Grace disagrees with the sentiments of the industry, and points to the underwriting of the RQ loss and a four-year $20 million investment into country racing as examples.

“I don’t see doom and gloom when I get around. We are conscious of the prizemoney differentiation, but we are hoping in the years to come we can do something,” Ms Grace said.

The future of Queensland racing could hinge on a potential merger between Tatts and Tabcorp. If successful, it will be worth more than $20 million to state racing.

For many of those involved in the industry, change can’t come soon enough.

Many say they are fast running out of time." ENDS

Mr Heathcote has gone ballistic but hasn't provided any insight into how he thinks it would be better if the former Control Board "We Run As One" hadn't been dissolved .... it is generally accepted that apart from some new faces the current appointees haven't scored any runs on the board....also not mentioned is the $110M infrastructure fund provided by the agreement The Bobster secured from the earlier Bligh/Fraser ALP guvment ..or the fabulous 30 year commercial in confidence deal done by the former board with Tatts which general consensus appears to be it has turned out to be a fizzer.

I heard an interview by Obi recently with Steve Morley who explained Glenlogan's decision  not to stand stallions at their farm.......which drifted on to his opinion  that  the guvment  should  butt out of appointing administration and let racing people run it........the old days are gone where the principal clubs AJC VRC QTC ran the show and the trots and dogs ran their own shows.
Qld will never be able to compete with the more populous states of NSW and Victoria...there are too many clubs taking out and not putting in to the pool and this is unlikely to change .
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« 2017-Apr-25, 09:00 PM Reply #1534 »
Calling Double Dee or have you been gagged by the Club? What did you think of the gallops at the Farm this morning. The ones I spoke to said it was a bog. Funny it has been clear and sunny in Brisbane for a couple of weeks. Gee even Gatton was a good 3 Today.
You must have the most expensive rice paddy field south of the Equator.

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« 2017-Apr-28, 01:05 PM Reply #1535 »
I keep hearing that "we need additional revenue from TAB returns".

There are ATM eight (8) corporates working on the MACKAY & DALBY programs for tomorrow . . Sportsbet has been 'up' since 10.30

U-Beaut doesn't even have its pari-mutuel displayed, let alone fixed odds

Could QR have a quiet word to its 'partner' and politely, of course, ask it if it might possibly lift its game . . just a little bit

Or could the Minister, who constantly espouses the 'country-racing' cause have a little whisper to whoever might be able to do something about the situation

Are they working with computers or carrier pigeons  :chin:

PS . . Probably shouldn't be too upset . . Perth hasn't got a guernsey yet either
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« 2017-May-14, 05:48 PM Reply #1536 »
The Sunday Mail reports that QR has a solution of sorts to its financial problems ...the brains trust is trying to sell off Albion Park to developers and to find green field sites to accommodate separate tracks for greyhounds and harness racing........if it is able to do this it'll follow the pattern in both Sydney and Melbourne where Harold Park was sold and harness racing relocated to Menangle while nothing was sold in Melbourne harness racing originally at the Showgrounds did  relocate to Moonee Valley as a tenant of the MVRC and finally relocated to Melton.

Cronulla Park had been earmarked for greyhounds but it has been discarded while greyhounds are said to be satisfied the harness club isn't'

Interesting history of Albion Park initially owned by the BATC  which constructed a shell grit or granite track inside the sand galloping surface for harness racing which began when the lights were turned on in 1968  later the complex was taken over in a deal by Russ Hinze and made harness racing only conducted by the APHRC until the greyhounds were given a half share after a greyhound track was installed ..previous to this the main greyhound track was at the Gabba cricket ground.

None of this would have happened if The Bobster hadn't convinced the greyhounds and harness racing to give up their sole ownership of their respective control boards and amalgamate with the gallopers to form the one entity now morphed into Racing Queensland.

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« 2017-May-14, 07:40 PM Reply #1537 »
This is a thread I started way back when it was first proposed by The Bobster to sell Albion Park 2002 it was estimated to be worth $23M today it would be considerably more.

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« 2017-May-14, 09:10 PM Reply #1538 »
And what will they sell when that money evaporates . .

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« 2017-Jun-12, 07:37 PM Reply #1539 »
Terry Butts writes that RQ is in the red with the ATO over withheld superannuation payments to a number of Qld riders going back to 2009...another headache for the current board who are lumbered with making good these entitlements.

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« 2017-Jun-20, 09:02 PM Reply #1540 »
Just as soon as night follows day more fun in Queensland . Ipswich Turf Club Committeeman,  and until two weeks ago Mayor of the fair city arrested for extortion and currently in the watch house. I guess nothing surprises what happens in a State run by a crook like Bjelke Petersen for so many years. I have a feeling this latest arrest won't be a shock to many of the local inhabitants. Funny how when you snoop around you notice how far the tentacles can spread. Understand his brother in law did some time as a Racing Queensland Director among a myriad of other appointments.

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« 2017-Jun-28, 09:24 PM Reply #1541 »
Could QR have a quiet word to its 'partner' and politely, of course, ask it if it might possibly lift its game . . just a little bit

Don't know whether UBEAUT has turned he corner . . or wet the bed . . and got up early . .


TVILL fixed odds up the day BEFORE meeting . . gotta be a first . . but hope it continues

Can't be that hard  . .

Just pinch the other guys' odds and shave them if you don't want to compete early; but have the shop open

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« 2017-Jun-28, 09:38 PM Reply #1542 »

............... this is racing in Queensland .................. and the same goes for the JBP state generally  ...... a culture of authoritarian corruption takes a lifetime to correct ......... and it was already bent to let JBP and his cronies in in the first place.

I would let QLD secede -- and compulsorily if they do not elect to go.

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« 2017-Jun-29, 03:30 PM Reply #1543 »
The New Improved Racing Queensland 2015

Now that is the joke of the day........LOL

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« 2017-Jul-09, 05:47 PM Reply #1544 »
Hunt for legal eagles to hear disputes

RACING Queensland is recruiting members for a new legal tribunal which will deal with disputes in relation to training fees and/or training disbursement.

The tribunal is part of a series of reforms in an attempt to standardise the arrangements between trainers and owners as well as between co-owners of a horse.

Three members will be required to constitute the tribunal and all matters will be allocated to a single member to hear and determine.

Members will be paid $500 per matter with a minimum fee of $10,000 for their 12-month contract.

Applicants must be a solicitor or barrister admitted to practice in Queensland, have a current practising certificate and have no less than five years’ post qualification experience.

Visit to apply.ENDS

How necessary is this that's the question's not as though there's no existing mechanism to address disputes of this kind QCAT and with a guarantee of $10K minimum it'll be $30K assuming there are three solicitors  who need the extra dollars..hardly likely there'll be any barristers prepared to solve minor disputes for $500 unless they're eating the paint off chambers' walls..another fantasy by the powers that be. :o

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« 2017-Jul-13, 11:42 AM Reply #1545 »

PERHAPS the hard-working CEO of Racing Queensland, Dr Eliot Forbes, would like to explain to the racing industry why the Government-funded Training Centre at Deagon is reportedly on its knees.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority, a Federal Government body, in its latest regulatory decisions has failed to renew the accreditation of the Racing Queensland Industry Training Centre at Deagon.

RQ has appealed the decision to withdraw its registration as a Registered Training Organisation which will have far-reaching implications for the industry in Queensland but the tip is that this will fail.

We are told what it effectively means is that those wanting to train for positions in racing – such as apprentice jockeys – will need to study interstate (such as the NSW TAFE, which Racing NSW uses) to secure the necessary qualifications. If the RTO appeal fails there will be nowhere for them to qualify in Queensland.

Sources have informed Letsgohorseracing that Head of the Training Centre resigned recently and that there are only two – at the most three – employees there. One of those is former top jockey Shane Scriven and another administrative female staffer.

The decision of the Australian Skills Quality Authority, as published on its website, reads:

Provider number: 31452

Legal name: Racing Queensland Board

Trading name: Racing Queensland, Racing College Queensland

Managerial agent: CEO - Dr Eliot Forbes

Decision type: Renewal rejection

Details of decision: On 26 May 2017, the A/Commissioner Regulatory Operations decided to:
(i) Reject, under hte NVR Act s 17, the application for renewal of registration as an RTO in full with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision

Date of decision: Friday, May 26, 2017

Effective date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Status of decision: Pending

Status of review: AAT and reconsideration review available

To our knowledge this important decision has not been relayed by RQ to the industry at whole in a Media Release. Their website, in relation to training, still reads: 

RACING Queensland is the first contact point for all inquiries about racing industry careers, training, traineeships and apprenticeships. As a registered training organisation we offer nationally recognised training with funding assistance from the Department of Education and Training. Training programs are run at Deagon as well as at selected tracks and schools around the state. All programs delivered are from qualifications in National Training Packages.

Contact or phone (07) 3869 9781


THE Racing Queensland Industry Training Centre was established in 1995 to meet the training needs of the three codes of the Queensland Racing Industry. In July 2000, Deagon racetrack and the training centre was transferred to the industry and Queensland Race Training (QRT) was formed. In July 2004 Queensland Racing took over direct responsibility for the delivery of training in the thoroughbred code and became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). As a Pre-qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010 - 2015 program, Racing Queensland is required to publish audit information in relation to it's compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority as the National VET regulator. Racing Queensland currently offers nationally recognised training for the following occupations through traineeship and apprenticeship arrangements:


Track work rider/driver

Stable foreman




Who can apply? 
If you are 15 years of age or over and seeking employment in the Queensland Racing Industry, you can become a trainee Stablehand or Trackrider. No previous horse experience is necessary.
Why apply?

This is a special opportunity to start an exciting, challenging and interesting new career.
Racing is an international industry with employment world wide, and it presents the opportunity to travel extensively.
Former graduates have been employed in around Australia, Ireland, America, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan.
It is a growth industry that includes the world of racing, breeding and training thoroughbreds and stablehands
Training Available

RACING Queensland's Training Department currently provides training to trainees and apprentices in the racing industry.

Training is available from the following qualifications:

 RGR20108 Certificate II in Racing (Stablehand)

RGR30208 Certificate III in Racing (Advanced Stablehand)

RGR 30108 Certificate III in Racing (Trackrider)

RGR40208 Certificate IV in Racing (Jockey)

Our understanding of the situation is that none of these Certificates will be recognized nationally if the Training Centre does not have an RTO accreditation with the Federal Government.

Our sources claim that the training situation has gone from bad to worse in recent times and that an attempted involvement with the Sunshine Coast TAFE was a failure.

Once seen as one of the most popular training centres for overseas apprentices this is no longer the case and the last of these – the Koreans – seem to have departed the scene.

Once again the sad aspect of this is that RQ has not told the industry in general the bad news. They are welcome to right of reply to this on our website but as usual will no doubt prefer to ignore any form of objective criticism which is an even sadder indictment on their performance from an industry perspective.ENDS

The foregoing extract from

Another set back for the current QR administration. :o

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« 2017-Jul-16, 06:15 PM Reply #1546 »

FULL marks to Racing Queensland for responding to our question: ‘Is the Deagon Training Centre on its Knees?’

The story, broken by Letsgohorseracing this week following several insider tip-offs, has created quite a deal of comment and concern from within the industry.

Here is a brief statement in reply from Racing Queensland which we are appreciative of:

"RACING Queensland (RQ) is working with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to address issues identified during an audit which began last year.

On the 26 May 2017, ASQA rejected the application for renewal of the registration of Racing Queensland as an RTO on issues of non-compliance.

RQ has appealed ASQA’s decision which stems from an audit process that included educational systems and resources put in place some years ago.

RQ has been in ongoing communication with the Queensland Jockeys Association about the process and has assured current students their education arrangement will continue as normal.

Racing Queensland will continue to work with ASQA to ensure education and training services provided to the industry are maintained.”

Here’s hoping this results in a positive outcome!


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« 2017-Jul-19, 07:58 PM Reply #1547 »
Albion Park racetrack in $1 million tug-of-war

RACING bureaucrats have spent nearly $1 million trying to decide the fate of the prized Albion Park racetrack over the past year.

Despite running at a projected $3 million loss for the previous financial year, Racing Queensland spent $780,000 on consultancy fees for its consideration of options for the harness track, which dates back to 1893.

Another $120,000 was spent by the racing body on planning and legal fees over the same period.

The figures come as Racing Queensland last week had its request to council to have its development plan judged under a superseded neighbourhood plan denied.

The current neighbourhood plan states a form of sport and recreation must take part at the venue for council to approve any developments.

Racing Minister Grace Grace last night defended the spending at a Parliament Estimates Hearing, saying Racing Queensland was entitled to protect its balance sheet by exploring all the options available.

Opposition racing spokesman Jon Krause said it was time to put any speculation regarding the sale of Albion Park to rest.


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« 2017-Jul-23, 06:58 PM Reply #1548 »
State racing board member not a favourite

RACING Minister Grace Grace has defended the reappointment of a member of the industry’s governing board despite the opposition of a majority of the state’s harness clubs.

The Gold Coast, Redcliffe and Marburg clubs objected to Margaret Reynolds’ selection as the harness racing representative on the Racing Queensland board in April last year.

At the time, they say, Ms Grace told them it was a temporary appointment and would be reviewed after a year.

The three clubs wrote to the minister again earlier this year, reiterating their opposition and asking for her position to be terminated.

“Ms Reynolds has had no involvement with the clubs nor does she attempt to, she does not communicate regularly with the clubs, she has provided no assistance to our clubs and appears only to be interested in Albion Park and the non-existent Yatala Club,’’ the clubs wrote.

Gold Coast Harness Racing Club president Barry Grimsey said they learned via social media three weeks ago that Ms Reynolds’ position had been extended until June 2019.

Ms Reynolds could not be contacted yesterday.

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« 2017-Jul-23, 08:43 PM Reply #1549 »
It should be noted: when amalgamation was done, Albion Park was owned by Harness & Greyhounds.
Upon amalgamation all assets of the 2 minor codes went to Racing Qld, however, there was an ASSETS REGISTER created
that showed where those assets came from. i.e. which code. This was done so that any profits from the sale of any of those
assets were kept for those codes who contributed assets.