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O.P. « 2018-Dec-02, 11:17 AM »
MALCOLM PETROFSKI, Chairman of the TOWNSVILLE TURF CLUB, has responded to comments made concerning the annual meeting next MONDAY:

‘THANK you for your comments from your sources, senior members of the Townsville accounting community, natives in the north and beer drinkers, all who have not been given the opportunity to put their names to their comments in your story.

In this day of instant stories fact checking seems to be a lost art.

To keep it brief I will just stick to the facts:

If the natives you refer to are the members I would welcome their questions and input at the AGM on Monday night starting at 05:30PM at Cluden Park.

We like any business continually look for the best fit of people for positions, sometimes we get it right sometimes we get it wrong, in general I think we get a lot more right than wrong.

Committee resignations of late we have had two, one to concentrate on business interests in Sydney and one to take up a contracting role at the TTC and we did not want any conflict of interest issues.

The auditors from Jessop and Partners who have completed the audit for a number of years now have again completed the audit and made the report. If members are not happy with the auditors they have an opportunity to vote them out at each AGM.

I find it hard to believe a senior member of the accounting community (Unnamed) would have concerns with the skills of the auditor but there are avenues for the unnamed person to report any unprofessional behavior. RQ are already furnished with a copy of the audited figures.

The Townsville Turf Club like many businesses and private individuals in North Queensland is struggling with the ever increasing cost of power and cash in the bank. With the help of our staff we have been able to address both issues. In past periods over $60,000 of stock was stored on site in a very old cold room which had poor energy ratings.
Over the past 2 months we have applied a Just In Time ordering system which has allowed us to convert the $60,000 stock holding into money in the bank and we have been able to shut down the main cold room. With alcohol sales on average days of $4,000 having 15 weeks of stock in reserve made no sense. Rest assured beer drinkers the drinks will be cold and you may even find an old favorite of beer off the ice. We still have three cold rooms running but have saved over $4,000 per month in energy costs and converted a large stock holding into cash at the bank. Once on arrival to site beer will be kept cold and if anyone complains about the beer not being cold it will be me at the head of the que leading the charge as warm beer won’t cut it.

Thank you for your mischievous writing style and please allow me to again invite all registered members to the AGM at 5:30PM Monday the 3rd Of December.'
The Concerns replied to
THE natives are restless in the north.

Expect a couple of curly questions from the floor at the much-awaited annual general meeting of the Townsville Turf Club on Monday.
According to one long-time racing stalwart in the city:

‘TO say things under the new regime at Cluden are running smoothly would be gross misrepresentation with several sackings of key staff in recent months, resignations of committee and general dissatisfaction among the entire racing community.’

A senior member of the Townsville accounting community has described the financial report as ‘a document that the Government, Racing Queensland or some other appropriate body’ needs to investigate closely.

The latest problem confronting the racing public is the alleged ‘austerity measures introduced to save energy costs at the racecourse’.

It is the story doing the rounds that the fridges in bars at Cluden have been turned off during the week (of heat-wave conditions) and will supposedly only be turned back on for the race meeting on Sunday that has caused the problem. Beer drinkers who have heard the rumour are naturally unimpressed.

Should the Townsville Turf Club wish to challenge the above comments from disgruntled racing folk then LGHR would be delighted to publish their response.

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