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LET’S be clear at the outset – LETSGOHORSERACING is in no way suggesting anything untoward is happening behind the scenes at the Ben Currie stable in Toowoomba where the young trainer is enjoying one of the hottest winning streaks in the country.

But for some time we have been receiving ‘whinges’ in the form of emails, texts and phone calls making some wild and unsubstantiated allegations. To date we have chosen to ignore these but after Currie’s huge winning haul of six winners and a second from seven races at Clifford Park last Saturday night social media has gone bezerk.

And it wasn’t all good news for the ‘golden boy’ of Darling Downs racing. One prominent local trainer even suggested on Twitter that his horses were getting some help and that nothing was being done about it. The Tweet has since been removed but it is something that the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission should be investigating – even if it means hauling in the trainer who made the claim and asking him to substantiate what otherwise amounts to defamation.

Currie was born into a prominent and successful racing family in Toowoomba and had plenty of experience to call on from Paul Nolan senior – his grandfather we believe – right through to his dad, a successful trainer in his own right and his locally based training rellies, Michael and Paul Nolan jnr. Ben was reportedly thrown into the deep end or training spotlight whilst studying journalism when his father was disqualified.

Young Ben made a fist of his new challenge and formed some powerful alliances in south-east Queensland and especially in Victoria (another story) with some very prominent and colourful identities in all sorts of fields of business.

In any case such has been the wave of success that Currie has enjoyed in the last couple of years that he has also made plenty of enemies within the industry and call it ‘tall poppy syndrome’ if you like, the situation has started to reach a stage where QRIC needs to provide some clarity to the situation. If they don’t the wild rumours of what is supposedly happening behind the scenes, the mad speculation of start because of an ownership involvement with certain people, some in the political arena, and the reason for Currie being able to improve horses that come into his care by literally lengths within a short time will continue to be pumped out on social media. It isn’t a good look for he or the industry as a whole.

When Currie took eight runners to Clifford Park for the seven-race twilight card last Saturday and went home with six winners and a second the ‘hate mail’ sky-rocketed to a new level. Perhaps the one suggestion in all of the emails that were published on various websites was the one that QRIC should employ Security Guards for a month-long 24/7 surveillance of the Currie stable. It sounds outlandish but it would certainly silence the critics if he continued to enjoy the same level of success.

Letsgohorseracing has reliable intelligence that the suggestion of using security guards in a similar manner was made in the past by people in authority at Racing Queensland when stables were enjoying a considerable run of success (this included one in Brisbane and another on the Sunshine Coast) but the Chief Stewards of the day would not entertain the proposals. We are told that this was before the establishment of QRIC and involved Chief Stipes Wade Birch and Allan Reardon. Perhaps the latter might like to tell us why he rejected this suggestion when to anyone who knows how the racing rumour mill works would feel it could only provide more transparency.               

Six winners on the card for Currie set a new training record in Queensland for a TAB meeting – and certainly those who have achieved it in the past (Bruce McLachlan, Toby Edmonds, Alan Bailey and Gillian Heinrich) were not as young or inexperienced as him.

The huge haul started with the most dominant of wins by Island Sunset, with the latest addition to the Currie stable bolting in to break her Maiden status at start No 18. One irate lady, who critics are claiming is a rival trainer, expressed her disbelief to when she wrote:

‘He only had Maiden horse that won 1600m race for one week. Ask him how many times he worked it? You cannot improve a horse naturally by 10 lengths in one week. It is impossible and I tell you that he is raising eyebrows in Queensland racing.’

Currie has now trained 18 winners at Clifford Park this season for at a strike rate of 36 per cent after claiming 74 winners at 31.6% last season. That prompted this whinge:

‘If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. Just remember Lance Armstrong never got caught cheating or failed a swab, he got dobbed in by his mates.’

Much has been made in the ‘Whinges’ to LGHR about Currie’s record with positive swabs – in what most would consider a short time and of the links his stable has, both to political and business identities from Queensland to Victoria.

One email stated: ‘Do you remember when Currie won with a promising horse at carnival time at the Sunshine Coast last year. The owner (I think he was a gentleman of Italian origin) got involved in the SKY interview after the race telling how he bought the horse because it was Lot No 911 and then it was discovered that this guy wasn’t even listed in the ownership. The Keystone Cops initiated some inquiry – don’t even know what happened there or what happened to the horse. But I do remember an interview shortly after on 4TAB that the Racing Minister did where she told of Currie tipping her the horse and how he was such a great young trainer for the industry in Queensland. Are you aware that the syndicate head of some horses in his stable is a Member of Parliament who is involved in the Government’s Racing Sub Committee? Are owners in his stable employees of the Ministerial office of Kate Jones? What links does the trainer have with certain much publicised businessmen in Victoria? It’s all very interesting and the questions should be asked by QRIC.’

Another emailer, who supports the success of Currie but then gives him a verbal backhander was this one, who wrote to

‘I can see both sides to the argument here. Obviously he can train, and seems like a good young kid with work ethic to match when I’ve heard him interviewed. But four positives in last two years, shouldn’t he be suspended? Like Angland on Saturday a $4,000 fine for breaking the rules in winning a Group 1, no suspension? The whole steward, suspension system is a farce. Look at the difference in penalties for Damien Oliver compared to James McDonald, just no consistency.

Another of the critics suggested:

And for some reason he has a lot of horses for only four or five starts, then they just disappear.

And this one:

Can someone explain to me how a horse after 17 starts and had not got closer than four lengths of the winner in them in very weak maidens comes out and wins by just under six lengths?

The reply, from a fan: ‘Very good trainer, very good at placing horses. Simple as that! Trainers differ in levels of ability. That’s why there're great trainers and some that are considered hobby trainers. Way too much hate. I wonder if it's because they're sh*t trainers themselves under an alias.’

Which prompted this response: ‘I challenge the stewards to place a security guard in his stables for one month to see if his results stay the same. Best strike rate in the world. Is he getting away with something? Best friend is chief steward.’

LGHR offers ‘right of reply’ to the Chief Steward in Toowoomba as we are told that is far from correct and that the ‘man in the hot seat’ is becoming increasingly frustrated by the mounting controversy in his backyard.   

Some of the emails we have received are suggesting that the RQ stewards are also frustrated with the Currie situation. If what we are hearing is correct then perhaps there needs to be some questions asked of them by Commissioner Barnett of QRIC.

There was this email to LGHR:

‘Are you aware that stewards visited a leading stable enjoying considerable success recently and discovered oxygen tanks and refrigerators full of blood? When they reported this to QRIC the answer was that ‘nothing illegal’ was happening. It was all part of a successful training process being adopted by the trainer in question.’

Then there was this one:

‘Is a veteran steward telling any licensee that complains about the success of a certain stable that an inquiry involving the trainer in question was halted by someone higher up at RQ a couple of years back for supposed legal reasons? (There was more detail in this email involving certain discovery and a rental car etc which LGHR is not prepared to publish for legal reasons).

Even the ‘red hots’ have been dragged into the Currie whinges with this one:

‘I see where the steward they say could become Head of Integrity (Ian Brown) is now in charge of the trots. With what we are reading is going on there at present that he seems to be doing next to nothing about, perhaps they need a re-think on whether he’s the right fit for that job. The Integrity Boss (Dayle Brown) has just resigned in Victoria. Now an appointment of a guy with his experience would make sense. But things that make sense just don’t seem to happen in racing in Queensland.’ 

AND so we have another major drama in racing in Queensland. As if the allegations of Archie Butterfly on his must-read website ( about the Brisbane Racing Cub and the shenanigans that are apparently happening there haven’t made the Sunshine State the joke of Australian racing.

It all comes down to who is going to investigate these serious allegations?

In the case of the BRC and what the Butterfly has written (his latest concerning a birthday party hosted at Doomben apparently has the Chairman going ballistic), but those being dumped on for some strange reason aren’t prepared to answer the criticism (not a good look for them or those running the industry).

Therefore it is up to a higher body to investigate. QRIC says it’s not their province. For some strange reason the Labor Government doesn’t want to instruct the weak-kneed Racing Queensland Board they appointed to do their job on the issue (and keeps falling back on the Monteith Report which only involved the track problems not a number of other contentious issues that need addressing) and the LNP is in bed with the BRC and doesn’t want to rock any boats leading up to an election hoping against hope that Tim the Toolman can lead them again to the promised land.

Extract from

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Paragraphs 4 and 5 suggest to me the author is happy to build strength to any rumors.

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Who is the author ?

He is absolutely building on any innuendo.

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QRIC withdraws case against Toowoomba trainer
1 November 2017
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has withdrawn one of two proceedings against Toowoomba
trainer Mr Ben Currie.
Mr Currie was found guilty by the stewards for presenting the horse ‘Tints’ to race at the Rockhampton
Jockey Club course in April 2016 while the horse was found to contain the prohibited substance boldenone.
His appeal against the decision was to be heard by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
however the Commission is not proceeding with the matter.
A second appeal by Mr Currie for presenting the horse ‘Party Till Dawn’ with a prohibited substance, namely
methamphetamine, at the Toowoomba Turf Club in July last year is proceeding.

You would expect the QRIC would have advised the reason why.......RTI is available for anyone interested.

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Ben Currie is waiting on a decision for an allocation of 20 boxes at Eagle Farm but apparently the BRC isn't making a decision frustrating for leading trainer possibly other trainers have prior claims...... Currie claims there are vacancies so why no decision by the BRC.......if Dubbles was still around and allowed to talk he might or might not tell us.

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