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O.P. « 2017-Feb-22, 09:07 PM »

Buttsy provides a less than glowing endorsement for U-Beaut . . .

Another bouquet could be awarded for their performance, yesterday in betting on the last race of the day in Mackay . . a race which you would expect to provide the biggest turnover for the program

At 4:19 (Stewards) there was a late withdrawal reducing the field to 7 runners; U-Bet suspended fixed-odds betting as is normal

A few minutes later 'win' betting was resumed . . . BUT NOT PLACE BETTING

And there was no place betting facility for the entire 31 minute period up to jump time at 4:50 . . . how much turnover was lost   

The local bookie, I might add, had his win and PLACE markets up well before U-Bet had their half-ar$ed efforts in place

If their 'experts' cannot handle situations such as that; it is no wonder that they lose on feature races when a bolter arrives

And if U-Bet and that 'slightly fabulous' 'agreement' provide the future security for racing in Queensland, the banana-benders should be VERY concerned 

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« 2017-Feb-26, 08:54 AM Reply #1 »
And the Ubet site just does my head in ........ how they can go and develop the worst site in the country when they already have by far the best site in the country, where I can log in and go to any gallop, trot or greyhound race being run that day in one clean click, is beyond me.

Honestly, this https://tatts.com/racing is a design classic up there with the London Underground map and 501 jeans.

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