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Offline Peter Mair

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O.P. « 2019-Sep-12, 07:53 PM »


In my mind RVL has been working for years to wreck the cup as a national focal point -- once a great race for Australasian racing hopefuls -- before the 'asian' reference was inappropriate and then not 'in spades' as none come.

The spectacle of the Melbourne racing-set pandering to its social superiors in Europe has become passe -- an embarassment.   Give it away for the sake of local pride --  pirate contenders may win but usually not the favoured ones looking for a summer holiday in their twilight years.

Commonsense demands that RVL runs the 'cup' in Europe --  humbly sending a few local contenders over -- while still broadcasting it live at Flemington and doing the usual hoopla on the Monday in Melbourne .

Can the iconic cup be saved?

Norman Harvey has been putting the slipper in with a kick unlikely to clear the top of Everest.

The saviour of the day may well be someone who does not belong at the races.

Taylor Swift to rock the Melbourne Cup


Online arthur

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« 2019-Sep-12, 08:27 PM Reply #1 »
Read the article and my 'excitement-meter' went through the roof . .

Only 54 days to the Melbourne Cup . .

I have only two questions . .

Who is Taylor Swift?? . . and . . What team does he play for??

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2019-Sep-13, 04:42 PM Reply #2 »

What runneth over -- the cup or the vocal orifice of RVL?.

Taylor Swift is going to be MASSIVE -- up to 750 million people will be watching the race  -- like Super Bowl day.

Where do you get this stuff from  -- I want some before it becomes illegal.

It just cant be true  -- even Australians are over it --  just still take the day off to get hammered.

Q. 'What do you do when you cant run racing?'

A. 'Run a pop concert so it will look like people came to the races.'