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Offline Peter Mair

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« 2019-Mar-18, 09:45 AM Reply #175 »

.....................the Everest 2nd year crowd hit 40k.

That may be -- but the number of complimentary 'members tickets' distributed by RNSW  was politely disclosed in references to the 'packed' members stand on the day .

RVL could have done that but Melbourne is more gentlemanly -- full of the good intentions and hopeful aspirations that paved the road to the 'helluva mess' that the ASSM became.

RVL is coming close to being redundant to the future of racing in Australia -- at every step and turn it goes the wrong way.

Paying substantial prize money down to 10th was a step into the void.

.... the small mercy is that whatever RVL does next is irrelevant until late-September.

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2019-May-27, 08:39 AM Reply #176 »

ONE STAR FALLS -- will  All Star Mile be run again?

A new challenge for RVL chief 'Miles' Thompson  -- to redeem an astonishing embarrassment.

..............from the SMH this morning:

The inaugural $5 million All Star Mile at Flemington ran for the first time in March.

Then, for reasons unknown, the woman who came up with the whole thing departed.

Racing Victoria’s chief commercial officer Jane Ballantyne has been made redundant.