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Online wily ole dog

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« 2022-Mar-20, 02:49 PM Reply #400 »
That's a stretch. All you ever get is vague references to what should have happened after the event.

I'd pay it if he consistently said race X I'm playing horse Y via multis, standing / rovering etc etc through F4s in the 3rd or 4th spot, tris etc .... yet we don't.

Thatís what he does though from what I gather. F4s with bolters in 3rd & 4th
Iím glad heís put me onto it , been very successful rather than my previous win and place staking

Online Gintara

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« 2022-Mar-20, 04:37 PM Reply #401 »
Which is fine Wily, no problem there. It's just a bit rich to retro fit sagely the results, plenty of 'ifs' after the event.

Offline fours

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« 2022-Mar-20, 06:25 PM Reply #402 »
errr Ginatara,

How is the oldtimers disease going ?

Lots of threads done by me right her on this forum doing exactly that BEFORE THE RACE.

What do you think Antitab is referring to if not them as well as the tipping comps?

ps the last such thread was on ONLY horses of 80/1 or more and how to bet them for a profit - quite outrageous really but never the less a profit was demonstrated along with how to bet them.

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