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Offline ratsack

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O.P. « 2020-Feb-15, 09:27 PM »
on the back of a request from winner

Offline ratsack

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« 2020-Feb-15, 09:30 PM Reply #1 »
great win today , when headed in a unsuitable 1400 he came again to win and beat a good horse
Time will tell with this bloke
I also think he goes better on the other leg ?

Offline sobig

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« 2020-Feb-15, 09:54 PM Reply #2 »
A terrific race today.

I hope it is the first of many with the 2 and also the third horse was an excellent run

Offline fours

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« 2020-Feb-15, 11:17 PM Reply #3 »

Trainers comments after the race suggest the horse has peaked - be careful next time.


Online JWesleyHarding

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« 2020-Feb-16, 07:06 AM Reply #4 »
I thought he was gone.

To fight back as he did shows he has what it takes.

Offline winner

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« 2020-Feb-16, 07:14 AM Reply #5 »
on the back of a request from winner


I didnít know if there was a forum for this fella or not.

We could be in for some great racing between the top 2 finishers.

Online Jeunes

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« 2020-Feb-16, 03:21 PM Reply #6 »
There is are a couple of horses called Super Seth and Alabama Express that could make the Australian Guineas a lottery. However the mail is they wonít be running in it.

If the race is run like a repeat of yesterday in the Guineas might set it up for a horse that sits off the pace.

Both horses yesterday ran well but interesting to see how much they have left as they have been up for a bit.

Offline Shogun Lodge

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« 2020-Feb-18, 08:22 PM Reply #7 »
He is an absolute tiger...I had a decent bet, and would have nearly cashed out ,if I could , at the 350
Hope the trainers previous life does not keep getting brought up every time on free to air every time the gator runs...

Offline gunbower

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« 2020-Feb-18, 08:38 PM Reply #8 »
              I am not sure what you mean about his previous life. Could you enlighten me ?

Offline Shogun Lodge

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« 2020-Feb-18, 09:03 PM Reply #9 »
He, at one point, many years back now, had a serious alcohol and heroin problem.
It's over, and should not define him or be raised ad hoc...
He is, I think, a believer in Jesus and has been saved from addiction because of his faith.
He is a very open, lovely guy...wish him all the best with this beautiful horse.

Online nemisis

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« 43 minutes ago Reply #10 »
David Vandyke is also into fitness.

Good luck to him .......he has got a really good and courageous horse.

Bit rough that Catalyst had to give him a kg when Alligator Blood has won more than 4 times the stake money.......that's the problem with gimmicky races.....and that kg looked to me like it counted.

The elephant in the room with the trainer will always be his life before his personal problems.

The extraordinary success he had at Kembla Grange in the 90's is hard to forget .......he was putting many lengths on horses.
 When he was busted for using Elephant juice it just all made sense.
It's a chapter in his story that has never had a proper explanation.

The victims of cheating are the people who have been dudded so my sympathy goes to them first not to mention the poor bloody horses.

Long time ago and a young guy but you can't pretend it didn't happen.