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« 2013-Dec-07, 07:07 AM Reply #1 »
To think I'm happy if the punters' club I'm part of gets nearly our money back for the pre-Xmas payout.

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« 2013-Dec-07, 08:39 AM Reply #2 »
The court action over the syndicate was launched after Mr Vlahos repeatedly failed to hand over money allegedly owed to a company called Aloga, which is based in the tax haven of Bermuda.

On Friday, the NSW Supreme Court heard Mr Vlahos told the company its $26,169,000 was held in a trust account with Westpac and he was arranging to have the funds transferred.

But Mr Vlahos, who was ordered to fly up from his home in Torquay to take the stand, said that on Thursday he discovered that the account "did not exist".

"I'm shocked. I'm worried about everyone's funds including my own, which are substantial," he told the court.

Mr Vlahos said he opened the account six years ago with a business partner, Daniel Maxwell, who now lives in Dubai.

Read mo


 :lol:  You'd believe in tooth fairies too.

So you just suddenly realise an account with millions upon millions doesn't exist  :shrug:

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« 2013-Dec-07, 11:44 AM Reply #3 »

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« 2013-Dec-07, 10:23 PM Reply #4 »
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« 2013-Dec-08, 07:20 AM Reply #5 »

This summary is more than interesting, and it looks as if this will be huge.

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« 2013-Dec-08, 08:17 AM Reply #6 »
Joe Talia, Michael Bastion, Bill Vlahos......

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« 2013-Dec-08, 10:05 AM Reply #7 »
Ha ha ha, Bily Billy Billy, well Billy I can really understand how you have lost 194 million dollars from an account, well being the good bloke I am I checked mine and it's not in there. Bugger.

I found it strange that from one year he didn't know anything about bloodstock, to the next year spending millions at the sales. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
There are so  many more intersting stories to come out of this.

You will also probably remember that he and Dean Watt where behind the Purchase of Pillar of Hercules from P Moody and Tony Mockbel was in there to. 1.3 million I think , and it did very little on the track after that. Actually it was retired and then I saw it was racing again at Morphetville in August  as a gelding. Ran 7Th of 7.

It will be interesting to see how Black Caviers Half sister goes as she is under BC3 which Bill is the Chairman of.

I still can't believe it $194 MILLION dollars FARRRRRRRRRRRRR OOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT, what I could do with just 5 percent of that.

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« 2013-Dec-08, 11:02 AM Reply #8 »

It beggers belief to me that someone would take as 'credible' the claim that mathematical expertise was gained from a 'Psychology degree'.

A fool and his money....


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« 2013-Dec-08, 12:48 PM Reply #9 »
The money is long gone, as it is so easily parted from fools.

Just as long as Vlahos gets a lengthy jail term down the road out of this, otherwise racing's reputation (or lack thereof) will take another big hit.

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« 2013-Dec-08, 04:36 PM Reply #10 »
I'm no law expert, but from what I read there where no contracts or documents or PDS our anything legally binding for any of these investors to fall back on. It's hard enough for someone to get money owed when there is a contract in place let alone when there is zippo.
And with Australia's lacking legal system, I think he'll be lucky to get a slap on the wrist at worst.

Good luck getting him to pay up. House will be in wifes name, as will be the cars. Accounts all in kids name. Dishes are done.

But he'll have a 194 million worth of angry people after him thats for sure :bye: :sweat: :no:
It's wrong but that's our legal system.
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« 2013-Dec-08, 06:21 PM Reply #11 »
pretty good huge rort........inglis would be a shade worried....bc3 reputation in oz trashed like the 5 million dollar horses front feet......disaster all round with the exception of the perpertraitors :bye: :wavecry: :nowink: :shrug:

I still can't get my head around the amount of money that was involved from a simple, 1 man word of mouth operation. If only he used his power for good :shrug:
I'm pretty sure this is only the tip of the ice berg, plenty more to come yet. :sweat:

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« 2013-Dec-08, 06:24 PM Reply #12 »
Psychology degree pays off. Most scams are social engineering not technical

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« 2013-Dec-08, 06:29 PM Reply #13 »
Psychology degree pays off. Most scams are social engineering not technical
Your right but I'm still amazed he was able to convince so many people. And if he used his Psychology degree to fleece his patients, THEN he may be in a real world of trouble. However the medical board (presuming he comes under that) still allow dodgey medical practioners to practice.:censored: up that is.

It reminds me a little of the Simpson's episode when the shady salesman comes to town to fleece everyone, and during his talk he says 'this is not one of those shady pyramid schemes, no no no, this is the trapezoid scheme" ha ha.

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Steve M

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« 2013-Dec-08, 11:05 PM Reply #14 »

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« 2013-Dec-09, 10:31 AM Reply #15 »
The $194 mil is rubbish, a fictional figure.

The combined losses of investors will be tens of millions, no doubt, but the 194 figure will be rubbish and just the latest marketing number plucked from the air when the last round of investors were being courted or the last false "set of accounts" were done.

Obviously some are not happy with Vlahos's recent explanations to date:
Man beaten, car set on fire at home of racing identity Bill Vlahos

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« 2013-Dec-09, 12:19 PM Reply #16 »
 :sad: :shy: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :shrug:

He's in a world of trouble that's for sure. I presume he was the man bashed. If he courted some underworld figures, which I would presume he did, they've left him alive for a chance of getting thier money back. If he doesn't do that , well.................................. :bye: :bye:

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« 2013-Dec-09, 12:59 PM Reply #17 »

  Was I the only guy who thought he ran horse syndications....ala is Simon Marshall involved or is BC separate ???

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« 2013-Dec-09, 01:19 PM Reply #18 »
Also runs a 'punters club'

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« 2013-Dec-09, 01:49 PM Reply #19 »
I see they confirmed that it was Bill Vlahos that took the beating. Well he can look on the bright side, at least  he wasn't burnt alive, well not yet anyway.
Play with fire............literally get beat up
Maybe they knew that there is very little the law can do to Bill as it was a secret undocumented deal. Unfortunately for Bill, they have taken matters into thier own hands.

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« 2013-Dec-09, 04:11 PM Reply #20 »

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« 2013-Dec-09, 05:36 PM Reply #21 »
The Authorities will always run away from a problem.

Saundry ..asleep at the wheel ??????

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« 2013-Dec-09, 10:20 PM Reply #22 »
Story itself didn't surprise me , but some of the names and amounts of people involved in the club certainly does

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« 2013-Dec-10, 10:42 AM Reply #23 »
Saundry is 100% right.

Punting, punters and corperates have absolutely nothing to do with the Racing Industry.

He says the integrity department is investigating the BC3 and and that is all they can and should do.

From the syndicates point of view it will be interesting to see what happens.

These shenanigans though should really preclude from owning races horses.

Punters grievances are dealt with by other bodies.

Having said that, If racing authorities warn him off, am I right in believing corporates and The Tab would have to cancel his betting accounts ?

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« 2013-Dec-10, 10:51 AM Reply #24 »
I agree that Saundry seems to be correct.

However note that this money was allegedly exclusively bet into overseas (probably unlicensed) outfits.