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« 2019-Dec-05, 11:01 PM Reply #75 »
I just finished reading What Are The Odds a very interesting story told in the first person  well worth the effort in finding a copy or possibly downloading an ebook from the local library. :thumbsup:

Wonderful memory for detail he started recording his memories in the mid 1980's the book was published in 2010 when he was in his mid /late  80's

Jack Egerton was mentioned  he helped  Bill's  companion Yoko after the divorce..... I remember Jack who rang WSW for tips telling me Water/ouse said this Water'ouse said that Jack dropped the h's was a very good judge on behalf of Jack I'll give him  :thumbsup:
Giddy Up :beer:

The book launch photo.
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« 2019-Dec-12, 04:01 PM Reply #76 »
David's house is currently listed for sale for a lazy $60 million.

I don't understand how the family can have so many assets yet still be short of the readies.

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« 2019-Dec-12, 09:07 PM Reply #77 »

No backward steps for some

I have a vague memory of an astonishing story.

Someone, coming up from the harbour foreshore in Milsons point, crossed to the right-hand side of the road and parked outside the newsagent to buy a paper.

A member of the checkered-hat-gang approached the car with the intention of asking what the game was.

The inquiry being ignored, the CHG member reached in to remove the car keys.

The driver responded to this affront by winding up the window and proceeded to drive away -- alas, with the arm of the CHG enforcer trapped in the window and in considerable discomfort as the car left the kerb.

I cannot recall the outcome but hope it was proportional to one deserving of an ANZAC medal for bravery or something in the face of an 'enemy'.

I do not think it was RW that pulled this stunt.

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« 2019-Dec-15, 08:31 AM Reply #78 »
That 19864 corners expose is gold.....boy I always knew they were crook (I was born in '88) but since Big bill went haven't me eyes been well and truly opened to just how much worse they are than I ever tought!!

Should be locked up the mob of them #Dirthouse's

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« 2019-Dec-19, 06:57 PM Reply #79 »
WSW's funeral.

Being nearby, I attended but couldn't spot anyone I knew.

"Warren Woodcock and his protégé Sean Bartholomew, a leading internet bookmaker and now managing director of Racing Odds."

That's not what my recollection and google tell me.

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« 2019-Dec-19, 07:17 PM Reply #80 »

Bill Waterhouse farewelled in Sydney
Thursday 19 December, 2019
suzanne waterhouse suzanne waterhouse
Bill Waterhouse's widow Suzanne greets the King Tupou VI of Tonga at her husband's funeral service.

Tongan royalty has joined the Waterhouse clan to farewell family patriarch Bill Waterhouse at a service in Sydney.

King `Aho`eitu Tupou VI attended Thursday's service as a tribute to Waterhouse's long association with Tonga and its people.

Waterhouse, acknowledged at one time as the world's biggest bookmaker, died last month aged 97.

He was the Honorary Consul-General to Tonga for many years after establishing a relationship with the heir to the throne, King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, when he was in law school along with best friend, the late Neville Wran.

Her was also a property developer and hotelier and after the death of his brother Charles, Waterhouse gave up the law for the track.

He fearlessly took on legendary punters with names to match - the "Filipino Fireball" Felipe Ysmael, the "Hong Kong Tiger" Frank Duval and Kerry Packer who he said defaulted on a debt of more than $1 million.

While he was a leviathan bookmaker, Bill Waterhouse became a household name with the Fine Cotton scandal.

Bill and his bookmaker son Robbie were warned off racetracks by the Australian Jockey Club, the authority at the time, for having prior knowledge of the substitution of Bold Personality for the lesser performed Fine Cotton.

The Waterhouses were reinstated in 2002 by Racing NSW with Bill retiring in 2010 after working alongside his grandson Tom and teaching him the ropes.

His colourful life included a divorce and a second marriage to the same woman, Suzanne, who survives him.

Waterhouse's son Robbie, who is married to leading trainer Gai Waterhouse, and Tom helped carry Bill from St Mary's Church with Suzanne and daughter Louise Raedler close by.

Waterhouse's granddaughter Kate and her children joined other mourners including former speaker of the House of Representatives, Bronwyn Bishop.
AAP report


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« 2019-Dec-20, 08:22 AM Reply #81 »
King of the Bookies was larger than life


GOODBYE: Grandson Tom (left) and his dad Robbie Waterhouse carry the coffin after Bill’s funeral service. Pictu AAP

BILL Waterhouse, once the world’s biggest bookmaker, was farewelled by his family and the racing community yesterday after a long life full of headline moments.

More than 600 people arrived at St Mary’s Church in North Sydney to send off the man who Racing NSW chief executive Peter V’landys described as “charming and charismatic”.

Waterhouse, who saw Phar Lap race at Randwick in Sydney in 1930, died late last month at 97 after a colourful life involving many highs and lows but son Robbie said it was the perfect way to remember him.

“It was an extraordinarily good send-off,” Robbie said.

“There will be lots of discussion and stories at the reception that’s for sure.

“It is a celebration and it will be great.

“He had quite a few racing people there along with many of the leading bookmakers.

“He had people from the legal fraternity and people from the hotel industry there and people with diplomatic service there.”

Waterhouse’s early education was just up the road in the 1930s at North Sydney Boys High and while he was best remembered as a fearless bookie from the mid-1950s, he was also a lawyer, businessman and Tonga’s honorary consul-general in Australia.

Robbie once described his towering father as a man who “was overweight all his life” and would smoke up to 150 cigarettes a day while avoiding exercise.

“He gave me a great education and a wonderful childhood. He taught me how to be a good bookmaker.”

His life was filled with controversy, however, and he was banned for life in 1984 for having prior knowledge of the Fine Cotton scandal but regained his bookmakers licence in 2002 before retiring in 2010 at 88 years of age.

In his 2009 autobiography What Are The Odds?, Waterhouse wrote: “I don’t pretend to be a ‘Simon Pure’.

“I have sometimes cut corners to get what I needed, but I am certainly no crook.’’

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« 2019-Dec-24, 06:57 AM Reply #82 »
In a lot of articles I read regarding Bill, I see no mention of the relationship between him and Gai or TJ for that matter.

Bill was a huge bookie and TJ was the champion trainer in Sydney. Their children’s marriage would have been racing’s equivalent of a royal marriage. However TJ and Bill are not naive so would be interesting to see what their relationship was like.

The fact that Gai is 65 and none of her children have followed her into training is also interesting. The Cummings training clan will be continued on with James while Hayes has his children following on.

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« 2019-Dec-26, 09:23 AM Reply #83 »
World’s biggest bookmaker Bill Waterhouse beat every punter except ONE!

Legendary folklore Australian bookmakers of over 112 years are the Waterhouse Family in Sydney.
In a recent 3 generation interview the biggest of them all was old Bill Waterhouse who in the 60’s and 70’s was the world biggest bookmaker and first bookie to take a bet of $AU1 million, talked about his time as a larger than life character from the mid 50’s up to recent times.

Here are some extracts and highlights from this fascinating documentary.

Who was the best punter you dealt with Bill?

Angels (Fred Angels was a prominent race horse owner in Sydney and massive winning professional punter for many decades on Australian race tracks).

What made him different?

“He was a professional; he made his living out of punting. I think you will find Angles a top form man haven said that he was also a top horse owner and he knew how fit his horses were and he would tell his trainers when to start his horses. He didn’t want to hear from the trainer “it would win or not”

Fred Angels knew fitness

The best form guide in the World is Fitness.

Fred Angels was one of the most successful and respect professional winning punters in the history of Australia because Fred knew how fit his horses were and didn’t rely on his trainer’s advice.

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« 2019-Dec-27, 10:24 AM Reply #84 »
It may come as a suprise to some . .

And for that I am sorry . .

But some people, when they know that what they say is going to be reported to the general public, are inclined to tell a few 'porkies' . .

Little white ones of course  :whistle:

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« 2020-Jan-10, 07:38 PM Reply #85 »
Full video of WSW's funeral mass.