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Author Topic: Brickbats & Bouquets - Racecallers  (Read 526661 times)

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Offline arthur

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« 2020-Apr-17, 08:41 PM Reply #2625 »
Throw a 'pineapple' next time . .

Cheaper in the long run  :beer:

Offline PoisonPen7

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« 2020-Apr-17, 09:53 PM Reply #2626 »
That's it....bloody self-isolation and I've just thrown a brick through the TV screen.
That friggin' Josh Fleming send me troppo with his 1000th "and the starter Mr Ross Hansen" this year.
He's not a bad caller but for God's sake stop the terrible repetition. WHY, WHY, WHY ....Is he Mr Ross Hansen's love child????

Must be a "Northern" thing.

"The starter Mr Rex Kelly" gets a big run on any Northern Rivers meet.

Offline the bishop

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« 2020-Apr-19, 01:11 PM Reply #2627 »
Sorry, despite hearing it 1000 times I have not been paying attention. It is "The starter, Mr Russell Hansen" NOT Mr Ross Hansen.
And you are right, Anthony Collins has a similar man crush on "Mr Rex Kelly''.
Weird and unnecessary.