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« 2020-May-30, 07:30 AM Reply #25 »

....... there are 'champions' but not rural-racing 'champions' out of town.

I don't know what that even means Peter.

Can you elaborate?

Quite clearly Takeover Target was trained all his career (officially) in Quenbeyan - and not sure if Joe moved to Coffs before he (TT) ended his career.

But he was a "country trained" champion.

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« 2020-May-30, 11:46 AM Reply #26 »
There is no criteria for horses to be nominated for this thread.

Would love to hear from forum members who have past memories of country champions.

These are the ones I've noted down:


One of my favourites

When Tulloch retired I always waited for him to throw a horse with somewhere near  his massive ability but, alas, he only had the winner of the lowly Christmas Cup (Dahma Star ) to hang his hat on.

One of his daughters, Tulrigo, went alright in the Sydney midweekers so I was pleased that her son Tullmax made a name for himself in Country racing and then to top it off by winning the George Main.