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Offline wily ole dog

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« 2018-Aug-08, 06:49 PM Reply #25 »
Interesting question  :chin:

Offline Dave

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« 2018-Aug-08, 07:08 PM Reply #26 »
Authorised, Avdulla uses spurs on everything unless he is told to take them off but as he has never ridden for me I doubt anyone has ever sent him back to the Jockeys room to "undress"

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2018-Aug-08, 07:45 PM Reply #27 »

There are excellent people in racing -- among others.

John Hawkes deserves great respect as someone who would never put a personal concern in the way of the utmost integrity -- I would say nothing to suggest otherwise

Offline D-G

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« 2018-Aug-08, 09:07 PM Reply #28 »
Have a look at the horses form since he returned from Hong Kong.
In 9 races and 10 trials since he went to Hong Kong, he has won 1 race and not produced in virtually all the rest of his assignments.

Most will recall  the plan was to head to Europe after HK, but the plan changed rapidly a day or 2 after his Sha Tin win  :whistle:

Offline Dave

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« 2018-Aug-08, 10:59 PM Reply #29 »
He did come back from Hong Kong to win a Group One for Tommy Berry, so that kinda blows that theory
 The common denominator that he didn't come back from but got progressively worse was Avdulla and spurs!
all just theories of course and no one really knows but obviously John Hawkes has tried everything he knows and Chautauqua is not responding at all, that in itself is not an indictment of John Hawkes horse skills or his integrity,
Hawkes would have hundreds of horses on his books, he just would not have time to devote hours a day, every day to one horse, no matter how good that horse was......

If the horse was mine I would call in someone who could work one on one with the horse for as long as it takes.....someone like Monty Roberts or Pat Parelli.......but he ain't mine so I will respect what ever they decide

Offline PoisonPen7

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« 2018-Aug-08, 11:19 PM Reply #30 »
I think the "show cause" thing is the stewards kind way of saying his racing days are over.

Imagine if after a few more barrier trials he finally did get to the races and then he didn't jump. There would be hell to pay.

He has been a magnificent sprinter - not too many rungs behind Black Caviar IMO. But even Winx is approaching the end of her career. You cannot keep them going forever.

The use of a horse whisperer? Gimme a break.  :nowink:

Offline firezuki

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« 2018-Aug-09, 05:20 AM Reply #31 »
Champion.  Give him his paddock. 

Offline Dave

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« 2018-Aug-09, 10:45 AM Reply #32 »
PP you need a break! the horse can be cured, he has a mental issue, you need someone who understands that....not someone like you who has never patted a horse!
He is a gelding his future is in a paddock on cold winter nights......better off in a stable getting 3 squares a day, rugged and looked after like a King 24/7 with the best vet care money can buy if he has any health issues.....don't kid yourself that retirement is what is best for Chautauqua