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O.P. « 2020-Apr-21, 12:01 PM »
I do not know how  Stephen Mayne, a well known "shareholder advocate", has come up with the following details, but thought I would post them here for any responses.

Children of Alan Woods: the late professional gambler died in 2008, leaving an estate worth more than $900 million, :shy: :shy: largely thanks to winnings from his computer betting program in Hong Kong. The vast bulk has gone to his son and daughter who are based in Australia. The Australian valued at $542 million in 2019.

David Walsh. : known as “every casino owner's nightmare”, this eclectic Tasmanian has amassed a fortune on the blackjack tables using his mathematical probability skills.    :lol:     :lol:   Additionally, he also owns an eclectic art collection of over 300 contemporary works worth more than $100 million. Owns MONA in Hobart too.

Jeljko Ranogajec : a relatively anonymous rich lister, he is known by many casinos around the world as "The Joker', and has been classified by many as the world's biggest gambler. It is reported that he alone makes up 6-8% of Tabcorp's annual turnover which equates to around $600-800 million. If you add to this the tens of millions he bets with local bookmakers and other places around the world as far flung as Russia, his annual spend is reported to be more than $1 billion. His team of form and video analysts, which take up a large portion of the top floor of the NSW headquarters of Tabcorp, have helped grow his operation into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut.

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« 2020-Apr-21, 01:00 PM Reply #1 »
Dr Nick

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Bookmaker Rob Waterhouse estimates the exit of the mysterious professional punter known as Dr Nick from Australian racing will cause a stunning six percent drop in turnover on racing across the board.

It has been said that Dr Nick, whose strength has partly stemmed from his anonymity, is a big whale punter in the realm of Zeljko Ranogajec who has bet perhaps billions of dollars on Australian racing.

Waterhouse knows Dr Nick, whose identity is shrouded in secrecy, and says he has “closed down his Australian operation” which employed a large staff across many betting syndicates.

Waterhouse blamed increased taxes on bookmakers, which in turn meant they were offering worse odds, for Dr Nick’s decision to abandon Australian racing.

And he said the flow-on impact could be disastrous for the racing industry.

“What I do know is that Dr Nick has closed down his Australian operation,” Waterhouse told Racenet.

“I suspect he probably accounts for six percent of Australian (racing) turnover so you would lose that straight away.

“I think his turnover through totes and pre-post and Betfair would be six percent (of total Australian turnover).

“It must lead to a drop in prizemoney.

“The real problem though is that it is a symptom of a disease, the taxes are just too high.

“It is not just him, Sean Bartholomew has been the biggest punter at the races but now he has become a much smaller punter and concentrates on England and America.

“Zeljko was the biggest punter in Australia still bets quite a lot, but nowhere near as big as he once did.

“It is all in response to taxes.”

Could it be that Stephen Mayne did not name Dr Nick as his surname is shrouded in mystery ?

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« 2020-Apr-21, 10:16 PM Reply #3 »

It has been mentioned plenty of times around the traps in actual fact.


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« 2020-Apr-22, 05:49 PM Reply #4 »
Luckily I googled before responding so don't really need to waste more time chastising this wowser imbecile.

The article is riddled with monumental errors which I won't bother exposing.

Based on them I can't see myself subscribing to the Mayne Report.

As for Dr Nick, stay tuned.



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« 2020-Apr-22, 07:52 PM Reply #5 »


A few recognizable racing names in his "rich list"

Armanasco family: former owners of farmland in Pakenham Victoria, now known as Worthington estate, which was acquired in 2004 by Central Equity and on-sold in late 2008 for $24 million.

Harry Barrett: Sydney bookie and car dealer who owns large tracts of Lennox Heads, just south of Byron Bay. His car dealerships have a big presence on Parramatta Road and got lots of cred when he took on Kerry Packer at the race track.

Edmund Bateman family: the late founder and former major shareholder of the pathology, health technology and medical centre company, Primary Health Care, who was valued by BRW at $458 million at the peak.

Mark Bouris: Sydney based, the founder of Wizard Home Loans has expanded this company into Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, and sold his founding stake to GE Money, which ended up losing almost $400 million selling out to Aussie Home Loans. The BRW claimed $269 million in 2010.

Steve Bowden: a former Newtown rugby league player who ventured into the hotel business has performed extremely well. He sold the Hurtzville Ritz Hotel in January 2007 at the height of boom of pub values for a then-record $52 million to Melbourne-based Aussie Leisure Group.

Used to occasionally spend a Saturday at the Hurstville Ritz. Steve used to come down and spend time with the punters and looked to thoroughly enjoy it. Great bloke.