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O.P. « 2018-Nov-06, 06:02 PM »
2 3yo European winners in a row. Both below the top level, Quite a deal below the top level.

It just gets more and more difficult for Mr Carpenter.

It will not be long before he struggles to give the top weight 55 kgs.

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« 2018-Nov-17, 08:50 PM Reply #1 »

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« 2018-Nov-17, 09:37 PM Reply #2 »
I can't help but be flippant.  Who does he think should win a handicap? The tradition holds that the handicapper should put as much weight as possible on the best horse in the Melbourne Cup so it can't win noting that the Melbourne Cup is now a 'quality" handicap.  I have just opened a book at the 2014 Cup result - the first Aussie bred across the line was 10th and the next of the 2 was 16th.  Only 22 ran and the 2 late scratchings were foreigners.  NZs are foreigners and anyway there are hardly any of them any more which probably reflects the likelihood that NZ just doesn't have the money to compete with Aus anymore despite the NZD holding its own against the AUD.  So I suppose we might re-weight the cup so that foreign bred 4YO+ get a better chance.  I bet the so called aussie battler still wont get a look in as he can't afford to trundle off to Europe to buy a ready made stayer.


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« 2018-Nov-17, 09:48 PM Reply #3 »

Seems Bart's 'beat the handicapper' approach has been taken to the nth degree with horses doing the absolute minimum to qualify then put away until Cup day.

Prefer the entry requirements be raised some for the overseas horses such that the actual performances themselves merit an increase in weight as opposed to the age of the horse only.