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O.P. « 2021-Feb-11, 04:40 PM »
NYRA in New York has started cutting off computer assisted bets from various betting pools.  Will this be the start of a new worldwide trend towards fairer betting pools?  Of course they will need to remove all the rebates too to really make those pools fairer


NYRA is no longer accepting wagers from customers using computer assisted wagering (CAW) programs on its Empire Six wager. The new policy took effect Feb. 4.

The Empire Six joins NYRA's Late Pick 5 and the Cross Country Pick 5 as pools that are now closed to a group of bettors who use computer algorithms to place their wagers and are known for betting huge amounts, particularly when there is a large carryover in a pool or a mandatory payout day.

This was the second step in a process that began Jan. 1 when NYRA eliminated the jackpot portion of the Pick Six wager. No matter how many winning tickets are sold on the bet, which costs 20 cents, the entire pool is now paid out every racing day

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« 2021-Feb-11, 06:19 PM Reply #1 »
“What we have seen with the Empire Six is that the jackpot pool is built and supported largely by the everyday horseplayers,” NYRA spokesperson Pat McKenna said. “When it comes to mandatory payout days, there tends to be an unequal playing field.”

McKenna said that the move to keep the large players out of the Empire Six came after NYRA began analyzing its wagering menu and what impact the CAW players were having on ordinary customers.

Has some wagering executive finally seen reason?

That killing off your customers, by pandering to Zeljko and his ilk, is not a sound long term strategy.

Very different to here where V'landys and his ilk embrace Kickbacks and kill off Tabcorp in the process.


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« 2021-Feb-11, 06:50 PM Reply #2 »

Think they will adapat readiy enough via on course or in venue bets by their many employees.

Maybe not asefficiently but still do so when warranted. Maybe less days will be warranted though.


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« 2021-Feb-11, 07:16 PM Reply #3 »
Courtesy of staring at computer output back in the 70's my eyesight is shot. And I also find myself partial to ALDi cleanskins, which taste no different than the vintages I receive from Tabcorp hospitality.

But what's your excuse for semantic faux pas!

Benter and Woods used Filipino hordes to swamp non-computer betting.

Zeljko does likewise on Lottery Jackpots, so killing automated bets won't kill him.

I as well as Atreus would like to know whether NYRA are killing insane Rebates - which are at the heart of the problem.

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« 2021-Feb-12, 09:53 AM Reply #4 »
Your eyes are shot because you were alive in the 70s   :lol:   :lol:

It's also why you shop at Aldi and use racist rhetoric   :lol:   :lol:

Next you'll be telling us about the good old days.

I can recognize it because I'm the same  :sad: