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« 2016-Mar-14, 07:17 PM Reply #1050 »
As a sprinter / miler Century would, like a number of old timers, have enjoyed a far better record with the modern emphasis on WFA racing.

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« 2016-Mar-14, 07:24 PM Reply #1051 »

BOBAN (AUS) 2009                                    
Brown gelding                                     
Bernardini (USA) 2003 (A P Indy (USA) 1989) - Kenbelle (AUS) 1992 by Kenmare (FR) 1975                                    
Record as at 27/02/2016: Bled from both nostrils a second time, barred from racing in Australia.                                    
37 starts, 11 wins (5 x Group 1), 3 seconds and 0 thirds.  Win % 29.7, Place % 37.8.                                    
Career prizemoney as at 27/02/2016: AUD 2,818,663.                                    
I have included prizemoney earned after each race start showing separately the value of trophies.                                    
RACING RECORD                                    
TWO YEARS:  2011-2012  Starts 6: 2-0-0-4                                    
9th-14   29/02/2012.   0.5L x 3.0L   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Schweppes Hcp   1200m.   57kg   1.12.92.   Soft7, 25/1.   Pronto Pronto 57 $5.00 1st    Shamexpress (NZ) 59 cd 56 $4.40 2nd   AUD 350   
7th-7   16/03/2012.   3.25L x 0.1L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Sportingbet St Albans Stakes   1200m.   57kg   1.13.10.    Soft5, 7/1.   Underestimation 57 $18 1st     How Swede It Is 57 $31 2nd   AUD 2,000   
1st-8   4/04/2012.   1.5L x 0.2L   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Schweppes Hcp   1400m.   57kg   1.24.66.   Good4, 10/1.   Right To Roam 59 $9.50 2nd    Beaumaris 58.5 $2.80F 3rd   AUD 18,363   
9th-12   12/05/2012.   1.25L x 0.25L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Oaks Hotels & Resorts Hampden Stakes   1200m.   57kg   1.09.41.   Good3, 7/1.   Hoss Amor 55 $2.25F 1st   Saturn Rock 55 $13 2nd     AUD 0   
1st-14   26/05/2012.   2.25L x 0.5L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   SITA Australia The Phoenix   1350m.   57kg   1.21.07.   Good4, 10/1.   Hoss Amor 55 $2.05F 2nd   Regular 57 $14 3rd   AUD 65,100   inc $1,100 trophy
13th-13   9/06/2012.   0.1L x 2.3L   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Patinack Farm The T.J. Smith   1600m.   57kg   1.37.01.   Soft5, 5/1.   Sizzling 57 $1.60 1st   Kabayan 57 $10 2nd    AUD 0   
THREE YEARS:  2012-2013  Starts 7: 1-2-0-4                                    
7th-9   13/10/2012.   0.2L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Catanach's Jewellers Blue Sapphire   1200m.   57kg   1.10.09.   Good4, 40/1.   Snitzerland 55 $1.95F 1st   Fire Thunderbolt 57 $18 2nd    AUD 3,000   
11th-13   10/11/2012.   0.2L x 1.5L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Hilton Hotels Stakes   1400m.   58.5kg   1.24.06.   Good4, 20/1.   Eximius 57 $26 1st   Limes 59 $14 2nd   AUD 0   
4th-9   1/04/2013.   0.1L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Australian Turf Club Hcp   1100m.   60.5kg   1.03.31.   Good4, 7/1.   Just A Girl 56.5 $12 1st   Straturbo 57 $16 2nd   AUD 1,600   
1st-11   25/04/2013.   1.5L x 0.5L   Warwick Farm, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Gallipoli Hcp   1300m.   60.5kg   1.17.49.   Good4, 4/1.    Fantastic Ballad 54 $14 2nd   Chandos (USA) 56 $11 3rd   AUD 26,000   
2nd-9   4/05/2013.   0.2L x 0.1L   Hawkesbury, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Workers Blacktown Hawkesbury Guineas   1400m.   57kg   1.22.49.   Good3, 4/1.   Limes 56 $10 1st   Ashokan 58 $21 3rd    AUD 30,000   
2nd-16   18/05/2013.   0.8L x 0.1L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Grinders Coffee Fred Best Classic   1350m.   57kg   1.19.81.   Good4, 9/1.   Platinum Kingdom 57 $15 1st   Academus 57 $3.50F 3rd   AUD 25,000   
9th-16   1/06/2013.   0.4L x 0.2L   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   Sky Racing Queensland Guineas   1400m.   57kg   1.24.25.   Soft6, 7/1.   Sizzling 57 $3.80F 1st   Dances On Stars (NZ) 57 $41 2nd   AUD 0   
FOUR YEARS:  2013-2014  Starts 10: 6-0-0-4                                    
1st-10   31/08/2013.   1.5L x 1.75L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   James McCall Retirement Hcp   1300m.   57kg   1.15.82.   Good3, 5/2.   Lilliburlero 54 $3.20F 2nd   Dee'n'gee 58 $12 3rd    AUD 48,750   
1st-10   21/09/2013.   3.8L x 0.1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Bill Ritchie Hcp   1400m.   54.5kg   1.21.83.   Good4, 7/4F.   Belltone 56 $51 2nd    Choice Bro 54.5 $26 3rd    AUD 76,500   inc $1,500 trophy
1st-16   5/10/2013.   0.1L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Star Epsom (G1)   1600m.   53kg   1.34.43.   Good3, 5/1.   Streama 54.5 $4.60F 2nd    Toydini 54 $6.00 3rd    AUD 305,000   inc $5,000 trophy
1st-12   19/10/2013.   0.2L x 1.5L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Sportingbet Moonga Stakes   1400m.   59.5kg   1.23.88.   Good3, 5/2F.   Strawberry Boy 56 $8.50 2nd    Galah 58.5 $14 3rd   AUD 90,750   inc $750 trophy
1st-13   9/11/2013.   0.2L x 0.1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Emirates Stakes (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.36.58.   Good4, 7/2F.   Smokin' Joey 52.5 $21 2nd    Speediness 55 $9.00 3rd    AUD 605,000   inc $5,000 trophy
5th-11   8/02/2014.   1.3L x 1.3L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   SCSI Expressway Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1.09.06.   Good3, 11/8F.   Appearance 56.5 $16 1st    River Lad 58.5 $41 2nd    AUD 4,000   
4th-8   22/02/2014.   1.5L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Schweppes Apollo Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1.21.97.   Good4, 7/4.   Appearance 57 $2.60F 1st    Speediness 59 $7.50 2nd    AUD 12,500   
1st-8   8/03/2014.   1L x 1L   Warwick Farm, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Chipping Norton Stakes (G1)   1600m.   59kg   1.38.19.   Soft5, 15/4.   It's A Dundeel (NZ) 59 $1.80F 2nd     Hawkspur 59 $16 3rd     AUD 305,000   inc $5,000 trophy
7th-15   29/03/2014.   0.2L x 0.8L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   George Ryder Stakes   1500m.   59kg   1.30.95.   Soft7, 7/1.   Gordon Lord Byron (IRE) 59 $19 1st    Speediness 59 $26 2nd    AUD 10,000   
11th-12   19/04/2014.   0.75L x 2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes   2000m.   59kg   2.03.72.   Soft5, 12/1.   It's A Dundeel (NZ) 59 $4.40 1st    Sacred Falls (NZ) 59 $11 2nd    AUD 0   
FIVE YEARS:  2014-2015  Starts 9: 1-1-0-7                                    
4th-9   9/08/2014.   0.2L x 0.2L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   McGrath Estate Agents Missile Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1.09.44.   Good3, 8/1.   Sweet Idea 56.5 $4.00 1st   Messene 58.5 $4.00 2nd    AUD 8,750   
5th-11   30/08/2014.   2.25L x 0.2L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   New Zealand Bloodstock Memsie Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1.22.72.   Good3, 13/4F.   Dissident 58.5 $12 1st    Sweet Idea 56.5 $8.00 2nd    AUD 10,000   
5th-10   13/09/2014.   0.1L x 0.75L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Makybe Diva Stakes   1600m.   59kg   1.36.29.   Good3, 3/1.   Dissident 58.5 $2.70F 1st    Fawkner 59 $10 2nd    AUD 10,000   
9th-15   4/10/2014.   0.1L x 1.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Star Epsom   1600m.   58kg   1.33.34.   Good3, 11/2.   He's Your Man (FR) 52.5 $5.50 1st    Royal Descent 55.5 $6.50 2nd    AUD 0   
9th-11   31/01/2015.   0.1L x 1L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Expressway Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1.10.66.   Soft5, 9/2.   Weary (FR) 58.5 $7.00 1st    Driefontein 56.5 $5.50 2nd    AUD 0   
7th-14   14/02/2015.   1.5L x 0.25L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Optus Apollo Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1.22.09.   Good4, 12/1.    Contributer (IRE) 59 $5.50 1st   Ninth Legion 59 $7.50 2nd    AUD 2,500   
14th-15   28/02/2015.   0.5L x 0.2L   Warwick Farm, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Liverpool City Council Chipping Norton Stakes   1600m.   59kg   1.36.54.   Good4, 12/1.    Contributer (IRE) 59 $2.50F 1st   Hartnell (GB) 58.5 $18 2nd   AUD 0   
1st-16   23/05/2015.   Sht nk x nse   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   James Boag's Premium Doomben 10,000 (G1)   1350m.   59kg   1.19.15.   Good4, 16/1.   Charlie Boy 59 $18 2nd     Generalife 49 $7.50 3rd     AUD 488,500   inc $8,500 trophy
2nd-15   6/06/2015.   1.75L x lg hd    Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   AAMI Stradbroke Hcp   1350m.   58kg   1.18.26.   Good3, $16.   Srikandi 53 $12 1st   Generalife 54.5 $12 3rd   AUD 400,000   
SIX YEARS:  2015-2016  Starts 5: 1-0-0-4                                    
1st-15   29/08/2015.   0.1L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   New Zealand Bloodstock Memsie Stakes (G1)   1400m.   59kg   1.24.61.   Soft6, $5.50F.   Entirely Platinum (NZ) 59 $9.50 2nd   Statum Star 58.5 $8.00 3rd   AUD 242,000   inc $2,000 trophy
4th-14   12/09/2015.   0.2L x 0.2L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Makybe Diva Stakes   1600m.   59kg   1.37.96.   Good3, $4.60F.   Fawkner 59 $4.80 1st   Rising Romance (NZ) 57 $15 2nd   AUD 18,000   
9th-9   7/11/2015.   Sht hd x sht hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Darley Classic   1200m.   58.5kg   1.10.07.   Soft5, $26.   Delectation 58.5 $14 1st   Chautauqua 58.5 $1.90F 2nd   AUD 0   
6th-18   13/02/2016.   0.75L x 0.4L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Ladbokes C F Orr Stakes   1400m.    59kg   1:22.64.   Good3, $14.   Suavito (NZ) 57 $15 1st     Lucky Hussler 59 $4.40 2nd    AUD 10,000   
10th-11*   27/02/2016.   0.75L x 0.4L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   italktravel Futurity Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1:22.21.   Good3, $10.   Turn Me Loose (NZ) 59 $3.10F 1st     Stratum Star 59 $17 2nd    AUD 0   
*Bled from both nostrils a second time, barred from racing in Australia.                                    
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As a sprinter / miler Century would, like a number of old timers, have enjoyed a far better record with the modern emphasis on WFA racing.


I think it may explain why sprinters were given so many starts as young horses back in the day.  Century has 14 or 15 races in his first 12 months on the track and that was fairly typical.   There was money in age restricted races, set weights too, at suitable distances but beyond Christmas of their 3YO seasons there is very little other than handicaps for sprinter milers and they were not staked as generously as the longer courses.

Century was only the second 'colonial bred' sire (following Matrice) to win the Championship since Spearfelt in 1942 .  

He was also the last of Byerley Turk line stallions to top the table in Australasia following in the footsteps of his own sire Better Boy.   Rubiton, Centaine and Double Century proved good sires but not much has bred on from their sons and we may have seen the last of the Byerley line in Australia.  

Since records have been kept in 1883 these are the only Australian bred horses to prove Australian Champion Sire -

note : Years noted are those in which the season began
Robinson Crusoe  1886
Chester   1887 1889  1891  1892
Newminster  1893  1896
Grand Flaneur  1894
Gozo  1898

Maltster 1909 1910  1911  1913 1914
Wallace  1915
Heroic  1932  1933  1934  1935  1936  1937  1938
Spearfelt 1942

Matrice  1973
Century 1978
Bletchingly  1979  1980  1981
Vain  1983
Marscay   1990  1992

Redoute's Choice  2005  2009   2013
Flying Spur 2006
Encosta De Lago  2007  2008
Lonhro  2010
Exceed and Excel 2012
Fastnet Rock  2011  2014

42 seasons out of 132 seasons (31.9%)

Edits in red

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« 2016-Mar-15, 05:27 PM Reply #1053 »
One more to add to list - Exceed and Excel in the 2012 season.

Redoute's Choice finished 5th that year according to bloodhound.

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« 2016-Mar-15, 10:46 PM Reply #1054 »
Good pick up Ian.  Confirmed by the ARB Factbook.  Exceed and Excel it was.

I lifted the list from Wiki. I'd better do some editing.

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« 2016-Mar-17, 12:53 PM Reply #1055 »
Another to add to the list is Flying Spur who won in 2006.

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« 2016-Mar-17, 01:32 PM Reply #1056 »
That one was a complete oversight on my behalf.  I was wondering what happened to the other Danehill when I counted them up. 

What an incredible legacy.  Danehill won the Championship 9 times and has produced four sons that have won it a further six times.

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« 2016-Mar-17, 07:30 PM Reply #1057 »

I only just realised that the page numbers I provide alongside the horses names only pertain if you have the same number of messages displayed per page as I do  :embarrassed:  I think it is thirty.

However, each tag contains a hidden message number of sorts, in multiples of thirty, which should get you to general vicinity of what you are looking for, give or take a page  :blush:

If anyone finds the index doesn't work for them at all let me know.  If its not working their is no point in maintaining it....

... although it works for me and that's all that really matters  :embarrassed:

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« 2016-Mar-17, 07:37 PM Reply #1058 »
Works fine for me tontonan and is a great addition to a wonderful resource.

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Cheers Sobig.  Thanks for that.

I actually can't find a setting for the number of messages per page but I note that in the Index I have some horses with page numbers we haven't reached yet (eg Emancipation 66) but when you click her name it takes you to page 33 and if you scroll down there she is.   It seems as though the indexing scale has increased from 15 messages per page to 30 messages a page.

 It doesn't seem to affect the operation of the Index though so I'll leave it as it is. 

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This took quite some time to research and it is possible there may be an unplaced run lurking somewhere still to be uncovered.

 (1901 Simmer-Lady Trenton)
44 starts 12 wins, 4 seconds, 3 thirds 25 unplaced

 A full brother to Melbourne Cup winner, Lord Cardigan, Dividend was raced unsuccessfully as a two-year-old in Queensland where he was regarded as a bit big and gawky but with plenty of potential. Taken south he was trained by Walter Hickenbotham for the wealthy Charters Towers/Moonee Ponds resident, J. R. Whitehead, who made his money in Queensland from mining. He purchased the horse after an unexpected £300 windfall on a speculative investment, hence the name Dividend for the black colt. Winner of 2 Champion Stakes amongst his 12 victories, the big horse (16.2 hands) probably never quite got the accolades he deserved. His other wins included 2 VRC Essendon Stakes, a CB Fisher Plate, an AJC Plate, an Autumn Stakes, and a Cumberland Stakes. His very unlucky second in the 1905 Australian Cup was also a fantastic run.
Soon after he was retired to stud in late 1908, he was briefly stolen from his box at Whitehead’s property at Moonee Ponds. After a brief search, Dividend was located, the thieves almost certainly using his stud services for their mare for free.
On Dividend’s death in 1914 at Shepparton, Hickenbotham remarked that Whitehead “would never allow him to put up a jockey [on Dividend] who was one of the leading horsemen of the day”, Whitehead first preferring Norman Godby then James Barden. Described as a “peculiar horse, lame off and on”, Dividend was regarded as worthless in a large field as he needed plenty of galloping room, hence his greater success in smaller wfa fields and 3 mile races.

1903-04, 2 yo

5 starts -/-/-/5

Unpl – 13/2/1904 Ascot Trial Handicap, 6 furlongs, (8st 4lb), 1st Bullamin 9st 5lb, 2nd Duchess 7st 9lb, 3rd Rowena 7st 9lb, 1min 16¼sec, 6 lengths, neck
Unpl – 17/3/1904 Eagle Farm Trial Handicap, 6 furlongs, (8st), 1st Victor 9st 5lb, 2nd Zephyr 8st 7lb, 3rd Lorenz 8st, 1min 16sec, 4 lengths, 2 lengths
Unpl – 2/4/1904 Eagle Farm Trial Handicap, 6 furlongs, (8st 5lb), 1st Tit Bits 7st 12lb, 2nd Lorenz 8st 5lb, 3rd Fortune 7st 12lb, 1min 18sec, head, 3 lengths
Unpl – 30/4/1904 Eagle Farm Trial Handicap, 6 furlongs, (8st 3lb), 1st Darelong 7st 3lb, 2nd Vaunteen 7st 7lb, 3rd Pashan 7st 9lb, 1min 16¾sec, ½ length 1½ lengths
Unpl – 21/5/1904 Ascot Autumn Stakes, 7 furlongs (8st 3lb), 1st Truce 7st 10lb, 2nd Joyance 9st 6lb, 3rd Lord Bernie 8st 10lb, 1min 31½sec, 1½ lengths, head

1904-05, 3 yo

14 starts, 5/1/2/6

Unpl – 10/9/1904 Randwick Trial Stakes, 1¼ mile, (7st 12lb), 1st The Palmist 8st 10lb, 2nd Zenda 8st 7lb, 3rd Cato 8st 8lb, 2min 8¼ sec, length, 2 lengths
3rd – 12/9/1904 Randwick Spring Maiden Stakes, 1¼ miles, (7st 9lb), 1st Birida 7st 4lb, 2nd Scot Free 7st 4lb, 2min 11¼sec, 1½ lengths, head
Unpl – 17/9/1904 Randwick Members’ Handicap, 1mile 1 furlong, (7st 8lb), 1st Mack 7st 13lb, 2nd Hadrian 8st 2lb, 3rd Trenwith 7st 4lb, 1min 55¼sec, ½ length, ¼ length
Unpl – 24/9/1904  Randwick Trial Handicap, 1 mile, (7st 7lb), 1st Simmel 8st 12lb, 2nd Carnival 8st 7lb, 3rd No Shenanagan 7st9lb, 1min 41½sec,  2 lengths, close
Unpl – 1/10/1904 Flemington Stand Handicap, 1¼ miles, (6st 8lb), 1st Harvest Home 7st 4lb, 2nd Czarovitch 7st 1lb, 3rd Killoa 8st 12lb, 2min 9sec, ¾ length, length
3rd – 29/10/1904 Flemington Maiden Plate, 1 mile, (7st 13lb), 1st Bewitcher 9st 3lb, 2nd Fabric 7st 13lb, 1min 43¼sec, 2 lengths, ¾ length
Unpl – 1/11/1904 Flemington Melbourne Cup, 2 miles, (6st 9lb), 1st Acrasia 7st 6lb, 2nd Lord Cardigan 9st 6lb, 3rd Blinker 6st 2lb, 3min 28¼sec, ¾ length, ¾ length
1st – 5/11/1904 Flemington Spring Handicap, 1¼ miles, (6st 7lb), 2nd Billingsgate 8st 9lb, 3rd Koopan 8st 5lb, 2min 11¾sec, 1½ lengths, 2 lengths
1st – 25/2/1905 Caulfield St Helier Stakes, 1½ miles, (7st 8lb), 2nd Canteen 9st 8lb, 3rd Lord Fitzroy 8st 8lb, 2min 38¼sec, ½ length, 5 lengths
1st – 4/3/1905 Flemington Essendon Stakes, 1½ miles, (8st 2lb), 2nd Emir 9st, 3rd Ballark 8st2lb, 2min 36¼sec, ½ length, 2½ lengths
2nd – 7/3/1905 Flemington Australian Cup, 2¼ miles, (7st), 1st Lord Ullin’s Daughter 7st 4lb, 3rd Koopan 7st 11lb, 3min 57¼sec (Australian record), 3 lengths, 5 lengths
1st – 11/3/1905 Flemington Champion Stakes, 3 miles, (7st 12lb), 2nd Marmont 9st 2lb, 3rd Emir 9st, 5min 31¼sec, 4 lengths, 6 lengths
1st – 22/4/1905 Randwick AJC St Leger, 1¾ miles, (8st 10lb), 2nd Lord Fitzroy 8st 10lb, 3rd The Hawker 8st 10lb, 3min 5sec, 5 lengths, 30 lengths
Unpl – 24/4/1905 Randwick Sydney Cup, 2 miles, (8st 7lb), 1st Tartan 7st 13lb, 2nd Tatterdemalion 7st 8lb, 3rd Cherson 8st 9lb, 3min 27sec, head, 2½ lengths (Dividend 7/2 favourite knocked around quite a bit)

1905-06 4 yo

2 starts, 1/-/-/1

Unpl – 12/8/1905 Caulfield Malakoff Stakes, 1 mile 1 furlong (9st 7lb), 1st Distraction 7st 5lb, 2nd Aggressor 7st 1lb, 3rd Sweep Clean 8st 3lb, 1min 58½sec, 6 lengths, neck
1st – 19/8/1905 Flemington August Handicap, 1½ miles, (9st 2lb), 2nd Grand Rapids 9st, 3rd Proceeder 8st 4lb, 2min 39½sec, 2½ lengths

Dividend “sprung a tendon” and was away from the track for 12 months

1906-07 5 yo

21 starts, 6/3/1/11

Unpl - 11/8/1906 Caulfield Malakoff Stakes, 1 mile 1 furlong, (9st 7lb) 1st Retrencher 8st 7lb, 2nd Proceeder 9st 1lb, 3rd Willy Wally 7st 10lb, 1min 58½sec, ½ length
Unpl - 8/9/1906 (Mentone) Mentone Cup, 1¼ miles, 9st 12lb, 1st Invergordon 7st 6lb, 2nd Viator 7st 7lb, 3rd Orline, 6st 7lb, 2min 10sec, length, ½ length
3rd – 29/9/1906 Randwick Spring Stakes, 1½ miles, (9st 5lb)1st Lady Wallace 8st 9lb, 2nd Isolt 8st 9lb, 1min 35¼sec, 4 lengths, 2 lengths
Unpl – 3/10/1906 Randwick Craven Plate, 1¼ miles, (9st 4lb), 1st Solution 8st 13lb, 2nd Lady Wallace 8st 9lb, 3rd Isolt 8st 9lb, 2min 9¼sec, 10 lengths, 6 lengths
2nd – 6/10/1906 Randwick Plate, 2½ miles, (9st 6lb), 1st Noreen (9st 1lb), 3rd Tatterdemaleon 9st 4lb, 4min 2sec, head, 4 lengths (Lady Wallace 3/1on favourite last)
2nd – 13/10/1906 Caulfield Stakes, 1 mile 1 furlong, (9st 4lb), 1st Solution 8st 13lb, 3rd Simoda 9st, 1min 57¼sec, 2 lengths, 4 lengths
Unpl – 17/10/1906 Caulfield Eclipse Stakes, 1 mile 3 furlongs, (9st 4lb), 1st Poseidon 8st 2lb, 2nd Iolaire 7st 1lb, 3rd Proceeder 8st 5lb, 2min 21¾sec, length, 12 lengths
Unpl – 3/11/1906 Flemington Melbourne Stakes, 1¼ miles, (9st 3lb), 1st Solution 8st 12lb, 2nd Blue Spec 9st 3lb, 3rd Noreen 8st 12lb, 2min 9½sec, 3½ lengths, length
Unpl 6/11/1906 Flemington Melbourne Cup, 2 miles, (9st 5lb), 1st Poseidon 7st 6lb, 2nd Antonius 7st 9lb, 3rd Proceed 7st 9lb, 3min 31½sec, 1½ lengths, ¾ length
Unpl – 8/11/1906 Flemington Carnival Handicap, 1¼ miles (9st 3lb), 1st Tulkeroo 7st 6lb, 2nd Lachlan 7st 1lb, 3rd Melodrama 8st, 2min 9½sec, ¾ length, ½ length
1st - 10/11/1906 CB Fisher Plate, 1½ miles, (9st 4lb), 2nd Proceeder 9st 2lb, 3rd Berthier 9st 2lb, 2min 40¾sec, 1¼ lengths, 5 lengths
Unpl – 16/2/1907 Caulfield VATC St George’s Stakes, 1 mile 1 furlong, (9st 2lb), 1st Ellis 8st 3lb, 2nd May King 8st 13lb, 3rd Antonious 8st 3lb, 1min 56¾sec, 4 lengths
Unpl – 23/2/1907 Caulfield Futurity Stakes, 7 furlongs, (9st 8lb), 1st Corroboree 9st 1lb, 2nd Step Out 9st 1lb, 3rd Collarit 9st 3lb, 1min 28½ sec, 2 lengths, 1 length
1st – 2/3/1907 Flemington Essendon Stakes, 1½ miles, (9st 3lb) 2nd May King 9st, 3rd Dyed Garments 9st, 2min 37¾sec, 1¼ lengths, 1½ lengths
Unpl – 5/3/1907 Flemington Australian Cup, 2¼ miles, (9st 3lb), 1st Realm 6st 13lb, 2nd Booran 7st 5lb, 3rd Mira 6st 8lb, 4min 8½sec, ½ neck, ½ length
2nd – 7/3/1907 Flemington Loch Plate, 2miles, (9st 4lb), 1st Poseidon 8st, 3rd May King 9st 1lb, 3min 34½sec, 3 lengths, 10 lengths
1st – 9/3/1907 Flemington Champion Stakes, 3 miles, (9st 5lb), 2nd Poseidon 7st 12lb, 3rd Proceeder 9st 2lb, 5min 29½ sec, 3½ lengths, 10 lengths (Poseidon 8/1 on, Dividend 20/1)
1st – 30/3/1907 Randwick Autumn Stakes, 1½ miles, (9st 3lb), 2nd Realm 9st, 3rd Proceed 9st, 2min 37¼sec, length, ½ length
Unpl – 1/4/1907 Randwick Sydney Cup, 2 miles, (9st 5lb), 1st Realm 7st 10lb, 2nd Proceed 8st 1lb, 3rd Florance 6st 7lb, 3min 29sec, length, 4 lengths
1st – 3/4/1907 Randwick Cumberland Stakes, 2 miles, (9st 4lb), 2nd Poseidon 8st 2lb, 3rd Proceed 9st 1lb, 2min 31½sec, 2 lengths, length (Poseidon and Dividend described as”the respective cracks at wfa of NSW and Victoria”)
1st – 6/4/1907 Randwick A.J.C. Plate, 3 miles, (9st 5lb), 2nd Proceed 9st 2lb, 3rd Proceeder 9st 2lb, 5min 34 sec, length, length

1907-08 (did not race)

1908-09 7yo

2 starts -/-/-/2

Now trained by J. Mulcahy

Unpl – 30/8/1908 Aspendale Park Cup, 1¼ miles (9st 9lb) 1st Woorooma 8st 7lb, 2nd Orline 7st 11lb, 3rd Somnambulist 9st 1lb, 2min 12½sec, 1½ lengths, length
Unpl (broke down) –  5/9/1908 Caulfield Memsie Stakes, 1 mile 1 furlong, (9st 11lb), 1st Pink Un 8st 11lb, 2nd Knox 9st 4lb, 3rd Peterhof 7st 2lb, 1min 30sec, length, ½ length
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« 2016-Mar-19, 07:25 PM Reply #1061 »
Well, you did a lot better than I did.  I only managed to find 33 starts and the 11 I didn't find were all unplaced.

I only thing I can add is that Dividend died June 1914 at Pine Lodge South Shepparton from peritonitis.

The only thing I would query is the inference that James Barden was something less than 'one of the leading horsemen of the day'.  To the contrary Barden was an ace.  He appears here in Martin Stainforth's painting of the finish between Ibex and Wakeful in the VRC Flying Stakes of 1902...

It is a classic because it is a contrast between Barden's monkey crouch and Dunn's swinging on long leathers on the mare.  Ibex won by a nose.

And Barden actually replaced Dunn (who was trainer Hugh Munro's son in law) on Wakeful following that race.  There is a story (and I believe a fairly saucy one) behind Dunn being taken off Wakeful in 1903.  Barden rode Wakeful to victory in the St Helier, Essendon and VRC Champion Stakes but Dunn's estrangement was resolved and he resumed his seat on the mare in the Spring of 1903.  Barden also rode Wakeful to victory in the AJC Plate in 1901.

A fabulous research effort pwa.  I've put it straight on my blog.

Horses of the Years

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« 2016-Mar-19, 08:58 PM Reply #1062 »
Thanks Tontonan, I've had most of his record for quite a while as part of an attempt to get complete stats of all the Champion Stakes winners, but it was visiting your Horse of the Year site recently that inspired me to finish it. Your Horse of the Year site is simply fantastic by the way, I can only imagine how many hours have gone into the research and putting it all together.

Piastre is the next on my list to complete.

I'm not well-informed on jockeys but it did seem that Hickenbotham's comments might have been more than a little churlish as Norman Godby also seemed to be quite well regarded and won the Melbourne Cup on Lord Cardigan, also very nearly won it on the unlucky Tulkeroo.

A great painting there! Coincidentally, I had recently read an account of Ibex' victory over Wakeful, the judge's decision apparently not being popular, maybe explained by Wakeful starting at odds-on. I'll check out that story of Dunn and Wakeful!

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« 2016-Mar-20, 12:36 AM Reply #1063 »
Here is a better version of the Stainforth.... he is one of the great racing artists... much of the discussion surrounding Ibex's win was about Dunn waiting too late to come after Ibex and Barden 'keeping Ibex's head' - and Stainforth covers both aspects of the commentary in his painting. 

And this from an extensive article on James Barden in Australian Town and Country...

" From October 28 to November 22. 1902, he put up what is probably a world's record. On October 28, at Maribyrnong; he won the Keilor Handicap on Corinthia and the Jumpers' Flat Race on Aesop; on November 1 the Maiden Plate on Patronus, and the V.R.C. Derby on Abundance; on November 6 two wins on Nitrate and Rose at Sandown Park; on November 6, at Flemington, won the Flying Stake's on Ibex; on November 8, last day of the Flemington meeting, won the Spring Handicap on Brakpan, the V.R.C. Handicap on Flagship, and the Final Handicap on Footbolt; at Williamstown, on November' 10, won the Royal Stakes on Corinthia; on November 15, at Moorefield, won the Stewards' Mlle on Lady Grafton and the Jum pers' Flat Race on Cambooya; and on November 22, at Randwick, won the Stockbridge Handicap on Silver Ray, the Tyro Stakes on Cashier, and the Salisbury Stakes on Lady Gratton. In the 26 days he had 16 wins out of 19 rides-a truly wonderful performance."


I gather you would have seen the career of Piastre I have up to the end of his 4YO season ?  If not check it out as it will point you to the horses first 32 starts -  I have been meaning to finish the page.


I have a peculiar relationship with my site.  I pick it up and I put it down.  Recently I went to the site to discover than all the pictures in the Colonial Gallery had disappeared because the free server that was hosting them shut down - and I had no idea.  When I checked the last modification to the site was in July last year.   

The thing is a snowball that I started rolling years ago picking up material on line and filing it.  I don't spend as much time on it as you might think because most of the work is not my own.  I have just collected it and organized it for my own purposes.

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« 2016-Mar-20, 09:54 AM Reply #1064 »
. In the 26 days he had 16 wins out of 19 rides-a truly wonderful performance."

I'm pretty sure I read noodle bagging the shit out of those three rides.

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« 2016-Mar-20, 07:21 PM Reply #1065 »
Tontonan, I hadn't seen your Piastre record as I think I went to an older version of your site where it wasn't displaying! I also had him down for 32 starts and I'm pretty certain the Cumberland Stakes was his last race. He wasn't entered for the 1913 Cups and he retired at the end of March 1914 after James Scobie couldn't get him over his leg injuries.

The 1910s arguably weren't a vintage decade like the 1920s or the first decade of the 20th century. Certainly Piastre in 1912-13 wasn't racing in a vintage season!

Your Horse of the Year site would make a great book. There is so much material there not easily accessible elsewhere.

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« 2016-Mar-21, 12:54 PM Reply #1066 »
Piastre's record was taken directly off a feature bifold in The Australasian (I think) and you should be able to find it easy enough on Trove.

About the 1910's.... I am inclined to agree but I often wonder about the effect of the War on the collective memory and how it might exaggerate our under estimation of the period.  Apart from the distraction of the war, and limitations on the press, and the absence of radio, the population of Australia in 1915 wasn't quite 5 million in 1915.  Let's say half of those were men, and use of rule of the thumb age distribution model based on a life expectancy of 65/70 years and we end up with about 470,000 men aged between 18 and 30.  We know 324,000 served overseas and 62,000 died with 151,000 wounded.

OK.  I have taken some rather large liberties with my rule of the thumb model but I am in the ball park and it serves to show that we virtually lost an entire generation in that absurd folly of a war.  If we didn't lose them entirely their lives were otherwise devastated or at the very least greatly disrupted.  The great majority of the generation that usually romances things like horse racing was either absent or had other things on their mind in the 1910's. 

In the 1920's with the return of peace they were at liberty to indulge themselves in trivialities like celebrating racehorses and sportsmen.

It is just a theory, and I am not arguing that the 1910's were strong racing years - just that we have a rather weak collective memory of them because of the lost generation.

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« 2016-Mar-27, 08:17 PM Reply #1067 »

DISSIDENT (AUS) 2010                                    
Bay or Brown Horse                                    
Sebring (AUS) 2005 (More Than Ready (USA) 1997) - Diana's Secret (AUS) 2004 by Anabaa (USA) 1992                                    
21 starts, 7 wins (5 x Group 1), 5 seconds and 3 thirds.  Win % 33.3, Place % 71.4.                                    
Career prizemoney as at 27/02/2016: AUD 2,021,200 (retired to stud).                                    
I have included prizemoney earned after each race start showing separately the value of trophies.                                    
Possibly the only horse to be placed in two G1 horse races in Australia with the longest names in Australian racing history being the 42 character "Sportingbet powered by William Hill C F Orr Stakes" and the  47 character "Bendigo Bank East Malvern Sir Rupert Clarke Charity Cup" (55 including spaces).  In the UK for example we have the 'Juddmonte International Stakes (British Champions Series)' which tops both of these and in the USA there are quite a few races 'powered by'. Racing clubs of the world take on the challenge to be number one.                                       
Readers are your aware of any other in Australia that can top these two, G1s only please.                                     
RACING RECORD                                    
TWO YEARS:  2012-2013  Starts 3: 1-0-1-1                                    
1st-10   26/01/2013.   Nk x 1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Patinack Farm Blue Diamond Preview-C&G   1000m.   55kg   0.58.11.   Good3, $15.   Kuroshio 57.5 $3.30F 2nd     Thermal Current 55 $3.40 3rd     AUD 72,500   inc $500 trophy
3rd-7   9/02/2013.   Nk x sht nk   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Patinack Farm Blue Diamond Preview-C&G   1100m.   55.5kg   1.04.10.   Good3, $3.40.   Kuroshio 55.5 $3.30F 1st    The Bowler 55.5 $8.00 2nd    AUD 13,500   
7th-14   23/02/2013.   1.5L x 0.1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Patinack Farm Blue Diamond Stakes   1200m.   56.5kg   1.09.76.   Good3, $16.   Miracles of Life 54.5 $3.20F 1st     Fast 'n' Rocking 56.5 $26 2nd   AUD 20,000   
THREE YEARS:  2013-2014  Starts 10: 2-4-0-4                                    
2nd-8   10/08/2013.   1.25L x 0.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Rosebud   1200m.   58kg   1.11.84.   Slow7, $9.00.   Eurozone 57 $3.10F 1st     Dowdstown Charlie 56.5 $41 3rd    AUD 20,000   
2nd-14   31/08/2013.   Lg hd x 0.75L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   MTA NSW Run To The Rose   1200m.   57.5kg   1.09.69.   Good3, $9.50.   Va Pensiero 58 $31 1st    Marseille Roulette 56 $41 3rd    AUD 25,000   
2nd-16   14/09/2013.   Nk x 1.5L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   De Bortoli Golden Rose   1400m.   56.5kg   1.22.51.   Good3, $9.00.   Zoustar 56.5 $7.50 1st    Bull Point 56.5 $31 3rd    AUD 200,000   
6th-9   21/09/2013.   0.2L x 1.3L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   George Main Stakes   1600m.   51kg   1.34.78.   Good4, $4.00F.   Streama 57 $8.50 1st    Royal Descent 56.5 $5.00 2nd    AUD 3,500   
4th-14   12/10/2013.   0.5L x 2L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   BECK Caulfield Guineas   1600m.   56.5kg   1.36.73.   Good3, $8.00.   Long John 56.5 $3.80F 1st   Divine Calling 56.5 $13 2nd    AUD 45,000   
2nd-6   15/02/2014.   2L x 0.75L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Eskimo Prince Stakes   1200m.   58kg   1.11.37.   Soft5, $3.40.   El Roca 58 $2.50F 1st   Romantic Touch 60 $16 3rd   AUD 25,000   
1st-8   1/03/2014.   0.2L x 1.5L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Hobartville Stakes   1400m   56.5kg   1.25.84.   Soft7, $4.00.   Atlante 56.5 2nd     Savvy Nature (NZ) 56.5  3rd   AUD 121,700   inc $1,700 trophy
1st-14   15/03/2014.   0.1L x 1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Royal Randwick Guineas (G1)   1600m.   56.5kg   1.36.33.   Good3, $11.   El Roca 56.5 $3.20F 2nd     Eurozone 56.5 $8.00 3rd    AUD 365,000   inc $5,000 trophy
6th-15   29/03/2014.   3.5L x 1.5L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   TAB.com.au Rosehill Guineas   2000m.   56.5kg   2.05.94.   Soft7, $4.20EF.   Criterion (NZ) 56.5 $14 1st    Thunder Fantasy 56.5 $12 2nd    AUD 5,000   
12th-20   12/04/2014.   0.5L x 2.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   The Star Doncaster Mile   1600m.   51.5kg   1.39.59.   Heavy9, $17.   Sacred Falls (NZ) 56.5 $10 1st    Royal Descent 54 $8.50 2nd   AUD 0   
FOUR YEARS:  2014-2015  Starts 8: 4-1-2-1                                    
1st-11   30/08/2014.   2.25L x 0.2L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   New Zealand Bloodstock Memsie Stakes (G1)   1400m.   58.5kg   1.22.72.   Good3, $12.   Sweet Idea 56.5 $8.00 2nd    Puissance de Lune (IRE) 59 $8.00 3rd   AUD 242,000   inc $2,000 trophy
1st-10   13/09/2014.   0.1L x 0.75L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Makybe Diva Stakes (G1)   1600m.   58.5kg   1.36.29.   Good3, $2.70F.   Fawkner 59 $10 2nd    Puissance de Lune (IRE) 59 $7.00 3rd    AUD 242,000   inc $2,000 trophy
2nd-14   28/09/2014.   0.1L x 1.75L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Bendigo Bank East Malvern Sir Rupert Clarke Charity Cup   1400m.   58kg   1.23.00.   Firm2, $6.50.   Trust in a Gust 52 $6.00F 1st    Bull Point 52 $10 3rd    AUD 72,000   inc $2,000 trophy
6th-12   11/10/2014.   0.2L x 1.75L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Cathay Pacific Caulfield Stakes   2000m.   58kg   2.01.68.   Good3, $4.00F.   Fawkner 59 $5.50 1st    Criterion (NZ) 58  $16 2nd     AUD 8,000   inc $2,000 trophy
3rd-8   24/01/2015.   0.2L x 1.25L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Jeep Australia Stakes   1200m.   58.5kg   1.09.95.   Good3, $1.85F.   Mourinho 58.5 $31 1st     It Is Written 58.5 $9.50 2nd   AUD 18,000   
1st-15   14/02/2015.   1.5L x 0.4L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Sportingbet powered by William Hill C F Orr Stakes (G1)   1400m.   59kg   1.23.38.   Good3, $2.80F.   Entirely Platinum (NZ) 59 $14 2nd    Mourinho 59 $18 3rd    AUD 242,000   inc $2,000 trophy
3rd-8   28/02/2015.   1.25L x 0.75L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   italktravel Futurity Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1.23.05.   Good3, $1.45F.   Suavito (NZ) 57 $10 1st    Smokin' Joey 59 $15 2nd    AUD 36,000   
1st-13   18/04/2015.   0.2L x 0.4L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Schweppes All Aged Stakes (G1)   1400m.   59kg   1.24.60.   Soft6, $10.   Wandjina 56.5 $7.50 2nd    Chautauqua 59 $3.00F 3rd     AUD 245,000   inc $5,000 trophies
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« 2016-Mar-30, 05:54 PM Reply #1068 »
I have updated Buffering's record to include his fantastic win in the "Al Quoz Sprint Sponsored By Meydan Hotels & Hospitality". What a mouthful! I have provided a breakdown of his earnings by currency and a total of his worldwide earnings in AUD.     

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« 2016-Mar-30, 09:22 PM Reply #1069 »
I count 53 keystrokes in "Al Quoz Sprint Sponsored By Meydan Hotels & Hospitality" - just shy of the Australian record.    :)

Question for tim :  I notice you have been recording present day gallopers lately.  Does that mean you have accounted for all the 5+ Group 1 winners up to date ? 

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« 2016-Apr-02, 07:22 AM Reply #1070 »

Next cab of the rank is Bounty Hawk 1980, so without doing a stocktake there are at least 3 dozen to go.  Most of the work has been done.  It's a matter of finding time to check other sources of information at the State Library which I don't have to do for horses that have raced in the last 10 years.  For present day racing there are sometimes multiple online sources and I can check the online sources against my newspaper collection which I also need to find time to edit.

I have started work on other hobby horses so I have got plenty to keep me occupied for quite a few years. 


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« 2016-Apr-02, 11:42 AM Reply #1071 »
Cheers tim,

I knew there were a quite a few in between.  I was just sounding your intentions out.

The 1980's are a real problem for me because Pring doesn't go that far and Trove is limited to the Canberra Times - and that is pretty limited.   Online records are useful from about 1992 but not fully reliable until the turn of the century.  I had my own library of useful references (including Millers Guides from 1964 to 1990 and a complete set of Turf Monthly annuals) but she who cannot be named threw them out.   The only alternative for me is to do what I started out doing years ago - going to the library and get dizzy spinning microfiche.  (Do they still use Microfiche ?)

My own project is more or less complete up to 1972 and I have paused there for the moment to start a few new sections : the Sires of the centuries, a Group 1 racecourse gazette and section on New Zealand.  I had attempted to narrow my focus to Australia simply to keep the project manageable but it is impossible.  I cannot survey Australia in isolation, New Zealand is essential.  Besides I have always been fascinated by New Zealand and have been planning a tour for some time.

Its a fine hobby.  Good luck with yours.

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« 2016-Apr-06, 11:03 PM Reply #1072 »
Thanks Rats. Maybe the picture is the problem.

1970 bay colt
Matrice - Dark Queen
Owned by Mr & Mrs V.J.Peters
Trained by J.B.Cummings

21 starts 9 wins 1 second 4 thirds $208,980

1972-73 at TWO YEARS
   2-Dec3RD 5   VictoriaParkFirie Hcp 1000m3/1   MGoreham 54Laird's Brae53.5 00:58.3Fast
   23Dec6TH 11   CheltenhamNoonamah Studn H 1000m---- 53.5Authentic Heir54 00:59.8Fast
   25Apr2ND 15   MorphettvilleTobruk Hcp 1200m20/1   Morgante 52.5Our Spot50 01:15.4Dead
19May3RD 12MooneeValleyLaluma Hcp 1200m7/2   ATrevena 51Enforcer49 01:17.2Heavy
   4-JunWON 15   FlemingtonPrincess Hcp 1000m7-4 f   ATrevena 52Modern Don52.5 00:59.5Good
   16JunWON 12   SandownSpringvale Hcp 1400m11/4f   RHiggins 54FlyingFrenchman49.5 01:28.6Heavy
1973-74    at THREE YEARS
   18Aug3RD 13   MooneeValleyMorang    Hcp 1200m5-2=   RHiggins 57.5Prince Florian52 01:20.5Heavy
   8-SepWON 11   FlemingtonAscot Vale Sks 1200m12/1   ATrevena 53New Gleam56 01:09.9Good
   22SepWON 16   CaulfieldCarrum Hcp 1400m8/13f   RHiggins 61Orange King48.5 01:28.3Slow
   29SepWON 11MooneeValleyMV Stakes 1600m10/9f   RHiggins 55Purple Patch55 01:38.0Good
   13Oct4TH 8   CaulfieldCaulfield Guineas 1600m--   RHiggins 55.5Grand Cidium55.5 01:38.6Good
   27OctWON 12MooneeValleyWS Cox Plate a2000m7/1   SAitken 49.5Swell Time54.5 02:08.3Slow
   3-NovWON 15   FlemingtonVictoria Derby 2500m11/2   RHiggins 55.5Leica Lover55.5 02:39.4Good
   10NovWON 17   FlemingtonGeo Adams Hcp 1600m9/2 f   SAitken 51Millefleurs52.5 01:35.1Fast
   17NovWON 9   SandownSandown Guineas 1600m4/5 f   RHiggins 54Imagele54 01:38.6Fast
   9-Feb4TH 5   MorphettvilleIrwin Stakes 1200m7/10fGath 54Toltrice55.5 01:11.7Fast
   30Mar6TH 10   RosehillGeorge Ryder Sks 1400m---- 59Itchy Feet48.5 01:24.0Good
   6-Apr5TH 13   WarwickFarmLiverpool City Cup 1400m---- 59Toltrice57 01:22.7Good
   13Apr3RD 11   RandwickAust.Champion Sks 2000m13/8f   RHiggins 54Asgard54 02:07.9Slow
1974-75 at FOUR YEARS
   24Aug4TH 14MooneeValley Freeway Stakes 1200m5/1=   RHiggins 57Tauto58 01:13.4Slow
   7-Sep4TH 11   CaulfieldMemsie Stakes 1600m--   RHiggins 57Nandalie Lass54.5 01:43.9Heavy
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« 2016-Apr-07, 07:27 AM Reply #1073 »
Tonto, did Taj Rossi have injury issues.
He hit a winx like purple patch there but went right off.
I recall Bart saying he had problems or was he just another champion 3yo who never came up next prep :chin:

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« 2016-Apr-07, 08:11 AM Reply #1074 »
Tonto, did Taj Rossi have injury issues.
He hit a winx like purple patch there but went right off.
I recall Bart saying he had problems or was he just another champion 3yo who never came up next prep :chin:

Have a look at some of the horses that either ran 2nd or won the race he was in.

Authentic Heir, Purple Patch (everybody's favourite horse at the time), Grand Cidium, Leica Lover, Imagele, Toltrice, Itchy Feet (one of my favourites), Asgard and Tauto.

It was also the time of Gunsynd, Triton and Tontonan himself.

What a great period of racing when you look back on it.