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« 2018-Jun-08, 02:56 PM Reply #1775 »
It was 15 I changed it to 10.

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« 2018-Jun-08, 03:04 PM Reply #1776 »
No worries.  I have solved my problem by removing the heading from within the HTML tags and using the BCC codes to resize it.

Can I ask why you changed it to 10px ?  Was it too big ?   

Note :  The px refers to pixels, not points so 10px = something like 6pt.   16px seems to = 10pt

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« 2018-Jun-08, 03:13 PM Reply #1777 »
I got the impression from a previous post you were not impressed with the size ( how often is that said ) and wanted to see if that changed it.

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« 2018-Jun-08, 03:13 PM Reply #1778 »
I don't know whether this is relevant or not to what you guys are talking about but just about every horse pic that Auth posts comes out far too big on my PC.


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« 2018-Jun-08, 03:14 PM Reply #1779 »
I don't know whether this is relevant or not to what you guys are talking about but just about every horse pic that Auth posts comes out far too big on my PC.


Yes, I can change that easily enough, that says either large or small.

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I got the impression from a previous post you were not impressed with the size ( how often is that said ) and wanted to see if that changed it.

No worries.  Scaling the font that way works well because it doesn't add extra code.  Highlighting everything and changing the size adds font sizing code to every single cell.  I find that with the forum software it pays to keep tables as 'code simple' as possible.  They seem to fall over with too much code.

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« 2018-Jun-08, 04:54 PM Reply #1781 »

New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame
Bill Skelton
Bob Skelton
Lance O'Sullivan
Bill Broughton
Dick Mason
Dave O'Sullivan
George Stead
George Clifford
Patrick Hogan*

Hector Gray Colin Jillings
Ken Browne
Henry Redwood
Peter Kelly
Bill Hazlett

Linda Jones
David Peake
Grenville Hughes
Ray Verner
John Wheeler
Bart Cummings*

Brent Thomson
Jim Ellis
Graeme Rogerson
Jim Gibbs
Bill Sanders
Brian Anderton
Dr Alex Grant

Maurice McCarten*
Jim Cassidy*
Maurice McCarten*
Sid Brown
Rex Cochrane

Shane Dye Laurie Laxon Seton Otway
Gary Chittick
John Costello

Tod Hewitt
Noel Harris
Chris Waller
Murray Baker
Sir Woolf Fisher
 * - also inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame

Click on the banner to view 
the NZ Hall of Fame Induction Videos

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« 2018-Jun-11, 06:32 PM Reply #1782 »
Cromis wins the VRC Queen Elizabeth Stakes

b. H (1950) by Helios from Janeo

Just short of champion status, but a very good w.f.a. horse in a great era (the mid-1950s). He never finished worse than 5th in 40 starts and chased home some greats like Rising Fast, to which champion he was 2nd in 4 successive races as a 4yo in the spring of 1954. Amongst his 17 2nd places were many with very close margins and he was renowned for his swooping on the leaders.

He is probably best remembered today for his sensational disqualification for doping after his win in the AJC Sires’ Produce. On the same day, Tommy Smith’s Tarien was disqualified after her Doncaster victory but the AJC had to tread carefully as E.A. Underwood, the chairman of the VRC, was Cromis’ owner (and George Ryder was part-owner of Tarien). 4 months later, the disqualifications were confirmed but no-one was ever charged. Underwood refused to race Cromis, his best horse, in Sydney as a protest. Jean Kimble was the AJC analyst who uncovered the doping and she suffered the consequences of treading on powerful toes. Christopher Kremmer wrote a great novel, The Chase, which loosely fictionalised her life and the doping cases.

Looking through Cromis’ record, he was unlucky to run up against Rising Fast, but he had some good wins. He was sold to America in March 1956 although he doesn’t appear to have raced there. He was an unsuccessful sire but, interestingly, some of his best progeny came from broodmares sired by Pride of Egypt, another good 1950s Australian horse exported to the USA.

40 starts 7 wins 17 seconds 7 thirds 1 disqualified

2yo 1952-53     9 starts ½/4/-

4th – 20/12/1952 Flemington Maroondah Hcp 5f, 7st 13lb, 1st La Taraise (8st), 59¾sec, 3 lengths, 31 starters, 100/1
2nd – 2/1/1953 Caulfield Tecoma Hcp 5½f, 8st 2lb, 1st Harmonist (8st 2lb), 1min 6¼sec, length, head, 15 starters, 4/1
=1st – 10/1/1953 Caulfield VATC 1st Juvenile Stakes 5½f, =1st Royal Hunter (7st 8lb), 1min 6sec, DH, 1½ lengths, 13 starters, 11/4
2nd – 26/1/1953 Moonee Valley Flinders 2yo Hcp 5f, 8st 2lb, Stannum (8st 10lb), 1min 1½sec, short head, 3½ lengths, 14 starters, 4/1
4th – 14/2/1953 Moonee Valley Sturt Handicap 6f less 20 yards, 8st 12lb, 1st Nealing (9st 3lb), 2nd Cyklon King (8st 2lb), 1min 3sec, 4 lengths, ½ length, 18 starters, 5/2 fav
4th – 21/2/1953 Caulfield Trenton Stakes 5f, 8st 5lb, 1st Gay Vista (8st 11lb), 59¼sec, 1 ½ lengths, 2 lengths, 19 starters, 9/2
2nd – 7/3/1953 Flemington VRC Sires’ Produce Stakes 7f, 8st 10lb, 1st Surang (8st 7lb), 1min 24 ½ sec, 13 starters, 6/1
2nd – 11/3/1953 Flemington Ascot Vale Stakes 6f, 8st 5lb, 1st Yungawee (8st 2lb), 1min 12¼sec, neck ,4 lengths, 4 starters, 2/1 fav
DQ – 4/4/1953 Randwick AJC Sires’ Produce Stakes 7f, 8st 10lb, 1st Royal Stream (8st 10lb), 2nd Cortauld (later Prince Cortauld) (8st 10lb), 1min 24½sec, ½ neck, ¾ length, 11 starters, 14/1 (Cromis 1st past the post then DQ 2 months later after positive test)

3yo 1953-54     8 starts 4/2/2

2nd – 10/10/1953 Caulfield Guineas 1 mile, 8st 10lb, 1st Barfleur (8st 10lb), 1min 39¾sec, ½ length, short ½ head, 22 starters, 25/1
3rd – 24/10/1953 Moonee Valley Cox Plate 10f, 7st 11llb, 1st Hydrogen (9st 4lb), 2nd Prince Morvi (7st 11lb), 2min 5¼sec, length, 1½ lengths, 15 starters, 9/1
2nd – 31/10/1953 Flemington Victoria Derby 12f, 8st 10lb, 1st Prince Morvi (8st 10lb), 3rd Townsville (8st 10lb), 2min 31½sec, head, 4 lengths, 15 starters, 3/1
1st – 23/1/1954 Caulfield VATC Barton Hcp 7f, 8st 2lb, 2nd St Joel (8st 13lb), 1min 25sec, 1½ lengths, length, 14 starters, 4/1
3rd – 6/2/1954 Moonee Valley C.F. Orr Stakes 1 mile, 8st 5lb, 1st Flying Halo (9st 1lb), 2nd My Hero (9st 1lb), length, neck, 13 starters, 5/4
1st – 13/2/1954 Caulfield VATC St George Stakes 9f, 8st 3lb, 2nd Aldershot (9st 2lb), 3rd Olympic Girl (8st 6lb), 4th Flying Halo (9st 2lb), 1min 51½sec, 11 starters, 11/4
1st – 27/2/1954 Flemington VRC Queen Elizabeth Stakes 13f, 8st 1lb, 2nd Flying Halo (9st 3lb), 2min 44sec, ¾ length, ¾ length, 11 starters, 2/1 (special meeting in front of the Queen)
1st – 6/3/1954 Flemington VRC St Leger Stakes 14f, 8st 10lb, 2nd Cerbere (8st 10lb), 3min 2½sec, 5 lengths, 6 starters, 7/1 on fav
4yo 1954-55     12 starts -/8/3

2nd – 21/8/1954 Flemington Liston Stakes 7f, 9st, 1st Clear Springs (7st 11lb), 3rd King Boru (7st 11lb), 1min 26¼ sec, 1½ lengths, 1½ lengths, 18 starters, 7/2
2nd – 4/9/1954 Caulfield Memsie Stakes 9f, 9st, 1st Coppice (9st 1lb), 3rd Flying Halo (9st 4lb), 4th Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 1min 55sec, short ½ head, ½ length, 7 starters, 10/9 on fav
2nd – 18/9/1954 Moonee Valley Feehan Stakes 1 mile, 9st, 1st Rising Fast (9st 3lb), 3rd St Joel (9st 3lb), 4th Flying Halo (9st 3lb), 1min 41.4 sec, 1½ lengths, 2 lengths, 6 starters, 11/8 fav
2nd – 2/10/1954 Flemington Turnbull Stakes 12f, 9st 7lb, 1st Rising Fast (9st 9lb), 3rd Surprise Ending (9st 2lb), 2min 37sec, 1½ lengths, 3 lengths, 7 starters, 5/2 eq fav
2nd – 13/10/1954 Caulfield Stakes 9f, 9st, 1st Rising Fast (9st 4lb), 3rd Hydrogen (9st 4lb), 1min 49¾sec, 1½ lengths, 2 lengths, 10 starters, 5/1
2nd – 30/10/1954 Flemington Mackinnon Stakes 10f, 9st, 1st Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 3rd Flying Halo (9st 4lb), 4th Hydrogen (9st 4lb), 2min 2sec, ½ neck, 5 lengths, 8 starters, 6/1
3rd – 6/11/1954 Flemington C.B. Fisher Plate 12f, 9st, 1st Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 2nd Pride of Egypt (7st 9lb), 2min 32¾sec, 2½ lengths, 1¼ lengths, 5 starters, 7/2
2nd – 13/11/1954 Williamstown Cup 12f, 8st 13lb, 1st Prince Cortauld (9st 3lb), 2min 29¼sec, ¾ length, length, 13 starters, 6/4 fav
5th – 5/3/1955 Caulfield St George Stakes 9f, 9st, 1st Flying Halo (9st 2lb), 2nd Rising Fast (8st 13lb), 1min 52sec, ½ head, length, 9 starters, 12/1
3rd – 14/3/1955 Flemington Queen’s Plate 10f, 1st Aldershot (9st 2lb), 2nd Rising Fast (8st 13lb), 2min 2¼sec, 3 lengths, 2 lengths, 5 starters, 5/1
3rd – 19/3/1955 Flemington Queen Elizabeth Stakes 12f, 9st, 1st Prince Cortauld (9st), 2nd Rising Fast (9st), 2min 29¼sec, 3½ lengths, head, 8 starters, 20/1
2nd – 9/4/1955 Flemington Easter Handicap 10f, 9st 5lb, 1st Ribera (8st 12lb), 2min 5sec, neck, ¾ length, 10 starters, 7/4 fav

5yo 1955-56         11 starts 3/2/2

1st – 20/8/1955 Flemington MRC Liston Stakes 1 mile, 9st 3lb, 2nd Coppice (9st), 1min 33½sec, length, 2 lengths, 11 starters, 7/2
2nd – 3/9/1955 Caulfield Memsie Stakes 9f, 9st 4lb, 1st Coppice (9st 1lb), 3rd Lady Mogambo (8st 9lb), 4th Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 1min 56½sec, 2½ lengths, 3 lengths, 8 starters, 6/4 fav
1st – 17/9/1955 Flemington VRC Craiglee Stakes abt 10f, 9st 4lb, 2nd Redcraze (9st 1lb), 3rd Connaught (9st 4lb), 4th Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 2min 6¾sec, neck, 2 lengths, 12 starters, 11/4 fav
1st – 29/9/1955 Caulfield VATC Underwood Stakes 10f, 9st 4lb, =2nd Rising Fast (9st 1lb) and Coppice (9st 1lb), 4th Redcraze (9st 1lb), 2 lengths, DH, 2min 5½sec, 8 starters. 9/4
3rd – 12/10/1955 Caulfield Stakes 9f, 9st 4lb, 1st Prince Cortauld (9st 4lb), 2nd Rising Fast (9st 1lb), 1min 52½sec, ¾ length, ½ length, 11 starters, 9/4 fav
4th – 22/10/1955 Moonee Valley Cox Plate 10f, 9st 4lb, 1st Kingster (7st 11lb), 2nd Caranna (7st 11lb), 3rd Sailor’s Guide (7st 11lb), 2min 4.2sec, ½ neck, 2 lengths, 8 starters, 9/2
3rd – 4/2/1956 Moonee Valley Stakes 1 mile, 9st 1lb, 1st Rising Fast (8st 12lb), 2nd The Orb (8st 11lb), 1min 37.8sec, neck, 2½ lengths, 6 starters, 5/2
4th – 11/2/1956 Flemington Blamey Stakes 10f, 9st 2lb, 1st Rising Fast (9st 2lb), 2nd Sailor’s Guide (8st 3lb), 2min 10½sec, ¾ length, ½ head, 5 starters, 9/2
4th – 18/2/1956 Moonee Valley Alister Clark Stakes 10f, 8st 11lb, 1st Glitsern (7st 2lb), 2nd Tradfield (7st 4lb), 2min 4½sec, short head, length, 11 starters, 3/1
4th – 10/3/1956 Flemington Queen’s Plate 10f, 9st 2lb, 1st Somerset Fair (9st), 2nd Electro (9st 2lb), 2min 4sec, short ½ head, 1½ lengths, 5 starters, 5/4 eq fav
2nd – 12/3/1956 Flemington Queen Elizabeth Stakes 12f, 9st 3lb, 1st Sailor’s Guide (8st 2lb), 3rd Dunsinane (9st), 2min 29¼sec, short ½ head, 6 lengths, 8 starters, 5/1
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« 2018-Jun-11, 07:58 PM Reply #1783 »
"Double, double toil and trouble..."

Jean makes her second appearance on these pages....

from this post earlier on...

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« 2018-Jun-11, 10:05 PM Reply #1784 »
It would be fascinating to know who knew and who carried out the doping of Tarien and Cromis (and no doubt many others at the time) and under whose instructions. Underwood never forgave the AJC by all accounts.

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« 2018-Jun-12, 03:47 PM Reply #1785 »
He certainly had some opposition to contend with but with 17 seconds from 40 starts he is almost in the Tom Melbourne class.  Only kidding.  He was a way better horse than Tom but when he wasn't following Rising Fast home it was Prince Morvi or Flying Halo or Prince Cortauld or Hydrogen.

It is quite rare for top class horses to run more seconds than firsts. ( In the Hall of Fame only one horse, Super Impose, fits that category.)  Even when reading mundane form I always read such a statistic as a caution.  Class usually prevails but when a horse consistently comes up short at the wire it makes me wonder why. 
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« 2018-Jun-12, 07:16 PM Reply #1786 »
It’s a telling statistic, Tonto. One form guide referred to Cromis as consistent but unlucky after his run of 6 successive seconds but they were less complimentary later in his career. He only had a few bad runs but you would never have backed him with any confidence.

Looking through some of the records, Tauto is about the only other first-class horse, apart from Super Impose, with more seconds than wins. Super’s collection of 2nd placings must be the best around!

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« 2018-Jun-12, 11:35 PM Reply #1787 »
Poor old Tauto's record would be better had he not raced into his 9th year.  35 starts as a 7YO or older for 3 wins 6 seconds .

As for Super Impose I was burned by the horse on a couple of occasions punting and never really fully understood why he was so highly rated by others.  But now I have the answer.  I am from Melbourne and his record in Melbourne leaves a good deal to be desired when compared to his record in Sydney -

                     NSW (inc ACT) : 28 starts 13 wins (7 Gr.1) 6 seconds 2 thirds
                     Victoria : 44 starts 7 wins (1 Gr.1) 18 seconds 6 thirds

He had a champions record in NSW and a bridesmaid's record in Victoria.  There is my prejudice right there.

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« 2018-Jun-13, 09:05 AM Reply #1788 »
That’s a huge disparity with Super’s performances, his Victorian record is very close to that of Cromis.  Some of his G1 seconds in Melbourne, particularly during his 7 year-old spring campaign, were enormous runs but it was still a bridesmaid’s record. Can see why a Victorian would have that prejudice! :)

I read somewhere that Super Impose was one of the very few to win on each of the 4 metropolitan tracks in both Melbourne and Sydney last century.

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« 2018-Jun-13, 03:02 PM Reply #1789 »
I know Gunsynd also won on all metro tracks in Melbourne and Sydney - and Doomben and Eagle Farm too.  Gunsynd and Super Impose were similar horses in many ways.

I am not bagging Super Impose by the way.  His record in NSW is outstanding - the record of a champion.  But back in those days there was not wall to wall racing coverage and for the likes of me we just heard about happened in Sydney while we were much more familiar with what happened in Melbourne.  So we end up with a skewed perspective on the horse. I am sure there are those in Sydney that doubt Northerly too, or have a lesser opinion of him because of his failure to win in Sydney. 

For what it is worth I believe there is nothing between Melbourne and Sydney in terms of quality.  There are differences in terms of orientation obviously, and I would suggest there is a different jockey culture between the cities but notions that one city has stronger racing than the other don't really hold much water. However there are many examples of horses that excel in one city and not the other.  Super Impose was one of them.

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« 2018-Jul-29, 12:07 AM Reply #1790 »
There is an Excel file attached detailing 123 of the best fillies and mares to have raced in Australia.

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« 2018-Jul-29, 11:49 AM Reply #1791 »
There are some great fillies/mares in that list.

Denise's Joy didn't make our list but she raced before the current classification list was introduced. She won five races that were Group 1 when the classifications were introduced plus the Turnbull which was upgraded to Group 1 later. She also won a slew of "good" horse's races (no better way to describe them) like the Craven Plate, the Moonee Valley Stakes as well as the Widden and the Bloodhorse Breeders.

But she is also one of the biggest influences on the Australian breeding industry.

At stud she produced 7 fillies and 2 colts.

Of the 7 fillies, 5 produced stakes winners (10 individual stakes winners for 24 stakes wins).

Sunday Joy, out of Joie Denise produced More Joyous (8 Group 1s and 20 stakes race wins).

Denise's Joy was a daughter of Seventh Hussar and was a half sister to AJC Derby winner Great Lover - both horses being trained by TJ Smith.

You could analyze her breeding for hours and come up with Group 1 winners.

Pollard writes of Denise's Joy the she "won more than $300,000 in stakes and along with Analight, Toy Show, Scomeld Leica Show and Swell Time helped provide Australian racing with many exciting moments in the 1970's" - the relevant section highlighting what good horses Leilani was racing against.

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« 2018-Jul-29, 02:13 PM Reply #1792 »
She was a good filly in a good year for fillies in a good era for fillies.  I don't know why but there was a spike in the success rates of fillies and mares in the mid 1970's and those born in 1972 were particularly solid.  There are four on the list : Denises Joy, How Now, Maybe Mahal and Toy Show.  Better Draw and Better Vain were also part of that crop but didn't make the list.

The list is over populated with 'modern' fillies and mares.  50% of the list is derived from the last 30 years.  This is partly because the method is based on Gr.1 or equivalent races although 'Gr.1 equivalent' simply means those retrofitting races that were awarded Group 1 status in 1980.  So I added some columns of data to account for races that would have been regarded as Group 1 in their own time ( eg.  The VRC Champion/King/Queen's Plate;  AJC Autumn Sks & Craven Plate; both St Legers, etc)  and for those races that were subsequently awarded Group 1 status after 1980 (eg. VRC Lightning Stakes) to give the reader clues as to how understated the Gr.1 or equivalent tally might be. 

There are also columns to indicate Group 1 races that are restricted by age and/or sex.

I am discovering errors and omissions though.  For example Tuesday Joy is not on the original version of the table. I have updated the table with her details and put the file on Google Drive.


The spreadsheet on this link can be edited by anyone so if you have corrections or additions to make, go right ahead.

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« 2018-Jul-30, 08:06 PM Reply #1793 »

The following notable NZ mares had one or more starts in Australia that  are not included on your list (taken from pring et al) : Cruciform, Sweet Nell. Warstep, Silver Scorn, Yahabeebe, Show Gate, La Mer, Happyanunoit. Let me know if you are only interested in those that may have one G1 equivalent races in Aust  and I will eliminate those that haven't.  Some may not have won at equivalent G1 level anywhere.


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« 2018-Jul-30, 10:21 PM Reply #1794 »
Thanks tim,

All those mares (and some others besides) were originally on the list which was generated on the TB Village forum.  It was supposed to be a Top 100 but by the time all the nominations were in there were well over 100 and I thought the easiest way of pruning the list back was to eliminate Kiwi mares visiting these shores who did not win a Gr.1 or Gr.1= race in Australia.   (btw Sweet Nell is an Aussie).  All the other horses on the list had won an Australian Gr.1 or Gr.1= (using the original 1980 pattern) apart from Joanne and old Zoe.

My plan was to generate a separate list for NZ trained mares and I had 49 on my list when a local transformer blew up and I had a power outage and the list was lost... but I will get back to it. 

I had a practical reason too.  I doubted I would have sufficient resources to make an informed choice between racemares across the ditch but if I limit the number on the list between Peter Pring and the records you  have posted here I just might.

I posted the table here because the other forum doesn't provide for file sharing.  I have since put a further updated table on Google Drive -


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« 2018-Jul-30, 10:27 PM Reply #1795 »
I corrected a minor typo  :shy:

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« 2018-Jul-31, 09:23 AM Reply #1796 »
There was a summary of Frances Tressady's race record in a 1941 newspaper which gives 51 starts 8 wins, 5 seconds, 8 thirds. The 7 wins was from Marc Fiddian's book on the Victoria Derby but the mare had a 5yo campaign in Adelaide and won the Parkside Stakes. I've added in the details to the spreadsheet.

Tim, did Warstep have an Australian start?

Of the New Zealanders, Silver Scorn won the 1934 Chipping Norton but only one other race in 20 Australian starts.  Cruciform 4 1/1/1 (the Springs Stakes the victory) in Australia, Yahabeebe 10 1/4/- (win in the STC Flying Hcp)

Desert Gold had 10 Australian starts for 4 wins.

On another note, away from the fillies and mares, does Castletown have the weakest Australian record of a NZ Hall of Fame horse? He had 2 wins from 35 Australian starts, although one win was a Caulfield Stakes.

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« 2018-Jul-31, 02:53 PM Reply #1797 »
Yir Tiz and Grey Way didn't really live up to their NZ achievements over here.  Both were short course horses too.  Stayers don't usually strike as often.

Castletown really only contested the best races here and had to bear the weight for winning all the silverware in NZ.  Even so his record here wasn't stellar.

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« 2018-Jul-31, 03:26 PM Reply #1798 »
You're right, Tonto. a better way to have put it would have been that Castletown had the least successful strike rate.

Barbelle's record is below. There may be a race missed but it's definitely 12.5 wins

Barbelle (1865) 40 12½/5/4½

1867/68 2yo 2 -/1/-

Unpl Champagne Stakes
2nd AJC All-Aged Stakes (only 2 started)

1868/69 3yo 5 1/1/-

Unpl AJC Derby
Unpl AJC Maiden Plate
1st AJC Mares’ Produce Stakes
2nd AJC Grand Stand Plate
Unpl Homebush Derby

1869/70 4yo 11 4½/-/1

=1st AJC Presidents’ Hcp
Unpl AJC Metropolitan
1st AJC Tradesmen’s Plate
1st AJC Sydney Hcp
Unpl AJC Waverley Hcp
Unpl Melbourne Cup
Unpl VRC Flying Stakes
1st AJC Doncaster
1st Sydney Cup
3rd AJC City Hcp
Unpl AJC Randwick Hcp

1870/71 5yo 3 1/-/-

Unpl Melb Cup
1st VRC Flying Stakes,
Unpl VRC Hcp

1871/72 6yo 10 3/1/2

3rd AJC Metropolitan
Unpl Melbourne Stakes
Unpl Melbourne Cup
1st VRC Flying Stakes
1st VRC Free Hcp
1st VRC Hcp
Unpl Ballarat Cup
Unpl Ballarat Hcp
2nd AJC Randwick Hcp
3rd AJC Sydney Cup

1872/3 7yo 9 3/1/1½

1st Randwick AJC Tradesmen’s Plate
3rd VRC Melbourne Stakes
4th Melbourne Cup (top-weight)
1st VRC Flying Stakes
1st VRC Spring Hcp
2nd VRC All-Aged Stakes
Unpl  VRC Hcp
2nd Ballarat Telegraph Hcp
=3rd Ballarat Flying Hcp
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« 2018-Jul-31, 06:20 PM Reply #1799 »
That is amazing.

One query though.  The old Studbook listed Barbelle winning 3 VRC Flying Stakes, a 7f WFA race.  You have her listed as twice winning the VRC Flying Handicap.  Did conditions change ?