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« 2018-Oct-18, 09:44 AM Reply #1825 »
It may have been asked but can we get the record of Big Philou posted

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A quick look at my books tells me that Big Philou does not rate a mention by anyone.  An old Miller's Guide tells me his record was 55 starts for 10-11-4 with 30 unplaced which will be tedious going (earnings $103,200).  If he hadn't been doped and won the Cup he might have been written up but alas he didn't and wasn't.  His earned less than Samson, Cabochon, Longfella, Bonfield, Star Shower and Prince Grant, Scotch and Dry had 17 wins, Ripa 13 Fulmen 16 ,Begonia Belle 13 wins but all with less prizemoney.  I am not suggesting they competed against each other its just that no one thinks he is worth it.     

Offline wily ole dog

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Thanks mate, I couldn’t find anything either  :sad:

He has a prominent place in our history. Surprised there isn’t more written aside from the nobbling

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« 2018-Oct-20, 09:13 AM Reply #1828 »
I remember Big Philou racing in the 1974 Hobart Cup. By that stage he was a shadow of his 4yo self.

5 of his 10 wins were in Adelaide as a 3yo. As a 4yo he won the Patrobus Welter over Crewman to start his season then

2nd Feehan Stakes
2nd Caulfield Stakes
1st Caulfield Cup
2nd Mackinnon Stakes
2nd Orr Stakes
2nd Queen's Plate (behind Rain Lover)
1st (VRC) Queen Elizabeth Stakes (effectively a match race with Rain Lover, they were the only 2 starters)
2nd Autumn Stakes (1st Rain Lover)

He was also unplaced in 6 races

As a 5yo he took the Underwood Stakes and was unplaced in his other 2 starts and as a 6yo (1971-72) was 3rd in the Caulfield Stakes and Caulfield Cup with another win and a third with 5 unplaced runs. He was favourite for the 1972 Australian Cup when he suffered a back injury in training and from then on he was never the same, finally retired in early 1974.

He had just 10 wins from 52 starts but he was a top-class horse in his 4yo (1969-70) season. That Queen Elizabeth "match-race" with Rain Lover was the highlight of the autumn.

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Just an amendment to Heroic's record on page 1.


1st AJC Autumn Stakes 12f, 8st 4lb, 2nd Virgin Gold, 1.5 lengths, 2min 36.25sec

His record is 51 starts 21/11/4

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« 2018-Nov-06, 11:09 AM Reply #1830 »

GREY WAY(NZ) 1970                              
Grey gelding                               
Grey William (GB) 1961 (Grey Sovereign (GB) 1948) -Waybrooke (NZ) 1962 (King's Command (GB) 1947)                              
Countries Raced:  NZ (158 starts), AUS (4 starts in 1974)                              
162 starts, 51 wins (2 x Group 1 (retrospective)), 27 seconds and 21 thirds.  Win % 31.1, Place % 60.4.                                        
Three race dates marked '#' below were not included in the 'Racing Record' compiled by Jack Glengarry in his book titled "The Great Decade of New Zealand Racing 1970-1980" (published in 1983).                                       
Jack Glengarry listed 159 career starts whereas these two omissions take Grey Way's total career starts to 162.                                         
Despite the omission of one win the 'Summary' of career wins appearing at the end of the 'Racing Record' in Jack Glengarry's book remain unchanged at 51.                                        
In the The Tapestry of the Turf - History of New Zealand Racing by Costello and Finnegan (published 1988) the authors, at page 429, state that the 'Washdyke Wonder' started 159 times for 51 wins and 49 minor placings.                                        
Mark Taylor's book "Century of Champions, 100 Great Australian and New Zealand Racehorses" (published 2002) has Grey Way starting 164 times for  51 wins 27 seconds and 21 thirds as does the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame website both without further details.  This means my record omits 3 starts.    
Bloodhound.net and "https://loveracing.nz/RaceInfoSearch.aspx?q=Grey%20Way&s=All&g=All&r=undefined&t=Name#horse" both have 162 starts for 51 wins 27 seconds and 21 thirds and in my opinion both are correct although I do not agree with all the detail contained in the race records.     
I have treated Grey Way as finishing fourth on 8 November 1975 and others may have treated Grey Way as finishing third. They may be right.  See note at the end of the 1975-76 racing record for further details.                                       
I went to a library to look at the New Zealand Turf Registers ('NZTR') for the 1976-77, 1977-78 and 1979-80 racing years however the 1976-1977 edition had pages missing and I did not have time to make complete copies of all race starts but I did copy the index pages and 162 starts accord with the total entries in the index of each year's NZTR plus 4 Australian starts. 
Prizemoney, where known, appears at the end of each race record in the local currency and in part is based on information from Bloodhound.net where I do not have NZTR details.   

In the 1972-73, 1973-74, 1974-75 and 1978-79 the New Zealand Turf Register listed in finishing order all horses receiving prizemoney (generally first to fourth).  All the other starters were listed in weight carrying order (from highest to lowest) and where horses carried the same weight in alpahbetical order. Grey Way is recorded below as unplaced if he did not receive prizemoney in those years.
Taking Grey Way's race on 17 March 1973 as an example Grey Way did not earn prizemoney (paid down to fourth).  The other 17 starters were listed underneath the first four in weight carrying order.  Grey Way was listed 13th of the 21 starters as he was weighed 7.13 (the 12th named was weighted 8.2 and the 14th named was weighted 7.12).  Grey Way was not the thirteenth starter to finish.  The five listed 17th to 21st all carried the same and lowest weight of 7.7 so were listed in alphabetical order.  The best that can be said of the detail provided by the NZTR  is that Grey Way finished unplaced of 21.
RACING RECORD                                       
TWO YEARS:  1972-1973  Starts 12: 4-5-2-1                                       
1st-16   23/10/1972.   Nk x 0.75L   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Morwenstow Hcp   5f.   1005m.   8.2.   52kg   1.01.6.   Firm, 8th Fav.   King Commander 8.8 Fav. 2nd   Carlin 8.2 cd 8.4½ 3rd   NZD 455
3rd-13   4/11/1972.   12L x nse   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Welcome Stakes   5f.   1005m.   8.5.   53kg   0.59.0.   Fast, 7th Fav.   Trumpet Call 8.5 Fav. 1st   Four Leaf 8.5 2nd Fav. 2nd   NZD 300
3rd-10   11/11/1972.   0.5L x 2L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Pioneer Hcp   5f.   1005m.   8.5.   53kg   1.00.0.   Fast, Fav.   Unlucky in Love 8.3 5th Fav. 1st   Panagor 8.2 cd 8.3 2nd Fav. 2nd   NZD 190
2nd-12   27/12/1972.   1.25L x 1.25L   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC Juvenile Hcp   5f.   1005m.   8.5.   53kg   1.02.4.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Sub Indian 7.13 3rd Fav. 1st   Bellmond 7.11 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 170
2nd-11   30/12/1972.   2L x 0.75L   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC Fairview Hcp   5f.   1005m.   8.6.   53.5kg   1.00.2.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Apanui 8.3 3rd Fav. 1st   Sub Indian 8.4 Fav. 3rd   NZD 170
2nd-20   3/02/1973.   0.5L x 2L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Middle Park Plate Hcp   5f.   1005m.   8.4.   52.5kg   0.59.0.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Shudup 8.7 Fav. 1st   Entourage 7.8 cd 7.9½ 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 260
2nd-13   7/02/1973.   Nk x 3L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Canterbury Challenge Stakes   6f.   1207m.   8.0.   51kg   1.11.2.   Fast, 4th Fav.   Shudup 8.7 Fav. 1st   Mister Pompous 8.0 11th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,000
1st-6   24/02/1973.   1L x 3L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   DunJC Dominion Hcp   5f.   1005m.   7.13.   50.5kg   1.05.0.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Shudup 8.10 Fav 2nd   Apanui 8.1 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 650
Unpl-21   17/03/1973.   Nse x 0.5L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Wakefield Challenge Stakes   7f.   1408m.   7.13.   50.5kg   1.28.5.   Easy, 17th Fav.   Pure Luck 8.10 9th Fav. 1st   Princess Thalia 8.8 Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-20   16/04/1973.   1L x nse   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Fernside Nursery Hcp   6f.   1207m.   8.5.   53kg   1.13.8.   Firm, 5th Fav.   King Commander 8.4 8th Fav. 2nd   Bankrupt 7.12 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 605
2nd-14   23/04/1973.   1.5L x 0.5L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Champagne Stakes   6f.   1207m.   8.10.   55.5kg   1.12.0.   Fast, 3rd Fav.     Shudup 8.10 2nd Fav. 1st   King Commander 8.10 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 600
1st-20   28/04/1973.   0.5L x 1L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Richmond Hcp   6f.   1207m.   8.11.   56kg   1.12.4.   Fast, Fav.   Bankrupt 8.0 5th Fav 2nd   Unlucky in Love 8.6 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,040
THREE YEARS:  1973-1974  Starts 19: 8-1-4-6                                       
3rd-12   4/09/1973.   Nse x 0.5L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Flying Hcp      1200m.      49.5kg cd 47kg   1.14.4.   Soft, 6th Frav.   Graeme 50 5th Fav. 1st   Shudup 51 cd 51½ Fav. 2nd   NZD 115
1st-7   15/09/1973.   1.25L x 0.75L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC John Grigg Stakes      1410m.      54.5kg   1.24.6.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Mister Pompous 52 7th Fav. 2nd   Entourage 50 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 950
3rd-8   21/09/1973.   1L x nk   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   DunJC Dunedin Guineas and J B Reid Cup      Abt 1600m.      53kg   1.44.0.   Firm early soft later, 2nd Fav.   Dandyman 53 cd 53½ 5th Fav. 1st   Pakistan Flight 53 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 200
1st-13   13/10/1973.   Hd x 2.5L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Stewards' Hcp      1200m.      50kg cd 47.25kg   1.12.8.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Annenic 51 5th Fav. 2nd   Zarnia 57 Fav. 3rd   NZD 975
Unpl-14   20/10/1973.   Nk x 0.75L   Gore, SI, NZ   GoreRC Gore Guineas Trial      Abt. 1400m.      55.5kg   1.28.0.   Firm/Soft, Fav.   Dandyman 55½ 3rd Fav. 1st   Unlucky in Love 53 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
Unpl-14   3/11/1973.   Nk x 3L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC New Zealand Two Thousand Guineas      1600m.      55.5kg   1.37.0.   Fast, 7th Fav.   Fury's Order 55½ Fav. 1st   Iechyd 55.5 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-18   7/11/1973.   ½ hd x 3L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Jockey Club Hcp      1600m.      48.5kg.   1.35.8.   Fast, 13th Fav.   Zarnia 53.5 2nd Fav. 1st   Kaukapakapa 53 Fav. 2nd   NZD 400
Unpl-11   8/12/1973.   Nse x 4L   run at Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   HororataJC Gordon's Gin Hcp      1400m.      55.5kg cd 52.5kg   1.24.0.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Shudup 54 3rd Fav. 1st   Sub Indian 53 cd 50½ 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-13   15/12/1973.   0.75L x hd   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   DunJC James Hazlett Gold Cup      Abt 1600m.      50.5kg   1.37.2.   Fast, 7th Fav.   Pakistan Flight 49 9th Fav. 1st   Coorabin 52 8th Fav. 2nd   NZD 250
1st-8   27/12/1973.   3L x 1L   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC President's Hcp      1200m.      53kg   1.12.0.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Baltic Blue 53 Fav. 2nd   Willie Beware 51 cd 48.5 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,020
1st-6   29/12/1973.   2.5L x hd   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC A J Parris Memorial Hcp      1200m.      52.5kg   1.10.6.   Fast, Fav.   Condoe 48½ cd 47 6th Fav. 2nd   Sub Indian 49 cd 50.25 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,360
Unpl-15   19/01/1974.   1.5L x sht nk   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp      1200m.      50kg   1.09.25.   Firm, 14th Fav.   Showgate 56 3rd Fav. 1st   Sharif 56.5 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-10   21/01/1974.   0.75L x nse   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Metropolitan Hcp      1400m.      49.5kg   1.23.5.   Fast, 5th Fav.   Dee Light 51½ 2nd Fav. 2nd   Ah Bee 47 cd 48½ 9th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,600
1st-9   4/02/1974.   0.5L x nk   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Gordon's Gin Hcp      1400m.      55kg   1.25.4.   Firm, Fav.   Willie Beware 49½ cd 46 9th Fav. 2nd   Shudup 53 cd 53.5 3rd Fav. DH 3rd   NZD 1,680
Unpl-16   16/02/1974.   Hd x 0.75L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   DunJC White Robe Lodge Hcp      Abt. 1600m.      53kg   1.37.4.   Firm, 4th Fav.   Dalkeith Lad 48 10th Fav. 1st   Nordic Star 52.5 Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-9   9/03/1974.   1L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Railway Hcp      1200m.      52kg   1.11.25.   Firm, 4th Fav.   King's Romance 57½ Fav. 2nd   Norelco 47 9th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,600
1st-10   12/03/1974.   0.5L x 1.75L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Courtenay Hcp      1400m.      54.5kg   1.22.75.   Fast, Fav.   Bartelle 51 6th Fav. 2nd   March On 48½ cd 50 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,600
4th-10   30/03/1974.   0.75L x 0.5L x hd   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Pakistan II Stakes      1400m.      55kg   1.22.6.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   King's Romance 56 Fav. 1st   Pheroz Jewel 51 3rd Fav. 2nd   NZD 250
2nd-14   15/04/1974.   ½ nk x 1L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Great Easter Hcp      1400m.      56kg   1.23.6.   Firm, 3rd Fav.   Shudup 50½ 6th Fav. 1st    Senator Kennedy 47 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 800
FOUR YEARS:  1974-1975  Starts 20: 6-4-5-5                                       
3rd-16   10/09/1974.   Nk x hd   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Flying Hcp      1200m.      57kg cd 55.5kg   1.12.6.   Easy, Fav.   Paratonnerre 49½ 6th Fav. 1st   Strad 51½ cd 52 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 115
1st-11   14/09/1974.   3L X 1L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Spring Hcp      1200m.      57kg cd 55.5kg   1.10.0.   Firm, Fav.   Surge Again 52 2nd Fav. 2nd   Flush 49 cd 50½ 11th Fav. 3rd   NZD 975
1st-11   23/09/1974.   3L X 1.25L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp      1200m.      57kg cd 56kg   1.12.0.   Fast, Fav.   Paratonnerre 50 3rd Fav. 2nd   Surge Again 51 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,170
1st-12   16/10/1974.   2L x 1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Chirnside Stakes      1200m.      57kg   1.16.7.   Heavy, 8/1.   Coolalinga 58 16/1 2nd   Aurealis 51½ 7/2F 3rd   AUD 8,400
24th-25   2/11/1974.   1.25L x hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Craven 'A' Stakes      1207m.      55kg   1.12.2.   Slow, 9/2F.   Scamanda 51 8/1 1st   Bay Time 49 14/1 2nd   AUD 0
6th-10   7/11/1974.   1L x lg hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   Linlithgow Stakes      1400m.      57kg   1.23.6.   Fast,    Scamanda 51 10/9F 1st   Plush 51 7/2 2nd   AUD 0
10th-18   9/11/1974.   Lg nk x ½ hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   George Adams Hcp      1600m.      55kg   1.36.5.   Fast, 20/1.   Skyjack 49½ 20/1 1st   Bellota (NZ) 52 25/1 2nd   AUD 0
2nd-12   11/12/1974.   1.75L x nse   Avondale, Auckland, NI, NZ   AvJC Pegasus Stakes      1200m.      57kg   1.09.9.   Fast, 6th Fav.   Pheroz Jewel 54½ 5th Fav. 1st   Blue Blood 57 Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,000
2nd-14   14/12/1974.   1.75L x 1L   Avondale, Auckland, NI, NZ   AvJC Stewards' Hcp      1200m.      57.5kg   1.09.9.   Fast, Fav.   King's Romance 59 2nd Fav. 1st   Second Sovereign 51 7th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,200
Unpl-14   1/01/1975.   Nse x 0.75L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC Railway Hcp      Ant. 1200m.      56.5kg   1.11.0.   Firm, Fav.   Shifnal Chief 59 6th Fav. 1st   Soliloquy 48½ 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
Unpl-16#   2/01/1975.   1L x 0.75L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC George Adams (Tattersall) Hcp      Abt. 1600m.      57kg   1.33.4.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Kiwi Can 56 Fav. 1st   Bay Sovereign 47½ 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-18   18/01/1975.   0.75L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp      1200m.      55.5kg   1.10.25.   Yielding slightly, 2nd Fav.   Blue Blood 57 5th Fav. 1st   Tiptoe 47½ cd 49 9th Fav. 2nd   NZD 1,000
3rd-18   25/01/1975.   Hd x 1L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC George Adams (Tattersall) Hcp      1600m.      53.5kg   1.33.0. (NZR)   Firm, 3rd Fav.   King's Romance 57 8th Fav. 1st   Auditor 57 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 2,200
1st-14   6/02/1975.   0.5L x 2L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Gordon's Gin Hcp      1400m.      58 cd 56.5kg   1.24.0.   Firm, Fav.   Lovely Honey 56½ 2nd Fav. 2nd   Pakistan Flight 54 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,040
2nd-10   15/02/1975.   0.75L x 2L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC White Robe Lodge Stakes      Abt. 1600m.      57kg   1.35.6.   Fast, Fav.   Rebel Lad 52½ 3rd Fav. 1st   Entourage 49 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,000
3rd-10   8/03/1975.   Lg nk x 3L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes      1400m.      57kg   1.30.5.   Easy, 3rd Fav.   Jocasta 42½ cd 44½ 2nd Fav. 1st   Curly Wave 57½ 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 520
2nd-11   15/03/1975.   ½ hd x 1.25L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Hutt Hcp      1600m.      56kg   1.36.5.   Easy, 2nd Fav.   That’s Luck 49½ 4th Fav. 1st   Tiptoe 50½ Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,200
1st-10   31/03/1975.   2L x nk   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Great Easter Hcp      1400m.      58.5kg   1.23.4.   Fast, Fav.   Zetland 47½ cd 49¼ 6th Fav. 2nd   Entourage 48½ 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,600
1st-11   5/04/1975.   2.25L x 1L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Pakistan II Stakes      1400m.      58.5kg   1.23.0.   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Mr Dan 54 4th Fav. 2nd   Tiptoe 50 3rd Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,500
3rd-15   12/04/1975.   0.75L x nk   Tauranga, NI, NZ     BofPRC 5th Japan-Bay of Plenty International Trophy      1600m.      56.5kg   1.35.3.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Kiwi Can 59 Fav. 1st   Gold Ducat 50½ 8th Fav. 2nd   NZD 1,500
FIVE YEARS:  1975-1976  Starts 24: 13-2-2-7                                       
1st-11   9/09/1975.   2L x 0.5L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Flying Hcp      1200m.      59kg   1.11.7.   Easy, 2nd Fav.   Red Student 49½ 4th Fav. 2nd   Deep Mystery 48 7th Fav. 3rd   NZD 900
15th-16   20/09/1975.   2.5L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Britannia Hcp      1200m.      60.5kg   1.14.5.   Easy, Fav.   Dawn Crest 50 2nd Fav 1st   That’s Luck 53 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
9th-18   27/09/1975.   3.25L x 1.25L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Oriental Hcp      1400m.      59kg   1.27.0.   Dead, Fav.   Linton Breeze 47½ 5th Fav. 1st   Koparoa 47 6th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-10   18/10/1975.   1.25L x hd   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordon's Gin Hcp      1200m.      59kg   1.11.6.   Firm, Fav.   Zebak 51 3rd Fav. 2nd   Gates Ajar 49 cd 47 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,035
1st-13   25/10/1975.   0.5L x 1L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Awatea Hcp      1400m.      585kg   1.26.75.   Firm, Fav.   That's Luck 52 4th Fav. 2nd   Ayub Khan 53 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,600
12th-15   27/10/1975.   Hd x 2L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Pearce Hcp      1600m.      60.5kg   1.44.25.   Soft, 8th Fav.   Black Willow 50 Fav. 1st   Intuition 47 14th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
4th-12*   8/11/1975.   ½ hd x 1L x hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Steward's Hcp      1200m.      60.5kg   1.09.4.   Firm, 3rd Fav.   Panagor 47 12th Fav. 1st   Tiptoe 49 Fav. 2nd   NZD 300
2nd-6   15/11/1975.   Hd x 1L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Churchill Stakes      1600m.      57kg   1.38.6.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Ajanta 51 3rd Fav. 1st   Dandyman 52½ 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 800
1st-11   19/11/1975.   1.5L x ½ nk   Otaki, NI, NZ   LevinRC Levin Cup Stakes      1600m.      58kg   1.36.4.   Firm, 3rd Fav.   Sind 55.5 7th Fav. 2nd   Black Rod 58 Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,000 (value of trophies not known)
1st-9   13/12/1975.   2.5L x 0.5L    Otaki, NI, NZ   OtakiMaoriRC Topsy 6000      1600m.      58kg   1.37.4.   Easy, Fav.   Ajanta 57 4th Fav. 2nd   Sub Indian 58 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,150
1st (WOP)-11#   20/12/1975.   1.5L x 3L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Manuwatu Challenge Stakes      1600m.      58kg   1.38.3.   Firm, Fav.   Kiwi Can 58 3rd Fav. LOP 2nd   Cream Puff 54½ 9th Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,450
5th-8   17/01/1976.   Lg hd x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp      1200m.      59kg   1.07.5.    Firm, 3rd Fav.   Blue Blood 58½ 2nd Fav. 1st   Mop 52.5 Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
10th-18   24/01/1976.   ½ hd x ½ hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC George Adams Hcp      1600m.      57.5kg   1.36.5.   Easy but drying, 6th Fav.   Tiptoe 51 8th Fav. 1st   Gold Ducat 51 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-7   6/02/1976.   2L x 8L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC McWilliams Wines Hcp      1400m.      62kg   1.23.2.   Fast, Fav.   Panagor 56.5 2nd Fav. 2nd   Kowhai Glen 50½ 3rd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,740
3rd-14   17/02/1976.   1L x 1L   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   WaikRC Thibenzole International Sprint      1400m.      57.5kg   1.22.0.   Fast, 4th Fav.   Mop 51½ 2nd Fav. 1st   Auditor 57½ 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 1,400
1st-16   21/02/1976.   0.5L x 4L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC White Robe Lodge Hcp      Abt. 1600m.      57.5kg   1.38.2.   Fast, Fav.   Dandyman 54½ 3rd Fav. 2nd   Great Day 49 11th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,250
3rd-13   6/03/1976.   Sht nk x 1.5L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Thomson Hcp      1600m.      58kg   1.34.0.   Fast, Fav.   Copper Belt 53 3rd Fav. 1st   Varnamo 50 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 800
1st-14   13/03/1976.   2.5L x nse   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Hutt Hcp      1600m.      58kg   1.35.0.   Firm, Fav.   Varnamo 51 2nd Fav. 2nd   That's Luck 48½  cd 49 7th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,900
1st-7   17/03/1976.   4L x lg nk    Hawera, NI, NZ   OpunakeRC Ernie Pool Memorial Stakes      Abt. 1400m.      57.5kg   1.21.8.   Fast, Fav.   Auditor 57½ cd 57¾ 2nd Fav. 2nd   Copper Belt 57 3rd Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,700
1st-5   20/03/1976.   Lg nk x 3.5L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Awapuni Gold Cup      2000m.      58kg   2.02.0.   Fast, Fav.   Oopik 58 2nd Fav. 2nd   Prepak 56½ 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 7,100
1st-12   27/03/1976.   1L x 1L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Pakistan II Stakes      1400m.      59kg   1.22.6.   Fast, Fav.   Copper Belt 54½ 4th Fav. 2nd   Blue Blood 55½ 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,500
6th-8   3/04/1976.   Lg hd x 1.5L   Hastings, NI, NZ   HBJC Ormond Memorial Gold Cup      2000m.      58kg   2.12.0.   Soft, Fav.   Duty Free 58 5th Fav. 1st   Curly Wave 58 2nd Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-7   10/04/1976.   1.5L x 0.5L   Hastings, NI, NZ   HBJC Hawkes Bay Challenge Stakes      1400m.      57.5kg   1.23.4.   Firm, Fav.   Chrisarda 57 4th Fav. 2nd   Syndrome 57½ 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 5,200
2nd-13   19/04/1976.   0.5L x hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC George Adams (Tattersall) Hcp      2000m.      58.5kg   2.02.0.   Fast, Fav.   Karnak 47 cd 47½ 8th Fav. 1st   Royal Dell 54½ 3rd Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,800
* Shown in NZTR as finishing equal third but treated as fourth (after third placegetter) as taken to be a typo as margins do not reflect a dead heat for third.  Of course I might be wrong about this.                                       
SIX YEARS:  1976-1977  Starts 22: 8-5-0-9                                       
10th-13   7/09/1976.   1.75L x nk   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Strathconan Stud Hcp   1200m.   64kg   1.14.2.   Soft, Fav.   Dandyman 55 6th Fav. 1st   Eros 49.5 11th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
8th-9   27/09/1976   3.5L x 0.75L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp   1200m.   62kg   1.13.0.   Easy, Fav.   Great Blaze 47.5 cd 46 2nd Fav. 1st   Scotch William 48.5 cd 49.5 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
7th-13   16/10/1976.   2.5L x nk   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordon's Gin Hcp   1200m.   61kg   1.13.0.   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Corrandulla 49 cd 49.5 5th Fav. 1st   Crown Lad 47 cd 50 13th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
5th-14   30/10/1976.   ½ nk x 1.5L    Motukarara, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   BanksPenRC Banks Peninsula Centenary Hcp   1400m.   60.5kg   1.26.2.   Firm, Fav.   Top Secret 50 5th Fav. 1st   Darnley Star 48 10th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-16   6/11/1976.   ½ hd x 2.5L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Stewards Hcp   1200m.   60kg   1.09.0.   Fast, 4th Fav.   Show Gate 63 Fav. 2nd   The Swagger, 49 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,900
6th-7   10/11/1976.   Hd x 2L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Canterbury Gold Cup   2000m.   58.5kg   2.03.0.   Fast, 4th Fav.   Show Gate 56 cd 56.75 2nd Fav. 1st   Silver Lad 50 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-14   17/11/1976.   0.5L x 1.25L   Otaki, NI, NZ   LevinRC Levin Gold Cup Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.35.4. (CR)   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Copper Belt 58 3rd Fav. 2nd   Black Rod 58 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 6,250
6th-11   27/11/1976.   1.25L x 1L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC Owens Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.35.28.   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Oranmore 57 4th Fav. 1st   Battle Eve 55.5 3rd Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
2nd-11   11/12/1976.   ½ nk x 3L    Otaki, NI, NZ   OtakiMaoriRC Topsy Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.35.4.   Fast, Fav.   Copper Belt 58 2nd Fav. 1st   Regal Band 49 cd 50.25 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,600
1st-8   18/12/1976.   ½ hd x 1.5L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Manawatu Challenge Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.35.4.   Fast, Fav.   Copper Belt 58 2nd Fav. 2nd   Master Morgan 58 6th Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,975
8th-17   22/01/1977.   Nse x 1.25L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp   1200m.   58.5kg   1.11.25.   Yielding, 6th Fav.   Blue Blood 57 Fav. 1st   Chrisarda 57.5 7th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
2nd-14   24/01/1977.   0.5L x 0.5L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Visitors Hcp   1400m.   57.5kg   1.23.5.   Fast, Fav.   Copper Bit 52 7th Fav. 1st   Nuriootpa 47.5 cd 48.75 9th Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,200
1st-18   29/01/1977.   1.5L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC George Adams (Tattersall) Hcp (G1)   1600m.   56.5kg   1.35.5.   Good, Fav.   Fraxy 54.5 4th Fav. 2nd   Caruba 51 14th Fav. 3rd   NZD 24,100
1st-15   19/02/1977   Lg nk x 3.5L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC White Robe Lodge Stakes   1600m.   57.5kg   1.37.2.   Fast, Fav.   Nuriootpa 51.5 2nd Fav. 2nd   Arrowyn 49.5 5th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,250
5th-12   23/02/1977.   ½ hd x 0.5L   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   WaikRC Lion Brown Sprint   1400m.   57.5kg   1.23.1.   Good, 2nd Fav.   Soliloquy 56 6th Fav. 1st   Balmerino 57 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 200
1st-6   5/03/1977.   3L x 3.5L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes   1400m.   57.5kg   1.24.0.   Good, Fav.   Shahbanou 42.5 3rd Fav. 2nd   March Legend 57 2nd Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,900
2nd-8   12/03/1977.   1.5L x 2L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Marlboro Mile   1600m.   57.5kg   1.36.5.   Good,   Copper Belt 58 1st   On Show 58 3rd   NZD 5,000
1st-15   19/03/1977.   Sht L x 2L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC  Manawatu Metric Mile Hcp   1600m.   59kg   1.35.2.   Good, Fav.   March Legend 52 2nd   Varnamo 51.5 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,900
2nd-12   26/03/1977.   2L x 1L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Pakistan II Stakes   1400m.   59kg   1.23.8.   Good,   Verax 48 1st   Zermatt 49 3rd   NZD 1,300
2nd-10   2/04/1977.   1.5L x 1.5L   Tauranga, NI, NZ     BofPRC Stars Travel Stakes   1600m.   57.5kg   1.35.3.   Good,   Copper Belt 58 1st   Battle Eve 56 3rd   NZD 3,000
1st-19   9/04/1977.   Nk x nse   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC Marlboro Easter Hcp (G1)   1600m.   60.5kg   1.34.74.   Good, Fav.   Vice Regal 52 2nd   Kiwi Can 58 3rd   NZD 18,750
12th-12   23/04/1977.   1L x 0.5L   Tauranga, NI, NZ     BofPRC Japan- New Zealand International Trophy   1600m.   59kg   1.35.2.   2nd Fav.   Kiwi Can 54 3rd Fav. 1st   Vice Regal 49 cd 50.5 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
SEVEN YEARS:  1977-1978  Starts 18: 2-3-3-10                                       
   5th-13   6/09/1977.   3L x hd   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Strathconan Stud Hcp   1200m.   64.5kg cd 61.5kg.   1.18.2.   Slow,   Flash It 46 1st   Hi Roona 52 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-14   26/09/1977.   Nse x 2.25L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp   1200m.    63.5kg cd 60.5kg   1.11.4.   Good,   Panagor 50 1st   Judge Obadiah 52 2nd   NZD 200
2nd-11   15/10/1977.   0.75L x 2.25L   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Black and White Sprint   1200m.   64kg cd 61kg   1.11.3.   Good,   Nuriootpa 54 1st   Colada 49 3rd   NZD 300
1st-13   24/10/1977.   Hd x 3L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordon's Gin Hcp   1200m.   65.5kg cd 61.5kg   1.10.0.   Good,   Conbrio 50 2nd   Hi Roona 52 3rd   NZD 1,625
5th-13   9/11/1977.   Lg nk x nk   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Members' Hcp   1400m.   68kg cd 65kg   1.23.4.   Good,   Trade Secret 52 1st   Napiat 50 2nd   NZD 0
5th-7   12/11/1977.   Hd x 2L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Churchill Stakes   1600m.   57kg   1.35.6.   Good,   Nuriootpa 54 1st   Dandyman 52 2nd   NZD 0
7th-14   16/11/1977.   0.5L x 1.5L   Otaki, NI, NZ   LevinRC Levin Cup Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.40.6.   Dead,    La Mer 54 1st   Battle Eve 56 2nd   NZD 0
6th-13   26/11/1977.   4L x 1.25L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC Owens Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.36.02.   Good,   Braless 49 1st   Shifnal's Pride 56 2nd   NZD 0
6th-10   17/12/1977.   1.75L x 1L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   Mwtu Manawatu Challenge Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.39.2.   Dead,    La Mer 54 1st   Copper Belt  58 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-12   27/12/1977.   1.25L x ½ hd   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC Timaru Cup   1600m.   58kg   1.35.0.   Good,   Greek Magic 52 1st   Top Secret 58 2nd   NZD 1,300
6th-16   21/01/1978.   Nse x 1.25L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp   1200m.   58kg   Time?   Good,   Extra Flash 47 1st   Sly Wink 50 2nd   NZD 0
1st-15   23/01/1978.   1.5L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Visitors Hcp   1400m.   57.5kg   1.21.75.   Good,   Extra Flash 51 2nd   Surrey Park 49 3rd   NZD 3,900
2nd-17   28/01/1978.   Nse x ½ hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC George Adams (Tattersall) Hcp   1600m.   59kg   Time?   Good,   Copper Belt 59 1st   Orchidra 50 3rd   NZD 7,600
9th-17   21/02/1978.   Nk x nk   Te Rapa, Hamilton, NI, NZ   WaikRC Lion Brown Sprint   1400m.   57.5kg   1.22.4.   Good,   Copper Belt 57.5 1st   Koaru Prince 57 2nd   NZD 0
7th-9   4/03/1978.   Hd x 0.75L   Ellerslie, Auckland, NI, NZ   AuRC Air New Zealand Stakes   2000m.   58kg   Time?   Dead,    Serendiper 57 1st   Good Lord 58 2nd   NZD 0
2nd-7   11/03/1978.   1.5L x Lg hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes   1400m.   57.5kg   Time?   Good,   Mun Lee 52 1st   Milo 56 3rd   NZD 1,700
5th-12   18/03/1978.   0.75L x 0.75L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Marlboro Mile   1600m.   57.5kg   Time?   Good,   March Legend 58 1st   Orchidra 56 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-5#   22/03/1978.   2L x 3.5L    Hawera, NI, NZ   OpunakeRC Ernie Poole Memorial Stakes   1600m.    57.5kg   1.35.6.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Copper Belt 57.5 Fav. 1st   My Binnie 56 2nd Fav. 2nd   NZD 1,000
EIGHT YEARS:  1978-1979  Starts 19: 4-4-2-9                                       
2nd-11   14/10/1978.   ½ nk x nk   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordon's Gin Hcp      1200m.      63.5kg cd 62kg   1.11.2.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Nuriootpa 57 cd 52.5 4th Fav. 1st   Ho Roona 54.5 cd 51.5 Fav. 3rd   NZD 400
2nd-10   17/10/1978.   Nk x 1.25L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp      1200m.      64kg cd 62.5kg   1.13.2.   Firm, Fav.   Flying View 47 cd 49.5 7th Fav. 1st   Rio Parana 47 8th Fav. 3rd   NZD 400
Unpl-16   28/10/1978.   1.75L x 1L    Motukarara, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   BanksPenRC Banks Peninsula Insgnis Flying Hcp      1400m.      64kg   1.25.2.   Fast, Fav.   Kanga's Lad 54 cd 54.75 3rd Fav. 1st   Game Warrior 49 cd 52 16th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-18   4/11/1978.   Hd x nse   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Jockey Club Hcp      1600m.      63.5kg cd 62kg   1.37.0.   Fast, 6th Fav.   Kanga's Lad 56.5 3rd Fav. 1st   Loma Lass 54.5 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 400
1st-16   8/11/1978.   1L x hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Members' Hcp      1400m.      62kg cd 60.5kg   1.23.37.   Fast, Fav.   Raspadora 49 cd 51 2nd Fav. 2nd   Regina Caeli 49.5 cd 50.25 8th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,750
1st-11   11/11/1978.   1.5L x ½ hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Churchill Stakes      1600m.      57kg   1.35.45.   Fast, Fav.   Sean's Gift 52.5 cd 53.25 2nd Fav. 2nd   Loma Lass 53 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,900
Unpl-15   15/11/1978.   0.5L x nse   Otaki, NI, NZ   LevinRC Levin Cup Stakes      1600m.      58kg   1.38.6.   Firm, Fav.   Prince Lee 57 9th Fav. 1st   Chateau Bleu 54.5 5th Fav. 2nd    NZD 0
4th-13   27/12/1978.   0.5L x 2.25L x 1.5L   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC Tenderkist Timaru Cup Hcp      1600m.      58kg   1.36.3.   Firm, Fav.   Catastrophe 57 4th Fav. 1st   Polly Porter 54.5 6th Fav. 2nd   NZD 700
Unpl-18   20/01/1979.   1L x hd   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Telegraph Hcp      1200m.      58kg   1.09.75.   Fast, 8th Fav.   Arbre Chene 57 2nd Fav. 1st   Pennevari 48.5 12th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-14   22/01/1979.   0.5L x 1L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Visitors Hcp      1400m.      57.5kg   1.22.5.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Sean's Gift 48 cd 50 10th Fav. 2nd   Clive Comet 47.5 cd 50 10th Fav. 3rd   NZD 4,875
3rd-17   27/01/1979.   Hd x 0.75L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC George Adams Hcp      1600m.      60kg   1.34.5.   Fast, 5th Fav.   Polly Porter 52.5 7th Fav. WOP 1st   Heidelberg 60 6th Fav. LOP 2nd   NZD 4,000
1st-16   17/02/1979.   Sht hd x 2.25L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC White Robe Lodge Stakes Hcp      1600m.      57.5kg   1.38.6.   Fast, Fav.   Loma Lass 53 2nd Fav. 2nd   Candy Boy 53 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 3,250
2nd-11   10/03/1979.   ½ hd x lg nk   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes      1400m.      57.5kg   1.23.5.   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Coober's Queen 42.5 cd 43.75 4th Fav. 1st   Tang 52 Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,700
Unpl-18   17/03/1979.   1.5L x 0.75L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Marlboro Mile      1600m.      57.5kg   1.39.5.   Easy, 4th Fav.   Brutus 53.5 14th Fav. 1st   Copper Bit 57.5 12th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
Unpl-15   24/03/1979.   0.75L x 0.5L   Awapuni, Palmerston North, NI, NZ   MwtuRC Pakistan II Stakes      1400m.      59kg   1.28.5.   Soft, 10th Fav.   Fraxy 54.5 5th Fav. 1st   Baccalla 48.5 11th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
Unpl-15   7/04/1979.   1L x 1.25L   Tauranga, NI, NZ     BofPRC The 9th Japan-New Zealand International Trophy      Abt. 1600m.      59kg   1.36.3.   Firm, 2nd Fav.   Silver Boy 49.5 14th Fav. 1st   Mun lee 51 cd 51.25 3rd Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
4th-17   16/04/1979.   ½ nk x hd x ½ hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Great Easter Hcp      1400m.      61.5kg   1.23.21.   Firm, Fav.   Flying View 51.5 11th Fav. 1st   Great Day 52. cd 52.75 8th Fav. 2nd   NZD 300
2nd-17   18/04/1979.   Lg nk x 2.25L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Templeton Hcp      1400m.      61.5kg    1.23.6.   Fast, Fav.   Ionian Sea 48.5 cd 45.5 11th Fav. 1st   Highborn 49 cd 49.5 7th Fav. 3rd   NZD 600
Unpl-8   28/04/1979.   1.5L x 1.25L   Hastings, NI, NZ   HBJC Ormond Memorial      2000m.      58kg   2.03.0.   Firm, 4th Fav.   La Mer 57 Fav. 1st   Mun Lee 56 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
NINE YEARS:  1979-1980  Starts 22: 4-3-3-12   
6th-15   4/09/1979.   Nk x 0.75L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Stewards' Hcp   1200m.   61kg   1.13.6.   Dead,    Lejano 49 1st   River Lady 49 2nd   NZD 0
2nd-14   8/09/1979.   Nse x nse   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC DB Flying Hcp   1200m.   61kg   1.10.7.   Good,   Flying View 51 1st   Sharebroker 48 3rd   NZD 500
6th-14   24/09/1979.   0.5L x nk   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp   1200m.   57.5kg   1.11.0.   Good,   Flying View 52 1st   Grand Country 50 2nd   NZD 0
10th-12##   13/10/1979.   0.75L x nk   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordon's Gin Hcp   1200m.    60.5kg   1.14.2.   Dead, 3rd Fav.   Lejano 50 2nd Fav. 1st.0   River Lady 48.5 8th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-16   22/10/1979.   1.75L x 0.5L   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Black and White Sprint   1200m.   60.5kg   1.11.7.   Good,   Spy Force 54 2nd   Sharebroker 46 3rd   NZD 2,375
2nd-12   27/10/1979.   4L x 1.5L    Motukarara, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   BanksPenRC Pyne Gould Guinness Hcp   1400m.   59kg   1.23.3.   Good,   Caterman 49 1st   Scotch Mist 51 3rd   NZD 1,000
3rd-12   7/11/1979.   1.25L x 1.5L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Members' Hcp   1400m.   62kg   1.23.59.   Good,   Caterman 52 1st   Giovanni 49 2nd   NZD 420
6th-9   10/11/1979.   ½ hd x ½ nk   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Churchill Stakes   1600m.   62.5kg   1.36.8.   Good,   Mighty King 48 1st   Mellseur 54 2nd   NZD 0
4th-12   17/11/1979.   ½ hd x ½ nk   Ascot Park, Invercargill, SI, NZ   SouthlandRC Ocean Beach Freezing Co Lrd   1600m.   59.5kg   1.38.0.   2nd Fav.   Shift Time 49.5 8th Fav. 1st   Napiat 54.5 3rd Fav. 2nd   NZD 250
3rd-7   8/12/1979.   0.75L x 1L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Coruba Rum Stakes   1600m.   58kg   1.36.8.   Good,   Little Brown Jug 52 1st   Flying View 58 2nd   NZD 1,000
9th-18   22/12/1979.   Lg nk x 0.75L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC James Hazlett Stakes   1600m.   59kg   1.36.0.   Good,   Candyboy 56 1st   Judge Obadiah 55 2nd   NZD 0
1st-13   27/12/1979.   0.75L x 1.25L   Timaru, SI, NZ   SthCantJC DB Timaru Cup   1600m.   58kg   1.36.2.   Good,   Tuis Lass 54 2nd   Napiat 58 3rd   NZD 9,700
2nd-10   3/01/1980.   2.5L x Hd   Ascot Park, Invercargill, SI, NZ   SouthlandRC Passport Whisky Hcp   1600m.   59.5kg   1.37.9.   Good,   Windvale Beau 51 1st   Napiat 55 3rd   NZD 1,000
15th-17   21/01/1980.   Lg nk x 1.5L   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC Visitors Hcp   1400m.   57kg   1.24.5.   Dead,    Luck Roona 52 1st   Bandalero 48 2nd   NZD 0
1st-15   2/02/1980.   1.5L x 0.5L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Craven Plate   1400m.   57kg   1.23.25.   Good,   The Fantasy 56 2nd   Pan Jet 50 3rd   NZD 2,115
6th-12   5/02/1980.   1.25L x hd   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Johnny Walker Hcp   1400m.   59kg   1.23.6.   Good,   Flying View 56 1st   The Twinkle 50 2nd   NZD 0
5th-9   23/02/1980.   2.5L x 0.5L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC White Robe Lodge Hcp   1600m.   57.5kg   1.37.8.   Good,   The Fantasy 53 1st   The Twinkle 49 2nd   NZD 0
10th-15   8/03/1980.   Lg hd x ½ nk   Trentham, Wellington, NI, NZ   WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes   1400m.   57.5kg   1.23.15.   Good,   Orchidra 56 1st   Silver Wraith 58 2nd   NZD 0
7th-12   31/03/1980.   0.75L x nk   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Kaiapoi Hcp   1200m.   57.5kg   1.12.04.   Good,   In The Clear 46 1st   Spy Force 56 2nd   NZD 0
3rd-16   25/04/1980.   0.75L x 1L   Wingatui, Dunedin, SI, NZ   OtagoRC Anzac Hcp   1600m.   58kg   1.36.6.   Good,   Belle Camille 49 1st   The Twinkle 51 2nd   NZD 290
1st-12   10/05/1980.   Hd x 1.25L   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   AmberleyRC Timber Products Hcp   1200m.   59.5kg   1.11.3.   Good,   Sly Wink 52 2nd   Ay Em 52 3rd   NZD 2,050
9th-11   13/05/1980.   0.5L x nse   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Suburban Hcp   1400m.   60kg   1.25.56.   Good,   The Twinkle 53 1st   Spy Force 56 2nd   NZD 0
## This race included in the Jack Glengarry's 'Racing Record' as being run on 13 Nov 1979 when the race was actually run on 13 Oct 1979.                                 
TEN YEARS:  1980-1981  Starts 6: 2-0-0-4                                       
4th-13   2/09/1980.   Sht nk x 1.25L   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC Stewards Hcp      1200m.      60kg   1.09.8.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Sharebroker 51 4th Fav. 1st   Gretna Green 49 Fav. 2nd   NZD 100
4th-9   6/09/1980.   1.25L x nk   Ashburton, SI, NZ   AshCountyRC D B Flying Hcp      1200m.      60kg   1.11.0.   Fast, 2nd Fav.   Flying View 54 3rd Fav. 1st   Timax 48.75 4th Fav. 2nd   NZD 100
1st-10   22/09/1980.   2.5L x hd   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Derrick Gould Hcp      1200m.      58.5kg   1.10.7.   Fast, 3rd Fav.   Sharebroker 51.5 2nd Fav. 2nd   Flying View 54 Fav. 3rd   NZD 1,825
5th-7   11/10/1980.   0.75L x 2L   Orari, south of Christchurch, SI, NZ   GeraldineRC Gordons Gin Hcp      1200m.      60.5kg   1.10.7.   Fast / Easy, 3rd Fav.   Sharebroker 50.5 2nd Fav. 1st   Timax 48.5 5th Fav. 2nd   NZD 0
1st-9   27/10/1980.   1.5L x 2.25L   Rangiora, near Christchurch, SI, NZ   NthCantRC Black and White Whisky Sprint      1200m.      60.5kg   1.10.8.   Fast, Fav.   Gretna Green 49 2nd Fav. 2nd   Spy Force 54.5 4th Fav. 3rd   NZD 2,540
6th-11   15/11/1980.   ½ nk x 2.5L   Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ   CJC Stewards Hcp      1200m.      61.5kg   1.09.95.   Fast, 4th Fav.   Killjoy 49.5 8th Fav. 1st   Schweppesshire Lad 55 Fav. 2nd   NZD 195
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« 2018-Nov-08, 12:13 PM Reply #1831 »
A huge effort to put that record together, timw.

There's a NZ racing forum which could be worth a try to trace those missing(?) starts, if you haven't already contacted them.


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« 2018-Nov-09, 05:34 AM Reply #1832 »

thanks for the info

racecafe.co.nz have a link to the latest world rankings (posted 4 Nov the day after breeders cup meeting).  Cracksman and Winx are both given 130 and enable who hasn't been beaten for 18 months with 9 from 9 including 2 arcs and a breeders cup turf could only get 125.  On 123 we have Benbatl  (who some pom said is ordinary or something like that) Happy Clapper, Trapeze Artist and Thunder Snow among others). 

Thunder Snow has  had an interesting career to date.  As a 2 he won a group 1 in France.   As a 3YO he was sent to Dubai for a couple of dirt runs before blowing the start in the Kentucky Derby.  Rushed back to Europe for the Irish 2000 guineas and other mile races (he won his second G1 in France on turf and then finished the year with 15th of 15 in his last race at Ascot.  As a 4YO he was sent back to Dubai for 4 starts winning the World Cup on dirt then back to York to run 8th of 8 on turf before going to US where he ran 2 good races on dirt inc Breeders Cup Classic third.  He has won over USD 9m yet seems to be a stable hack at times - perhaps he doesn't like England.     


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« 2018-Nov-20, 07:45 PM Reply #1833 »

Thanks - got a response from racecafe that Grey Way's record is on nzracing (162 starts).  This is surprising as records weren't kept electronically when Grey Way raced so it must have been included some years later and seems to be based on information in New Zealand Turf Registers.  Have found a number of errors.  It also omits one possible start and possibly omits another start to make the 164 starts that NZ racing hall of fame has as the total starts.  In frustration i am off to a library next week to investigate further.     

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« 2018-Nov-21, 08:36 AM Reply #1834 »
Thanks Tim, I'll be interested to see if your research does confirm the 164 starts. Given that Grey Way is in their Hall of Fame, it is surprising that his record is still likely incomplete.

In looking at the footage on the NZ HoF site, he was a striking looking horse and pretty gutsy as well. I notice that his Wikipedia page describes him as "the New Zealand equivalent of Gunsynd" and you can understand why they make that comparison.

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« 2018-Nov-30, 11:19 AM Reply #1835 »
In the interests of anyone looking for comprehensive race records, below is a list of those horses in Tony Arrold's compilations, Champions and More Champions that are not on this site:

Best Western
Black Onyx
Cheyne Walk
Comedy King
Denise's Joy
Divide and Rule
Eskimo Prince
Evening Peal
Even Stevens
Eye Liner
Fine and Dandy
Gold Hope
Martello Towers
Pago Pago
Proud Miss
Ring the Bill
River Seine
Royal Sovereign
Star Shower
Straight Draw
Think Big
Toy Show

Some great gallopers there. Tony Arrold had 144 comprehensive career records in his two books. Dhaulagiri, Igloo and Skyline were the 3 in Champions which contained his best 75. The others were in More Champions.

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« 2018-Nov-30, 05:14 PM Reply #1836 »
Does Arrold have Paris' full record ?

For what it is worth I have the records of many of those in my collection but not :

Best Western
Black Onyx
Cheyne Walk
Eskimo Prince
Eye Liner

Gold Hope
Martello Towers

Pago Pago

Proud Miss
Ring the Bill
River Seine
Royal Sovereign
Star Shower

The one's in bold I have access to mainly through Peter Pring's work but I haven't bothered transcribing them because some fall short of my mark.  Good horses everyone of them but I have to draw the line somewhere.  Obvious exceptions are Imagele and Matrice.

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« 2018-Nov-30, 08:14 PM Reply #1837 »
Tonto, he has only included Paris' Australian record (46 10/4/4). It's the same for other horses with overseas starts, like Crisp.

Arrold states in his introduction that he has included "even horses which, while never claimed in championship class, had rare and admired qualities - performers such as the evergreen sprinter Zambari, the aptly named weight carrier Samson and the durable River Seine".

Both were great books when they came out in the early 80s, although there were some idiosyncratic choices (Star Shower).

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« 2018-Nov-30, 09:39 PM Reply #1838 »
Winooka is interesting horse on the list.  He went to the US towards the the end of 1933.  He returned to Australia to race in the Spring of 1933 and then went back to the US in the Autumn of 1934.  He returned to Australia to race in the Spring of 1934.  I was only able to find scant details of about 4 starts in the USA.  His only win in the US may have been at Pimlico in Nov 1933.  I gave up at that point.   

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« 2018-Nov-30, 10:42 PM Reply #1839 »
Don't we have Winooka ? 

I can fix that ...


1928 bay horse
Windbag - Kanooka
Bred by Percy Miller, Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW
Owned by HC Taylor then Bill MacDonald & Joe Matthews   Cost ; 290gns
Trained by M.Poison
Managed in the USA by Rufe Naylor

1.35¾ ANZ mile record - Randwick 1933 Doncaster Hcp
1.24¼ Caulfield 7f record - 1933 Futurity Stakes
1.10¼ Flemington 6f record - 1933 Leonard Stakes

39 starts  15 wins  7 seconds  6 thirds

Win : 38.5%  Place : 71.8%  Range : 6f to 8f  Average Win :  6.5f
Principal Race Wins : 5  PR wins/all starts : 12.8%  Win Seq : 7

  30 starts 11 wins 6 seconds 5 thirds      9 starts 4 wins 1 second 1 third     


Upl 1/11/30  QTC Hopeful Sks 5f, 8.10, 6/1, Dazzling 8.10 1st, 1.02.0
WON 21/3/31 Ascot QTC Nursery Hcp 6f  8.2   5/1  x 4 lens  Soumise 7.11 2nd  1.13.0


WON 28/9/31 Hawkesbury 3YO Hcp 6f  8.7  4/5* x 2 lens Belle Treize 8.9 2nd 1.15.0
WON 10/10/31 Randwick AJC Clibborn Sks 8f  8.7 5/4= Flying Dave  8.4 2nd 1.38.0
9th 3/11/31 Flemington VRC Railway Highweight 6f  10.1 9/4*  Bold Bid 9.4 1st 1.13¾
5th 7/11/31 Flemington VRC Batman Handicap 8f  8.12 7/2 Dermid 8.4 1st 1.38¾
2ND 6/2/32 Rosehill 3YO Handicap 7f 9.7 10/1 Whittingham 7.11 1st x 1¼lens 1.25½
2ND 27/2/32 Fleminton VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f  8.2 10/1 Lady Linden 8.4 1st x ½len 1.12.0
2ND 19/3/32 WarwickFarm AJC Liverpool Handicap 6f 8.9 2/1* Tom Pinch 9.3 1st x shtnk 1.13½
7th 26/3/32 Randwick AJC Doncaster Hcp 8f  8.3 8/1 Jacko 6.10 1st 1.37¼
3RD30/3/32 Randwick AJC All Aged Stakes 8f  8.6 33/1 Violoncello 8.6 1st Waterline 2nd lngnk x head 1.38.0


WON 17/9/32 Rosehill RRC Camelia Stakes 7f 8.9 15/1 Sir Duninald 9.1 2nd x 2 lens 1.26¼
3RD1/10/32 Randwick AJC Epsom handicap 8f  9.0 7/1 Chatham 8.13 1st Rogilla 8.4 2nd ½len x 2 len 1.37.0
WON 22/10/32 Moonee Valley MVRC Dundonald Hcp 6f 9.11 6/4* Ibrani 7.13 2nd x 1½len 1.15.0
2ND 29/10/32 Flemington VRC Cantala Stakes 8f  8.13 7/1 Denis Boy 9.1 1st x 2½lens  1.39¼
3RD3/11/32 Flemington VRC Linlithgow Stakes 8f  8.7  Chatham 9.7 1st 3lens x neck 1.38¼
2ND 20/2/33 Caulfield VATC Oakleigh Plate 5½f 8.9 20/1 Ibrani 7.13 1st x head 1.4¾
WON 25/2/33 Caulfield VATC Futurity Stakes 7f 9.0 5/2* Kuvera 2nd; x 3 lens 1.24¼ (c.rec)
4th 4/3/33 Flemington VRC Newmarket Handicap 6f  9.9 4/1*  Waltzing Lily 8.9 1st  1.13¼
(a broken barrier strand sprung back and hit Winooka in the head and caused Jim Pike to lose his irons. Winooka recovered to run a fast finishing fourth a half length from the winner)
WON 11/3/33 Flemington VRC Leonard Stakes 6f  10.0  5/4* Parkwood 9.4 2nd x2½lens 1.10¼ (c.rec)
WON 20/3/33 Moonee Valley MVRC Quality Handicap 6f 9.0  4/7* Parkwood 7.11 2nd; x 3 lens 1.13¾
WON  15/4/33 Randwick AJC Doncaster Handicap 8f  9.13  3/1* Jacko 8.3 2nd;  1½lens 1.35¾ (ANZ rec)
WON 19/4/33 Randwick AJC All Aged Stakes 8f  9.0 1/6* Tom Pinch 8.12 2nd; x 5lens; 1.37¼
WON 22/4/33 Randwick AJC CW Cropper Plate 6f 9.0 1/12* Greenline 8.11 2nd; x 5lens 1.13¼

(Trip to Brisbane is cancelled when Winooka is allocated 11.2 in the Doomben Newmarket)

31 May 1933 : Winooka departed for the USA on the Monterey in the company of strapper Harry Sullivan


WON 29/7/33 Tanforan $5000 Match Race 5f  8.8 3/5* Hueu 7.7 2nd; x 2 lens 1.00.4

At FIVE YEARS (by Southern time)
WON  16/9/33 LongAcres (Seattle) $5,000 Match Race 6f  1/3*  On Rush 2nd; x 5 lengths 1.14 (heavy)
Last  (of 5) 25/10/33 Laurel Park Challenger Invitational 6f  8.8 9/10*  Mate 8.8 1st beaten 10lens 1.12.8
3RD 27/10/33 Laurel Park $1000 Westover Handicap 6f  7/2   Springsteel 1st; 1.11.6
WON 1/11/33 Pimlico $5000 Baltimore Handicap 8.8 6/4* Goldstep 8.5 2nd  x neck  1.11.2
WON 5/11/33 Pimlico Autumn Handicap 6f 2/1* Goldstep 2nd Good Advice 3rd; 1.11.0
Last (of 4) Belmont Park International Speed Test NY 6f 8.8 9/10*  Sgt Byrne 7.3 1st; beaten 4 lens 1.11.4
2ND 16/5/34 Churchill Downs Antipodes Purse 6f  8.10 1/1* x sht½ head  Lady Ebony 1st; 1.13.4 (heavy)
8th (of 9) 24/5/34   Homewood (Chicago) Washington Park Handicap 6f  3/5* Isaiah 1st; 1.12.0 (muddy)

13/8/34 Winooka arrives back in Sydney


7th 29/12/34 Randwick AJC Carrington Stakes 6f  10.5 8/1  Dame Moad 7.5 1st; 1.11¾
2ND 16/2/35 Caulfield VATC Oakleigh Plate 5½f 10.5 9/2 Arachne 8.11 1st; x 2½lens 1.06.0
3RD 23/2/35 Caulfield VATC Futurity Stakes 7f  5/4*    Heros & Synagouge =1st; dead heat x 1½lens, 1.25.0
4th 2/3/35 Flemington VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f 10.1 5/1 Count Ito 8.3 1st;  ½len x 2½len  1.12¨½
3RD 6/4/35 Rosehill RRC Elizabeth Farm Hcp 7f  9.13 9/4* High 7.7 1st; 2 lens x 2 lens 1.25.0
Last 20/4/35 Randwick AJC Doncaster Handicap 8f  9.13 12/1 Hall Mark 9.8 1st; 1.37½ (protest dismissed)

Winooka was galloped on and broke down at the top the straight.

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« 2018-Dec-01, 03:29 AM Reply #1840 »
Never heard of this guy and I thought I knew that period reasonably.

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« 2018-Dec-01, 07:05 AM Reply #1841 »
Eskimo Prince, Eye Liner, Martello Towers, Pago Pago and Proud Miss are excellent examples of stars that burned brightly but oh so briefly during their time on the Australian Turf,  On the other hand on that list we have River Seine (and,not on the list, his more-or-less contemporary Russia) who raced on and on just below the real champion level for season after season.

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« 2018-Dec-01, 08:46 AM Reply #1842 »
Spot on about River Seine, Brian. Others from that era like Grand Print, Craftsman, Yangtze and Prince Grant for example, just seemed to keep on keeping on year after year.

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« 2018-Dec-01, 08:50 AM Reply #1843 »
Winooka's Doncaster win was an exceptional one with 63kgs and in record time. Was he the only top-class horse to go from Australia to the USA and to return to continue racing?

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« 2018-Dec-01, 08:55 AM Reply #1844 »
Winooka kind of got lost in the long shadow of Phar Lap but he was big news in his day.  The trip to America had expectations of a showdown with Equipoise that was always on the cards but never eventuated.  His Autumn campaign in 1933 would have to rate as probably the best from a  sprinter/miler with three course records and an Australasian mile record, extended margins and a Doncaster win with 63kg. 

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« 2018-Dec-01, 04:22 PM Reply #1845 »
Just a note that the latest in the Kings of the Turf series has just been put up online, this time the fascinating story of George Hanlon and Taras Bulba. Great reading!


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« 2018-Dec-25, 09:38 PM Reply #1846 »
I have updated Grey Way's race record.  I am still not entirely happy with the detail for the reasons stated in the introduction to the race record above.  There is one thing I think I have got right and that is that Grey Way had 162 starts and not another number mentioned by some sources referred to in my introduction to the race record.  The NZ racing hall of fame video has 164 starts and I think it is embarrassing if they have got it wrong.   Thanks also owed to Sean who I met at the library doing research who I think contacted one of the Kelly's of Bloodhound.net who sent me a copy of their Grey Way record gratis.   Sean wanted to know where he could get his hands on detailed French racing records.  I told told him I thought the national library in Paris should have them in some form (not very helpful) but if anyone knows anything about local records I will pass it on.  I will continue to update Grey Way's record as information comes to hand.

Merry Xmas

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« 2018-Dec-26, 11:31 PM Reply #1847 »
Merry Xmas Tim.

I am not sure exactly what Sean is chasing but http://www.france-galop.com/en/horses-and-people/horses is a good place to start.

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« 2018-Dec-27, 09:23 AM Reply #1848 »
Tim, that's shown great persistence to finally nail down Grey Way's starts.  Grey Way's is a remarkable record of longevity and he deserves his place in the NZ Hall of Fame. Given their access to the New Zealand Turf Registers and to the need to simply count the number of starts from the index, it's surprising the Hall of Fame haven't bothered checking his record, but it seems they share the same indifference to historical accuracy as their counterparts on this side of the Tasman. Still, their site is a great resource, interesting to visit and a lot of work has gone into the videos; besides it's not the season to be curmudgeonly.

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Not sure where this can be verified but the placegetters in Schillaci's maiden were Mavournae and Colonial Melbourne.  I only remember this because Mavournae went on to be smart in her own right and her wins included the 1992 Rubiton Stakes (Colonial Melbourne never rose to any great heights).
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