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Thanks Tontonan. I hadn't seen that detail about Bayly and his both short and long-sighted attitudes towards thoroughbreds. Jorrocks screams out for a book! I certainly wouldn't disagree with his 8x HOTY between 1843 and 1850.

I've been working through his racing record, as i know some others have, and it would seem possible to come up with something close to accurate but whether it could ever be definitive is another story! It's a matter of cross-referencing and removing some of the "best guesses" in contemporary sources. Checking it through thoroughly would be a holiday job for me!

Cossack, the "invincible Russian", reads like the first "modern" colonial horse. He's more like The Barb and Fishhook than his early 1850s contemporaries. Would love to see your record of his career.

Here's Sportsman's record and below him, that of his brother, Sampson. Between August 1852 and September 1854 Sportsman won 21 out of 22 starts and the only one he didn't win was when his brother was "declared". Sampson was probably the second-best horse in the colony for a while but became a "cash-cow' at minor country meets for a succession of owners post-1855.

Jorrocks-Cossack-Sportsman-Veno would seem to be the absolute champions before the start of the "modern" era from 1859(!?)


28 starts, 23 wins, 1 second, 4 unplaced

1851-1852 (3yo)
5 starts, 2/-/-/3

1st – 28/4/1852 Windsor Maiden Plate £40, once round and a distance, 2 heats, Sportsman won both, 2nd Fly
1st – 30/4/1852 Windsor St Leger £30, 1½ miles, 2nd Surplice, head
Unpl – 2/6/1852 Homebush Metropolitan Maiden Plate 100sovs, 1st The Brewer, 3min 23sec
Unpl – 4/6/1852 Homebush Queen’s Plate, 100sovs, 3 miles, (2yo – 5st 12lb, 3yo – 7st 2lb, 4yo – 9st 2lb, 5yo – 10st, 6yo and aged – 10st 4lb, mares and geldings allowed 3lb), 1st Cossack, 6min 1sec,
Unpl – 4/6/1852 Homebush Welter Stakes, 3 miles, 1st Sampson, 6min 6sec

1852-1853 (4yo)
10 starts, 9/1/-/-

1st – 12/8/1852 Singleton St Patrick’s Plains Glenridding Purse (£25) 1½ miles, 2 heats, 2nd Bessy Bedlam
1st – 26/8/1852 Maitland St Leger, 1½ miles, 2 heats, 2nd Hebe, second WO
1st – 7/10/1852 Homebush Drapers’ Races Drapers’ Purse (100sovs to winner), once round, 2nd Bronzewing, 3min 21sec, 6 lengths
2nd – 8/10/1852 Homebush Drapers’ Meeting the Finish Sweepstakes (50sovs), once round, 1st Samson
1st – 9/11/1852 Braidwood Welter Stakes (£300, three times around the course, 2nd Tam O’Shanter
1st – 11/11/1852 Braidwood Diggers’ Purse, 2nd Cinderella
1st – 29/4/1853 Windsor Australian Plate (40sovs), mile and a distance, 2nd Sir Charles, 2min 16sec,
1st – 1/6/1853 Homebush Welter Stakes, 3 miles, 2nd Jack Shepherd, 6min 20sec
1st – 3/6/1853 Homebush Queen’s Plate, 3 miles, wfa, (9st 2lb), 2nd Samson 5min 55½ sec
1st – 19/7/1853 Newcastle Publicans’ Purse (40sovs), 2 miles, 2 heats, 2nd Clementina, 2nd heat WO

1853-1854 (5yo)
9 starts, 9/-/-/-

1st – 29/9/1853 Homebush Match Race for £1500 wfa 1½ miles, vs Cooramin (3yo), 2min 56 sec, 20 lengths “hard held”
1st – 6/10/1853 Homebush Drapers’ Spring Meeting Champion Hcp (200sovs), twice around and a distance (9st 3lb), 2nd Sampson, 5min 20sec, 3 lengths
1st – 21/2/1854 Goulburn Town Plate (£75), twice around the course, 2 heats, 2nd Muleyson, length, half a neck
1st – 23/2/1854 Goulburn County Stakes (£100), twice around d the course, 2 heats, 2nd (first heat) Seducer, 2nd (second heat) Muleyson
1st – 23/2/1854 Goulburn Forced Hcp, twice around the course, 2nd Vanity
1st – 31/5/1854 Homebush Stakes (75sovs), once around, 2 heats, 2nd Sampson, 2 lengths, 1 length, 2min 30sec, 2min 31sec
1st – 2/6/1854 Homebush Queen’s Plate (100sovs), 2nd Cooramin, 5min 55sec, 10-12 lengths
1st – 2/6/1854 Homebush Forced Hcp, once round, (9st 8lb), 2nd Volunteer, length “well held”
1st – 7/6/1854 Homebush Match Race for £1000 a side wfa 1½ miles, vs Cooramin, 2min 58sec, 1½ lengths

1854-1855 (6yo)
4 starts, 3/-/-/1

1st – 5/9/1854 Mudgee Town Plate (150sovs), 2 miles, two heats, 2nd Vanguard
1st – 6/9/1854 Mudgee Cudgegong Purse (75sovs), 3miles and a distance, 2nd Tocul
1st – 7/9/1854 Mudgee Publicans’ Purse (100sovs), twice round the course, 2 heats, 2nd Planet
Unpl – 13/3/1855 Flemington Queen’s Plate (200sovs), wfa, 1st I Want It, 6min 3sec Sportsman broke down during the race on a “very macadamised” track

SAMPSON (aka Samson) 1848

At least 58 starts with 43 wins

1850-1851 (3yo)
1 start – 1/-/-/-

1st – 18/6/1851 Dungog Purse (£20), 2miles, 2 heats, 2nd Panther, 3min 59sec, 4min 2sec

1851-1852 (4yo)
9 starts 5/1/2/1

1st – 27/8/1851 Singleton St Patrick’s Plains Purse (£30), two miles, 2 heats, 2nd Lieutenant, 3min 57sec, 3min 59sec
1st – 29/8/1851 Singleton Publicans Purse (£50) 2 miles, 2 heats, 2nd Pasha, 4 min 7½ sec, 4min
1st – 9/9/1851 Maitland Town Plate (£50), 2 miles, 2 heats, 2nd Pasha, 3min 59sec, 3min 57sec
1st – 28/4/1852 Windsor All-Aged Stakes £40, twice around, 2 heats, 2nd Plover, 2 lengths, close struggle, 4min 3sec, 4min 1sec
2nd – 30/4/1852 Windsor Richmond Purse £40, wfa, 3 miles, 1st Vanity
3rd – 2/6/1852 Homebush Australian Plate 50 sovs, twice round, 1st Plover, 5min 12sec
Unpl – 4/6/1852 Homebush Queen’s Plate, 100sovs, 3 miles, (2yo – 5st 12lb, 3yo – 7st 2lb, 4yo – 9st 2lb, 5yo – 10st, 6yo and aged – 10st 4lb, mares and geldings allowed 3lb), 1st Cossack, 6min 1sec
1st – 4/6/1852 Homebush Welter Stakes, 3 miles, 2nd Almack, 6min 6sec, dozen lengths
3rd – 4/6/1852 Homebush Forced Hcp, twice round, 1st Plover

1852-1853 (5yo)
14 starts 12/2/-/-

1st – 11/8/1852 Singleton St Patrick’s Plains Purse (£50), 2 heats, 2nd Sappho
1st – 13/8/1852 Singleton Publicans’ Purse (£30), 2 miles, two heats, 2nd Wentworth
1st – 25/8/1852 Maitland Town Plate £50, two miles, 2 heats, 2nd Sluggard, WO second heat
2nd – 27/8/1852 Maitland Purse, 2 miles, 2 heats, 1st Wentworth, length, 3-4 lengths
1st – 7/10/1852 Homebush Drapers’ Meeting Metropolitan Hcp (100sovs), twice round and a distance, (8st 5lb), 2nd Vanity, 5min 25sec, dozen lengths
1st – 8/10/1852 Homebush Drapers’ Meeting the Finish Sweepstakes (50sovs), once round, 2nd Sportsman (Sampson “declared to win”)
1st – 9/11/1852 Braidwood Town Plate (£50), twice around the course, 2 heats, 2nd Cinderella
1st – 11/11/1852 Braidwood Publicans Purse 2 heats 2nd Royal Oak
1st – 27/4/1853 Windsor All Aged Stakes, 2miles, 2 heats, won both, 2nd Plover, 4min 9sec, 4min 17sec
1st – 29/4/1853 Windsor Richmond Purse, 3 miles, 2nd Jack Shepherd
1st – 1/6/1853 Homebush Australian Plate (50sovs), twice round the course, 2nd Little John, 5min 14sec, “easily”
1st – 1/6/1853 Homebush Ladies’ Purse (50sovs), once around the course, 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Cossack, 20 lengths, 2min 29sec
1st - 3/6/1853 Homebush Corinthian Stakes (Gentlemen Riders), twice round, (11st 11lb), 2nd Jack Shepherd
2nd – 3/6/1853 Homebush Queen’s Plate, 3 miles, wfa, (9st 11lb), 1st Sportsman, 5min 55½ sec,

1853-1854 (6yo)
7 starts 4/2/1/-

2nd – 6/10/1853 Homebush Drapers’ Spring Meeting Champion Hcp (200sovs), twice around and a distance (10st), 1st Sportsman, 5min 20sec, 3 lengths
1st – 6/10/1853 Homebush Metropolitan Hcp (100sovs), (9st 9lb), 2nd Little John 3min 15sec, length “hard held”
1st – 21/2/1854 Goulburn Welter Stakes, 3 times around the course, 2nd Irish Kate, close finish
1st – 22/2/1854 Goulburn Publicans’ Purse (£50), twice around the course, 2 heats, second heat WO, 2nd Warratah
1st – 23/2/1854 Goulburn Ladies’ Purse, once around the course and a distance, 2 heats, 2nd Black Ball, second heat WO
2nd – 31/5/1854 Homebush Stakes (75sovs), once around, 2 heats, 1st Sportsman, 2 lengths, 1 length, 2min 30sec, 2min 31sec
3rd – 2/6/1854 Homebush Queen’s Plate (100sovs), 1st Sportsman, 2nd Cooramin, 5min 55sec, 10-12 lengths

1854-1855 (7yo)
4 starts 2/1/1/-

1st – 2/8/1854 Singleton Patrick’s Plains Purse (£40), 2 miles, two heats, 2nd Cato, “a made-up race”, the other two only being entered as a ‘matter of form”
1st – 4/8/1854 Singleton Town Plate (£60), 3 miles, 2nd Venison, 2 lengths
2nd – 5/10/1854 Homebush Drapers’ Meeting Champion Handicap, twice around and a distance, 1st Volunteer, 5min 11sec
3rd – 5/10/1854 Homebush Metropolitan Hcp (£100), 1st Volunteer, 2nd Cooramin

Disputed ownership and court cases seem to have stopped him running in 1855

1855-1856 (8yo)
11 starts 10/1/-/-

2nd – 5/2/1856 Beechworth Publicans’ Purse (£100), twice around, 3 heats, 1st Orlando, Sampson 2nd, 1st, 2nd , 1st heat 3min 58sec
1st – 6/2/1856 Beechworth Miners’ Purse (£100), 3 times round, 2nd Mosstrooper
1st – 7/2/1856 Beechworth Town plate (£100) 2 miles and a distance, 2nd Stranger
1st – 18/3/1856 Mulwalla Squatters Purse (50sovs), twice round the course, 2 heats, 2nd Stranger
1st – 19/3/1856 Mulwalla Publicans’ Purse,(50sovs), twice around the course, 2 heats, 2nd St John
1st – 8/4/1856 Albury Publicans’ Purse (60sovs), twice round and a distance, 2nd Orlando, 5min 14sec
1st – 10/4/1856 Albury Town plate (100sovs), 2 miles and a distance, 2heats, 2nd Mosstrooper, both heats won in 4min 9sec
1st – 10/4/1856 Albury Squatters’ Purse (40sovs), 3 miles, (11st 11lb), 2nd Orlando, 6min 24sec
1st – 26/6/1856 Beechworth Birthday Races Birthday Plate (100sovs), twice around, 3 heats, 2nd mosstrooper
1st – 26/6/1856 Beechworth Ladies’ Purse (60sovs), WO from another horse from his owner (Robert Brown)
1st – 27/6/1856 Beechworth Stakes (75sovs), once round and a distance, 2nd Electricity

1856-1857 (9yo)
5 starts 2/3/-/-

1st – 19/11/1856 Flemington Victoria Plate (150sovs) 3 miles, 2nd Hotspur, 6mins, 2½ lengths
1st – 20/11/1856 Flemington Victoria Turf Club Cup (100sovs), 3 miles, 2nd Rose of May, 6min 17sec, 10 lengths
2nd – 21/11/1856 Flemington Sweepstakes, 3 miles, 1st Hotspur, 6min, short half-head
2nd – 16/12/1856 Ballarat Town Stakes (100sovs), 3 miles, 1st Alice Hawthorne, 6min 49sec
2nd – 17/12/1856 Ballarat Ladies’ Purse (50sovs), once around the course, 1st Camel, 2 lengths

1857-1858 (10yo)
At least 7 starts 7/-/-/-

1st – /11/1857 Wagga Publicans’ Purse (75sovs) 2 miles, 2 heats, 2nd Tallyho
1st – /11/1857 Wagga Town Plate (100sovs), 2 miles, 2 heats, 2nd Alpha

March 1858 2 races won at Ten Mile Creek

“The sporting owner of Sampson, unable to resist the opportunity which offered itself of picking up a few sovereigns by taking this crack animal to run against a few stock horses at a small country meeting completely succeeded in spoiling the whole affair” Races on the second day cancelled (The Border Post)

He then won 3 races at Goulburn in May but lameness seems to have forced his retirement

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1847 chestnut horse
Sir Hercules - Flora McIvor
Bred by Thomas Icely
Owned by John Tait
Trained by Noah Beale

16 starts : 13 wins 2 seconds 1 third


AT TWO YEARS 1848-49
22 Mar1849   Won   Bathurst   £20    2YO Trial Sks   once round   x several lengths   7.0   Hazard   2.13.0
13 Apl 1849   2nd   Hawkesbury   40sov    2YO Trial Sks   once around   3rd in 1st heat, 2nd in 2nd heat   7.0   Black Swan   1.59.0
16 May1849   Won   Homebush   50sov/10 ea    AJC 2yo Trial Sks   once around    easy winner'   7.7   The Nun 2nd   2.37.0
02 Jun 1849   Won Parramatta   40sov/5ea    Members Purse (2yo)   1 mile   x 20 lengths   7.13   Black Swan   2.02.0
AT THREE YEARS 1849-50   
11 Apr1850      withdrawn from Richmond Purse                      
29 May1850    Won   Homebush   50sov/10ea    AJC St Leger   12 furlongs   won with the least exertion'   8.7   Sir Charles   2.55.x
AT FOUR YEARS 1850-51   
29 May1851   Won   Homebush   £50/£5ea    Homebush AJC Australian Plate   twice around   x 3 lengths   WFA   Muleyson   5.10.0
30 May1851   Won   Homebuish   100sov    AJC Queens Plate   3 miles   x 2 lengths 'untouched'   9.2   Little John   6.05.0
12 Sep1851   Won   Mudgee   30sov    Mudgee Town Plate   twice around, heats   Won both heats x length   WFA   Wentworth   4.00.0
14 Sep1851   Won   Mudgee   30sov    Mudgee Publicans Purse    three times round      WFA + 7lbs pen   Wentworth   6.01.0
01 Oct 1851   Won   Homebush   100sov    Draper's Subscription Plate    3 miles   x 20 yards   9.3   Plover   ??
      Tait declines an offer of £500                      
09 Oct 1851   Won   Parramatta   40sov/5ea    Parramatta Plate   2 miles   a runaway race'   9.0   Plover   3.56.0
03 Mar1852   2nd   Bathurst   100sov/£5ea    Gold Diggers Purse   twice around   distanced ***see notes***   WFA   Little John   
05 Mar1852   Won    Bathurst   75sov/5sov ea    Bathurst Town Plate    three times round   cantered in by a dozen lengths'   WFA   Little john   
      withdrawn from Australian Plate and saved for the Ladies Purse later in the day                     
02 Jun 1852   Won    Homebush    40sov/5ea    AJC Ladies Plate   once round   won 'with great ease'   9.8   Young Plover   
04 Jun 1852   Won    Homebush    100sov    AJC Queens Plate   3 miles   x 1½ lengths   10.0   Plover   6.01.0
AT SIX YEARS  1952-53   
      Tait sold a half share in the horse to Charles Roberts but the agreement was never settled **see notes**                     
      April 1853 sold at auction to disolved the partnership to Charles Roberts for £455      
01 Jun 1853   3rd   Homebush        AJC Ladies Purse   once round      9.12   Sampson   

      At his first race in the sole ownership of Roberts Cossack broke down and never raced again.                     

*** In the Gold Diggers Purse at Bathurst in March 1852 Cossack endured a rare and unusual defeat.  The running at Bathurst was obscured by bushes and on the second lap Cossack led little John in behind the bushes but when they emerged into view again Little John was alone and Cossack was bolting through the scrub in the direction of Bathurst. Cossack had never shown signs of bolting before and had always been the truest of horses and there was all manner of rumour and disaffection and accusation.  Tait objected to stewards and pointed at the jockey implying the rider had pulled Cossack.  The owner of Little John sued Bell's Life for offence taken from what seemed to be fairly regular skepticism from a turf reporter.  Stewards said they didn't have enough evidence to pin anything on the rider and the result stood.  Two days later Cossack beat Little John in a canter by a dozen lengths.

** Before undertaking to train his own horses Tait's team was prepared by Noah Beale.  Following the Homebush meeting in the Spring of 1852 Tait agreed to sell a half share in Cossack to leading owner breeder Charles Roberts and the horse moved to Robert's Wallgrove Stud.  But Robert's never settled his agreement with Tait and it was decided to move Cossack to stables in Parramatta.  Robert's agreed and apparently consented to the move and even chose the horses lodgings at Parramatta.  However when Beale took Cossack from Wallgrove Robert's confronted him and demanded he hand the horse over.  Beale refused so Roberts obtained a warrant to have Beale arrested for horse stealing !  

John Tait arrived and told the court that Roberts was only nominally part owner of the horse as he had never settled, and that Noah Beale was his servant and  and Roberts had neither the right to take the horse or imprison his servant.  The court agreed and Beale was discharged.  Needless to say that was the end of what remained of the partnership and Cossack was put to auction to dissolve it. Cossack was knocked down to Roberts for £455.  Noah Beale sued Roberts for false imprisonment and won the case and an award of £50 damages.

Cossack retired to a successful stud career.  His progeny included -

Cossack (x Dora) winner of the 1865 AJC Queens Plate
Falcon winner of the 1866 All Aged Stakes and placegetter behind The Barb in the 1866 Melbourne Cup
Moselle winner of the 1870 AJC St Leger
Queen of Clubs dam of the 1868 Melbourne Cup winner Glencoe
Sir Solomon winner of the 1867 Dioncaster Hcp
Talleyrand winner of the Australian Champion Sweepstakes and 2 AJC Grand Handicaps, and
The Don winner of the 1859 AJC St Leger
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Has Reading 1936 got an entry on these pages ? He was obviously a tip top 3yo of his era.

He along with Noholme ( sire of Nodouble) have their names in neon lights in the pedigree of the worlds best galloper for 2014 so far Just A Way.

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Funny you should mention that Authorized.  Although my table identifies Reading as the leading 3YO of 1939-40 he is also on my problem list because he is of the same age as High Caste who I have named as the leading horse of the year in 1939-40 - so naming Reading as leading 3YO is cheating.  But how do you leave out a horse who won -

   1939    AJC Sires' Produce Stakes    Pr
   1939    AJC Derby    Pr
   1939    VRC Victoria Derby    Pr
   1940    AJC Chipping Norton Stakes    Pr
   1940    AJC St Leger Stakes    Pr
   1940    VRC St Leger Stakes    Pr
   1941    CPRC Canterbury Stakes    Pr

I don't have his record as yet ( but compiling it should not be an issue ) but I haven't been able to find a decent picture of the horse yet which is annoying.  I did some preliminary newspaper research on him a while back.

 He goes to the USA in the middle of the war and sports reporting is a bit more limited in wartime and I haven't been able to track down his American record.  I wasn't aware of his contribution to the pedigree of Just A Way but there is a strong Australian flavour to it.  Not only do Reading and Noholme feature so does Wiggle.  I suppose it underlines the American connection of the mid 20th century particularly through the period of 'the Jersey Law' that excluded colonial bred horses from the General Studbook.

(Having said that Reading, Noholme and Wiggle are all 'clean bred' so that influence of the Jersey Law can be overstated but it certainly coincided with the period in which Australian thoroughbred exports to Britain dramatically diminish and exports to the USA markedly increase).

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Cossack, the "invincible Russian", reads like the first "modern" colonial horse. He's more like The Barb and Fishhook than his early 1850s contemporaries.

Totally agree.

 In 1850 the sun is setting on the career of not only Jorrocks but many of the other old 'half bred' Anglo/Arabian horses and Cossack is the rising star of the thoroughbred era.  It's not that simple of course.  Nothing is known of Sportsman's maternal line beyond his second dam who was a (Bay) Camerton mare and nothing is known of Samson's pedigree at all.

 The 'half breds' remain influential for a while yet but their influence diminishes   The 'superiority of the thoroughbred' (or perhaps the 'pure bred') was not an argument that was completely resolved when the GSB became a closed shop.

One of the characteristics of the thoroughbred is that it matures quickly.  When Whisker won the Governors Cup in the early 1830's Sir John Jamieson (a most fair minded sportsman) protested that Bayly's colt couldn't only be three years old as he had laid waste to the older more seasoned colonials and must have been grossly advantaged at the weights.  But Whisker's bona fides were impeccable.  He was simply a well advanced, well bred youngster - and something of a revelation to the NSW breeders.

Henry Bayly wasn't the only man to declare that the future belonged to the thoroughbred.  Men like Thomas Icely knew it all along (although he bred his fair share of halfs).  He imported Manto, perhaps the first TB mare in NSW, he bred Flora McIvor and he stood Sir Hercules for a time after the death of the remarkable Charley Smith.

Charley Smith of Beefsteak Corner picked a pocket or two too many and was sentenced to 14 years and transported to NSW where he married and was assigned to his wife (and we all know how that feels).  The Smiths established a butchery in Sydney that was so successful that they ended up owning a 'city block' in Sydney town (known as Beefsteak corner) and had 9 assigned servants - all before Charley had done his time !

 They also cultivated connections up and down the Sydney social ladder, and Charley indulged his passion for race horses ( and riding them).  Charley wasn't discharged from his sentence until he had served 13 years by which time he had arranged to acquire Icely's Bungarribee Stud at Doonside which he devoted exclusively to the breeding of thoroughbreds.  He imported stock and bred them up and his name is written over the pedigree of virtually every decent horse bred in NSW because in 1833 he bought out the stockholders of the stallion Rous Emigrant and in 1843 he bred the mighty Sir Hercules.

There is admittedly only one reference to the story (and that in the NZ press) but it seems that Charley was so taken with the young Sir Hercules he did not bother with racing him in NSW but rather booked him a passage to England.  A box was built and all provisions made for the trip but on the eve of the ships departure Charley died.  The trip was cancelled. Thomas Icely brought the young stallion from Smith's estate and stood him at Coombing Park before selling him to Henry Redwood of New Zealand along with a good part of his harem including Flora (and her foal at foot Zoe) in 1852.

Charley's funeral was one of the biggest Sydney had ever seen.  The mourners included the highest and lowest of Sydney society including the kids from the orphanage and what remained of the Aboriginals of Sydney who had all appreciated Charley's generosity. 

There had been a saying 'No one need ever go hungry while Charley Smith is in Sydney'.

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Just a quick note on Reading's American connection:

Reading was purchased in 1941 by Louis B. Mayer of MGM fame. He was to debut at Santa Anita in early 1942 but those races were cancelled because of the War. He finished 10th in his first race at Belmont Park May 17th, then 3rd same month, same track behind the Kentucky Derby winner Shut Out. Mayer sent him to Chicago and there he won the $5000 Green Velvet Hcp at Arlington Park in July which was apparently his last race as he broke down soon afterwards and was put to stud. In 1946 he was standing at $1000 and was booked-out two seasons ahead.

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Thanks for posting Cossack's record, Tontonan. It wasn't just what he won but the way he won that set him apart from his contemporaries!

Also liked the story of Charley Smith. The turf attracted some fascinating figures in the 19th century and it is remarkable to see how many transported convicts ended up doing well for themselves (9 servants!)

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Fantastic job on the OP Matt.   emthup

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Thanks PP7.

Has anybody got the racing record of Rainbird ? She was a Melbourne Cup winner who become one of Australia's great taproot mares. She is the ancestress of some wonderful race horses including the famous Tennessee line of mares.

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Cheers for the Index   :beer:
Record by Millers Guide stripped of format to fit.

She is from Colonial Family 7, the same as Lady Trenton her 5th dam, tracing back to Maid of the Lake (1850 pedigree unknown).  Bred and owned by 'The Lucky Reids' who won Melbourne Cups with Rainbird, Gatum Gatum and Rain Lover at their first three attempts.

1941 chestnut mare
The Buzzard GB - Sequonia
Bred by Malcolm Reid
Raced by Clifford Reid
Trained by Sam Evans

47 starts ; 8 wins 7 seconds  6 thirds

1943-44   At TWO YEARS

18-Mar   UNP   of   19   Moonee Valley   Hollymount Hcp   6 fur   C Sanderson   7.3   --   Propontis   7.7   01:16.2
1-Apr   7TH   of   18   Moonee Valley   Juvenile Hcp   6 fur   C Sanderson   7.7   8-1   Propontis   8.13   01:16.5
10-Apr   UNP   of   24   Flemington   Juvenile Hcp   6 fur   W Beresford   7.7   10-1   Reperio   8.3   01:14.5
22-Apr   2ND   of   12   Mentone   Avon Hcp   7 fur   C Sanderson   7.1   8-1   Provoke   8.4   01:28.5
6-May   3RD   of   20   Moonee Valley   Essendon Hcp   6 fur   C Sanderson   7.4   2-1 f   Lady Tempest   7.4   01:21.5
3-Jun   5TH   of   13   Flemington   Rothsay Hcp   7 fur   C Sanderson   7.5   4-1   Big Sister   7.12   01:31.2

1944-45  At THREE YEARS

30-Sep   5TH           of   19   Moonee Valley   Pascoe Hcp   10 fur   C Sanderson   7.4   --   Prating   8.4   02:06.0
21-Oct   4TH           of   15   Caulfield   Burwood Hcp   8 fur   C Sanderson   7.0   6-1   Hartnell   8.1   01:38.7
28-Oct     WON           of   19   Moonee Valley   Greenvale Hcp   8 fur   C Sanderson   7.2   7-1   Antares   7.8   01:41.5
4-Nov   WON           of   15   Flemington   Wakeful Stakes   8 fur   A Breasley   8.9   3-1 f   Comedy Call   7.13   01:41.0
11-Nov    2ND   of   8   Flemington   VRC Oaks   12 fur   A Breasley   8.1   2-1 f   Provoke   8.1   02:35.5
17-Mar   5TH   of   22   Victoria Park   Association Hcp   7 fur   O'Brien   8.3   10-1   Replace   7.6   01:27.2
24-Mar    UNP   of   17   Victoria Park   Govenor's Hcp   10 fur   O'Brien   8.1   5-1   Blankenburg   8.0   02:08.5
31-Mar    5TH   of   19   Morphettville   3yo Hcp   a7 fur   O'Brien   9.5   6-4 f   Sea Patrol   8.11   01:26.7
14-Apr   WON of   8   Morphettville   Elder Stakes   9 fur   H Bastian   8.5   6-1   Trustee   9.2   01:52.7
5-May   UNP   of   18   Cheltenham   Rosatala Hcp   11 fur   H Bastian   8.6   4-1 f   Space   7.3   02:22.0
12-May   WONof   12   Morphettville   St Leger Stakes   a14 fur   H Bastian   8.8   5-4 f   Lashio   8.1   03:06.5
26-May   3RD       of   12   Morphettville   Norrie Hcp   a12 fur   H Bastian   8.4   6-4 f   Space   7.9   02:32.5
2-Jun   10TH    of   24   Victoria Park   Chairman's Hcp   a7 fur   Patching   9.0   12-1   Cacique   8.12   01:26.7
9-Jun   5TH       of   10   Victoria Park   Parkside Stakes   a10 fur   Olsen   8.6   14-1   Royal Decree   8.12   02:07.2
16-Jun   UNP       of   15   Victoria Park   Birthday Cup   a13 fur   Olsen   8.0   8-1   Grampian   7.4   02:47.0

1945-46  At FOUR YEARS

29-Sep   2ND   of   15   Moonee Valley   Corroboree Hcp   8 fur   R Hutchinson   7.3   50-1   Spearmain   8.0   01:38.5
6-Oct   3RD   of   21   Flemington   Stand Hcp   13 fur   S Henry   7.5   12-1   Great Victory   8.3   02:43.7
20-Oct   2ND   of   27   Caulfield   Caulfield Cup   12 fur   R Hutchinson   7.4   12-1   St. Fairy   9.0   02:29.5
27-Oct   5TH   of   16   Moonee Valley   M V Cup   13 fur   H McCloud   7.5   3-1 f   Valcurl   7.9   02:49.5
6-Nov   WON   of   26   Flemington   Melbourne Cup   16 fur   W Cook   7.7   12-1   Silver Link   7.5   03:24.5
22-Dec   2ND   of   12   Cheltenham   Challenge Stakes   a8 fur   O Phillips   9.2   6-1   Sea Patrol   8.5   01:40.0
26-Dec   WON   of   4   Cheltenham   Cheltenham Stakes   a9 fur   R Heather   8.9   4-6 f   Solreal   8.11   01:58.0
29-Dec   WON   of   16   Cheltenham   Port Adelaide Cup   15 fur   R Heather   9.0   2-1   Eudunda   7.4   03:11.7
4-May   UNP   of   15   Mentone   Leicester Hcp   6 fur   R Heather   9.7   8-1   Greensborough   7.12   01:13.0
18-May   UNP   of   18   Flemington   Koorlong Hcp   10 fur   R Heather   9..6   10-1   Geronimo   7.7   02:07.0
10-Jun   UNP   of   12   Flemington   Victory Hcp   14 fur   W Williamson   9.3   7-2 f   Valcurl   9.2   03:02.2
17-Jun   9TH   of   11   Flemington   Birthday Cup   13 fur   V Hartney   9.3   3-1 f   Ellipsis   8.4   02:47.5

1946-47  At FIVE YEARS

24-Aug   UNP   of   20   Moonee Valley   Tullamarine Hcp   8 fur   R Heather   8.11   20-1   Geronimo   7.9   01:38.7
7-Sep   3RD   of   14   Caulfield   Heatherlie Hcp   9 fur   R Heather   8.1   14-1   Anstey   7.5   01:52.0
14-Sep   UNP   of   21   Caulfield   Mentone Cup   9 fur   R Heather   8.12   15-1   Valcurl   9.3   01:54.5
5-Oct   UNP   of   25   Flemington   Stand Hcp   13 fur   W Williamson   8.1   11-2   Gallant Gent   8.1   02:47.5
12-Oct   UNP   of   24   Caulfield   Herbert Power Hcp   12 fur   J O'Brien   8.8   12-1   Sir Actor   7.3   02:29.2
26-Oct   UNP   of   21   Moonee Valley   M V Cup   13 fur   H Bastian   8.5   50-1   Valcurl   8.13   02:26.0
9-Nov   10TH   of   12   Flemington   VRC Hcp   14 fur   W Cook   8.5   14-1   Oatcake   8.4   03:01.0
14-Dec   UNP   of   18   Morphettville   Ashford Hcp   a6 fur   O Phillips   9.7   --   Rabonni   8.0   01:12.7
22-Feb   3RD   of   19   Morphettville   Osmond Hcp   6-1/2 fur   O Phillips   9.0   20-1   Penstol   7.9   01:19.2
1-Mar   2ND   of   17   Morphettville   Flanagan Memorial   a11 fur   O Phllips   9.7   4-1   The Monk   8.12   02:21.5
15-Mar   3RD   of   10   Port Adelaide   St. Pats Hcp   a11 fur   O Phillips   9.2   10-9 f   Univari   9.0   02:23.5
29-Mar   WON   of   12   Warwick Farm   Autumn Hcp   a12 fur   J Thompson   8.9   8-1   Darnley   7.5   02:34.5
7-Apr   2ND   of   18   Randwick   Sydney Cup   16 fur   J Thompson   8.5   7-2 f   Proctor   7.1   03:27.5
12-Apr   5TH   of   5   Randwick   AJC Plate   18 fur   W Cook   9.2   7-1   Russia   9.4   03:51.5

PS : I have the bare bones record of Reading which is guaranteed to be almost right.

Australia :   41sts   10wins   10 sec   7 thirds
USA             18sts   3wins   1 sec   4thirds
Total                59 sts      13 wins    11 sec     11 thirds

It will take a a few more sweeps to detail in full but if you only want the bare bones let me know and I will post.  He is about a neck away from being an outright superstar with a string of excellent, narrowly beaten runs behind the likes of High Caste, Beau Vite and Beaulivre - certainly a classic year for 3YOs.  He'll definitely be going into the collection so I will detail the record regardless and post here when I have but that may not happen for a while.

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Just on Rainbird.   Her family, which as I mentioned traces back through Lady Trenton is very distinguished. 

Lady Trenton won the 1894 Sydney Cup and was a fabulous producer.  She gave us -

Melbourne and Sydney Cup winner, Lord Cardigan (by Positano), conquerer of Wakeful;

Dividend (by Simmer) twice winner of the VRC Champion Stakes, as well as the St Leger, AJC Plate and CB Fisher Plate:

Strata Florida (by Grafton), winner of the Caulfield Guineas m(who defeated Wakeful in the 1902 October Sks):

Lady Rylstone (by Grafton) winner of the VRC Oaks and Champagne Sks:

and Lady Lybia (by Antaeus), dam of the 1908 Melbourne Cup winner Lord Nolan (by Positano) and Dame Lybia(by Positano) who was dam of Desdemona (by All Black), the grand dam of Rainbird

Not bad from a mare that wasn't eligible for entry to the General Stud Book.  But then neither was Rainbird.

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Had a great weekend looking through your HOTY pages, Tontonan. So many memories!

Had a look at the Turf Monthly Annual for the 1980-81 season and they chose Sovereign Red as their HOTY. They said, "Kingston Town, winner of 4 of his 6 starts during the Spring including the Cox Plate by 5 lengths, and Manikato, unbeaten in 3 appearances, are undoubtedly the best racehorses in the country but neither did enough to be named Horse of the Year".

It was narrowed down to three with Our Paddy Boy first eliminated. They gave it to Sovereign Red because he campaigned in 4 states over 4 seasons and won in classic, w.f.a. and handicap company. He also won twice as much prize-money as Hyperno, but Hyperno won some good w.f.a. races! Both would have been deserving winners.

At least Turf Monthly always justified their selection of HOTY.

It's like 1967-68 when Tobin Bronze only started 4 times in Australia taking the Caulfield Cup and the Cox Plate in his final starts. He was definitely the class racehorse of the season but General Command won the Metropolitan, the C. B. Fisher Plate, both the VRC and AJC Queen Elizabeth Stakes, the Chipping Norton and the Sydney Cup amongst his 8 wins and Winfreux won 10 of his 15 starts including the Craven Plate, the Caulfield Stakes, the Mackinnon, the William Reid, the Orr Stakes and the St George Stakes.

There wasn't much around that season in the 3yo and 2yo categories. There was a real class-gap in the year between Galilee/Tobin Bronze and Vain/Rain Lover.

Who do you select in 1962-63? Aquanita, Sky High, Pago Pago would all have their supporters over Even Stevens but his Cups were so memorable.

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1962 -63


five   1st   4-Aug-62   Canterbury   Canterbury Stakes   6 f   G Moore   9.2   Wenona Girl (8.12)   8-11f   7 ran   1:11.9G
five   1st   18-Aug-62   Warwick Farm   Warwick Stakes   7 f   W Camer   9.3   Tipperary Star (8.1)   5-4f   7 ran   1:25.2H
five   1st   8-Sep-62   Rosehill   Hill Stakes   8-1/2 f   G Moore   9.4   Lord Fury (9.4)   1-5f   5 ran   1:43.3G
five   1st   22-Sep-62   Randwick   Telegraph Stakes   7 f   G Moore   9.7   Wenona Girl (8.11)   8-11f   10 ran   1:24.6F
five   5th   29-Sep-62   Randwick   Epsom Handicap   8 f   G Moore   10.2   Wenona Girl (8.13)   6-4f   14 ran   1:35.8Hold
five   1st   17-Oct-62   Caulfield   Caulfield Stakes   9 f   G Moore   9.4   Le Storm (7.1)   1-2f   10 ran   1:49.1F  (Australian record)
five   2nd   3-Nov-62   Flemington   Mackinnon Stakes   10 f   G Moore   9.3   Aquanita (9.3)   4-7f   6 ran   2:01.6G
five   1st   8-Nov-62   Flemington   Linlithgow Stakes   8 f   G Moore   9.2   Rochdale (9.2)   1-4f   6 ran   1:35.1F
five   2nd   10-Nov-62   Flemington   C.B. Fisher Plate   10 f   G Moore   9.4   Even Stevens (9.4)   1-1:   3 ran   2:32.1G
five   3rd   23-Feb-63   Flemington   Lightning Stakes   5 f   G Moore   9   Wenona Girl (8.12)   9-10f   23 ran   0:58.3F
five   3rd   9-Mar-63   Caulfield   Futurity Stakes   7 f   G Moore   10.7   Wenona Girl (9.13)   10-9f   7 ran   1:24.0S
five   1st   16-Mar-63   Rosehill   Rawson Stakes   7-1/2 f   G Moore   9.1   Oakland (9.1)   4-9f   4 ran   1:29.4S
five   2nd   30-Mar-63   Warwick Farm   Chipping Norton Stakes   10 f   G Moore   9.2   The Dip (9)   3-1:   6 ran   2:12.1H
five   15th   6-Apr-63   Randwick   Malayan R.A. Cup   7 f   G Moore   9.12   Wenona Girl (9.2)   7-1:   22 ran   1:24.2G
five   1st   13-Apr-63   Randwick   Autumn Stakes   12 f   G Moore   9.3   Coppelius (8.7)   1-1f   5 ran   2:29.5G


six   4th   1-Sep-62   Caulfield   Memsie Stakes   9 f   R Higgins   9.4   Dhaulagiri (9.4)   15-1:   10 ran   01:49.1
six   1st   8-Sep-62   Flemington   Craiglee Stakes   a10 f   R Higgins   9.4   Dhaulagiri (9.4)   7-2:   11 ran   02:04.7
six   1st   27-Sep-62   Caulfield   Underwood Stakes   10 f   F Moore   9.4   Webster (9.4)   7-2:   9 ran   02:04.8
six   1st   6-Oct-62   Flemington   Turnbull Stakes   12 f   F Moore   9.13   Grand Print (9.5)   7-2:   9 ran   02:33.3
six   unp   17-Oct-62   Caulfield   Caulfield Stakes   9 f         Sky High (9.4)      11 ran   01:49.1
six   1st   24-Oct-62   Moonee Valley   W S Cox Plate   10 f   F Moore   9.4   Grand Print (9.4)   4-5f   6 ran   02:04.3
six   1st   3-Nov-62   Flemington   Mackinnon Stakes   10 f   F Moore   9.3   Sky High (9.3)   7-4:   6 ran   02:01.6
six   3rd   6-Nov-62   Flemington   Melbourne Cup   16 f   F Moore   9.4   Even Stevens (8.5)   9-2:   26 ran   03:21.4
six   8th   2-Feb-63   Flemington   February Sprint   5 f   W Williamson   10   Egoline (8.4)   16-1:   20 ran   01:59.3
six   1st   9-Feb-63   Moonee Valley   Orr Stakes   8 f   F Moore   9.1   Wenona Girl (8.11)   11-8f   7 ran   01:37.2
six   1st   23-Feb-63   Flemington   Duke Of Edinburgh   8 f   F Moore   9.1   Woambra (9.1)   2-5f   8 ran   01:37.3
six   1st   2-Mar-63   Caulfield   St George Stakes   9 f   F Moore   9.2   Coppelius (8.4)   1-5f   8 ran   01:49.8

EVEN STEVENS - Australian starts  in a nut shell

 6 Australian starts 5 wins 1 third  (8f to 16f)

3RD    Caulfield  Iolo Welter 9f  (9.2) x 2 lens  Mamburdi (9.4)
WON  Caulfield  Moora Welter x 2 lens (9.5) Merthyr 1.35.6 (course record)
WON  Caulfield Cup (7.8) x 4lens Mamburdi
WON  Werribee Cup (9.3) x 1½ lens Comicquita (7.12)
WON  Melbourne Cup (8.5) x 4 Lens Comicquita (7.10)
WON  CB Fisher Plate (9.4) x 5lens  Sky High (9.4)

2YO OF THE YEAR : PAGO PAGO (10 STARTS 10 WINS including the Golden Slipper)   Undeniably the champion juvenile but you can't win the Brownlow medal from the Under 19s

3YO OF THE YEAR    :  There wasn't onwe.  Bogan Road showed great promise but was beaten in the Derby and never made it past September

HORSE OF THE YEAR :  EVEN STEVENS     Three wonderful horses and legitimate contenders but the Fisher Plate sealed it for Even Stevens.  Without the Fisher Plate it all sorts of viable arguments could be made but a 5 length beating at set weights puts the cherry on top.  12 F was not Sky High's strongest suit but it wasn't simply a matter of Even Stevens being a superior stayer.  Even Stevens had broken the Caulfield mile record warming up.  Sky High broke the national record in the Caulfield Stakes and was at the top of his game.  In the Autumn Sky High won the Autumn Stakes in 2.29.5 - so he was more than capable of running a top class mile and a half

PS : pwa, what link did you use to get to the HOTY pages ?  And what browser do you use ?

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Tontonan, got there through http://championsgallery.herobo.com/HOTY/1981.htm and Google Chrome.

You made a very convincing case for Even Stevens; that Fisher Plate victory the sealer as you point out. Bounding Away got the official HOTY as a 2yo but that wasn't exactly the most popular of decisions!

Sky High never quite gets the historical respect he deserves. His record stacks up well against just about every other horse in the post-Tulloch - pre-Kingston Town era.

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« 2014-Jun-10, 04:14 PM Reply #490 »

The site renders properly in Chrome.  It messes up in Firefox because of the way that browser handles fonts - the wrong fonts display and mess up the format.

But what I am confused about is that As far as I know the navigation links on the page you referenced don't work.  Did you get past that page ? 

When I test it the pointing fingers call up error pages and side menus go nowhere.

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« 2014-Jun-10, 04:48 PM Reply #491 »
Sorry, I realised that my original post was confusing. I was referring to the following pages:

 http://championsgallery.herobo.com/horses_of_the_years.htm for the lists to 1940 and http://www.thewinningposts.blogspot.com.au/ to access your original write-ups of 1860-1900. Superb stuff by the way.

No, I couldn't get past the sample page on 1980-81.

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 :shy:  Well I just discovered that you couldn't have got into the 1970s ...  I'll save you the geek speak but it was my fault ( I hadn't uploaded the pages !)

If you liked the list then you will like this.  There is a season summary similar to the 1981 page for every season from 1901

If you revisit that link and click the pointing finger you should be able to scroll back through the 1970s.  These pages aren't fully finished and some images don't download, etc. but if you are interested you can scroll all the way back to 1901.  The 1950's and 60's are a bit scarce but everything in pretty much in place 1901 to 1940 and 1969 to 1981

Hint : While the navigation is not fully functional yet the easiest way to get around is via the URL/address bar.

If you want 1923-24 then just change the year in the URL  so instead of


change it to

 http://championsgallery.herobo.com/HOTY/1924.htm and press ENTER

I agree regarding SKY HIGH.  He and his brother are still the only Slipper winners to win a Derby and Sky High went right on with the job too.  I am sure he will end up with a HOTY title but I am not sure which year just yet.

PS : I have stuff uploaded to about five different web sites on different servers and several  test blogs as well - I don't know where half the stuff is anymore.  Having someone actually go there helps.  I appreciate the feedback.

I am in the middle of migrating everything to a Blogger blog at the moment and hopefully that will bring some order to the chaos.  I've figured out a way of using Blogger as a web site platform and if it works (and it seems to) I will be able to host the whole thing on blogger, have provision for comments, wont need to worry about malware or other hosting issues etc...  

I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel !  



This is the Blogger version.  1878-79 is the only page with a working index at this point but you get the idea.  If you visit this page could you leave a comment of any description at the bottom of the page.  I need to see if it works.

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Record updated for Bernborough to show Flight winning the 1946 McKinnon, not Tea Cake

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« 2014-Jun-11, 09:41 AM Reply #494 »

Thanks for the speedy correction. 

It's a common error in Miller's Guide records.  The most common error in the MG records is that the trailing zero in 8.10 is dropped displaying the weight at 8.0.  Take Ajax for example, the first record on  the records thread.  In both Sires Produce and both Derbies his weight is given at 8.1 when it should be 8.10 because of the trailing zero problem (Excel drops the zero unless the column is formatted as text so it is a problem for 7.10, 9.10 etc) 

You'll also find that odds sometimes display as dates (eg. 8-Jan instead of 8-1).  Giving the second placed horse as the winner is the next most common error but only occurs occasionally.

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I have not read the last 25 or so posts on the Super Impose Vs Bernborough thread but when I have time I am looking forward to it.

I am motivated to start a couple of threads, perhaps 3 discussing and or trying to compile the best fields for a 1600 2400 and 3200m contest within Australasia.

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Yes, I was doddling a fantasy Randwick Mile field earlier today when my new fridge arrived.  I like fantasy fields more than playing who is better than who.  I have no idea who is better than who and I am always surprised that others are so adamant about it.

The idea of a series of threads compiling the fields for the ultimate race meeting tickles me though.

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« 2014-Jun-11, 03:33 PM Reply #497 »
Yes, I was doddling a fantasy Randwick Mile field earlier today when my new fridge arrived.  I like fantasy fields more than playing who is better than who.  I have no idea who is better than who and I am always surprised that others are so adamant about it.

The idea of a series of threads compiling the fields for the ultimate race meeting tickles me though.

Great idea   emthup

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A great idea Authorized!

Some of you might remember that the Herald Sun back just before Melbourne Cup Day 1990 put together an 8 event program called the Greatest Raceday in 150 Years with the proviso that the horses had to have started at Flemington. There were $40,000 in TAB vouchers to be won overall and a trip to the Japan Cup for the winning tipster so there was plenty of interest.

Thought at the time some of their selections and fields were "interesting" but like the Bernborough-Super Impose "debate" it does come down to opinions and passion which is the great thing about fantasy racing.

The "starters" in their 1600 race were

Super Impose
High Caste
Prince Cortauld
Royal Gem
Star Affair
Taj Rossi
Wenona Girl

The 2000 Metre event had:

Beau Vite
Tobin Bronze
Vo Rogue
Young Idea
Comic Court
Kingston Town
Tranquil Star

Their Melbourne Cup field in weight order;

Phar Lap
Peter Pan
Rising Fast
Rain Lover
Think Big
Gurner's Lane
Empire Rose

(Their Derby horses were Artilleryman, Daryl's Joy, Dayana, Grand Flaneur, Hall Mark, Hydrogen, Magnificent, Manfred, Newhaven, Nuffield, Poseidon, Prince Foote, Red Anchor, Royal Sovereign, Silver Sharpe, Sir Blink, Trident, Trivalve, Tulloch, Wallace)

Sky High was named in the sprinters' field and Briseis, Light Fingers, Surround etc in the Oaks.

It's mainly a mid-late 20th century set of horses with some 19th century tokens but if anyone's interested I can post the "results" from the 8-man panel (Kevin Ryan, Jack Elliott, Rollo Roylance etc)

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Tontonan, the HOTY pages are just a fantastic resource and must have been a phenomenal amount of work! You can see the season at a glance. I've left a comment on the 1878-9 page. It was a straightforward process.