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« 2014-Oct-24, 04:44 PM Reply #775 »
Nothing to see here.  Just testing.

A Horse For All Seasons
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« 2014-Oct-24, 04:46 PM Reply #776 »
Thanks tim,

I am loving the horses of the 1970's.

Ditto :beer:

Taras was certainly and interesting animal

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« 2014-Oct-24, 05:09 PM Reply #777 »
Yeah, he was massively talented, as good as anything you'd care to mention when he was in the mood but he didn't always try.  He was probably the horse that George Hanlon deserved  :lol:
I remember George nominating Family of Man as the best horse he'd trained.  It seems he fell of love with Taras Bulba too. 

I loved Family of Man but pound for pound I think Taras Bulba was a 'better' galloper IF he was consented to try.  Family of Man was as honest as the day is long.  I agree with George.  Better does not always mean fastest.

I can only think of one other horse that rose to the heights that Taras Bulba did that was as unpopular as Taras Bulba was.  That is Glencoe, John Tait's horse back in the late 1860's. 

He was described by his jockey as a 'dog'.  The punters weren't that fond of him either.  Tait got rid of him and gladly it seems - which considering the horse won the Melbourne Cup and a host of other races seems a bit harsh but he was one of those horses that nobody loved.

I can't think of any other top liners that fell into that 'despicable' category.


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« 2014-Oct-25, 05:36 AM Reply #778 »

Had a look at the book, will be great.  It goes without saying no one has attempted anything that detailed pre 1900.

Not sure how you found out about the details of UK starts but if you get a library card from the National Library of Australia (apply online, takes less than a week to arrive, the card number is part of your password) you can search the UK Times for free. If they raced on Saturday the results are in the Monday edition not the Sunday edition. The race stakes given in the form guide on Saturday make no sense to me when you see other sources, I have only looked at the 1970's.  I think entry fees must be added later. 
Got any idea.

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« 2014-Oct-25, 05:49 AM Reply #779 »
MAYBE MAHAL (AUS) 1972                                 
44 starts, 14 wins (5 x Group 1 (all in open company)), 7 seconds and 8 thirds.  Win % 31.8, Place % 65.9.                                  
Retired with the Australasian earnings record for a mare of AUD 334,290  passing Leilani's mares record of AUD 271,170.                                  
Details of stake earnings appear at end of each race.                                 
TWO YEARS:  1974-1975  Starts 12: 7-2-2-1                                 
3rd-11   16/11/1974.   2.5L x 3.5L   Victoria Park, Adelaide, SA, AUS   AdRC Balmoral Hcp   1000m.   54kg   0.59.0.   Fast, 7/1.   Yaraandoo 54 22/10 1st   No Secrets 54 25/10 2nd   AUD 230
2nd-10   30/11/1974.   Lg nk x 4L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   SAJC Sturt Hcp   1000m.   51.5kg   0.59.7.   Fast, 10/1.   Cote D'Amour 51.5 35/10 1st   Happy Wanderer 51 40/1 3rd   AUD 470
1st-9   14/12/1974.   4.5L x 1.5L   Victoria Park, Adelaide, SA, AUS   AdRC Rosslyn Hcp   1000m.   54kg   0.59.3.   Fast, 4/10F   Happy Wanderer 53.5 35/10 2nd   Melodeon 53 7/1 3rd   AUD 1,750
2nd-5   28/12/1974.   4L x 2L   Cheltenham, Adelaide, SA, AUS   PARC Oaklands Plate   1350m.   54kg   1.23.4.   Fast, 8/10F   Corps Elite 51 18/10 1st   Bunny Boy 56 16/1 3rd   AUD 540
1st-14   27/01/1975.   3.5L x sht ½ hd   Victoria Park, Adelaide, SA, AUS   AdRC Alexandra Stakes   1000m.   54.5kg   0.57.8.   Fast, 16/10F   Clash 51 16/1 2nd   How Now 50 12/1 3rd   AUD 1,750
1st-11   22/02/1975.   ½ hd x 2.5L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Teppo Stakes (2nd Division)   1100m.   55.5kg   1.05.4.   Fast, 9/4   Denise's Joy 58.5 9/10F 2nd   Rondelay 50 16/1 3rd   AUD 3,500
5th-14   10/03/1975.   Hd x 3L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Bloodhorse Breeders' Plate   1400m.   55.5kg   1.25.9.   Good   Denise's Joy 52.5 3/1 1st   Better Draw 52.5 7/4F 2nd   AUD 0
1st-16   19/03/1975.   1.25L x DH   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Devonshire Hcp   1200m.   56.5kg   1.14.2.   Good, 5/4F   Courtesma 51 16/1 DH 2nd   Kanyana Star 47 25/1 DH 2nd   AUD 2,450
1st-10   25/04/1975.   1.25L x 1L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   SAJC Gallipoli Hcp   1200m.   57kg   1.12.1.   Fast, 4/1   Rondelay 53.5 35/10 2nd   Galena Boy 52 25/10F 3rd   AUD 2,450
1st-7   3/05/1975.   2.25L x 1.25L   Cheltenham, Adelaide, SA, AUS   PARC Sires Produce Stakes   1450m   54kg   1.29.1.   Fast, 1/1F   Just Comet 55.5 15/1 2nd   Practice 54 20/1 3rd   AUD 4,000
1st-11   10/05/1975.   2.5L x 6L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   SAJC South Australian Stakes   1200m.   55.5kg   1.11.7.   Good, 14/10F   Better Vain 52.5 6/1 2nd   Compass Lad 54 25/1 3rd   AUD 2,800
3rd-7   17/05/1975.   1.75L x 2.5L   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS   SAJC Sires' Produce Stakes   1600m.   53kg   1.43.2.   Slow, 12/10F   Rondelay 53 45/10 1st   Galena Boy 55.5 7/1 2nd   AUD 840
THREE YEARS:  1975-1976  Starts 9: 0-2-3-4                                 
8th-21   14/02/1976.   Sht ½ hd x 4L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Lightning Stakes   1000m.   52.5kg   0.56.8.   Fast,    Desirable (2YO) 43 9/4 1st   Leica Show 55.5 7/4F 2nd   AUD 0
2nd-11*   25/02/1976.   1.5L x 0.75L   Ballarat, VIC, AUS   Ballarat TC Welter Hcp   1200m.   54kg   1.10.3.   7/4F.   Nearest 55 6/4F 1st   Le Danthe 53 7/1 3rd   AUD 600
2nd-15   8/03/1976.   1.75L x nk   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Francis Tressady Stakes   1600m.   53kg   1.35.7.   Fast, 10/1.   Hartshill 54 5.1 1st   Calera 49.5 7/2 3rd   AUD 2,160
3rd-8   27/03/1976.   4L x 1L   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   STC Ajax Stakes   1200m.   48.5kg   1.12.2.   Slow, 20/1.   Wayne's Bid 54 5/4F 1st   Toy Show 55 6/4 2nd   AUD 1,000
3rd-16   3/04/1976.   2.25L x ½ hd   Rosehill, Sydney, NSW, AUS   STC Queen Of The Turf Stakes   1500m.   49.5kg   1.28.6.   Fast, 16/1.   Visit 48 12/1 1st   Crimson Cloud 49.5 9/1 2nd   AUD 1,000
9th-24   17/04/1976.   Nk x sht hd    Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Doncaster Hcp   1600m.   51kg   1.35.0.   Good, 16/1.   Authentic Heir 54.5 40/1 1st   Leica Lover 57 16/1 2nd   AUD 0
7th-14   24/04/1976.   2L x sht ½ hd    Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC AJC Oaks   2400m.   54kg   2.31.6.   Fast,    How Now 54 7/2 1st   Better Draw 54 9/2 2nd   AUD 0
3rd-15   5/06/1976.   1L x sht ½ hd   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   QTC Flying Hcp   1200m.   51.5kg   1.10.3.   Good, 16/1.   Nearest 52.5 7/1 1st   Golden Fantasy 52 10/1 2nd   AUD 400
9th-20   12/06/1976.   1L x nk   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   QTC Stradbroke Hcp   1400m.   50kg   1.21.9 (ERR)   Good,    Manawapoi 49.5 12/1 1st   Socha 50.5 12/1 2nd   AUD 0
*Unusally strong race for a country welter                                 
FOUR YEARS:  1976-1977  Starts 15: 4-2-2-7                                 
3rd-14   7/09/1976.   Nk x 1L   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Grace Darling Hcp   1200m.   58kg   1.13.8.   Slow, 13/2.   Ellerina 57 7/4F 1st   Jensue 52 8/1 2nd   AUD 300
12th-13   23/09/1976.   0.5L x 1L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Marlboro Cup (orig. Invitation Stakes)   1400m.   49.5kg   1.27.0.   Heavy, 14/1.   Private Talk 51.5 10/1 1st   Scamanda 58.5 5/1 2nd   AUD 0
4th-17   9/10/1976.   0.5L x nk   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC William Clarke Welter Hcp   1400m.   56kg   1.28.2.   Slow, 10/1.   Prince Amura 56.5 8/1 1st   Royal Lustre 52 16/1 2nd   AUD 400
1st-15   30/10/1976.   2L x 1.25L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Craven 'A' Stakes (G1)   1200m.   49kg   1.09.6.   Fast, 50/1.   Better Vain 52 33/1 2nd   King's Helmet 56.5 11/2 3rd   AUD 36,000
1st-18   6/11/1976.   0.75L x sht hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC The George Adams Hcp (G1)   1600m.   51.5kg   1.36.0.   Good, 15/1.   Bonfield 55 33/1 2nd   Visit 50.5 16/1 3rd   AUD 37,000
1st-18   19/02/1977.   0.5L x sht ½ hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Lightning Stakes   1000m.   55.5kg   0.58.7.   Good, 15/1.   Desirable 52.5 9/4 2nd   Better Draw 55.5 125/1 3rd   AUD 17,500
2nd-23   14/03/1977.   Sht ½ hd x nk   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Newmarket Hcp   1200m.   54.5kg   1.10.0.   Fast, 9/2F.   Desirable 54 8/1 1st   Vivarchi 53 12/1 3rd   AUD 9,000
9th-10   26/03/1977.   DH x 1L   Moonee Valley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   MVRC Alister Clark Stakes   1600m.   55.5kg   1.37.3.   Good,   Family of Man 53.5 5/2 DH 1st   Surround 52 2/1F DH 1st   AUD 0
4th-24   9/04/1977.   1.25L x hd    Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Doncaster Hcp   1600m.   55.5kg   1.34.7.   Fast, 25/1.   Just Ideal 53 33/1 1st   Manawapoi 53 20/1 2nd   AUD 3,500
4th-18   7/05/1977.   1.25L x ½ hd   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS    SAJC D C McKay Stakes   1200m.   58kg   1.10.9.   Fast, 45/10.   Ardroy 54 35/10 1st   Better Vain 55.5 4/1 2nd   AUD 400
2nd-18   14/05/1977.   2L x sht ½ hd   Morphettville, Adelaide, SA, AUS    SAJC Marlboro Plate (orig Goodwood Hcp)   1200m.   58kg   1.09.7 (RR)   Good, 28/10F.   Romantic Dream 50 5/1 1st   Ardroy 50.5 45/10 3rd   AUD 7,100
7th-8   28/05/1977.   0.5L x 0.5L   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   BATC Delaney Quality Hcp   1350m.   57.5kg   1.21.7.   Slow,   Innisfree 49 9/4 1st   Ease the Squeeze 53 8/1 2nd   AUD 0
3rd-20   11/06/1977.   Nk x lg hd   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   QTC Stradbroke Hcp   1400m.   56.5kg   1.22.3.   Good, 12/1.   Sir Wisp 50 100/1 1st   Tiger Town 54 10/1 2nd   AUD 6,000
1st-20   2/07/1977.   Sht nk x 1l   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   BATC Doomben "Ten Thousand"   1350m.   56.5kg   1.19.2.   Good, 8/1.   Romantic Dream 53 11/2 2nd   Sir Wisp 52 20/1 3rd   AUD 66,000
7th-19   9/07/1977.   2.5L x sht nk   Doomben, Brisbane, QLD, AUS   BATC Doomben Cup   2200m.   57kg   2.15.3.   Good,   Grey Affair 50.5 12/1 1st   Yo Tambien 49.5 25/1 2nd   AUD 0
FIVE YEARS:  1977-1978  Starts 8: 3-1-1-3                                 
3rd-9   27/08/1977.   ½ hd x sht ½ hd   Sandown, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC J J Liston Stakes   1400m.   56kg   1.24.7.   Good 4/1   Vice Regal (NZ) 57 5/1 1st   Scamanda 58.5 25/1 2nd   AUD 1,500
14th-17   22/09/1977.   1.25L x 0.75L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Marlboro Cup (orig. Invitation Stakes)   1400m.   57kg   1.22.8.   Fast 8/1   Raffindale (GB) 55.5  15/1 1st   Desirable 55.5 5/1EF 2nd   AUD 0
2nd-15   12/10/1977.   ½ hd x 1.25L   Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VATC Chirnside Stakes   1400m.   55.5kg   1.11.2.   Fast 9/2   Desirable 54.5 11/8F 1st   Sarsha's Choice 55.5 100/1 3rd   AUD 3,000
10th-20   29/10/1977.   2.25L x 1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC The Craven 'A' Stakes   1200m   57.5kg   1.09.1.   Fast, 7/1.   Galway Bay (FR) 51 50/1 1st   Rooney 48.5 8/1 2nd   AUD 0
8th-14   5/11/1977.   0.75L x sht ½ hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC George Adams Hcp   1600m   57kg   1.36.1.   Fast, 14/1.   Galway Bay (FR) 54 8/1 1st   Raffindale 58 11/8F 2nd   AUD 0
1st-8   18/02/1978,   0.5L x 0.75L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Lightning Stakes   1000m.   55.5kg   0.57.4.   Fast, 5/1.   Blazing Saddles 54 11/4 2nd (after protest)   Tincture 52.5 66/1 3rd (after protest)   AUD 16,250
1st-16   11/03/1978.   Nk x 1.25L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Newmarket Hcp (G1)   1200m.   56.5kg   1.09.0 (ERR)   Fast, 9/2F.   Always Welcome 52.5 8/1 2nd   Bonfield 54 20/1 3rd   AUD 33,900
1st-22   25/03/1978.   3L x 1.75L    Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Doncaster Hcp (G1)   1600m.   57kg   1.39.1.   Slow, 12/1.   Always Welcome 54.5 10/1 2nd   Avoid Island 48 25/1 3rd   AUD 70,500
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« 2014-Oct-25, 06:27 AM Reply #780 »
It seemed a rather strange decision to send her around in the 2400m Oaks but you must say she certainly finished her career off with a bang :clap2:
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Gents, my uncle raced a few horses back in the mid 70's who I have a faint memory of. The family seemed to be talking about them alot back then but I was just a kid. I think they were quite handy.  Do any of you have the form for them?

French Command
Romantic Smile



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« 2014-Oct-26, 06:15 PM Reply #782 »
Yeah, he was massively talented, as good as anything you'd care to mention when he was in the mood but he didn't always try.  He was probably the horse that George Hanlon deserved   :lol:  
I remember George nominating Family of Man as the best horse he'd trained.  It seems he fell of love with Taras Bulba too. 

I loved Family of Man but pound for pound I think Taras Bulba was a 'better' galloper IF he was consented to try.  Family of Man was as honest as the day is long.  I agree with George.  Better does not always mean fastest.

I can only think of one other horse that rose to the heights that Taras Bulba did that was as unpopular as Taras Bulba was.  That is Glencoe, John Tait's horse back in the late 1860's. 


gee, testing my memory here.
wasn't taras bulba trained by tj smith as well as hanlon, and also his owner jim marconi?
marconi decided he could do it as well as they could, and it turned out that he was not a half bad trainer after all, even if he was good at pissing people off, and often complaining about this, or complaining about that, when his italian blood boiled, as it did often.

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« 2014-Oct-26, 07:34 PM Reply #783 »
gee, testing my memory here.
wasn't taras bulba trained by tj smith as well as hanlon, and also his owner jim marconi?
marconi decided he could do it as well as they could, and it turned out that he was not a half bad trainer after all, even if he was good at pissing people off, and often complaining about this, or complaining about that, when his italian blood boiled, as it did often.

Tommy Smith did take over the training of the horse - I thought Marconi trained it himself originally but happy to be corrected.

Was the Australian prizemoney record holder.

Was at Randwick the day he looked to have the Sydney Cup in his keeping when along comes this big striding NZder called Oopik to knock him over.

You only have to look through the list of horses that either won the races he contested or who he beat to realize that he was a champion deserving of mention on this thread. Horses like:

Battle Heights
Think Big
Cap d'Antibes
Major Battle
Fury's Order
Lord Dudley
Leica Show
Better Draw
Leica Lover
How Now
Denise's Joy

and to think he earned more prizemoney than all bar Battle Heights puts it into perspective.

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« 2014-Oct-26, 07:53 PM Reply #784 »
Just on that Sydney Cup won by Oopik.

When jockey Roger Lang went to the AJC offices he was asked if he was here to ride an elephant (He seldom rode below 9 stone).

His reply was "Yes, but will beat your best stayer to win the Sydney Cup".

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« 2014-Oct-26, 10:47 PM Reply #785 »

Jim 'Gino' Marconi  won more than 500 races as a trainer including 50 black type events and 23 Group 1 seconds.  He took over the training of Taras Bulba after George Hanlon 'kicked me out of the stable for asking too many questions' and TJ Smith who trained the horse until he suffered a bleeding attack.

He only trained his own horses and bred a few himself . Amongst Marconi's horses were Taras Bulba, Cossack Prince, King Marauding, Rancho Ruler, Sweet Delight and her sons Lago Delight, Tycoon Ruler and Raffaello.  He is the most successful owner/trainer/breeder that I have ever come across.
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« 2014-Oct-27, 08:09 AM Reply #786 »
thanks tontonan.

i can recall marconi once going to the stewards and saying the rider of his horse pulled it up.
silver cossack was the horse, can't remember the jockey name.
stewards said the ride was fine in their opinion, and told him to not make silly accusations.
i shared marconi's opinion.
14/1 at its very next start and bolted in at sandown, with a different rider, needless to say.

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« 2014-Oct-27, 11:14 AM Reply #787 »
He wasn't the most popular bloke but his record was quite incredible.  He picked Group winners out of the sale ring, he bred stakes winners, he trained them himself and for nobody else.

I don't know if he is still with us.  I know he was pretty crook.  He had open heart surgery and the cancer and was well into his seventies.  Raffaello was the last horse he had. 

He was not only a great racing story he was a great Australian story.  He came here with next to nothing, straight off the pages of They're a Weird Mob with no English and a thick accent.  Got ahead in the building game.

They were two very different characters but I reckon Jim Marconi and Cyril Beechey were tarred with the same brush.  Both started with nothing, made something out of nothing and turned to training in retirement and proved themselves.

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« 2014-Oct-28, 10:18 AM Reply #788 »

Had a look at the book, will be great.  It goes without saying no one has attempted anything that detailed pre 1900.

Not sure how you found out about the details of UK starts but if you get a library card from the National Library of Australia (apply online, takes less than a week to arrive, the card number is part of your password) you can search the UK Times for free. If they raced on Saturday the results are in the Monday edition not the Sunday edition. The race stakes given in the form guide on Saturday make no sense to me when you see other sources, I have only looked at the 1970's.  I think entry fees must be added later. 
Got any idea.

That's a valuable tip.  I'll do that.

Sorry, can't help on race stakes issue in the UK.  Any English stake money info I have is sourced from secondary sources.  My only suggestion is maybe they only give the winners purse (?) or perhaps only added money. 

I recall reading that the 1865 AJC Derby was called the first 'proper' Derby because no money was added, the stake entirely raised by sweepstakes and entry fees which supposedly conformed to the English tradition.  And I have come across references to races being 'a sweepstakes of £xx' - where only the value of each owners stake is given rather than the accumulated prize.  Maybe the money quoted is related to those practices.

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« 2014-Oct-31, 07:37 PM Reply #789 »
I don't know whether to   :lol:  or  :tears:...

The ABC has released a flash timeline of the winners of every Melbourne Cup ever run.


They have obviously Googled many of the images because half a dozen of them are 'mine'  (i.e.  I have found them, edited them, coloured them in etc)

I have been quietly working on a project  called the Melbourne Cup Gallery  

On a single web page I have taken the images from the 1906 Capstan cigerette card collection of every Melbourne Cup winner to date and combined them with the race results of each cup and a few historical notes.  Then I have linked each picture to a profile page for each winner including its complete racing record and pedigree.   And I have linked the race result to the Miller's Guide complete results table for each race.

Melbourne Cup Gallery

The Gallery will be extended with the rest of my project to summarize every Australian racing season from 1840 to the present day and profile the leading horses of each year complete with their racing records, most of which are sourced from this thread.   

At present the Gallery only goes from 1861 to 1905 and I have only finished uploading the winners records up to Carbine.

If you go there be warned : While the Cup Gallery works fine the navigation for the rest of the site is all over the place.  If you click on a horse to go to its records page there is no link back.  You need to use your BACK button to return to the Gallery.

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« 2014-Nov-01, 07:39 AM Reply #790 »
Tonto, if I were you I'd smile.
What the ABC have done here in a stumbling sort of way is just scraping the surface compared with the in-depth study you have under way.

I wonder if there is any way you could get a grant to assist with your project?   For example, a racing body, a universitty or a publishing company

Regardless of that, I'm sure you will keep on going with this labour of love and you are goingto produce something of real value to all devotees of the history of Australian throughbreds.

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« 2014-Nov-02, 01:20 PM Reply #791 »
I've been unable to post for a while due to work and family commitments but great to return to see Jorrocks' record which must have been a monumental research effort and fantastic nostalgia from Timw's 1970s material.

Anyhow, here's the career record of a horse more famous for how he died and the subsequent legend of the callous bookmakers of the 1870s:

Robin Hood – What might have been?

In researching the record of the doomed horse, Robin Hood, killed on the City of Melbourne disaster in 1876, one particular legend from that tragedy, of the bookies presenting a purse to the Captain in appreciation of the horses being killed, almost certainly didn’t happen.

Unnamed and therefore racing until New Year of 1876 as the Fireworks-Sylvia colt, Robin Hood’s record of 21 starts 6/5/2/8 was nothing really special although as a VRC Derby and AJC St Leger winner he clearly had considerable promise. Many in fact thought that he would have added the 1875 Melbourne Cup to his record if he hadn’t been scratched through an “error of judgement”. Richmond was generally acknowledged Robin Hood’s superior in their 3yo season but Robin Hood was seen as a potential top wfa horse as a 4yo

Robin Hood was the most famous of the equine victims of the City of Melbourne disaster. The City of Melbourne left Sydney at 7.00 on the evening of Saturday 9th September 1876 with 11 horses on board, chief amongst which were Nemesis, Robin Hood and the later named Robinson Crusoe. According to Kevin Gates’ article on the Racing Victoria website, the horses were in the charge of Joe Morrison, trainer and jockey, assisted by jockeys, Davis and Harris. He also points out that C.B. Fisher, more fortunate than his brother, Hurtle, who drowned in the other famous horse-racing-shipwreck on the Admella in 1859, elected to travel overland from Sydney to Melbourne. At the time the railway terminated at Cootamundra and it was a rough 140 miles overland on bush tracks for any horse to Wodonga to pick up the Victorian rail.

A storm built up after the ship left Sydney Heads and increased in intensity until a decision had to be made off Jervis Bay to turn back or seek shelter. The story of what happened then is well told in many books on the Cup and on-line. A passenger, writing under the pseudonym George Black, recalled (as part of a narrative which was clearly embellished in places but seemingly not in the description below) the fate of the horses in the Evening News decades later.

These great seas thrashed to splinters the horse boxes, the wheel, some of our boats, and the steering gear, and they were cruel, very cruel, to the helpless racers. As they stood, heavily rugged, but shivering and cowering, they were repeatedly hurled against the bulwarks, until all the life was bashed out of them. As the water ran off they would struggle to their feet — at first screaming and kicking, but at length, uncomplainingly and with difficulty, while the trainers, jockeys, and helpers tried to soothe and to hearten them with hot bran mashes and drenches of hot water, fortified with ale and cayenne pepper. But one by one they dropped to rise no more; one by one they was thrown into the sea, until only the Chrysolite colt [later Robinson Crusoe] and Redwood remained. Ten minutes before we slid into the calm waters of Port Jackson the former was apparently dead; [Augur in The Australasian said another quarter of an hour would have killed him] but when the warm sun visited him, and as we steamed along on an even keel, the stout Fisherman blood asserted itself, he opened one eye (the other was 'bunged up'), vigorously cleared his poor bruised nose, and then vainly struggled to rise. But he failed, and, if I remember rightly, he was carried ashore on a stretcher, while the ordinary Redwood, who had not received a tithe of the attention, walked to his stable.*

(*Poor Redwood was purchased by a Queenslander who wanted a strong horse to sire stock for his station. Redwood had earlier been involved in an incident in the 1876 St Leger won by Robin Hood where a trooper’s horse, with the trooper mounted, strayed on to the Randwick course during the race and was cannoned into and killed by Saladin who then fell on to Redwood while Valentia fell over the dead horse. The favourite, Richmond, was cannoned into by Redwood which deprived Richmond of many lengths and he only lost the race by a head to Robin Hood)

Modern authors have stated that the bookies were so relieved at the deaths of the horses that they showered the very aptly named Captain Paddle with a cash reward. All the way from Maurice Cavanaugh’s and Bill Ahern’s Melbourne Cup books through Peter Pierce’s From Go to Whoa, right up to Wikipedia’s Melbourne Cup page which, apart from giving an incorrect number of horses killed, plagiarises Max Presnell’s comments in the Sydney Morning Herald of 2004 that

to the dismay and anger of the public, bookmakers, showing no feeling, presented a purse (loaded with coins) to the captain as token of their appreciation for his part in saving them many thousands of pounds in bets already laid on the favourites who had perished.

Bill Ahern claims that

“the fielders had to hire bodyguards to protect them until the hullabaloo died down”

But several pieces of evidence can be assembled to challenge this.

The passengers upon their return to Sydney did present the Captain with a purse of coins and published a testimonial in the Sydney Morning Herald when they had safely disembarked

Captain Paddle.
Dear Sir, We, the passengers on board the City of Melbourne, desire to place our heartfelt thanks to Captain Paddle and his crew for their zeal and gallant conduct during the unexpectionally(sic) severe weather we encountered on our passage towards Melbourne and being obliged to return to Port Jackson through our having carried away our wheel, binnacle, loss of boats and other severe damage to our vessel.
We also decidedly sympathise with the owners of the valuable racestock for their loss sustained through no want of energy or attention on the part of yourself, your officers and crew.
In again thanking you, we now hand you herewith a purse of sovereigns (426?? [partly illegible]) which we would like distributed amongst your officers and crew.
Signed on behalf of the passengers ...

Captain Paddle himself died two years later, his death accelerated according to his friends, due to the storm and the consequences; maybe partly guilt as Joe Morrison, trainer of Robinson Crusoe, had led a deputation to entreat him to head into Jervis Bay when the storm had just started. The Age in fact referred to the captain’s “censurable foolishness” in proceeding.

The captain’s response spoke of the “imminent peril” in which all had been placed by the storm. Certainly all passengers thought their last day had come and many spent the return voyage constantly bailing (and some praying).

The only contemporary press reference to the bookies was from “Augur” (Edward Chapman), “the jolly red-faced banjo-playing journalist” according to the reminiscences of George Black in 1905. Chapman wrote the 'Turf Gossip' column in The Australasian and was a passenger on the fateful voyage. He wrote in October 1876 that

“it is proposed, to present Captain Paddle and Mr. Tait, the commander and chief officer of the City of Melbourne, with testimonials in the shape of a gold watch and chain each, as a mark of appreciation of the services rendered by them on the occasion when the Victorian racehorses were killed. The matter has been taken in hand by one of the leading bookmakers, and already a goodly sum has been subscribed.”

This is clearly a public fund and certainly not for any callous motive. In fact many turf identities and, according to the memoirs of “George Black”, bookies and their families, had been on the City of Melbourne and as “Augur” himself said it was a very providential escape.

There are certainly no contemporary records of the purse from the bookies “loaded with coins”, nor any mention of it in the subsequent 75 years, and no record whatsoever of any public discontent with the bookies at a time when their popularity wasn’t exactly high.

Were the bookies so grateful for the deaths of the horses? The Weekly Times in fact reported that

“those bookmakers who plunged so heavily against Newminster for the Derby saw their hopes dashed by the non-arrival [of AJC Derby winner, the soon-to-be-named Robinson Crusoe].”

Popular belief also has it that several of the horses killed were top fancies in the Cup. In reality after the Spring meeting in Sydney, the market for the Cup on the Friday evening (8th September) had the favourite for the Cup as Irish Stew (3rd in The Metropolitan but meeting the winner, Nemesis, on several pounds better terms) at 100 to 14, Valentia (victor over Robin Hood in the AJC Spring Stakes) was next at 100 to 12 and Nemesis was rapidly shortening to 100 to 10 where she was a “good deal fancied”, although she was nowhere near the 2/1 favourite claimed by Bill Ahern in his excellent book on the Cup, A Century of Winners. The next in line were Dilke (100 to 7), Feu d’Artifice (100 to 6), Kismet and The Painter (both 100 to 5), none of which were on the City of Melbourne. Nemesis had won the Metropolitan with 6st 2lb, by a half-length over Rataplan and Irish Stew (7st 8lb) and was in the Cup with the good weight for a well-bred 5yo mare of only 6st 9lb. Robin Hood was not considered a good chance.

It is also forgotten at this distance that a number of other vessels went down in the same storm and many lives were lost. Callaghan and Helman in their Severe Storms on the East Coast of Australia 1770-2008 stated that this storm became known as the Dandenong Storm – a severe East Coast Low with winds up to 240kms per hour in which 11 vessels were lost. The death of the racehorses was certainly overshadowed in the public mind by the tragedy of the drowning of 40 passengers and crew on the steamship Dandenong which foundered off Jervis Bay in the same storm. There were some survivors from this steamship, but many drowned as lifeboats crashed against a rescue ship and those who stayed on board disappeared when the ship broke up.

For all of these reasons, the bookies handing over a purse filled with money to the captain for saving them a fortune, appears to be another of those racing “legends” from the nineteenth century not firmly based on evidence.


21 starts: 6/4/3/8

1874-1875 2yo

5 starts -/-/1/4

Unpl – 30/10/1874 Flemington Maribyrnong Plate, 5 furlongs, 1st Maid of all Work, 2nd Richmond, 1min 9sec, 6 lengths
3rd – 7/11/1874Flemington All-Aged Stakes 1 mile (6st 1lb), 1st Canterbury (4st 11½lb), 1min 45sec
Unpl – 29/3/1875 AJC Champagne Stakes, 5 furlongs (8st 10lb), 1st Hyperion (8st 10lb), 1min 5⅕sec, 2 lengths
Unpl – 1/4/1875 Randwick Breeders’ Plate (6 furlongs), 1st Hyperion, 1min 20⅗sec, 2 lengths
Unpl – 3/4/1875 Randwick Nursery Hcp, 1 mile, (7st 12lb), 1st Kingston-Valetta colt (named Malta in January 1877) (8st 13lb), 1min 48⅕sec, 1½ lengths

1875-1876 3yo
15 starts 6/3/2/4

3rd – 25/8/1875 Hawkesbury Guineas, 1 mile, (8st 5lb), 1st Kingston-Valetta colt (Malta) (8st 5lb), 2nd Richmond, 1 min 45⅕sec, 4 lengths, short head
2nd – 26/8/1875 Maiden Plate Hawkesbury, 1½ mile, 1st Janitor (6st 9lb), 2min 42⅖sec, 3 lengths
Unpl (4th) – 4/9/1875 Randwick AJC Derby, 1 ½ mile, (8st 10lb), 1st Richmond (8st 10lb), 2nd Kingston-Valetta colt (Malta), 2min 42⅖sec (fastest Derby ever run in Australia), nearly a length
2nd – 7/9/1875 Randwick Spring Maiden Stakes, 1½ miles, (6st 11lb) 1st Bullion (6st 11lb), 2min 49⅘sec, won a slow race by nearly 3 lengths
3rd – 9/9/1875 AJC Mares’ Produce Stakes, 1¼ mile (8st 10lb), 1st Richmond (9st 3lb), 2min 18sec, ½ length, 2 lengths
2nd – 11/9/1875 Randwick Members’ Hcp (3yo), 1 mile, (8st 4lb), 1st Kismet (7st 5lb), 1min 45⅕sec, neck
1st – 6/11/1875 Flemington VRC Derby, 1½ mile, (8st 10lb), 2nd Richmond (8st 10lb), 2min 48sec, length
1st – 9/11/1875 Flemington VRC Maiden Plate, 1½ mile, (7st), 2nd Veteran (7st), “no official time taken”, “won hard-held in a common canter”
1st – 11/11/1875 Flemington Royal Park Stakes, 2 miles, (6st 10lb), 2nd Goldsborough (9st 5lb), 3min 41sec, ½length, ¾ length or 1½ lengths depending on the source
1st – 13/11/1875 Flemington VRC Mares Produce Stakes, 1¼ mile (8st 10lb), 2nd Maid of all Work (8st 5lb), 2min 15sec, ¾length
(Many thought he would have added the Melbourne Cup if he hadn’t been scratched through an “error of judgement”)
Unpl (5th) – 1/1/1876 Flemington Champion Stakes, 3 miles (7st 1lb), 1st Richmond (7st 1lb), 5min 35sec, 2 lengths
Unpl – 4/3/1876 Flemington VRC St Leger, 1¾ miles and 132 yards (8st 10lb), 1st Richmond (8st 10lb), 3min 26sec, neck
1st – 17/4/1876 Randwick AJC St Leger, 1¾ miles, (8st 10lb), 2nd Richmond (8st 10lb), 3min 12⅘sec, head
Unpl (4th)– 20/4/1876 Randwick AJC Sydney Cup, 2 miles (7st 12lb), 1st A.T.(6st 4lb), 2nd Kingsborough (9st 8lb), 3min 37⅘sec, length
1st – 22/4/1876 Randwick Australian Jockey Club Plate, 3 miles, (7st 13lb), 2nd Richmond (7st 13lb), 5min 51⅘sec, head

1876-1877 4yo
1 start -/1/-/-

2nd – 2/9/1876 Randwick AJC Spring Stakes, 1½ miles, (8st 7lb), 1st Valentia (8st 7lb), 2min 44½sec, length

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Thanks Brian,

If I ever get it together I might make an e-book out of it but the market for such things is very limited I'd imagine.

Pwa :  Great to see you back in action.

I have pointed this out before -  Hurtle Fisher didn't drown in the wreck of the Admella.  His brother George did.  Hurtle survived the wreck, lived on to establish the fabulous Maribyrnong stud and died in his old age (in the early 20th century). 

You make an excellent case for the bookmakers.  We have always loved to hate them.

"Give me my money, you hook-nosed hog!
Give me my money, bookmaking dog!"
- AB Patterson, A Dream of the Melbourne Cup

They were at the height of their unpopularity in the 1870s and had not yet been registered.  Anyone with a pencil could field at the races.  I think the myth of Captain Paddle's purse is a reflection of how poorly the bookmakers were regarded at the time.

The loss of Robin Hood could have been great blow to the breed.  He was a Sylvia colt.  She was probably our greatest broodmare of them all, the dam of Martini Henri and the highly influential stallion Goldsbrough.  He seemed to be very similar, even superior to his full brother Goldsbrough and both seemed very stout by comparison to their half brother by Musket. 

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LE GRAND (AUS) 1880                              
21 starts, 13 wins (3 x Group 1), 1 second and 4 thirds.  Win % 61.9, Place % 85.7. Also won the Champion Stakes.                              
Considered by Peter Pring 'One of the 32 great Australian and New Zealand racehorses of the early 1860's to the end of the 19th Century', Analysis of Champion Racehorses, published 1977.                              
Considered by Douglas M Barrie as one of 16 famous Australian racehorses of the early 1860's to the end of the 19th Century, The Australian Bloodhorse, published 1956.                              
Pedigreequery.com has him foaled in 1881 - I don't know how to correct that.                              
Bred at The Grange, near Ipswich, QLD                              
Note spelling of 'Martini-Henry' in placings                               
Injured just before the 1884 Spring Flemington carnival and 'scratched from all engagements'.                              
And see obitiuary published in the Goulburn Herald of Tuesday 10 March 1885 p 4, 'DEATH OF LE GRAND.', seems he was buried at Flemington racecourse.                               
TWO YEARS:  1882-1883  Starts 4:  3-0-1-0                              
3rd-7   26/01/1883.   0.5L x nk   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   STC January Stakes   5f.   8.10.   1.05.75.   Odds?   Ildagonda 6.0. 1st   Finesse 6.3 2nd
1st-4   24/05/1883.   1L x 0.5L   Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD, AUS    QTC Sires Produce Stakes (G1 up to 2005)   7f.   8.10.   1.34.0.   1/1F.   Capitulator 8.0 2nd   Wheatmeat 8.10 3rd
1st-3   12/07/1883.   0.5L x Long last   Rockhampton, QLD   RJC Sires Produce Stakes   8f.   8.7.   1.51.0.   1/3F.   Capitulator 8.7 2nd   The Roue 8.7 3rd
1st-4   13/07/1883.   0.5L x 2L   Rockhampton, QLD   RJC Champagne Stakes   8f.   8.7.   1.47.75.   1/2F.   Sarabanda 8.4 2nd   Wheatmeat 8.7 3rd
THREE YEARS: 1883-1884  Starts 17: 10-1-3-3                              
1st-5   25/08/1883.   Hd x 2L   Hawkesbury, Sydney, NSW, AUS   Mares Prduce Stakes   10f.   8.5.   2.19.0.   2/1.   Kingsdale 8.5 1/2F 2nd   Kaiapara 8.0 5/1 3rd
1st-5   1/09/1883.   3L x 4L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Derby (G1)   12f.   8.10.   2.46.5.   4/6F.   Kingsdale 8.10 5/2 2nd   Copra 8.5 8/1 3rd
1st-3   6/09/1883.   Nk x ?   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Craven Plate   10f.   7.11.   2.14.5.   1/4F.   Ike 7.9 5/1 2nd   Segenhoe 9.0 4/1 3rd
1st-4   8/09/1883.   2L x 1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Randwick Plate   24f.   7.5.   6.12.5.   4/5F.   Sardonyx 9.7 6/1 2nd   The Gem 9.7 2/1 3rd
3rd-6   3/11/1883.   3L x ?   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Melbourne Stakes (later Mackinnon Stakes)   10f.   7.12.   2.11.5.   6/4F   Commotion 9.3 6/4F 1st   First Demon 7.12 5/1 2nd
Unpl-29   6/11/1883.   1.5L x hd   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Melbourne Cup   16f.      3.30.5.   20/1.   Martini-Henry (NZ) 7.5 5/1F 1st   First Water 8.0 25/1 2nd
1st-6   8/11/1888.   Hd x 1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC The Royal Park Stakes   10f.   8.1.   2.18.75.   4/1.   Sardius 8.1 5/1 2nd   Hurricane 7.12 3/1 3rd
3rd-4   12/11/1888.   Nk x 1L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Canterbury Plate (later C B Fisher Plate)   16f.      3.48.5.      Off Colour 1st   Commotion 2/5F 2nd
Unpl-16   26/01/1884.   2L x 1L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   STC Anniversary Hcp   11f.   8.7.   2.25.0.   5/1EF.   Here's Luck 6.11 1st   Sardonyx 9.2 6/1 2nd
1st-2   3/02/1884.   1L   Geelong, VIC, AUS   GRC Mares Produce Stakes   12f.   8.10.   2.44.0.   4/6F.   Little Sister 8.7 2nd   
2nd-31   1/03/1884.   Grand style x ?   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Newmarket Hcp   6f.   8.10.   1.15.25 (RR)   100/5.   Malua 8.7 7/1 1st   Claptrap 7.12  15/1 3rd
3rd-17   6/03/1984.   0.75L x 2.5L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Australian Cup   18f.   7.12.   4.03.75.   8/1.   Morpeth 8.5 3/1F 1st   Sweet William 8.9 7/1 2nd
1st-7   8/03/1884.   0.5L x 4L   Flemington, Melbourne, VIC, AUS   VRC Champion Stakes   24f.   7.12.   5.26.5.   10/1.   Off Colour 7.12 8/1 2nd   Commotion 9.5 100/30 3rd
1st-2   14/04/1884.   1.5L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC St Leger Stakes   14f.   8.10.   3.10.5 (RR)      Martini-Henry 8.10 4/7F 2nd   
6th-21   16/04/1884.   2L x nk   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Sydney Cup   16f.   8.5.   3.36.0.   5/2F.   Favo 6.4 20/1 1st   Empress 7.7 8/1 2nd
1st-4   18/04/1884.   Nk x 0.75L   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Cumberland Stakes   16f.   8.2.   3.40.0.   4/5F.   Martini-Henry 8.2 2/1 2nd   Sardonyx 9.4 3rd
1st-5   19/04/1884.   0.75L x Good 3rd   Randwick, Sydney, NSW, AUS   AJC Plate (G1) (later Queen Elizabeth Stakes)   24f.   8.0.   5.30.24.   4/6F.   Sardonyx 9.5 5/1 2nd   Sweet William 9.5 3rd
I know he's off topic for me - it's one for Tontonan's 'Colonials' if he doesn't have it.                              
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Thanks for the correction, Tonto (I remember now that you had corrected me on that before but I hadn't amended it in my notes on Robin Hood). You're right that Robin Hood was perceived at the time as a huge loss to the breeding industry more-so than as a 4yo coming into his racing prime.

Thanks also for Le Grand's statistics, timw. Le Grand really had a great record.  His 3yo season was one of the best ever as all his wins were in top-class races but he has been overshadowed by some of his contemporaries and Martini-Henry's Melbourne Cup victory saw his reputation enhanced at the expense of Le Grand.

It is interesting that Douglas Barrie had two Queensland horses in his top 16. The other was Megaphone who would probably not be placed amongst the best 16 from 1860-1900 by many. Barrie had substantially the same material in his Turf Cavalcade (1960) as in Bloodhorse

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You champion !

He was right up the top of my 'to do' list.    

Possibly the best Queenslander before Bernborough - or potentially.  I haven't read the obit yet but if it is the same as I have read previously his death was a dreadful one.  It seems the horse broke its back during trackwork.  

Bred at The Grange in Ipswich by PJ Bell who had great success in the 1880's particularly with his sire Epigram.  

He was bought by Donald Wallace who later owned Carbine and Mentor and Megaphone.  Wallace had properties in Queensland and was in partnership with Richard Casey, father of Lord Casey.  Wallace was a lazy bugger though and neglected his interests leaving Casey to do all the work while he sat in Parliament and said something like 4 sentences in 9 years (he was an MP in both Victoria and Queensland).  He was a very popular sportsman though.

Le Grand was very good. While Martini Henri had the laurels in the Spring Le Grand was all over him in the Autumn particularly after Martini Henri disgraced himself in the Champion Stakes.

The spelling of Martini Henri is a much disputed thing, almost as disputed as Maltster / Malster.  

In both cases I think it was sloppy reporting both by the press and the race club secretaries.  Martini Henri is named after the rifle (being a son of Musket) and the Honourable James White was a classical sort of chap who wouldn't abide a colloquial mangling of the name of the revered weapon.  

But it wasn't White who named the horse.  The Auckland Stud Company named him and sold him as named as Martini Henri.  Cavanough maintains the spelling was corrupted by misuse in Australia.  He is listed as Martini Henry in the ASB.  The Auckland Stud Company sold several of Musket's sons as named - which is why there is such a consistency - Nordenfeldt, Trenton, Carbine, Matchlock, Martini Henri : They are all rifles.

Similarly, Malster is a managling of Maltster, named after the brewery man, as he was out of the mare, Barley.  The ASB has him named as Maltster but he appears in many racing records and in the press as Malster.

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Here is a picture of Le Grand - and perhaps an example of how names were often 'corrupted'.  Name registration was in its infancy.  In fact in Robin Hood's time a name wasn't even required.

Robin Hood raced as the Sylvia colt for some time and Robinson Crusoe, who was one of only two horses to survive the gale that took Robin Hood, was only known as the Chrysolite colt until after the shipwreck.

Both colts were out of daughters of Juliet, the Queen of the Maribyrnong stud

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to edit pedigree query

1. bring up the pedigree chart of the horse you wish to edit (if changing a date take note of the horses parents)
2. under MAINTENANCE chose Edit Information.
3. Change the date then click the the Add/Edit Information button
4. The next screen asks you to verify the correct parents are selected from the list
5. Click OK and you are done.

I have changed the date on Le Grand and removed your note.

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Can anyone print the detailed record of Rough Habit for me. I'm in dispute with a fellow punter and need to clarify things. Google doesn't seem to help me

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Rough Habit

Born: 02-12-1986
Si Rough Cast
Dam: Certain Habit
Colours: Maroon, Yellow Diamond Band, Dark Blue & Yellow Hooped Sleeves, Maroon & Dark Blue Qtd Cap
Trainer: John Wheeler

74 starts. 29 wins, 16 seconds, 7 thirds
Prizemoney: $3,887,393

Part 1

Finished Runners Date Track Distance (m) Race Jockey Wgt Barrier Track_Cond 1st/2nd Margin Time SP
2nd 16 15/11/89 WDVL 1200m MDN P Taylor 54kg

1st 13 01/12/89 HAST 1200m MDN BJ Fletcher 55kg

1st 11 28/02/90 HAST 1400m CL4 HCP D Weatherley 56kg

2nd 12 17/03/90 AWAP 1400m CL3 HCP N Harris 54.5kg

1st 13 22/03/90 HAWE 1600m 0-2WINS D Weatherley 56.5kg

1st 16 24/03/90 AWAP 1600m CL3 HCP N Harris 55.5kg

2nd 13 16/04/90 ELLS 1575m 3Y-SW N Harris 55kg

1st 10 25/04/90 AVON 1600m CL2-WFA R Elliot 54kg

1st 15 12/05/90 TREN 1400m CL2 HCP R Elliot 55.5kg

2nd 12 19/05/90 DOOM 1615m DOOMBEN CL Listed J Cassidy 55kg 6 Dead Stylish Century 0.2L 01:37.80 4-1
2nd 16 26/05/90 E FARM 2244m GRAND PRIX Group 2 R Elliot 53kg 1 Dead Stargazer 0.4L 00:00.00 7-2
1st 8 09/06/90 E FARM 2400m QLD DERBY Group 1 R Elliot 55.5kg 6 Heavy Ray's Hope
02:39.30 4-1
3rd 16 23/06/90 DOOM 2020m FOUREX CUP Group 1 R Elliot 54kg 1 Dead Eye Of The Sky 2.3L 00:00.00 11-2
2nd 9 18/09/90 TE RAPA 1600m CL1 HCP R Elliot 57kg

3rd 9 29/09/90 TARA 2000m MASON STKS Group 3 G Phillips 57kg
Slow Horlicks
9th 9 13/10/90 CAUL 2000m CAUL STKS Group 1 R Elliot 57kg 4 Good Sydeston 9.8L 02:03.00 12-1
10th 18 20/10/90 CAUL 2400m CAUL CUP Group 1 R Elliot 53kg 2 Slow Sydeston 8.7L 02:31.60 25-1
7th 16 31/10/90 WERR 2600m WERR CUP Listed R Elliot 55.5kg 11 Fast Savage Toss 5.3L 02:41.80 6-1
1st 12 05/04/91 STRT 1600m CL1 HCP B Herd 57kg

1st 9 17/04/91 OTAK 1400m T REGENCY Group 2 R Elliot 57kg

1st 9 11/05/91 E FARM 1400m BYRNE HART Group 3 B Phillips 57kg 7 Good

01:23.40 5-2
1st 7 20/05/91 GCST 1800m S'PORT CUP Listed J Cassidy 57kg 6 Dead

01:49.50 11-8
1st 20 08/06/91 E FARM 1400m STRADBROKE Group 1 J Cassidy 55kg 14 Heavy St Jude 6L 01:25.50 6-4
1st 13 22/06/91 DOOM 2020m FOUREX CUP Group 1 J Cassidy 57kg 11 Dead

02:04.80 2-5
1st 9 07/09/91 HAST 1400m TOSHIBA Group 3 M Boyce 58.5kg
Dead Surfer's Paradise
1st 9 28/09/91 NPLY 2000m MASON STKS Group 2 M Boyce 59kg

5th 11 12/10/91 CAUL 2000m CAUL STKS Group 1 J Cassidy 59kg 10 Fast Shaftesbury Avenue 5.4L 01:59.30 7-2
7th 14 26/10/91 MVAL 2040m COX PLTE Group 1 J Cassidy 59kg 5 Good Surfer's Paradise 3.2L 02:03.80 13-2
5th 14 24/11/91 FCHU 2400m JAPAN CUP Group 1 J Cassidy 57kg

1st 9 14/03/92 TREN 1600m CAPT COOK Group 1 C Johnson 57.5kg
Good Modena 1.7L 01:35.54 1.7L
2nd 10 28/03/92 RHIL 2000m RANVET Group 1 J Cassidy 58kg 9 Good My Eagle Eye 0.1L 02:05.23 11-8
3rd 11 11/04/92 RHIL 2400m BMW Group 1 J Cassidy 58.5kg 8 Good Heroicity 2.6L 02:29.16 9-4
1st 7 20/04/92 RAND 2000m QUEEN ELIZ Group 1 J Cassidy 58kg 1 Good My Eagle Eye 0.5L 02:03.30 11-8
1st 6 25/04/92 RAND 1600m ALL AGED Group 1 J Cassidy 57.5kg 2 Good Quick Score 0.1L 01:38.50 7-4
2nd 14 16/05/92 DOOM 1350m CAST 10000 Group 1 J Cassidy 58kg 12 Heavy Barrosa Boy 0.1L 01:21.30 6-4/2-1
1st 5 18/05/92 GCST 1800m S'PORT CUP Listed J Cassidy 57.5kg 5 Heavy

01:58.61 2-7/1-3
1st 20 06/06/92 E FARM 1400m STRADBROKE Group 1 J Cassidy 58.5kg 18 Good Barrosa Boy 0.3L 01:21.60 8-1/12-1/11-1
1st 16 20/06/92 DOOM 2020m DOOM CUP Group 1 J Cassidy 57.5kg 15 Good Kinjite 0.1L 02:05.10 1-2/8-11