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« 2018-Dec-28, 08:17 AM Reply #1850 »
Here are the details, Klondike.

22/10/1991 - Kyneton Ferocious 3YO Maiden Plate 1100m, 13 starters, 1st Schillaci (55), 2nd Mavournae (53.5), 3rd Colonial Melbourne (55), 2 lengths, 2.5 lengths, 1min 4sec, track good.

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« 2018-Dec-28, 09:27 AM Reply #1851 »
Schillaci's record has been updated.

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« 2019-Jan-03, 11:53 AM Reply #1852 »
There is another superb chapter in the story of the AJC Derby at Kings of the Turf, this time the 1973 running won by Imagele.


The author says it is the most exciting Derby he has seen.  He traces the careers of the great 3yo contingent from that year - Tontonan, Grand Cidium, Taj Rossi, Leica Lover and others. Think Big and Leilani also get a mention.

He is justifiably harsh on Tommy Smith for campaigning Imagele in Perth in the summer of 73-74.

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« 2019-Jan-03, 04:21 PM Reply #1853 »

Great story.  I was a youngster at the time and I remember going to the TAB to have couple of dollars on Grand Cidium to win the Caulfield Cup then going home to regret it as it continued to rain as I never liked betting on wet tracks.    Recently while searching for European champions from the 1970s the London Times noted that American's bought horses to race and I infer the rich American's sent to Europe those horses they didn't think would stand the hard racing required to be successful in the USA.  I ddn't think Tommy Smith wanted any softies in his stable either.  The corollary of that is that rich European owners (there doesn't seem to be any other sort) only race for the breeding barn.   Of course there was less of a financial incentive to race on as a 4YO in Europe (the King George and Arc being the exceptions) whereas in the USA 4YO's had to compete in big money handicaps with very few run at SW (split between grass and dirt).  Now they have more big money SW races in USA and around the world but seem to race less.  I imagine that if the best 4YO+ US horses that raced before the introduction of Breeder's cup raced today their records might be more impressive as they would not need to beat the handicapper.

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« 2019-Jan-03, 07:04 PM Reply #1854 »
Tim, Grand Cidium and Sobar were the "might-have-beens" of the early 70s for me. Grand Cidium really could have been anything; he showed so much promise in the spring of 1973.

That's a good point about American racing.  Different perspectives, different continents but it's a pity the breeding barn is so universally dominant now. Lonhro and So You Think were the last champion stallions here to have lengthy careers.

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« 2019-Jan-04, 08:05 AM Reply #1855 »
The horse that always seems to be left out of discussions of that season is Asgard. 

He raced in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane and had 26 starts as a 3YO winning ten races including the Australasian Champion Stakes, the WATC Derby (defeating Leica Lover and Imagele), the STC Tulloch Stakes (defeatimg Dalrello) and the QTC Grand Prix.

And he was an entire.   Times change.

In 36 subsequent starts he won only 2 other races, both modest races at Morphettville.   He produced no off spring.

Others of that 1970 crop included Authentic Heir, Dalrello, Bush Win, Purple Patch, Reckless, Think Big, Leilani, Zephyr Bay. 

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« 2019-Jan-04, 08:22 AM Reply #1856 »
It was a great year, Tonto. Fury's Order, Grey Way and Oopik were NZers from the same crop.

Asgard was the very definition of an iron horse. I had him in an old record as 14 wins; he had 2 as a 2yo. Purple Patch and Dalrello were also entires who raced on for 20 and 18 wins respectively. I know it was half a century ago and times change, but it would be good to see some of our 2 and 3yo champion stallions have more than their standard dozen or so starts.

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« 2019-Jan-04, 01:23 PM Reply #1857 »
I wonder if the modern thoroughbred is simply too fragile to stand the campaigns of horses of the past, and whether they have been made fragile by breeders shuttling northern stallions in preference to home grown stallions.  I have zero evidence to support my argument but when you ask the question what happened to the thoroughbred in the past 50 years that it has gone from iron horse to fragility stallion shuttling is one of things that suggests itself - together with the dominance of Northern Dancer blood.  Again, I have no evidence to support the claim other than the co-incidence.

Other co-incidences are the enforcement of policies relating to hormones, steroids and drugs, and in the last 25 years, track watering policy.  A lot of other stuff has changed but not much that could be directly related to the durability of the horse.  We have probably got better at patching horses up for racing careers that would have otherwise been looked over and rejected in the past in the days of bigger foal crops when the plethora of well staked 0-58 races simply wasn't on the cards.  (not just 0-58's but all restricted grade racing has made racing some horses more economic than it was when such races were only worth beer money).   

I must admit I do not find the modern racing era at all attractive and only linger out of habit.  The 1970's was the era that converted me.  The 2010's is the era that has lost me.

There was defacto grand circuit in the 1970's that started in Sydney then went to Melbourne, Perth, Melbourne again, Sydney again, Adelaide and Brisbane.  The calendar was marked out by feature doubles at each of the grand circuit carnivals, usually held on public holiday weekends that focused punters attentions nationally.  The best horses chased the prize money and the disparity between the carnivals feature prizemoney was not as great as the disparity between the grand circuit races and mundane events.   There was none of this pattern system tosh.  It was money and tradition that determined status and they went hand in hand.  The best raced the best repeatedly throughout the season for the best money and the grand circuit tourists were challenged by the local heroes.  The handicaps helped promote the local horse who raced into contention to do battle with the interstate stars. 

Yet the racing was moderated.  There was no need for 24/7, no need to bet every day of the year or every day of the week.  Even a mid week meeting down the line could be something to look forward too and country clubs were permitted to have their open handicaps and welters.  They weren't forced to run programs of maidens and BM58's. 

The good old days.

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« 2019-Jan-06, 10:01 PM Reply #1858 »
And in the 1970's trainers sometimes sent good horses to the Victorian country to run in open races in Saturday meetings.  I remember looking in the paper at a country Saturday meeting thinking that an open city class horse in each leg of the daily double was a certainty so I jogged down to the local TAB to have a 50 cent daily double.  Can't remember who, where or when butIi seem to recall the double dividend was less than a dollar.  Pattern racing has destroyed that.

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« 2019-Jan-20, 06:40 AM Reply #1859 »
Thanks for the Imagele story pwa54.  That was my era.  Was at the track when Dayana won the Perth Cup.

Even to this day I remember Always Morning was second, and Piping Lane third. 

My dad was a big Dayana fan.

But that next years crop was a beauty. 

Online pwa54

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« 2019-Jan-20, 10:10 AM Reply #1860 »
It is a great site, Firezuki. The author, Ian Ibbett, is only going up to 1977 but the stories so far from the mid-60s to 1974 have brought back great memories for me.

You're right that the 1970 crop was much better although Sobar, Dayana, Analie and Century were a pretty impressive top 4 from 1969. Starglow wasn't a bad WA mare from that year as well.

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« 2019-Jan-21, 03:11 PM Reply #1861 »

Kennaquhair (1914) by Kenilworth from Calluna

He was regarded as an iron horse in an era when there were plenty of iron horses. He wasn’t a champion, but his record would have been much better if he hadn’t been runner-up to Hall of Famer, Poitrel, on 6 occasions. His Sydney Cup win in an Australasian record time under 9st 5lb (59.5kgs) was very impressive. He carried 9 stone (57 kgs) or more in each of his last 44 starts but, like some of his contemporaries, he was over-raced and his career at stud was ordinary. Like many of the Kenilworth progeny, he took a long time to mature but when he did, he was very competitive in an era of champions, racing against giants like Gloaming, Desert Gold, Eurythmic, Artilleryman and David, as well as Poitrel.

72 10½/9/9

2yo (1916-17)
9 -/-/1

Unpl – 8/12/16 Rosehill Nursery Hcp 4¾f, 7st 12lb, 1st Bratiano (8st) 59½sec, neck
Unpl – 26/1/17 Randwick Phillip Stakes 5f, 8st 7lb, 1st Desert Malt (9st 2lb), 1min 1¼sec, 1¼ lengths
Unpl – 17/2/17 Rosehill Nursery Hcp 4¾f, 7st 5lb, 1st Miss Powhatan (7st 12lb), 59sec, ½ neck
Unpl – 19/5/17 Randwick 2YO Hcp 6f, 1st Mountain Lassie (7st 8lb), 1min 13sec, length
3rd – 2/6/17 Randwick First Nursery Hcp 6f, 6st 12lb, Lord Windemere (7st 10lb), 1min 14¼sec, 2 lengths
Unpl – 4/6/17 Randwick Second Nursery Hcp 1 mile, 7st 3lb, 1st West Molong (6st 12lb), 1min 41¾sec, ¾ length
Unpl – 21/7/17 Rosehill Nursery Hcp 6f, 7st 1lb, 1st Amber Rose (9st), 1min 17sec, head
And 2 other unplaced runs

3yo (1917-18)
13 5/1/-

Unpl – 8/9/17 Randwick Tramway Stakes 7f, 1st Ardrossen, 1min 28sec, 4 lengths
Unpl – 15/9/17 Rosehill Hcp 10f, 8st 5lb, 1st The Fortune Hunter (6st 7lb), 2min 6½sec, length
1st – 8/12/17 Rosehill Second Division Maiden Hcp 7f, 7st 10lb, 2nd Franzec (8st 12lb), 1min 27sec, ½ head
1st – 2/1/18 Menangle Park Summer Hcp 1 mile, 7st, 2nd Hecate (7st 11lb), 1min 43sec, length

2nd – 5/1/18 Warwick Farm Warwick Hcp 10f + 100 yards, 7st 7lb + 10lb penalty, 1st Kenilera (9st), 2min 16½sec, head
1st – 19/1/18 Randwick AJC January Hcp 10f, 8st 2lb, 2nd Norbury (8st 6lb), 2min 5¾sec, ½ length
1st – 26/1/18 Randwick AJC Anniversary Hcp 12f, 7st 12lb, 2nd Mehi King (8st 2lb), 2min 33¾sec, ¾ length

Unpl – 9/3/18 Rosehill Club Handicap 11f, 8st 10lb, 1st Dynasty (7st 9lb), 2min 22sec, 2 lengths
1st – 23/3/18 Hawkesbury Autumn Hcp 11f, 8st 5lb, 2nd Persian Dream (7st 2lb), 2min 23sec, ¾ length
Unpl – 30/3/18 Randwick Autumn Stakes, 8st 2lb, 1st Desert Gold (9st), 2nd Thana (8st 11lb), 2min 33sec, 4 lengths
Unpl – 1/4/18 Randwick Sydney Cup 2 miles, 8st 2lb, 1st Rebus (7st 12lb), 2nd Shadowland (7st 13lb), 3rd Lanius (9st 1lb), 3min 26½sec, ¾ length, ¾ length
Unpl – 3/4/18 Randwick Cumberland Stakes 2 miles, 8st 2lb, 1st Lanius (9st 4lb), 2nd Westcourt (9st 2lb), 3rd Wallace Isinglass (9st 4lb), 3min 40¼sec, length
And 1 other unplaced run

4yo (1918-19)
20 3/6/3

2nd – 17/8/18 Warwick Farm Handicap 10f + 100 yards, 9st, 1st Mount Alf (8st 9lb), 2min 15sec, 3 lengths, 3 lengths
1st – 24/8/18 Rosehill Handicap 10f, 9st, 2nd Publican (7st 12lb), 2min 7sec, 4 lengths
3rd – 14/9/18 Randwick Chelmsford Stakes 9f, 9st, 1st Gloaming (6st 10lb), 2nd Rebus (9st 4lb), (Unpl Poitrel 9st), 1min 52sec, 8 lengths, 1½ lengths
Unpl – 21/9/18 Rosehill Handicap 10f, 9st 7lb, 1st Kilmoon (6st 12lb), 2nd Thana (9st), 2min 8¼sec, short head
3rd – 5/10/18 Randwick Spring Stakes 10f, 9st, 1st Poitrel (9st), 2nd Desert Gold (9st 1lb), 2min 31sec, head, 2 lengths
1st – 7/10/18 Randwick Metropolitan Handicap 12f, 8st 4lb, 2nd Arch Marella (8st), 3rd Lingle (9st), (Unpl Poitrel 8st 9lb). 2min 31½sec, 3 lengths, 3 lengths
Unpl – 2/11/18 Flemington Hotham Handicap 12f, 9st 5lb, 1st Court Jester (7st 10lb), 2nd Nightwatch , 2min 34 ½ sec, ½ length, neck
2nd – 5/11/18 Flemington Melbourne Cup 2 miles, 9st, 1st Nightwatch (6st 7lb), 3rd Gadabout (8st 7lb), 3min 25¾sec, ½ length, neck
1st – 9/11/18 Flemington CB Fisher Plate 12f, 9st, 2nd Magpie (9st 1lb), 3rd Wolaroi (9st 4lb), 2min 32½sec, neck, head
4th – 11/11/18 Williamstown Cup 11f, 9st 8lb, 1st Sea-bound (6st 7lb), 2nd Red Signal (8st), 3rd Cetigne (9st 6lb), 2min 19sec, neck, head
Unpl – 18/1/19 Rosehill Flying Handicap 6f, 9st 8lb, 1st Bimeter (8st 5lb), 2nd Sydney Damsel (8st 7lb), 1min 13sec, head
Unpl – 25/1/19 Randwick Challenge Stakes 6f, 9st 10lb, 1st Sydney Damsel (8st 2lb), 2nd Shell Shock (6st 12lb), 3rd Bimeter (8st 2lb), 1min 12sec, 4 lengths, length
3rd – 22/3/19 Warwick Farm Warwick Handicap 10f + 100 yards, 9st 11lb, 1st Booster (7st 9lb), 2nd Lambourne (7st 12lb), 2min 16sec, ¾ length, ½ head
4th – 29/3/19 Rosehill Hcp 11f, 9st 13lb, 1st West Molong (6st 7lb) 2nd Greg (7st 9lb), 3rd Finmark (8st 10lb), (Poitrel (9st 6lb) unpl), 2min 20sec, length, ½ length
Unpl – 5/4/19 Rosehill Club Hcp 10f, 9st 9lb, 1st Golden Bronze (7st 1lb), 2nd West Molong (7st 3lb), (Poitrel 9st 4lb unpl) 2min 6¾sec, neck, neck
2nd – 17/5/19 Randwick Autumn Stakes 12f, 9st, 1st Poitrel (9st), 2min 42sec, 4 lengths, length
Unpl – 19/5/19 Randwick Sydney Cup 2 miles, 9st 8lb, 1st Ian Or (6st 10lb), 2nd Night Watch (8st 2lb), (Unpl Poitrel 9st 6lb), 3min 31½sec, 3 lengths, 1¼ lengths
2nd – 22/5/19 Randwick Cumberland Stakes 2 miles, 9st, 1st Poitrel (9st), 3rd Thana (9st 1lb), 3min 34sec, 4 lengths, 7 lengths
2nd – 24/5/19 Randwick AJC Plate 3 miles, 9st, 1st Poitrel (9st), 3rd Snub (9st 1lb), 5min 33sec, 3 lengths, 4 lengths
2nd – 4/6/19 Newcastle Cup 11f, 9st 13lb, 1st Mount Alf (8st 6lb), 2min 22sec, head, length

5yo (1919-20)
12 2/1/3

Unpl – 13/9/19 Randwick Chelmsford Stakes 9f, 9st 11lb, 1st Richmond Main (6st 13lb), 2nd Elfacre (7st 3lb), 3rd Cetigne (9st 11lb), 1min 52¼sec, ¾ length, length
4th – 4/10/19 Randwick Spring Stakes 12f, 9st 5lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 5lb), 2nd Gloaming (8st 11lb), 3rd Cetigne (9st 6lb), 2min 32½sec, short head, 3 lengths
Unpl – 6/10/19 Randwick Metropolitan Handicap 12f, 9st 9lb, 1st Rebus (9st 10lb), 2nd Kenilford (6st 4lb), 2min 32¾sec, long head, 2 lengths
2nd – 11/10/19 Randwick Plate 2m, 9st 6lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 6lb), 3rd Sasanof (9st 4lb) 3min 29½sec, 1½ lengths, 5 lengths
10th – 4/11/20 Flemington Melbourne Cup 2 miles, 9st 5lb, 1st Artilleryman (7st 6lb), 2nd Richmond Main (7st 6lb), 3rd Two Blues (6st 12lb), 3min 24½sec, 6 lengths, ½ length
Unpl – 13/3/20 Rosehill Club Handicap 10f, 9st 6lb, 1st Ian Or (7st 10lb), (Unpl Poitrel (9st 12lb)), 2min 7sec, neck, head
Unpl – 20/3/20 Rosehill Handicap 11f, 9st 6lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 12lb), 2nd Bunting (8st 11lb), 2min 20¼sec, head, neck
3rd - 3/4/20 Randwick Autumn Stakes 12f, 9st 3lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 3lb), 2nd King of the Sea (8st 11lb), 2min 32¼sec, length, head
1st – 5/4/20 Randwick Sydney Cup 2 miles, 9st 5lb, 2nd Poitrel (9st 9lb), 3rd Millieme (8st 2lb), 3min 22¾sec (Australasian record), neck, 2 lengths
3rd – 7/4/20 Randwick Cumberland Stakes 2 miles, 9st 4lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 4lb), 2nd Millieme (7st 13lb), 3min 33sec, 1½ lengths, 3 lengths
2nd – 10/4/20 Randwick AJC Plate 3 miles, 9st 5lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 5lb), 3rd Millieme (7st 11lb), 6min 32½sec, 2 lengths, furlong and a half!
1st – 17/4/20 Randwick City Tatt’s Club Cup 11f, 10st 2lb, 2nd Sandbee (7st), 2min 23¼ sec, head

6yo (1920-21)
13 ½/1/2

Unpl – 11/9/20 City Tatt’s Spring Handicap 10f, 10st, 1st White Phast (7st 8lb), 2nd Booster (8st 2lb), 2min 6 sec, 2 lengths
3rd – 18/9/20 Rosehill Handicap 12f, 10st, 1st Finmark (8st 10lb), 2nd Pershore (7st 8lb), 2min 34½sec, neck, head
=1st – 2/10/20 Randwick Spring Stakes 12f, 9st 6lb, =1st Poitrel (9st), 3rd Pershore (9st), 2min 33sec, 3 lengths
Unpl – 4/10/20 Randwick Metropolitan Handicap 13f, 10st, 1st Pershore (7st 8lb), 2nd Ecarte (6st 10lb), 3rd Syce Knight (6st 12lb), 2min 44½sec, 1½ lengths, neck
2nd – 9/10/20 Randwick Plate 2miles, 9st 7lb, 1st Poitrel (9st 7lb), 3rd Pershore (9st), 3min 24½ sec, 1½ lengths, 1½ lengths
Unpl – 31/10/20 Flemington Melbourne Stakes 10f, 9st 4lb, 1st Eurythmic (9st), 2nd Greenstead (9st 4lb), 3rd Poitrel (9st), 2min 6½sec, ¾ length, 2 lengths
5th – 2/11/20 Flemington Melbourne Cup 2 miles, 9st 8lb, 1st Poitrel (10st), 2nd Erasmus (7st), 3rd Queen Comedy (7st), 3min 25¾sec, ½ length, 2 lengths
Unpl – 6/11/20 Flemington VRC Hcp 14f, 9st 12lb, 1st Clever Jim (7st), 2nd Ethiopian (8st 10lb), , 3min 10¾sec, ¾ length, ½ length
Unpl – 12/3/21 Rosehill Handicap 12f, 10st, 1st Arch Marella (8st 10lb), 2nd Rosewalk (7st 12lb), 3rd David (8st 4lb), 2min 33¾sec, 6 lengths
Unpl – 19/3/21 Hawkesbury Autumn Handicap 11f, 10st, 1st Glenluce (7st 11lb), 2min 21 ½ sec, head
Unpl – 28/3/21 Randwick Sydney Cup 2 miles, 9st 12lb, 1st Eurythmic (9st 8lb), 2nd Arch Marella (8st 9lb), 3min 24¾sec, ½ length, 2 lengths
Unpl – 26/3/21 Randwick Autumn Stakes 12f, 9st 3lb, 1st Eurythmic (9st), 2nd Fluency (8st 11lb), 3rd Richmond Main (9st), 2min 35¾sec, 3 lengths, 2 lengths
3rd – 2/4/21 Randwick AJC Plate 3 miles, 9st 5lb, 1st David (7st), 2nd Salitros (8st), 5min 52½sec, 5 lengths, 20 lengths

7yo (1921-22)
5 -/-/-

Unpl – 10/9/21 Randwick Chelmsford Stakes 9f, (9st 11lb), 1st Syce Knight (9st 11lb), 2nd Elfaore (9st), 3rd David (9st 7lb), 1min 52sec, ½ length, length
Unpl – 17/9/21 Rosehill Handicap 12f, 9st 12lb, 1st Syce Knight (9st 2lb), 2nd Tikaroo(7st 3lb), 2min 34½sec, ¾ length, 2 lengths
Unpl – 1/10/21 Randwick Spring Stakes 12f, 9st 6lb, 1st David (9st), 2nd Swift Shot (9st 2lb), 3rd Syce Knight (9st), 2min 22½sec, neck, ½ neck
Unpl – 29/10/21 Flemington Hotham Handicap 12f, 9st 8lb, 1st Wirraway (8st 10lb), 2min 35sec, ½ length, neck
Unpl – 1/11/21 Flemington Melbourne Cup 2 miles, 9st 5lb, 1st Sister Olive (6st 9lb), 2nd The Rover (8st 4lb), 3rd Amazonia (7st 9lb), 3min 27¾sec, ¾ length, head
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Ooops - deleted winx update which went to new post ????
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There's another great instalment in the Kings of the Turf series, this time 1940 and the life-story of John Wren. Tranquil Star also features as does the very impressive Lucrative.