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« 2019-Jun-13, 04:12 PM Reply #100 »

Done a quick stock take on internationals transferred to this thread.  John Henry and Spectacular Bid both on page 68 of the old thread not transferred to this thread.  Also I think the 'Rhinegold' in the index should be 'Rheingold'.


Thanks Tim,  All fixed now.

I found some excellent profiles of American champions at http://www.jockeysite.com/stories/boldruler.htm for anyone interested.

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« 2019-Jun-14, 12:31 AM Reply #101 »
Northern Dancer (Can) is much too important to leave out of this collection.  He is arguably the most important thoroughbred of the 20th century.

1961 bay horse   (15.1 hh )
Nearctic (Can) - Natalma (USA)

Foaled 27 May 1961 Windsfields Farm, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Breeder: E. P. Taylor
Passed In for $25,000 as a yearling
Owner: E.P.Taylor  Windfields Farm, Ontario, Canada
Trainers : Horatio Luro

18 starts 14 wins 2 seconds 2 thirds $508,806

1964 Champion Three Year Old Colt in the USA & Canada, Canadian Horse of the Year.
Pensioned from stud in 1987.
Died November 16, 1990. Chesapeake City Maryland USA
Buried at Windfields Farm, Ontario, Canada

TWO YEARS: 1963  9 Starts : 7 wins-2 seconds-0 third   

WON-8   2/08/1963.   6.75L x 7.5L   Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada   2YO Maiden Special Weight   5.5f.   113 lbs   R Turcotte   T P Fleming   1.06.2.   Fast, $1.95F. 
2nd-11   17/08/1963.   4L x 2.5L   Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada   Vandal Stakes   6.5f.   109 lbs   P Bohenko   T P Fleming   1.19.0.   Fast, $7.55.   Ramblin Rod 122 1st   Brockton Boy 115 3rd
WON-7   24/08/1963.   1.25L x 3.5L   Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada   Summer Stakes   8f. (Turf)   115 lbs   P Bohenko   T P Fleming   1.43.4.   Soft, $2.65EF   Slithering Sam 115 2nd 
2nd-16   28/09/1963.   0.75L x 1L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada   Cup and Saucer Stakes   8.5f. (Turf)   124 lbs   R Turcotte   H A Luro   1.45.6.   Firm, $2.60EF   Grand Garcon 113 1st   Jammed Lively 119 3rd
WON-6   7/10/1963.   1L x 26L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada   Bloordale Stakes Allowance   8f. 70yds.   122 lbs   R Turcotte   H A Luro   1.42.0.   Fast, $1.45F.   Northern Flight 117 2nd   
WON-15   12/10/1963.   6.25L x 0.5L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada   Coronation Futurity   9f.   122 lbs   R Turcotte   H A Luro   1.51.0.   Fast, $2.00F.   Jammed Lively 122 2nd   Pierlou 112 3rd
WON-6   6/11/1963.   2.5L x 1L   Greenwood, Ontario, Canada   Carleton Stakes   7f.   122 lbs   J Fitzsimmons   H A Luro   1.27.6.   Muddy, $1.30F.   Northern Flight 115 2nd   
WON-6   18/11/1963.   8L x 1.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Sir Gaylord Purse Allowance   8f.   124 lbs   M Ycaza   H A Luro   1.36.0.   Fast, $3.60.   Bupers 124 2nd   
WON-6   27/11/1963.   2L x 3L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Remsen Stakes   8f.   124 lbs   M Ycaza   H A Luro   1.35.6.   Fast, $1.25F.   Lord Date 112 2nd   Repeating 117 3rd
THREE YEARS: 1964  9 Starts : 7 wins - 0 seconds - 1 thirds (Excludes exhibition race as not counted by DRF) 

3rd-7   10/02/1964.   Hd x 2L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   Allowance   6f.   122 lbs   R Ussery   H A Luro   1.10.4.   Fast, $2.40.   Chieftain 122 1st   Mom's Request 113 2nd

(Exhibition (1st-3)   24/02/1964.   7L x 2.5L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   Special Weight (Exhibition race)   7f.   118 lbs   W Shoemaker   H A Luro   1.23.4.   Good, No betting   Chieftain 118 2nd   Trader 118 3rd)

WON-11   3/03/1964.   2L x 8L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   Flamingo Stakes   9f.   122 lbs   W Shoemaker   H A Luro   1.47.8.   Fast, $2.00F.   Mr Brick 122 2nd   Quadrangle 122 3rd
WON-7   28/03/1964.   4L x 2.75L   Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Florida, USA   Mrs Florida Purse Allowance   7f.   122 lbs   M Ycaza   H A Luro   1.22.4.   Fast, $1.40F.   The Scoundrel 114 2nd   Troy Our Boy 120 3rd
WON-8   4/04/1964.   1L x 2.5L   Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Florida, USA   Florida Derby   9f.   122 lbs   W Shoemaker   H A Luro   1.50.8.   Fast, $1.30F.   The Scoundrel 122 2nd   Dandy K. 122 3rd
WON-5   23/04/1964.   0.5L x 4.5L   Keenland, Lexington, Kentucky, USA   Blue Grass Stakes   9f.   126 lbs   W Hartack   H A Luro   1.49.8.   Fast, $1.20F.   Allen Adair 121 2nd   Royal Shuck 121 3rd
WON-12*   2/05/1964.   Nk x 3.75L   Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA   Kentucky Derby   10f.   126 lbs   W Hartack   H A Luro   2.00.0. (CR)   Fast, $4.40.   Hill Rise 126 2nd   The Scoundrel 126 3rd
WON-6   16/05/1964.   2.75L x hd   Pimlico, Baltimore, Maryland, USA   Preakness Stakes   9.5f.   126 lbs   W Hartack   H A Luro   1.56.8.   Fast, $3.10.   The Scoundrel 126 2nd   Hill Rise 126 3rd
3rd-8   6/06/1964.   2L x 4L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Belmont Stakes   12f.   126 lbs   W Hartack   H A Luro   2.28.4.   Fast, $1.80F.   Quadrangle 126 1st   Roman Brother 126 2nd
WON-8   20/06/1964.   7.5L x 4.5L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada    Queen's Plate   10f.   126 lbs   W Hartack   H A Luro   2.02.2.   Fast, $1.15F.   Langcrest 126 2nd   Grand Garcon 126 3rd

*It is likely he held the Churchill Down's 10 furlong track record until Secretariat's 1973 Kentucky Derby. 


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« 2019-Jun-14, 10:44 AM Reply #102 »
You're right about Northern Dancer, Tonto, it's hard to go past the view that he was the most important thoroughbred last century.

The only additions I've got are the tracks for the Sir Gaylord (Aqueduct) and the unnamed sprint in January 1964 was at Hialeah Park, Miami.

There's a book on him by Kevin Chong, titled Northern Dancer, The Legendary Horse that Inspired a Nation, although the title does seem to be a bit over the top.

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« 2019-Jun-14, 11:32 AM Reply #103 »
You're right about Northern Dancer, Tonto, it's hard to go past the view that he was the most important thoroughbred last century.

I don't know about that.

Why wouldn't his granddaddy Nearco have justifiable claims to that title.

Not only did he sire Northern Dancer's dad Nearctic but also Nasrullah who had his own successful branch of the family, Bold Ruler - Secretariat etc

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« 2019-Jun-14, 11:45 AM Reply #104 »
JWH, I'd agree both he and Nearco were supremely influential. Maybe the fact that Northern Dancer was fertile for so long and around 80% of modern thoroughbreds have his blood might tip the scales in his favour but both have an amazing legacy.

This article is a good overview of Northern Dancer and his place in history


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« 2019-Jun-14, 01:19 PM Reply #105 »

Thanks for the additional info PWA.  I have added it to the record. 

Kevin Chong's book probably doesn't seem over stated to a Canadian.  The horse was lauded as a national hero and was even given the keys to the city carved out of a carrot... which he promptly ate.  Someone made the point that Northern Dancer was a Canadian hero before the familiar maple leaf flag had been adopted. In fact his career coincided with the flag debate in Canada, and it is not that often that the Canadians shake down their loud and obnoxious neighbours but Northern Dancer did that too. 

As for him being the most influential thoroughbred of the 20th century, I did say 'arguably'.  ;)

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« 2019-Jun-14, 01:25 PM Reply #106 »

By being the granddaddy of Northern Dancer then in my book Nearco deserves some of the regard that Norther Dancer is due.

My point is that he not only has Northern Dancer's deeds , but  also the deeds of Nasrullah - Bold Ruler and Secretariat on his CV.

Therefore if Northern Dancer scores a 10 then, ipso facto, Nearco must score higher. 

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« 2019-Jun-14, 02:01 PM Reply #107 »
I have Northern Dancer's complete record.  According to the DRF book his first 3 starts were all at Fort Erie and next 3 at Woodbine.  His first start in 1964 was on 10 Feb at Hialeah beaten a head + 2L by Chieftain over 6f at level weights (placed 3rd).  Then on 24 Feb he ran in an exhibition race for no prize and no wagering at Hialeah beating Chieftain by 7L at level weights over 7f. in a field of 3 in a quick time of 1.23.4 on a track rated good.  This race is not counted by DRF in its official record but is included in the list of races run.  He then won the Flamingo at his next official start on 3 March 1964.   He had 7 different jockeys in his 18 official starts. R Ussery only rode him when beaten by Chieftain and DRF notes the horse was bumped at the start. Nothern Dancer won 5 races later classified as Grade 1 races being Flamingo Stakes, Florida Derby, Blue Grass Stakes
Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. 
I hope to unscramble the US abbreviations on the weekend and post the stuff so Tontonan can fix the record up.

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« 2019-Jun-14, 02:40 PM Reply #108 »
JWH, that's a good point. I've read more about Northern Dancer than Nearco so that swayed me but now having a look at Nearco, his contribution is massive.

Growing up mid-late last century in Australia, international racing and breeding wasn't covered that well in the press, at least where I lived, and there wasn't that much from memory in Racetrack and Turf Monthly, so much of the international material is fairly new. The German racing scene, for example, to me was a total unknown. Now reading a little more on Northern Dancer's Canadian reputation, I'll be more cautious in making sweeping generalisations in future!

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« 2019-Jun-14, 03:38 PM Reply #109 »
As always if anyone has a full or better record please post it.  I will massage the posts to incorporate it and delete what is duplicated. It has worked a few times on the other thread - a partial record is posted, additional information is forthcoming, the record is completed.  It should be what the forum is about.

Tim, the Wikipedia claims that the Vandal Stakes was ' run annually since 1956 at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario.' and is restricted to 2YO's bred in Ontario. It also claims that the Vandal Stakes was held at Fort Erie between 1970 and 1985 over 6½ furlongs.  If that is so then it suggests the 1963 edition was run at Woodbine but curiously the 1963 race, which has been conducted at various distanmces from 5 to 7 furlongs, was also conducted at 6½ furlongs.  Could this mean the race was actually held at Fort Erie ? 

Another interesting side fact is that EP Taylor, the millionaire horseman that owned Windfield Farms and bred Northern Dancer also owned Fort Erie racetrack.
It was announced Fort Erie would close to racing in 2012 but it has limped on.  However the Wiki article ends with,

" Dachshund racing was added to the track's schedule in 2018; the success of the first race held that year led to the addition of a basset hound race for 2019."    :what:
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« 2019-Jun-15, 06:22 PM Reply #110 »
Tontonan - here is what I have on Northern Dancer from DRF publications.  Pick is apart as you see fit.                                     
Odds converted to Australian method of including $1.00 stake with the dividend.                                     
It is possible that in those races where he started as equal favourite as a 2YO he was bracketed with another horse owned in the same interests.                                    

The career record compiled by timw has ben transferred to the Northern Dancer profile above in Reply 102                              
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« 2019-Jun-15, 07:02 PM Reply #111 »
Excellent Tim, thanks.

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« 2019-Jun-16, 06:10 PM Reply #112 »
On the issue of Northern Dancer's ancestors I dare to add that once we mention Nasrullah and his sire Nearco then perhaps it it is not too much of a stretch to note that one of Nearco's grand dams is Catnip a daughter of Spearmint and a grand daughter of Carbine.    Plucky Leige is another daughter of Spearmint that  turns up in pedigrees.  Interestingly Bald Eagle (USA) 1955 (12 wins including 5 later classfied as grade 1)  who started his career in the UK before a very successful career in the USA had both Catnip and Plucky Leige in his pedigree.   Cheers

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« 2019-Jun-17, 04:31 PM Reply #113 »
There are two other Australasian lines in the Dancer's pedigree through another son of Musket, Trenton (NZ).  Trenton sired Rosaline dam of Rosedrop who was the dam of Gainsborough.   Gainsborough appears on both sides of the Dancer's pedigree.

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« 2019-Jun-19, 08:19 PM Reply #114 »

I will keep my ere out for Gainsborough.

As we are sort of on the topic of famous international sires I stumbled on Bold Ruler's 4YO record in DRF's American Racing Manual of 1959. DRF voted him Best Sprinter of 1958.  This is interesting as he only had 2 starts over sprint distances winning over 6f and 7f before running 2nd over a 1 mile.  He then won his next 3 starts over 9f. and 10f. before finishing the year out 7th over 9.5f. All races were under big weights (60-62kg). I suspect the editors could not put him in front of Round Table (4YO - 1958 horse of the year with 14 wins from 20 starts) so they decided to sneak him in as best sprinter.  Gallant Man another top performer that also came out of the same foal crop beat Bold Ruler over the 8f. trip carrying 5 lbs less then went on to win the Hollywood Gold Cup that year.  Round Table and Bold Ruler never met as 4YOs.  It seems Gallant Man did not race against Bold Ruler.  Bold Ruler had the upper hand against Gallant Man winning 2 out of 3.


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« 2019-Jun-22, 08:13 AM Reply #115 »

BALD EAGLE (USA) 1955                                       
Bay horse                                       
Nasrullah (GB) 1940 (Nearco (ITY) 1935) - Siama (USA) 1947 (Tiger (USA) 1935)                                       
Carbine (NZ) 1885 is an ancestor both Nearco and Tiger through two daughters of Spearmint (GB) 1903 (Catnip (IRE) 1910 and Plucky Leige (GB) 1912 are grandams of Nearco and Tiger respectively).                                       
Countries raced: UK, USA                                       
29 starts, 12 wins (5 x G1L), 5 seconds, 4 thirds.  Win % 41.4, Place % 72.4.                                        
England earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 6,289.26                                    
GBP earnings include an estimate for 3rd place in St James Palace Stakes calculated as follows: First of £4,864 x 100/70 x 10% = £694.86 (decimalised).                                       
Equibase has England USD equivalent earnings as USD 16,504 whereas I have calculated it as USD 17,610.                                       
United States earnings in United States dollars (USD)   USD 676,442.50                                    
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)   USD 694,052.52                                    
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 247,873.93                                    
Worldwide earnings in French francs  (FRF)   FRF 3,410,834                                    
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)   AUD 619,691.74                                    
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)   JPY 249,858,908                                    
** Based on PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service http://fx.sauder.ubc.ca annual rates for each year against USD 1.00 (© 2016 by Prof. Werner Antweiler, University of British Columbia. All rights reserved. Sources: IMF, World Bank, OECD, Own.)                                       
For France equivalent earnings before 1960 old francs (OF) have been ignored and 'FRF' refers to the new franc (NF) equivalent (100 OF = 1 NF).                                          
For Australian equivalent earnings before 14 February 1966 Australian pounds have been ignored and converted to Australian dollars at the rate of 1 pound = 2 dollars (AUD 2.00).                                       
Prizemoney comparisons: When Bald Eagle ran in the Epsom Derby of 1959 it carried a first prize of GBP 20,036.50 or AUD 50,091.00 or USD 56,102.00.  The Melbourne Cup first prize of 1959 was AUD 31,000 or USD 34,719.00.  In the USA Bald Eagle competed in 15 races with a first prize exceeding USD 50,000.00 of which 11 were more than double the 1959 Melbourne Cup first prize.                                          
"(G1L)" means the race won was later granted Grade 1 status by the US Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association Graded Stakes Committee in 1973 the year American races were first graded.  The grading does not operate retrospectively.                                        
Bald Eagle ran in 9 races in the USA where course records were set.  He won four.  He set course records on dirt at 8f. (1609m.) 10f. (2012m.) and 13f. ( 2615m.) and on grass/turf at 12f. (2414m.)                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
US $ odds have been altered to reflect the Australian methodolgy that is a $1.00 stake is added to the US dividend (eg: US dividend of $1.15 is written as $2.15)                                         
The prizemoney earned for each race appears at the end of each racing record save that in three cases the amount is an estimate and is stated as such.  The two US estimates have no bearing on the total prizemoney earned in any of the currencies as the exchange rates used are annual rates obtained from the source stated above.  These are a fair allocation of an unallocated amount for the 1959 year of USD 2,250 which was not allocated by the DRF book consulted.                                        
TWO YEARS: 1957  Starts 1: 1-0-0-0                                        
1st-8   11/10/1957.   1L x 0.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Duke of Edinburgh Stakes   6f.   1207m.   8.7.   54kg   1.18.26.   Good, 6/5F.   Barleycroft 9.3 9/4 2nd   Teynham 8.12 3rd   GBP 1,688.50
THREE YEARS: 1958  Starts 6: 2-0-1-3                                        
1st-6   17/04/1958.   1L x 3L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Craven Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.4.   59kg   1.43.08.   Firm, 7/2.   Nagami 9.4 9/2 2nd   Pinched 9.4 10/11F 3rd   GBP 715.90
7th-14   30/04/1958.   0.5L x 3L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Two Thousand Guineas Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.39.43.   Fairly good, 7/4F.   Pall Mall 9.0 20/1 1st   Major Portion 9.0 5/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
1st-7   21/05/1958.   1.5L x 2L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Dante Stakes   10.5f.   2112m.   9.0.   57kg   2.23.6.   Good, 11/10F.   Carbon Copy 9.0 100/6 2nd   The Mongoose 9.0 100/6 3rd   GBP 3,190.00
12th-20   4/06/1958.   5L x 1.5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Derby Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.41.2.   Good, 7/1.   Hard Ridden 9.0 18/1 1st   Paddy's Point 9.0 2nd   GBP 0.00
3rd-5   17/06/1958.   2L x 1L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   St James Palace Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.43.6.   Good, 100/30.   Major Portion 9.0 1/1F 1st   Guersillus 9.0 9/2 2nd   GBP 694.85 (estimate)
7th-10   15/10/1958.   0.5L x 0.5L   Belmont Park, Long Island, NY, USA   Handicap    7f. (Turf)   1408m.   124 lbs   56kg   1.24.0.   Firm, $3.00.   Phaeton 120 1st   Washington 109 2nd   USD 0.00
FOUR YEARS: 1959  Starts 11: 4-3-1-3                                        
4th-9   17/02/1959.   Hd x 3L x 3L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   Allowance   8.5f. (Turf)   1709m.   124 lbs   56kg   1.44.6.   Firm, $4.15F.   Little Hermit 124 1st   Saferris 115 2nd   USD 250 (estimate)
2nd-6   13/06/1959.   1L x 3.5L   Belmont Park, Long Island, NY, USA   Handicap   7f. (Turf)   1408m.   115 lbs   52kg   1.25.8.   Soft, $4.30.   Combustion II 119 1st   Amber Diver 118 3rd   USD 2,000 (estimate)
3rd-8   24/06/1959.   Nk x 0.75L   Suffolk Downs, Massachusetts, USA   Massachusetts Hcp   10f.   2012m.   112 lbs   51kg   2.02.4.   Fast, $11.60.   Air Pilot 116 $7.20 (2nd PP) 1st   Day Court 115 $16.70 (1st PP) 2nd   USD 8,420.00
1st-10   4/07/1959.   1.5L x 5.5L   Belmont Park, Long Island, NY, USA   Suburban Hcp (G1L)   10f.   2012m.   119 lbs   54kg   2.01.6.   Fast, $4.95.   Talent Show 125 $5.35 2nd   Plion 119 $47.05 3rd   USD 71,635.00
4th-10   1/08/1959.   0.75L x hd x 3L   Jamaica, Long Island, New York, USA    Brooklyn Hcp   9.5f.   1911m.   123 lbs   56kg   1.56.4.   Fast, $5.05.   Babu 112 $22.90 (bktd) 1st   Sword Dancer 124 $2.05F 2nd   USD 5,665.00
1st-7   15/08/1959.   Nk x 0.75L   Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA   Saratoga Hcp   10f.   2012m.   120 lbs   54.5kg   2.03.0.   Fast, $2.40F.   Grey Monarch 111 $9.20 2nd   Amerigo 114 $3.40 3rd   USD 36,775.00
2nd-12   14/09/1959.   0.75L x 1L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Aqueduct Hcp   8f.   1609m.   122 lbs   55.5kg   1.36.4.   Fast, $6.75.   Hillsdale 132 $1.90F 1st   Tick Tock 119 $21.65 3rd   USD 11,840.00
2nd-11   10/10/1959.   1L x 1.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Manhattan Hcp   13f.   2615m.   122 lbs   55.5kg   2.42.6 (CR).   Fast, $3.45.   Round Table 132 $2.55F 1st   Coloneast 112 $22.45 3rd   USD 11,640.00
4th-10*   29/10/1959.   1.25L x 0.75L x nk   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Man o'War Hcp (First Division)   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.40.8 (CR).   Soft, $3.25.   Dotted Line 111 $28.75 1st   Amerigo 121 $3.10F 2nd   USD 5,602.50
1st-12   11/11/1959.   2.5L x 4.5L   Laurel Park, near Baltimore, Maryland, USA   Washington, D. C., International (G1L)   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.28.0. (CR).   Firm, $4.60.   Midnight Sun 122 $9.60 2nd   Tudor Era 126 $2.40F 3rd   USD 70,000.00
1st-10   21/11/1959.   1.75L x 3.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Gallant Fox Hcp   13f.   2615m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.41.0. (CR).   Fast, $2.15F.   Whodunit 112 $7.30 2nd   Whitley 114 $21.65 3rd   USD 54,530.00

*Tudor Era $3.20F (carrying topweight of 124 lbs) won the Second Division in 2.41.0.     Both horses met next start over 12f (Turf) at WFA in the Washington, D. C., International with Bald Eagle beating Tudor Era (3rd) by 7 lengths.                                        
FIVE YEARS: 1960  Starts 11: 5-2-2-2                                        
2nd-9   6/02/1960.   Nk x 3L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   McLennan Hcp   9f.   1810m.   124 lbs   56kg   1.48.8.   Good, $2.55F.   On-an-On 120 $3.30 1st   Tudor Era 120 $8.20 3rd   USD 12,820.00
1st-8   20/02/1960.   0.75L x 1.5L   Hialeah Park, Miami, Florida, USA   Widener Hcp (G1L)   10f.   2012m.   123 lbs   56kg   1.59.6 (CR).   Fast, $2.35F   On-an-On 119 $4.55 2nd   Talent Show 118 $27.55 3rd   USD 79,700.00
1st-8   19/03/1960.   0.75L x 3L   Gulfstream Park, near Miami, Florida, USA   Gulfstream Park Hcp   10f.   2012m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.01.2.   Good, $2.25F.   Amerigo 123 $7.15 2nd   On-an-On 121 $6.45 3rd   USD 71,400.00
1st-10   30/05/1960.   3.5L x nk   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Metropolitan Hcp (G1L)   8f.   1609m.   128 lbs   58kg   1.33.6 (CR).   Fast, $2.95F.   First Landing 123 $5.05 2nd   Talent Show 118 $9.80 3rd   USD 73,130.00
4th-6   4/07/1960.   0.5L x 1.5L 4.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Suburban Hcp   10f.   2012m.   133 lbs   60kg   2.01.6 (CR)   Fast, $1.70F.   Sword Dancer 125 $3.95 1st   First Landing 122 $7.90 2nd   USD 5,405.00
4th-7   30/07/1960.   Hd x 2L x 1.25L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Brooklyn Hcp   10f.   2012m.   130 lbs   59kg   2.03.0.   Sloppy, $2.65F.   On-an-On 118 $16.60 1st   Greek Star 110 $27.80 2nd   USD 5,470.00
1st-5   5/09/1960.   Hd x nse   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Aqueduct Hcp   8f.   1609m.   130 lbs   59kg   1.34.8.   Fast, $2.30F.   Intentionally 125 $2.95 2nd   Warhead 113 $11.95 3rd   USD 35,930.00
3rd-7   24/09/1960.   1.5L x 1.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Woodward Stakes   10f.   2012m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.01.2 (CR)   Fast, $1.90F.   Sword Dancer 126 $4.15 1st   Dotted Swiss 126 $6.40 (bktd) 2nd   USD 11,220.00
2nd-8   22/10/1960.   2.25L x 4L   Belmont Park, Long Island, NY, USA   Man o' War Stakes   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.33.2.   Soft, $2.40EF (bktd)   Harmonizing 126 $38.60 1st   Sword Dancer 126 $2.40EF 3rd   USD 22,040.00
3rd-8   29/10/1960.   3.5L x 10L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Jockey Club Gold Cup   16f.   3219m.   124 lbs   56kg   3.19.4 (AmR)   Sloppy, $3.50 (bktd)    Kelso 119 $1.80F 1st   Don Poggio $7.10 2nd   USD 10,970.00
1st-11   11/11/1960.   2L x 1L   Laurel Park, near Baltimore, Maryland, USA   Washington, D. C., International (G1L)   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.33.0.   Firm, $2.70F.   Harmonizing 126 $5.90 2nd   Zabeg 125 $23.40 (bktd) 3rd   USD 70,000.00
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I am enjoying discovering some of these horses that I know very little of but who achieved so much.  Bald Eagle raced in Britain and America, dirt and turf.  He repeatedly ran record time and it often took a horse running a course record to beat him. 

While I am no expert it has always seemed to me that Nasrullah is a land mark horse historically who marks the end of the Jersey law (or at least the beginning of the end) and resumption of trans Atlantic breeding which has a huge influence on the evolution of the modern thoroughbred.

Also interesting were the Australiasian influences in Bald Eagle's pedigree.  You have maentioned Carbine's contribution through Nearco and he is also present in the pedigree of Hemlock on the dam's side and the dam sire of Bull Dog.  Also Australian bred Darebin is present as the sire of Emma C, dam of Commando, in the pedigree of Black Toney,

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Another interesting side fact is that EP Taylor, the millionaire horseman that owned Windfield Farms and bred Northern Dancer also owned Fort Erie racetrack.
It was announced Fort Erie would close to racing in 2012 but it has limped on.  However the Wiki article ends with,

" Dachshund racing was added to the track's schedule in 2018; the success of the first race held that year led to the addition of a basset hound race for 2019."    :what:

Anyone know who the Nothern Dancer of basset hound racing is?

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My knowledge of the breed begins and ends with Fred.

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By Northern Basset out of Fred Dancer. 

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Pretty Polly (IRE) 1901                                    
Chestnut mare                                    
Gallinule (GB) 1884 (Isonomy (GB) 1875) - Admiration (GB) 1892 (Saraband (GB) 1883)                                    
24 starts: 22 wins (8 x G1L), 2 seconds, 0 thirds,  Win % 91.7, Place % 100.0                                     
 'G1L' where appearing means a race won that was later given 'Group 1' status in the first year that grading system was introduced into the European country where the race was held.                                     
Countries raced: United Kingdom, France                                    
United Kingdom earnings in GBP   GBP 37,997.00   Starts 23: 22-1-0-0                              
France earnings in FRF   FRF 15,000   Starts    1: 0-1-0-0                              
Worldwide earnings in GBP   GBP 38,597.00                                 
Calculation of worldwide earnings in GBP                                    
1903 earnings from wins only as published in The Times 28 Dec 1903   GBP 13,502.00                                 
1904 earnings from wins only as published in The Times 28 Dec 1904   GBP 18,440.00                                 
1905 earnings from wins only as published in The Times 27 Dec 1905   GBP 3,420.00                                 
The Times career total from wins in England at the end of 1905 is GBP 20.00 greater than the sum of 1903 to 1905 earnings and the career total has been ignored.                                    
1906 earnings from wins only as published in The Times 29 Dec 1906   GBP 1,935.00                                 
1904 earnings from second place in France    GBP 600.00                                 
(FRF 15,000 / 25 (exchange rate used 25FRF = GBP 1.00))                                    
1906 earnings from second place in the Gold Cup   GBP 700.00                                 
Total (Worldwide earnings in GBP)    GBP 38,597.00                                 
(same as figure at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Polly_(horse))                                    
Le Temps of 11 octobre 1904 gives the following prizemoney breakdown for the 1904 Prix du Conseil Municipal                                    
premier   FRF 104,300                                 
duexieme   FRF 15,000                                 
triosieme   FRF 7,500                                 
Total   FRF 126,800                                 
Total in GBP   GBP 5,072.00                                 
RACING RECORD                                    
TWO YEARS:  1903  Starts 9: 9-0-0-0                                    
1st-10   27/06/1903.   10L x nk   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   British Dominion Two-Year-Old Race   5f.   1006m.   8.4.   52.5kg   Time ?   6/1.   Vergia 8.7 2nd   John O'Gaunt 8.10 2/1F 3rd
1st-11   18/07/1903.   2L x 3L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   National Breeders Produce Stakes   5f.   1006m.   9.6.   60kg   1.03.8.   2/1F.   Bobrinski 9.0 100/7 2nd   Marsden 9.6 100/8 3rd
1st-2   24/07/1903.   1.5L   Liverpool, UK   Mersey Stakes   5.5f.   1106m.   8.11   56kg   Time ?   1/33F.   Unnamed colt 8.0 2nd   
1st-5   8/09/1903.   1.5L x 2L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   Champagne Stakes   5f. 152yds (Red House in)   1145m.   8.11.   56kg   1.11.2.   11/20F   Lancashire 9.0 2nd   St Amant 9.0 6/4 3rd
1st-2   25/09/1903.   0.75L   Manchester, UK   Autumn Breeders Foal Plate   5f.   1006m.   9.5.   59.5kg   1.03.4.   1/25F.   Don Paez 8.9 2nd   
1st-7   14/10/1903.   0.75L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Cheveley Park Stakes (G1L)   6f.   1207m.   9.3.   58.5kg   1.20.0.   8/100F.   Vergia 8.10 2nd   Flamma 9.0 100/8 2nd
1st-7   16/10/1903.   3L x 1L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Middle Park Plate (G1L) (later Middle Park Stakes)   6f.   1207m.   9.0.   57kg   1.17.0.#   1/2F.   St Amant 9.3 9/2 2nd   Hands Down 9.0 20/1 3rd
1st-2   27/10/1903.   1.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Criterion Stakes   6f.   1207m.   9.2.   58kg   1.24.4.   7/100F.   Hands Down 9.1 2nd   
1st-4   28/10/1903.   2L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Moulton Stakes   5f.   1006m.   9.1.   57.5kg   1.05.4.   7/100F.   Bitters 8.7 2nd   Charmus 8.3 3rd
# Time by Mr Benson's Chronograph                                    
THREE YEARS:  1904  Starts 8: 7-1-0-0                                    
1st-7   29/04/1904.   3L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   One Thousand Guineas Stakes (G1L)   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.40.0. (RR)   1/4F.   Leucadia 9.0 33/1 2nd   Flamma 9.0 3rd
1st-4   3/06/1914.   3L x bad third   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Oaks Stakes (G1L)   Abt. 12f.   Abt. 2400m.   9.0.   57kg   2.46.2.   8/100F.   Bitters 9.0 20/1 2nd   Fiancee 9.0 100/7 3rd
1st-7   15/06/1904.   3L x nk   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Coronation Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.10.   62kg   1.49.4???   1/5F.   Montem 8.10 2nd   Pieria 8.10 3rd
1st-3   29/07/1904.   5L x bad third   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   Nassau Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.8.   61kg   2.41.2.   1/33F.   Kings Favour 8.5 40/1 2nd   Dark Lantern 8.5 50/1 3rd
1st-6   7/09/1904.   3L x 6L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   St Leger Stakes (G1L)   14f. 132yds.   2937m.   8.11.   56kg   3.05.8. (RR)   2/5F.   Henry the First 9.0 50/1 2nd   Almscliff 9.0 100/6 3rd
1st-5   9/09/1904.   3L x bad third   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   Park Hill Stakes   Abt. 14f.   Abt. 2800m.   9.8.   61kg   3.08.8.   1/25F.   Bitters 8.13 2nd   Pieria 8.10 3rd
2nd-8*   9/10/1904.   2.5L x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix du Conseil Municipal (later Prix du Conseil de Paris)      2400m.      57.5kg   2.39.6.   Heavy,    Presto II (FR) 53 66/1 1st   Zinfandel (GB) 61 3rd
1st-4   27/10/1904.   2L x hd   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Free Handicap Sweepstakes   10f.   2012m.   9.7.   60kg   2.11.2.   2/7F.   Rydal Head 8.4 cd 8.5 100/12 2nd   His Majesty 7.11 20/1 3rd
*The Biographical Encyclopaedia of British Flat Racing states the winner met her on 13 lbs better terms than 'weight-for-sex'.                                      
There are all sorts of theories about the reason for her defeat about which I can find any agreement. See commentary in this book, tbheritage.com, wikipedia and The Times.   I note her regular rider William Lane had a career ending fall shortly before this race and she was ridden by American jockey Danny Maher who believed she was not a stayer. The BEofBFR notes the defeat was received with incredulity by the English racing public who refused to believe their heroine had been defeated fairly and squarely.                                      
An article in the Leader (Melbourne, Vic Saturday 31 December 1904 p 15) refers to a later match race between Presto II and another French horse at Maisons Lafitte and concludes that on heavy ground something even better than Pretty Polly would have been required to beat him at Longchamp.                                      
FOUR YEARS:  1905  Starts 4: 4-0-0-0                                    
1st-3   1/06/1905.   3L x 5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Coronation Cup (G1L)   Abt. 12f. (Derby course)   Abt. 2400m.   9.0.   57kg   2.33.8. (CR)   4/9F.   Zinfandel 9.6 7/2 2nd   Caius 9.6 100/15 3rd
1st-2   17/10/1905.   2L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Champion Stakes (G1L)   10f.   2012m.   8.11.   56kg   2.07.2.   2/5F.   Hackler's Pride 8.11 2nd   
1st-2   31/10/1905.   1L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Limekiln Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.11.   62kg   Time ?   1/55F.   Mondamin 8.1 2nd   
1st-4   2/11/1905.   0.5L x bad third   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Jockey Club Cup   18f.   3621m.   8.9.   55kg   4.01.4.   1/5F.   Bachelor's Button 9.2 5/1 2nd   Nimay 7.9 33/1 3rd
FIVE YEARS:  1906  Starts 3: 2-1-0-0                                    
1st-4**   3/05/1906.   2L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   March Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.7.   60kg   2.11.2.   35/1000F.   Mondamin 8.4 2nd   Majesty 9.7 3rd
1st-3***   31/05/1906.   1.5L x 2L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Coronation Cup (G1L)   Abt. 12f. (Derby course)   Abt 2400m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.36.8.   2/11F.   Achilles 8.0 33/1 2nd   St Amant 9.6 11/2 3rd
2nd-5   21/06/1906.   1L x 5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Gold Cup   20f.   4023m.   9.1.   57.5kg   4.23.2. (CR)   4/11F.   Bachelor's Button 9.4 7/1 1st   Achilles 7.7 40/1 3rd
** The Times reports no other betting but her odds were not quite as short as 1/55F when she won the Limekiln Stakes                                    
*** The Times notes this time equals the Derby record yet when she won this race the previous year she set a course record of 2.33.8 a time three seconds faster.  I note that The Times usually recorded the winning margin as so many lengths 'in a canter' so she was rarely extended in most of her wins.  Apart from being beaten in heavy ground in Paris which was thought not to suit her the only time she was beaten in England she was beaten in course record time.                                    

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Ouija Board (GB) 2001                                       
Dark bay or brown mare                                       
Cape Cross (IRE) 1994  (Green Desert (USA) 1983) - Selection Board (GB) 1982 (Welsh Pageant (FR) 1966)                                       
Countries raced: England, Ireland, France, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, UAE (Dubai)                                       
22 starts: 10 wins (7 x G1), 3 seconds, 5 thirds.  Win % 45.5, Place % 81.8.                                        
United Kingdom earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 641,553.25    Starts 11: 6-1-2-2                                 
Ireland earnings in euros (EUR)   EUR 440,000.00    Starts 2: 1-1-0-0                                 
France earnings in euros (EUR)   EUR 182,880.00    Starts 1: 0-0-1-0                                 
United States earnings  in United States dollars (USD)   USD 2,133,200    Starts 3: 2-1-0-0                                 
Japan earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)   JPY 88,336,000    Starts 2: 0-0-1-1                                 
Hong Kong earnings in Hong Kong dollars (HKD)   HKD 9,500,000    Starts 2: 1-0-1-0                                 
Dubai (UAE) earnings in United States dollars (USD) #   USD 250,000    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                                 
# Prizemoney as advertised by 'emiratesracing.com' in USD                                       
To calculate worldwide earnings her total Hong Kong earnings of HKD 9,500,000 have been allocated as follows:  HKD 8,000,000 has been allocated to her win and HKD 1,500,000 allocated to her third place (both races carried total prizemoney of HKD 14,000,000).  This split is, subject to rounding, consistent with the racingpost GBP amounts.                                        
 I do do not have an accurate break down of HKD win and place figures for both starts in Hong Kong however any error, if any, is likely to be very small.  Modelling suggests any allocation error up to +or-HKD 50,000 will effect earnings by no more than +or-USD 1.00 and +or-GBP 112.00.                                        
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*   USD 6,325,205                                    
Worldwide earnings in United Kingdom pounds (GBP) *   GBP 3,452,702                                    
Worldwide earnings in euros (EUR) *   EUR 5,088,734                                    
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*   AUD 8,457,256                                    
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)*   JPY 727,456,227                                    
* Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily indicative exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
Where odds are shown as dollars the odds are to $1.00 and include the $1.00 stake as is the custom in Australia. For example if the odds in the USA are $2.40 then they will be shown as $3.40.                                       
Earnings in local currency appear at the end of each race record  - the HKD figures are estimates see above for further information.                                       
TWO YEARS: 2003  Starts 3: 1-0-2-0                                        
3rd-23   3/10/2003.   Nk x 1.25L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Beech House Stud EBF Maiden Stakes   7f.   1408m.   8.9.   55kg   1.25.77.   Good to Firm, 20/1.   Secret Charm (IRE) 8.9 11/2 1st   Gravardlax 9.0 5/1 2nd   GBP 1,098.00
1st-6   21/10/2003.   4L x 2L   Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK   European Breeders Fund Novice Stakes   7f. 3yds.   1411m.   8.7.   54kg   1.28.02.   Good to Firm, 1/1F.   Rydal (USA) 8.12 11/4 2nd   Naaddey 9.2 5/1 3rd   GBP 3,740.75
3rd-12   1/11/2003.   4L x sht hd   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   EBF Montrose Fillies' Stakes   8f.   1609m.   8.8.   54.5kg   1.38.59.   Good to Soft, 11/4F.   Spotlight 8.8 7/2 1st   St Francis Wood (USA) 8.9 7/1 2nd   GBP 2,200.00
THREE YEARS: 2004  Starts 5: 4-0-1-0                                        
1st-9   2/05/2004.   6L x 0.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   R. L. Davison Pretty Polly Stakes   10f.   2012m.   8.8.   54.5kg   2.02.92.   Good, 2/1F.   Sahool 8.8 13/2 2nd   Rave Reviews (IRE) 8.8 16/1 3rd   GBP 17,400.00
1st-7   4/06/2004.   7L x 3.5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Vodafone Epsom Oaks (G1)   12f. 6yds   2419m.   9.0.   57kg   2.35.41.   Good, 7/2.   All Too Beautiful (IRE) 9.0 11/4F. 2nd   Punctilious (GB) 9.0 100/30 3rd   GBP 203,000.00
1st-7   18/07/2004.   1L x 0.75L   The Curragh, Co Kildare, IRELAND   Darley Irish Oaks (G1)   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.28.2.   Good to Firm, 4/7F.    Punctilious (GB) 9.0 5/1 2nd   Hazarista (IRE) 9.0 20/1 3rd   EUR 240,000.00
3rd-19   3/10/2004.   0.5L x 1L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Lucien Barriere      2400m.      54.5kg   2.25.0.   Bon, 7/1.   Bago (FR) 56 10/1 1st   Cherry Mix (FR) 56 33/1 2nd   EUR 182,880.00
1st-12   30/10/2004.   1.5L x nk   Lone Star Park, Grand Prarie, Dallas, Texas, USA   VO5 Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf (G1)   11f. (Turf)   2212m.   118lbs   53.5kg   2.18.25.   Yielding $1.90F.   Film Maker 123 $17.50 2nd   Wonder Again 123 $11.70 3rd   USD 733,200.00
FOUR YEARS: 2005  Starts 5: 2-1-0-2                                        
7th-8   15/06/2005.   1.5L x 5L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Prince of Wales's Stakes   10f. 56yds   2063m.   8.11.   56kg   2.08.15.   Good to Firm, 7/2.   Azamour (IRE) 9.0 11/8F. 1st   Ace (IRE) 9.0 7/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
1st-13   24/09/2005.   2.5L x 1L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Princess Royal John Doyle Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.32.45.   Good, 11/8F.   Briolette (IRE) 8.6 8/1 2nd   Asawer (IRE) 8.6 16/1 3rd   GBP 23,200.00
2nd-14   29/10/2005.   1.25L x nk   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf   10f. (Turf)   2012m.   123lbs   56kg   2.02.34.   Good, $3.30F.   Intercontinental (GB) 123 $16.10 1st   Film Maker (USA) 123 $10.10 3rd   USD 212,000.00
5th-18   27/11/2005.   Nse x 1.75L   Tokyo, Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      55kg   2.22.1.   Firm, 12.8/1.   Alkaased (USA) 57 10.6/1 1st   Heart's Cry (JPN) 57 7.2/1 2nd   JPY 25,000,000
1st-12   11/12/2005.   2.75L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Vase (G1)      2400m.   122lbs   55.5kg   2.23.90.   Good to Firm, 4.4/1F.   Six Sense 121 27/1 2nd   Best Gift 126 9.9/1 3rd   HKD 8,000,000 (est.)
FIVE YEARS: 2006  Starts 9: 3-2-2-2                                        
4th-14   25/03/2006.   4.25L x 1.25L x 3.5L   Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE   Dubai Sheema Classic Sponsored By Nakheel      2400m.      54kg   2.31.89.   Good to Firm   Heart's Cry (JPN) 56 1st   Collier Hill (GB) 56 2nd   USD 250,000
3rd-13   23/04/2006.   Hd x hd   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup      2000m.   122lbs   55.5kg   2.02.00.   Good to Firm, 2.6/1F.   Irridescence 122 5.8/1 1st   Best Gift 126 12/1 2nd   HKD 1,500,000 (est)
2nd-6   2/06/2006.   1.75L x 0.5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Vodafone Coronation Cup   12f.   2414m.   8.11.   56kg   2.37.64.   Good, 11/4.   Shirocco (GER) 9.0 8/11F. 1st   Enforcer 9.0 66/1 3rd   GBP 53,800.00
1st-7   21/06/2006.   0.5L x 0.75L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Prince of Wales's Stakes (G1)   9f. 212yds.   2004m.   8.11.   56kg   2.06.92.   Good to Firm, 8/1.   Electrocutionist (USA) 9.0 9/4 2nd   Manduro (GER) 9.0 12/1 3rd   GBP 211,207.40
5th-9   8/07/2006.   1.5L x nk   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Coral Eclipse Stakes   9f. 209yds   2002m.   9.4.   59kg   2.07.31.   Good to Firm, 2/1F.   David Junior (USA) 9.7 9/4 1st   Notnowcato 9.7 9/1 2nd   GBP 12,347.10
1st-7   5/08/2006.   Sht hd x 2L   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   Vodafone Nassau Stakes (G1)   9f. 197yds.   1991m.   9.5.   59.5kg   2.04.47.   Good to Firm, 1/1F.   Alexander Goldrun 9.5 9/2 2nd   Nannina 8.10 4/1 3rd   GBP 113,560.00
2nd-5   9/09/2006.   Nk x 2.5L   Leopardstown, Dublin, IRELAND   Bailey's Irish Champion Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.4.   59kg   2.02.9.   Good to Firm, 11/4.   Dylan Thomas 9.0 13/8F. 1st   Alexander Goldrun 9.4 3/1 3rd   EUR 200,000.00
1st-10   4/11/2006.   2.25L x nk   Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA   Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf (G1)   11f. (Turf)   2212m.   123lbs   56kg   2.14.55.   Firm, $2.40F.   Film Maker 123 $9.30 2nd   Honey Ryder 123 $9.80 3rd   USD 1,188,000.00
3rd-11   26/11/2006.      Tokyo, Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      55kg   2.25.1.   Firm, 9.5/1   Deep Impact (JPN) 57 1.3/1F. 1st   Dream Passport 55 16/2/1 2nd   JPY 63,336,000

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Triptych (USA) 1982                                       
Bay mare                                       
Riverman (USA) 1969 (Never Bend (USA) 1960) - Trillion (USA) 1974 (Hail to Reason (USA) 1958)                                       
Countries raced: France, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Japan                                       
41 starts, 14 wins (9 x G1), 5 seconds, 11 thirds.  Win % 34.1, Place % 73.2.                                         
At wikipedia.org/wiki/Triptych_(horse) it states 41 starts, 14 wins, 19 seconds, 8 thirds so placings are clearly wrong.                                        
Triptych started 15 times in races of 2400m+ for 3 wins (2 x G1), 1 second and 6 thirds.  She had 26 starts at 2112m or less for 11 wins (7 x G1).                                       
France earnings in French francs (FRF)   FRF 2,959,000                                    
Ireland earnings in Irish pounds (IEP)   IEP 455,048.40                                    
England earnings in British pounds (GBP)^   GBP 687,930.07                                     
Canada earnings in Canadian dollars (CAD)    CAD 66,000.00                                    
United States earnings in USD   USD 170,000                                    
Japan earnings in Japanase yen (JPY)   JPY 29,079,800                                    
^ I have found win and place prizemoney for all races except for her second and third places in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes of 1986 and 1987.  I have taken the france-galop euro win prize and the GBP win prize to work out a notional euro to GBP exchange rate and applied that rate to the france-galop euro place prize to work out her GBP place money for those races.  I tested the methodology on known results and it seems to be accurate within a few pounds so unless there is a typo somewhere the GBP earnings will only be out by a few pounds at most.                                         
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*   USD 2,557,387.84                                    
Worldwide earnings in United Kingdom pounds (GBP)*   GBP 1,635,713.82                                    
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*   AUD 3,632,293.28                                    
Worldwide earnings in French francs (FRF)*   FRF 16,689,216                                    
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)*   JPY 397,049,943                                    
* Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day except for the conversion of Irish pounds which is the average of the spot pound close rate for IEP to GBP published in the Financial Times (London) on the race date, if a trading day, or the immediately proceeding trading day, as the RBA did not publish an IEP to AUD rate at that time.  The GBP equivalent sum to the IEP amount is the converted to other currencies using RBA rates.                                       
I have calculated Triptych's notional euro mearnings as EUR 2,544,255 (FRF 16,689,216 /6.55957) which is close to france-galop's notional euro earnings of EUR 2,573,822.                                       
The Times (London) of 19 October 1987 states that after her Champion Stakes win on 17 October 1987 Triptych became the leading European trained money winner winning over GBP 1.3 million.  I have calculated her career earnings after that win as GBP 1,302,721.53 which includes USD 30,000 (GBP 21,331.78) won in the USA. The Times seems to have ignored All Along (FR) 1979 who won over GBP 2,000,000 and she was trained by Patrick Biancone who trained Triptych for most of her career.  Triptych had earned more in Europe than All Along and any other horse before her and perhaps this is the point The Times was making to give the The Times writer Michael Seely the benefit of the doubt.                                         
As both Michael Seely of The Times and myself agree that Triptych had won more than GBP 1.3 million after her win in the Champion Stakes on 17 October 1987 I don't think there is any doubt that both wikipedia and equibase earnings figures are 'up the creek'.                                       
 'pedigreequery.com' has her career earnings as $1,873,781 in UK only. Assuming this is a reference to USD my USD total for UK earnings is USD 1,077,810.98.  Assuming the Republic of Ireland is still part of the UK then my combined British and Irish earnings in USD is USD 1,675,631.88. If I include France so that it covers all European earnings the total is over USD 2,100,000.                                         
Sources of information include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph (all UK), Irish Independent, Sunday Independent and Evening Herald (all IRE), American Racing Manual, france-galop, paris-turf.com, racing post.com, equibase.com, wikipedia.org, pedigreequery.com, galopp-seiger.de, jbis.jp and drf.com                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
Prizemoney earned appears at the end of each race record in local currency and where it is estimated 'est.' will appear.                                       
TWO YEARS: 1984  Starts 3: 2-1-0-0                                        
1st-8   18/08/1984.    'enc' x 6L   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix des Marettes      1600m.      56kg   1.45.30.   Assez Souple,    Silvermine (FR) 56 2nd   Flushing Meadow (USA) 56 3rd   FRF 70,000.00
2nd-7   12/09/1984.    'nez' x 6L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix d'Aumale      1600m.      55kg   1.44.00.   Souple,    Coup de Folie (USA) 55 1st   Antartica (FR) 55 3rd   FRF 64,000.00
1st-9   7/10/1984.   4L x 5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Marcel Boussac-Criterium des Pouliches (G1)      1600m.      55kg   1.46.70.   Collant,    Silvermine (FR) 55 2nd   Coup de Folie (USA) 55 3rd   FRF 300,000.00
THREE YEARS: 1985  Starts 9: 2-1-2-4                                        
1st-9   20/04/1985.   0.75L x 2.5L   Phoenix Park, Dublin, IRELAND   North Ridge Farm One Thousand Guineas Trial Stakes   7f.   1408m.   8.12.   56kg   1.28.3.   Yielding to Soft, 1/3F.   Burning Issue (GB) 8.7 50/1 2nd   It's A Mitsubishi (FR) 8.7 33/1 3rd   IEP 14,318.40
7th-17   2/05/1985.   Sht hd x sht hd   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   General Accident 1000 Guineas Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.36.85.   Good to Firm, 6/1.   Oh So Sharp (IRE) 9.0 2/1F 1st   Al Bahathri (USA) 9.0 11/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
1st-16   18/05/1985.   2.5L x 2.5L   The Curragh, Co Kildare, IRELAND   Airlie Coolmore Irish Two Thousand Guineas (G1)   8f.   1609m.   8.11.   56kg   1.42.90.   Soft, 7/1.   Celestial Bounty 9.0 (IRE) 6/1 2nd   Sun Valley (IRE) 9.0 25/1 3rd   IEP 103,230.00
5th-15   25/05/1985.   0.75L x sht hd x 4L x 3L   The Curragh, Co Kildare, IRELAND   Goffs Irish One Thousand Guineas   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.45.30.   Good to Soft, 7/4F.   Al Bahathri (USA) 9.0 7/1 1st   Vilakaia (USA) 9.0 7/2 2nd   IEP 0.00
2nd-12   8/06/1985.   6L x 0.75L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Gold Seal Oaks Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.41.37.   15/2.   Oh So Sharp (IRE) 9.0 7/4F 1st   Dubian (GB) 9.0 5/1 3rd   GBP 42,095.00
5th-13   29/06/1985.   0.5L x 2.5L x hd x 1.5L   The Curragh, Co Kildare, IRELAND   Joe McGrath Irish Sweeps Derby   12f.   2414m.   8.11.   56kg   2.29.9.   Good, 10/1.   Law Society (USA) 9.0 15/8F 1st   Theatrical (IRE) 9.0 6/1 2nd   IEP 0.00
3rd-6*   20/08/1985.   0.75L x 4L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Benson & Hedges Gold Cup (later 'sponsor name' International Stakes)   10f. 110yds.   2112m.   8.7.   54kg   2.18.79.   Good to Soft, 14/1.   Commanche Run (GB) 9.6 5/1 1st   Oh So Sharp (IRE) 8.7 2/5F 2nd   GBP 16,727.00
10th-11   8/09/1985.   3L x 0.75L   Phoenix Park, Dublin, IRELAND   Phoenix Champion Stakes (later Irish Champion Stakes)   10f.   2012m.   8.9.   55kg   2.09.24.   Soft to Heavy, 20/1.   Commanche Run (GB) 9.6 11/10F 1st   Bob Back (USA) 9.6 50/1 2nd   IEP 0.00
3rd-11   20/10/1985.   Nk x 0.5L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, CANADA   Rothmans International Stakes   13f.   2615m.   115lbs   52kg   2.48.2.   Yielding, $15.60.   Nassipour 126 $28.60 1st   Sumayr 118 $2.60F 2nd   CAD 66,000.00
* A $1 (USD) million bonus was payable to winner of B&H Gold Cup, and Irish and English Champion Stakes in 1985.   Commanche Run won the first two legs and failed in the third leg.                                       
FOUR YEARS: 1986  Starts 11: 2-3-3-3                                        
4th-10   4/05/1986.   Sht hd x 0.5L x 1L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay      2100m.      56.5kg   2.11.70.   Good,    Baillamont (USA) 58 1st   Mersey (GB) 56.5 2nd   FRF 45,000.00
2nd-10   5/06/1986.   Sht hd x 3L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Coronation Cup   12f.   2414m.   8.11.   56kg   2.34.87.   Good, 12/1.   Saint Estephe (FR) 9.0 20/1 1st   Petoski (GB) 9.0 5/2 3rd   GBP 18,261.00
1st-6   28/06/1986.   Sht hd x sht hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   La Coupe      2400m.      54.5kg   2.38.40.   Assez Souple,    Antheus (USA) 56 2nd   Baby Turk (IRE) 57 3rd   FRF 170,000.00
2nd-8   5/07/1986.   4L x 1.5L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Coral-Eclipse Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.4.   59kg   2.06.18.   Good, 9/1.   Dancing Brave (USA) 4/9F 1st   Teleprompter (GB) 9/1 3rd   GBP 50,618.00
3rd-9   26/07/1986.   0.75L x 4L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.4.   59kg   2.29.49.   Good, 25/1.   Dancing Brave (USA) 6/4 1st   Shardari (IRE) 9.7 14/1 2nd   GBP 27,807.86 est.
2nd-12   19/08/1986.   0.75L x 6L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   The Matchmaker International   10f. 110yds.   2112m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.08.28.   Good, 5/1.   Shardari (IRE) 13/8F 1st   Damister (USA) 9/1 3rd   GBP 43,746.00
3rd-13   7/09/1986.   2.5L x 2.5L   Phoenix Park, Dublin, IRELAND   Phoenix Champion Stakes (later Irish Champion Stakes)   10f.   2012m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.02.55. (CR)   Fast, 3/1F.   Park Express (IRE) 8.8 11/2 1st   Double Bed (FR) 8.11 33/1 2nd   IEP 40,000.00
3rd-15   5/10/1986.   1.5L x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Trusthouse Forte Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe      2400m.      57.5kg   2.27.7. (CR)   Firm,    Dancing Brave (USA) 56 1st   Bering (GB) 56 2nd   FRF 800,000.00
1st-11   18/10/1986.   0.75L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Dubai Champion Stakes (G1)   10f.   2012m.   9.0.   57kg   2.09.49.   4/1.   Celestial Storm 8.10 9/1 2nd   Park Express 8.7 3/1F 3rd   GBP 86,750.00
6th-11   1/11/1986.   1.25L x 1.25L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   Breeders' Cup Classic   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   123 lbs   56kg   2.00.4.   Fast, $11.00.   Skywalker 126 $11.10 1st   Turkoman 126 2nd   USD 30,000.00
11th-14   23/11/1986.   Hd x 1.25L   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      xxkg   2.25.0.(CR)   Firm,    Jupiter Island (GB) 1st   Allez Milord (USA) 2nd   JPY 0
FIVE YEARS: 1987  Starts 10: 6-0-3-1                                        
1st-10   3/05/1987.   3L x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay (G1)      2100m.      56.5kg   2.15.10.   Assez Souple,    Takfa Yamed (IRE) 58 2nd   Highest Honor (FR) 58 3rd    FRF 450,000.00
1st-5   4/06/1987.   0.75L x nk   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Hanson Trust Coronation Cup (G1)   12f.   2414m.   8.11.   56kg   2.35.97.   Good to Firm, 4/5F.   Rakaposhi King 9.0 100/30 2nd   Acatanengo (GER) 9.0 100/30 3rd    GBP 54,759.00
3rd-8   4/07/1987.   0.75L x 1.5L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Coral-Eclipse Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.4.   59kg   2.04.33 (RR)   4/1.   Mtoto (GB) 9.7 6/1 1st   Reference Point (GB) 8.8 1/1F 2nd   GBP 21,040.00
3rd-9   25/07/1987.   3L x nk   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.4.   59kg   2.34.63.   Soft, 5/1.   Reference Point (GB) 8.8 11/10F 1st   Celestial Storm (USA) 9.7 5/1 2nd   GBP 32,609.76 est.
1st-10   18/08/1987.   2L x 3L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Matchmaker International Stakes (G1)   10f. 110yds.   2112m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.15.53.   Soft, 13/8F.   Ascot Knight 8.10 6/1 2nd   Sir Harry Lewis 8.10 9/1 3rd   GBP 129,949.00
1st-12   6/09/1987.   Nk x 2.25L   Phoenix Park, Dublin, IRELAND   Dunnes Stores St. Bernard Phoenix Championship Stakes (G1) (later Irish Champion Stakes)   10f.   2012m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.06.7.      Entitled 8.11 14/1 2nd   Cockney Lass 9.3 25/1 3rd   IEP 267,500.00
3rd-11   4/10/1987.   2L x 2L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Trusthouse Forte Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe      2400m.      57.5kg   2.26.30. (CR)   Good to Firm,    Trempolino (USA) 56 1st   Tony Bin (IRE) 59 2nd   FRF 800,000.00
1st-11   17/10/1987.   2.5L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Dubai Champion Stakes (G1)   10f.   2012m.   9.0.   57kg   2.10.98.   Good, 6/5F.   Most Welcome (GB) 17/2 2nd   Saint Andrews (FR) 12/1 3rd   GBP 80,600.00
1st-9   15/11/1987.   5L x 1.25L   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Fuji Stakes      1800m.      xxkg   1.46.9.   Firm,    Our Waverley Star (NZ) 2nd   Symboli Karl (JPN) 3rd   JPY 16,079,800
4th-14   29/11/1987.   0.75L x 0.5L x 1.75L   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      xxkg   2.24.9 (CR)   Firm,    Le Glorieux (GB) 1st   Southjet (USA) 2nd   JPY 13,000,000
SIX YEARS: 1988  Starts 8: 2-0-3-3                                        
3rd-5   1/05/1988.   2L x 3L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay      2100m.      56.5kg   2.18.60.   Good,    Saint Andrews (FR) 58 1st   Grand Fleuve (USA) 58 2nd   FRF 90,000.00
1st-4   2/06/1988.   0.75L x 2L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Hanson Coronation Cup (G1)   12f.   2414m.   8.11.   56kg   2.34.84.   Good, 11/8F.   Infamy (IRE) 8.11 4/1 2nd   Moon Madness (GB) 9.0 15/8 3rd   GBP 59,688.00
3rd-8   2/07/1988.   Nk x 3L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Coral-Eclipse Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.4.   59kg   2.06.14.   Good, 3/1.   Mtoto (GB) 9.7 6/4F 1st   Shady Heights (GB) 9.7 33/1 2nd   GBP 23,279.45
10th-14##   20/08/1988.   0.75L x 0.5L   Woodbine, Toronto, CANADA   Arlington Million   10f. (Turf)   2012m.   121 lbs   55kg   2.00.00   Firm,    Mill Native (USA) 126 1st   Equalize (USA) 126 2nd   USD 0.00
3rd-9   4/09/1988.   0.75L x 1L   Phoenix Park, Dublin, IRELAND   Phoenix Champion Stakes (later Irish Champion Stakes)   10f.   2012m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.06.50.   Good to Soft, 6/1.   Indian Skimmer (USA) 9.3 9/4 1st   Shady Heights (GB) 9.6 11/2 2nd   IEP 30,000.00
1st-11 (WOP)   18/09/1988.   Sht nk x 0.75L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix du Prince d'Orange      2000m.      58.5kg   2.04.90.   Good to Firm,    Lesotho (USA) 58 1st PP DQ   Masmouda (IRE) 55.5 2nd   FRF 170,000.00
16th-24   2/10/1988.   Nk x 1.25L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   CIGA Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe      2400m.      57.5kg   2.27.30.   Firm,    Tony Bin (IRE) 59 1st   Mtoto (GB) 59 2nd   FRF 0.00
4th-10   5/11/1988.   0.5L x 0.75L x 9L   Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA   Breeders' Cup Turf   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   123 lbs   56kg   2.35.2.   Good, $12.90.   Great Communicator 126 $13.40 1st   Sunshine Forever 122 $3.10 2nd   USD 140,000.00
## Race held at Woodbine in Canada as repairs from a fire at Arlington (Illinois, USA) were still being undertaken.                                       

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Sacred Kingdom (AUS) 2003 (late Jumbo Star)                                       
Bay gelding                                       
Encosta De Lago (AUS) 1993 (Fairy King (USA) 1982) - Courtroom Sweetie (AUS) 1992 (Zeditave (AUS) 1985)                                       
Countries raced: Hong Kong, Singapore, UK                                       
36 starts, 15 wins (2 x G1 and 3 x 'local' G1), 7 seconds, 2 thirds.  Win % 47.2, Place % 72.2.                                        
Three of the group 1 wins were designated as a 'local' group 1 so have not been counted as a group 1 win. In the race record below the local group 1 wins are designated as 'SING G1' or 'HK G1' as is relevant.                                        
Where hkjc.com labelled a race a 'G1' and 'racingpost' labelled the same race a 'Local Group 1' the hkjc.com designation has been preferred as correct.                                       
Estimated Hong Kong earnings in Hong Kong dollars (HKD)   HKD 42,407,900   Starts 33: 14-7-2-10                                 
Estimated Singapore earnings in Singapore dollars (SGD)   SGD 580,000.00   Starts 2: 1-0-0-1                                 
United Kingdom earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 13,194.45   Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                                 
Worldwide earnings estimates                                       
Worldwide earnings in Hong Kong dollars (HKD)*   HKD 45,641,904                                    
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)*   JPY 575,310,054                                    
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*   AUD 6,653,857.18                                    
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*   GBP 3,385,788.04                                    
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*   USD 5,870,094.90                                    
Worldwide earnings in euros (EUR)*   EUR 4,156,317.19                                    
* A foreign currency amount is first converted into AUD using Reserve Bank of Australia Daily Indicative Rates for the day of the race (or the previous day if the race date is not a trading day) before converting that amount into another foreign currency.                                       
Checked the Financial Times (London) HKD to GBP rate against the implied racingpost HKD to GBP exchange rate and the implied Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) HKD to GBP exchange rate for some GBP differences between my race earnings and the racingpost earnings that were greater than 5%. The Financial Times exchange rates were very close to the implied RBA rates suggesting that racingpost did not pick up significant changes in exchange rates in some instances.                                          
For example on 13 Dec 2009 Sacred Kingdom won the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint earning HKD 6,840,000 which racingpost has converted to GBP 614,004.00 or an implied HKD to GBP exchange rate of  HKD 11.14 to GBP 1.00.  Using the Financial Times HKD to GBP rate of HKD 12.5809 to GBP 1.00 the earnings fall to GBP 543,681.29 which is close to the RBA implied exchange (cross) rate of HKD 12.6442 to GBP 1.00 (or GBP 540,961.40) It follows there is an overstatement error by racingpost of over GBP 70,000.                                       
 'racingpost' almost certainly shows the wrong GBP earnings for all money earners for the Cathay Pacific Jockey Club Sprint run 21 November 2010 when compared with the total HKD prizemoney of that race and the previous race contested by Sacred Kingdom.                                         
 'hkjc.com' has worldwide earnings of HKD 45,831,144 which is very close to my figure of HKD 45,641,904 which is a minor miracle given the paucity of earnings information on the 'hkjc.com' and the Singapore Turf Club websites.                                       
If any reader has better earnings information please let me know.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
Race earnings appear at the end of each race record in local currency.  Where the amount was estimated the amount is followed by 'est.'                                       
THREE YEARS: 2006-2007  Starts 6: 5-0-0-1                                        
1st-14   2/12/2006.   2.75L x 1L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Granville Hcp      1000m.   125 lbs   56.5kg   0.57.60   Good to Firm, 5.9/1   Amazing Win 121 13/1 2nd   Hong Kong Lad 126 8.5/1 3rd   HKD 324,900 est.
1st-13   26/12/2006.   2.25L x 1L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Lantau Peak Hcp      1000m.   117 lbs   53kg   0.56.30.   Good to Firm, 1.5/1F.   Kingifly 132 9.8/1 2nd   Taiji Spirit 115 77/1 3rd   HKD 427,500 est.
1st-14   20/01/2007.   1L x 1.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Hong Kong University Alumni Association Challenge Cup      1000m.   131 lbs   59.5kg   0.57.30.   Good, 1.3/1F.   Kingifly 133 14/1 2nd   Pacific Advantage 124 19/1 3rd   HKD 427,500 est.
1st-14   31/03/2007.   1L x 2.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Arsenal Hcp      1000m.   116 lbs   52.5kg   0.54.70.   Good to Firm, 1.3/1F.   Friendly Gains 122 6.2/1 2nd   Blue Genes 119 37/1 3rd   HKD 912,000 est.
1st-10   1/05/2007.   2L x 1.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Arculli Trophy      1200m.   114 lbs   52kg   1.07.80.   Good to Firm, 1.7/1F.   Regency Horse 123 5.7/1 2nd   Natural Blitz 126 58/1 3rd   HKD 912,000 est.
4th-12   24/05/2007.   1.75L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   HSBC Premier Sha Tin Vase       1200m.   123 lbs   56kg   1.07.70.   Good to Firm, 1.6/1F.   Medic Power 118 2.7/1 1st   Green Birdie 118 16/1 2nd   HKD 138,000 est.
FOUR YEARS: 2007-2008  Starts 7: 5-2-0-0                                        
1st-14   1/10/2007.   1.5L x nse   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Sha Tin Sprint Trophy      1000m.   119 lbs   54kg   0.55.90.   Good to Firm, 1.5/1F.   Friendly Gains 113 7.1/1 2nd   Planet Ruler 120 27/1 3rd   HKD 1,311,000 est.
1st-10   17/11/2007.   2.75L x 1.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific International Sprint Trial      1200m.   123 lbs   56kg   1.07.50.   Good to Firm, 1.8/1F.   Absolute Champion 128 4.9/1 2nd   Scintillation 128 22/1 3rd   HKD 1,710,000 est.
1st-13   9/12/2007.   2.25L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.08.40.   Good, 1.4/1F.   Absolute Champion 126 10/1 2nd   Royal Delight 126 19/1 3rd   HKD 6,840,000 est.
2nd-8   27/01/2008.   Sht hd x 1.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Centenary Sprint Cup      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   0.56.50.   Good, 1.1/1F.   Absolute Champion 126 9/1 1st   Able Prince 126 17/1 3rd   HKD 990,000 est.
1st-8   17/02/2008.   1.5L x 1.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize      1200m.   127 lbs   57.5kg   1.08.60.   Good, 1.2/1F.   Absolute Champion 126 6/1 2nd   Scintillation 126 30/1 3rd   HKD 2,565,000 est.
2nd-12   16/03/2008.   0.5L x 0.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Queen's Silver Jubilee Cup      1400m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.21.30.   Good, 1.6/1F.   Good Ba Ba 126 3.8/1 1st   Joyful Winner 126 16/1 3rd   HKD 990,000 est.
1st-8   1/05/2008.   0.75L x 1.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Gome Sprint      1200m.   128 lbs   58kg   1.08.50.   Good, 1.1/1F.   Scintillation 123 13/1 2nd   Sanziro 123 60/1 3rd   HKD 1,710,000 est.
FIVE YEARS: 2008-2009  Starts 6: 2-0-1-3                                        
4th-12   1/02/2009.   0.5L x 0.75L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Centenary Sprint Cup      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   0.56.91.   Good, 2/1F.   Inspiration 126 15/1 1st   Yellow Diamond 1260 50/1 2nd   HKD 270000 est.
3rd-10   22/02/2009.   Hd x nse   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.09.49.   Good, 1.7/1F.   Dim Sum 126 51/1 1st   Enthused 126 5.5/1 2nd   HKD 517500 est.
6th-13   15/03/2009.   0.75L x 1.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Queen's Silver Jubilee Cup      1400m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.21.01.   Good, 5.2/1.   Egyptian Ra 126 18/1 1st   Good Ba Ba 126 1.4/1F 2nd   HKD 0
1st-10   1/05/2009.   Nse x 2.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Sprint Cup      1200m.   123 lbs   56kg   1.08.48.   Good to Firm, 2.4/1F.   Regency Dragon 123 37/1 2nd   One World 123 14/1 3rd   HKD 1,710,000 est.
1st-13   17/05/2009.   Nk x 3.5L   Kranji, SINGAPORE   KrisFlyer International Sprint (SING G1)      1200m.      57kg   1.07.84. (CR)   Good, 23/5.   Rocket Man (AUS) 55.5 1/1F 2nd    Diabolical (USA) 57 158/10 3rd   SGD 570,000 est.
5th-14   20/06/2009.   Nk x 2.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Golden Jubilee Stakes (British Leg of The Global Sprint Challenge)   6f.   1207m.   9.4.   59kg   1.14.90.   Good to Firm, 4/1.   Art Connoisseur (IRE) 8.11 20/1 1st   Cannonball (USA) 9.4 11/1 2nd   GBP 13,194.45
SIX YEARS: 2009-2010  Starts 4: 3-1-0-0                                        
2nd-14   22/11/2009.   2L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific International Sprint Trial      1200m.   128 lbs   58kg   1.09.18.   Good, 3.7/1.   Happy Zero 123 1.9/1F 1st   Joy and Fun 123 58/1 3rd   HKD 660,000 est.
1st-14   13/12/2009.   0.5L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint (G1)      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.09.16.   Good, 2.5/1F.   One World 126 10/1 2nd   Joy and Fun 126 21/1 3rd   HKD 6,840,000 est.
1st-9   31/01/2010.   0.75L x 1L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup (G1)      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   0.55.37.   Good, 1.4/1F.   Ultra Fantasy 126 18/1 2nd   One World 126 3.9/1 3rd   HKD 2,565,000 est.
1st-9   21/02/2010.   1.25L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize (HK G1)      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.09.23.   Good, 1.9/1F.   Sunny King 126 48/1 2nd   Happy Zero 126 2.3/1F 3rd   HKD 2,565,000 est.
SEVEN YEARS: 2010-2011  Starts 8: 2-3-1-2                                        
1st-10   1/10/2010.   1.25L x 2L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Sha Tin Sprint Trophy      1000m.   133 lbs   60kg   0.55.95.   Good to Firm, 3.2/1.   Sweet Sanette 115 2.4/1F. 2nd   Vital Flyer 113 52/1 3rd   HKD 1,311,000 est.
5th-12   21/11/2010.   DH x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Jockey Club Sprint      1200m.   128 lbs   58kg   1.08.82.   Good to Firm, 1.5/1F.   Rocket Man (AUS) 128 18/1 1st   One World 123 15/1 2nd   HKD 105,000 est.
3rd-14   12/12/2010.   Sht hd x 0.75L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.08.84.   Good, 2.4/1F.   J J The Jet Plane (SAF) 126 18/1 1st   Rocket Man (AUS) 126 4.6/1 2nd   HKD 1,200,000 est.
1st-8   16/01/2011.   0.75L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup (HK G1)      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   0.56.52.   Good, 1.6/1F.   Dim Sum 126 14/1 2nd   Sweet Sanette 122 8.8/1 3rd   HKD 2,565,000 est.
2nd-11   5/02/2011.   Nse x 1L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.08.74.   Good, 1.6/1F.   Dim Sum 126 14/1 1st   Let Me Fight 126 3.5/1 3rd   HKD 990,000 est.
2nd-11   9/04/2011.   Nk x nk   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chai Tai Fook Bauhinia Sprint Trophy      1000m.   132 lbs   60kg   0.55.92.   Good, 2.1/1F.   Sweet Sanette 116 3.5/1 1st   One World 123 13/1 3rd   HKD 506,000 est.
2nd-8   1/05/2011.   0.5L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Sprint Cup      1200m.   128 lbs   58kg   1.08.95.   Good, 1.4/1F.   Multiglory 123 25/1 1st   Final Answer 123 6.7/1 3rd   HKD 660,000 est.
6th-10   22/05/2011.   4.75L x hd   Kranji, SINGAPORE   KrisFlyer International Sprint      1200m.      57kg   1.09.14.   Good, 23/5.   Rocket Man (AUS) 57 1/5F 1st   Éclair Fastpass (AUS) 57 38/1 2nd   SGD 10,000 est.
EIGHT YEARS: 2011-2012  Starts 5: 0-1-0-4                                        
2nd-11   1/10/2011.   0.5L x 1.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Sha Tin Sprint Trophy      1000m.   133 lbs   60kg   0.56.61.   Good, 6.1/1.   Entrapment 121 6.2/1 1st   Let Me Fight 118 18/1 3rd   HKD 528,000 est.
10th-14   11/12/2011.   Hd x DH   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.08.98.   Good to Firm, 11/1 1st   Lucky Nine 126 4.3/1 1st   Entrapment 126 6.1/1 2nd   HKD 0
5th-12   15/01/2012.   Nse x nse   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup      1000m.   126 lbs   57kg   0.57.05.   Good, 6.2/1.   Eagle Regiment 126 8/1 1st   Joy and Fun 126 16/1 2nd   HKD 157,500 est.
11th-12   5/02/2012.   0.75L x nk   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Chairman's Sprint Prize      1200m.   126 lbs   57kg   1.08.98.   Good, 18/1.   Joy and Fun 126 11/1 2nd   Lucky Nine 126 2/1F 2nd   HKD 0
10th-11   1/04/2012.   2.25L x sht hd   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Bauhinia Sprint Trophy      1000m.   133 lbs   60kg   0.55.98.   Good, 7.8/1.   Little Bridge 133 7.4/1 1st   Captain Sweet 121 5.8/1 2nd   HKD 0
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Danedream (GER) 2008                                       
Bay mare                                       
Lomitas (GB) 1988  (Nininski (USA) 1976) - Danedrop (IRE) 1999 (Danehill (USA) 1986)                                       
Countries raced: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, England                                       
17 starts, 8 wins (5 x G1), 0 seconds, 4 thirds.  Win % 47.1, Place % 70.6.                                        
France earnings in euros (EUR)   EUR 2,337,990.00    Starts 6: 2-0-1-3                                 
Germany earnings in euros (EUR)   EUR 453,000.00    Starts 6: 4-0-2-0                                 
Italy earnings in euros (EUR)   EUR 292,160.00    Starts 3: 1-0-1-1                                 
Japan earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)   JPY 0    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                                 
United Kingdom earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 567,100.00    Starts 1: 1-0-0-0                                 
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*   USD 5,089,862.60                                    
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*   GBP 3,234,720.72                                    
Worldwide earnings in euros (EUR) *   EUR 3,809,808.40                                    
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*   AUD 5,072,047.65                                    
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)*   JPY 394,713,247                                    
* Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily indicative exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day.                                       
Danedream's france-galop euro earnings for races in the euro zone (Germany, France, Italy) are identical with german-racing.com euro earnings suggesting the galopp-seiger figures for 3 starts in Italy are wrong.                                        
TWO YEARS: 2010  Starts 5: 1-0-3-1                                        
1st-7   20/06/2010.   2.5L x 0.5L   Wissembourg, near Strasbourg, FRANCE   Prix Constructions HR Rene Hemmerle Schleithal     1200m.   54.5kg   1.13.40.   Good, Odds?    Kirolus (GER) 56 2nd   Konigstreur (GER) 56 3rd   EUR 6,000.00
3rd-6   25/07/2010.   4L x 1.75L   Köln, GERMANY    Oppenheim-Rennen   1400m.      56.5kg   1.24.90.   Good, 16/5.   Acadius (GER) 58 1/1F 1st   Salona (GER) 54.5 49/10 2nd   EUR 2,000.00
3rd-7 (1st PP)   21/08/2010.   0.75L x sht nk   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Criterium du Fonds Europeen de l'Elevage   1600m.      54.5kg   1.42.30.   Good to Soft, 21/1.   Klammer (GB) 56 5/2EF (2nd PP) 1st   Temps au Temps (IRE) 56 14/5 (3rd PP) 2nd   EUR 18,300.00
6th-8   3/10/2010.   1L x 3L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE    Total Prix Marcel Boussac - Criterium des Pouliches   1600m.   56kg   1.42.50.   Very Soft, 33/1.   Misty For Me (IRE) 56 3/1 1st   Helleborine (GB) 56 10/11F 2nd   EUR 0.00
3rd-11   24/10/2010.   0.75L x 1L   Baden-Baden – Iffezheim, Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Coolmore Stud - Preis der Winterkönigin 2010       1600m.   58kg  1.48.34.   Heavy, 5/1.   Djumama (IRE) 58 139/10 1st   Aigrette Garzette (IRE) 58 7/5F 2nd   EUR 11,000.00
THREE YEARS: 2011  Starts 8: 4-0-1-3                                        
4th-8   10/04/2011.   0.5L x hd x nk   San Siro, Milan, ITALY    Premio Seregno   1600m.   58kg   1.36.30.   Good,    Bezique (GB) 58 58/10 1st   Adamantina (GB) 60 2nd   EUR 3,360.00
3rd-12   7/05/2011.   2L x 2.5L    Capannelle, Rome, ITALY   Derby Italiano    2200m.     56.5kg   2.15.80.   Good, 15/2.   Crackerjack King (IRE) 58 6/4F 1st   Willie Cazals (IRE) 58 6/1 2nd   EUR 88,800.00
1st-9   29/05/2011.   6.5L x hd   San Siro, Milan, ITALY    Oaks d'Italia   2200m.   56kg   2.15.20.   Good, 4/6F.   Good Karma (ITY) 56 121/10 2nd   Ouvre d'Art (IRE) 56 30/1 3rd   EUR 200,000.00
5th-8   26/06/2011.   Nk x nse   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Abu Dhabi Prix de Malleret   2400m.     58kg   2.28.60.   Bon Souple, 13/2.   Testosterone (IRE) 56 2/1F 1st   Campanillas (IRE) 56 18/1 2nd   EUR 5,250.00
1st-10   24/07/2011.   5L x nk   Hoppegarten, Berlin, GERMANY   Grosser Preis von Berlin (G1)   2400m.   53kg  2.33.50.   Good, 99/10.   Scalo (GB) 60 8/5F 2nd   Superstition (FR) 58.5 39/1 3rd   EUR 100,000.00
1st-6   4/09/2011.   6L x 7L   Baden-Baden – Iffezheim, Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Longines - Grosser Preis von Baden (G1)      2400m.      54.5kg   2.37.52.   Very Soft, 19/10.   Night Magic (GER) 58.5 22/5 2nd   Joshua Tree (IRE) 60 23/5 3rd   EUR 150,000.00
1st-16   2/10/2011.   5L x nk   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE    Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (G1)      2400m.      54.5kg   2.24.49.   Bon, 20/1.   Shareta (IRE) 54.5 66/1 2nd   Snow Fairy (IRE) 58 14/1 3rd   EUR 2,285,600.00
6th-16   27/11/2011.   Nk x 1.75L   Tokio, JAPAN    Japan Cup   2400m.   53kg   2.24.20.   Firm, 23/10F.   Buena Vista (JPN) 55 12/5 1st   Tosen Jordan (JPN) 57 131/10 2nd   
FOUR YEARS: 2012  Starts 4: 3-0-0-1                                        
1st-10   20/05/2012.   0.75L x nk   Baden-Baden – Iffezheim, Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Grosser Preis der Badischen Unternehmer   2200m.      58kg   2.16.59.   Good, 2/5F.   Ovambo Queen (GER) 56 36/5 2nd   Silvaner (GER) 57.5 15/2 3rd   EUR 40,000.00
4th-4   24/06/2012.   1.25L x 1.5L x 0.5L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud   2400m.   56.5kg   2.31.50.   Bon Souple, 4/5F.   Meandre (FR) 58 8/1 1st    Shareta (IRE) 56.5 5/1 2nd   EUR 22,840.00
1st-10   21/07/2012.   Nse x 1.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Stakes Sponsored By Betfair (G1)   11f. 211yds.   2406m.   9.4.   59kg   2.31.62.   Good to Soft, 9/1.   Nathaniel (IRE) 9.7 5/2 2nd   St Nicholas Abbey (IRE) 9.7 5/1 3rd   GBP 567,100.00
1st-7   2/09/2012.   0.5L x 0.5L   Baden-Baden – Iffezheim, Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Longines - Grosser Preis von Baden (G1)   2400m.      58.5kg   2.36.23.   Good, 7/10F.   Ovambo Queen (GER) 58.5 10/1 2nd   Pastorius (GER) 56 41/10 3rd   EUR 150,000.00