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« 2018-Aug-20, 05:58 PM Reply #50 »
I found it interesting too but I am not going to argue with Federico ... :nowink:
I think dosage index supports Tesio.  Nearco indexes at 2.67 where (keeping things simple) 4.00 = sprinter and  <2.00 = stayer,  with an model distance for his offspring of 1800m and change.

One of the things I have learned from Turf history is that distance races (i.e. 2 miles +) have been raced at an increasing pace over time.  They were a lot more tactical in the old days and in the very old days they could virtually stop to a walk (especially at WFA).  Handicapping was an incentive to move things along with lightweights fancying their chances of stealing the race by keeping the speed up under their discounted imposts.   

There were lots of classy horses (especially 3YOs who were well treated under the WFA scale at longer distances) who won 2 and 3 mile races who probably weren't stayers at all.   Their class, the rider's tactics and their lightweights saw them through.

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« 2018-Oct-08, 04:25 PM Reply #51 »

Enable's updated and complete record moved to another page and index is linked to that other page.
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« 2018-Oct-08, 04:27 PM Reply #52 »
How do i update Enable's record?

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« 2018-Oct-08, 05:39 PM Reply #53 »
Just hit the modify button under the post and edit away


it will only work for you with your original Enable post.  (i.e.  you can only edit your own posts, you couldn't edit a quoted post from me)

A few of us that were once moderators can edit all posts but a regular member can only edit their own post.  So you will need to find your original Enable post on the origibal Race Records of Champion Racehorses thread NOT the international thread.  I copied your record from the original thread to the International thread.

If you stand by I will find it for you...

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« 2018-Oct-08, 05:42 PM Reply #54 »
It is on page 62 of the Race records of Champion Racehorses thread.

or click this link


Click the MODIFY button and edit away.

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« 2018-Oct-08, 08:28 PM Reply #55 »

As one who is not computer literate i thought i would include Enable's republished text below for you to delete the old and insert the new.  PS when I read one UK preview I was surprised that a 'three legged horse' was quoted in the UK as an 11/10F but the rundown of her rivals suggested to me this must have been one of the weaker Arc fields. She started as 1/1F in UK.  Perhaps it was different in France!  Still she must be very good.  Wonder if they might have a crack at the Breeders Cup Turf now that she is fit. If she won, she would go very close to No 1 world ranking if not already.   


[record updated on both threads - tontonan]

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« 2018-Oct-08, 08:31 PM Reply #56 »
Can you guys believe how inbred she is?
Sadler Wells 2 x 2.....wow.
Now that is brave breeding.
Was he the same guy that bred Danehill?

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« 2018-Oct-08, 09:49 PM Reply #57 »
ENABLE   (GB) b. F, 2014 {4-m}
DP = 4-0-19-11-2 (36) DI = 0.60   CD = -0.19 - 10 Starts, 9 Wins, 0 Places, 1 Shows Career Earnings: £6.377.396

b. 2008
b. 1998 [CS]
b. 1981 [CS]
b. 1961 [BC]
NEARCTIC (CAN)   br. 1954
NATALMA (USA) b. 1957 *
b. 1975
SPECIAL (USA) b. 1969 *
ch. 1989
ch. 1978
ch. 1978
LOMBARD (GER) ch. 1967
ANATEVKA (GER) ch. 1969
b. 1993
b. 1979
b. 1969 [C]
HAIL TO REASON (USA)   br. 1958 [C]
BRAMALEA (USA) blk/br. 1959 *
gr. 1966
AMERIGO (GB) ch. 1955
MATCHICHE (FR) gr. 1956
dkb/br. 1983
gr. 1969 [BC]
NEARCTIC (CAN)   br. 1954
SHENANIGANS (USA) gr. 1963 *
b. 1972
TOM ROLFE (USA) b. 1962 [CP]
DELTA (USA) b. 1952 *
b. 2004
b. 1981 [CS]
b. 1961 [BC]
br. 1954
  NEARCO (ITY) br. 1935 [BC]
LADY ANGELA (GB) ch. 1944
b. 1957
ALMAHMOUD (USA) ch. 1947 *
b. 1975
b. 1968
HAIL TO REASON (USA)   br. 1958 [C]
LALUN (USA) b. 1952 *
b. 1969
FORLI (ARG) ch. 1963 [C]
THONG (USA) b. 1964 *
b. 1990
b. 1975 [CP]
b. 1968 [CS]
NEVER BEND (USA) br. 1960 [BI]
MILAN MILL (USA) b. 1962 *
b. 1969
HARDICANUTE (GB) blk. 1962
GRAND CROSS (GB) b. 1952
b. 1984
br. 1975
NIJINSKY (CAN) b. 1967 [CS]
ROSELIERE (FR) br. 1965
ch. 1975
HABITAT (USA) b. 1966 [B]

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« 2018-Oct-14, 10:59 PM Reply #58 »
The 2010 movie Secretariat now playing on the Disney Channel on Foxtel   :biggrin:


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« 2018-Oct-15, 02:28 AM Reply #59 »
Very ordinary movie. 

Offline PoisonPen7

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« 2018-Oct-15, 10:09 AM Reply #60 »
Very ordinary movie.

I watched the last half hour. Aweful.

Like many horse movies it is glamorized for the general public.

And there was a "black hat" owner of the horse that ran 2nd in the Derby and Preakness, played by the very recognizable face of Nestor Serrano, who is at a press conference with Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) and has a dummy spit yelling at the press his horse is the best stayer and he will beat "Red" in the Belmont - and then he walks out.

I'm sure that really happened   :lol:

Never knew the name of Nestor Serrano until I looked it up after the movie. He is in so many TV shows and movies.


With the Winx movie, I would have Rebel Wilson in a black wig as Debbie Kepetis.

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« 2018-Oct-15, 03:22 PM Reply #61 »
The only way Winx gets beaten is if you have Rebel Wison riding her. 

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« 2018-Oct-15, 03:30 PM Reply #62 »
War Horse the best horse movie

Online timw

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« 2018-Nov-17, 06:42 PM Reply #63 »

Cirrus des Aigles (FR) 2006                                       
Bay gelding                                       
Even Top (IRE) 1993 (Topanoora (IRE) 1987) - Taille de Guepe (FR) 1999 (Septieme Ciel (USA) 1987)                                       
Countries Raced: France, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, UAE, Ireland                                       
67 starts, 22 wins (7 x G1), 20 seconds and 6 thirds.  Win % 32.8, Place % 71.6. (earned prizemoney in 63 of 67 starts)                                       
France earnings in EUR      EUR 1,922,590.00    Starts 51: 19-17-5-10                              
Hong Kong earnings in HKD      HKD 4,745,000    Starts 6: 0-0-1-5                              
Japan earnings in JPY      JPY 0    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                              
England earnings in GBP      GBP 871,534.98    Starts 6: 2-2-0-2                              
Dubai earnings in USD      USD 4,000,000.00    Starts 2: 1-1-0-0                              
Ireland earnings in EUR      EUR 11,000.00    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                              
Worldwide earnings in EUR based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         EUR 7,347,429                              
Worldwide earnings in GBP based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         GBP 6,159,676                              
Worldwide earnings in USD based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         USD 9,804,026                              
Worldwide earnings in AUD based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         AUD 10,131,021                              
HKD total is correct but the split between the race starts is based on 'racingpost' GBP splits among all starters receiving prizemoney.                                       
The worldwide GBP earnings is very close to the 'racingpost' figure.  However it it is not close to the Euro figure shown on 'pedigreequery.com' and that figure is clearly wrong.                                         
RACE RECORD                                       
The margins shown are for generally first to third however sometimes the margins shown are between first and fourth.                                       
Prizemoney in local currency appears at the end of each race record noting that 'emiratesracing' advertises prizemoney in USD.                                       
He must have earned a lot of frequent flyer points.                                       
TWO YEARS:  2008  Starts 4: 0-2-1-1                                       
4th-12   7/10/2008.   Hd x 10L x 2.5L   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   Prix du Val Profond      1600m.      58kg   1.44.00.   Souple   Rendezvous (IRE) 58 78/10 1st   Martial Law (IRE) 58 15/1 2nd   EUR 2,200.00
3rd-13   14/11/2008.   0.5L x 2L   Maisons-Laffitte, Paris, France   Prix Hauban      1400m.      58kg   1.32.30.   Lourde   Stricke (FR) 58 cd 55.5 1st   Lion of the Day (GB) 58 2nd   EUR 3,300.00
2nd-15   25/11/2008.   4L x 0.75L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix kanar      1600m.      58kg   1.49.50.   Lourde   Telluride (GB) 58 1st   Diderot (FR) 58 3rd   EUR 4,400.00
2nd-16   24/12/2008.   2.5L x hd   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix de la Hauquerie      1900m. (AW)      58kg   2.01.10.   Bon,    Lando Junior (FR) 58 1st   One Clever Cat (IRE) 54.5 3rd   EUR 4,600.00
THREE YEARS:  2009  Starts 17: 6-8-2-1                                       
2nd-16   22/01/2009.   2L x 4L   Côte d'Azur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, FRANCE   Prix du Suquet      2000m.      58kg   2.01.32.   Bon,    Validor (FR) 58 1st   Rockirk (IRE) 58 3rd   EUR 4,000.00
1st-11   29/01/2009.   Sht hd x 0.75L   Côte d'Azur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, FRANCE   Prix des Maures      1600m. (AW)      58kg   1.37.24.   Bon,    Rain of Melody (IRE) 58 2nd   Cotil (FR) 58 3rd   EUR 10,000.00
2nd-5   14/02/2009.   0.75L x 2.5L   Côte d'Azur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, FRANCE   Prix de la Baie des Anges      1600m.      59kg   1.39.20.   Souple,    Bellinissimo (IRE) 59 1st   Huangdi (FR) 56 3rd   EUR 5,400.00
2nd-7   21/02/2009.   Nk x 2L   Côte d'Azur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, FRANCE   Prix Policeman      2000m. (AW)      56kg   2.02.39.   Souple,    Villa Molitor (FR) 54.5 1st   Plaisir Du Tango 56 3rd   EUR 11,000.00
2nd-7   12/03/2009.   0.75L x sht hd   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix de Carentan      1900m. (AW)      58kg   2.02.90.   Bon,    War Power (USA) 56.5 1st   Guest Ville (FR) 58 3rd   EUR 5,800.00
2nd-5   20/04/2009.   Nk x 3L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de la Croix de Chaveaux      1600m.      59kg   1.43.79.   Bon Souple,    Polarix (GB) 57 1st   Massicotier (FR) 57 3rd   EUR 6,800.00
1st-7   7/05/2009.   1L x hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de Nanterre      2000m.      58kg   2.05.90.   Bon,    Aristote (GB) 58 cd 54.5 2nd   Nimara (FR) 58 3rd   EUR 14,500.00
1st-5   17/05/2009.   0.5L x 10L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Fasquel      2100m.      56kg   2.19.03.   Souple,    Marinous (FR) 56 2nd   Decoy (FR) 56 3rd   EUR 28,500.00
2nd-7   1/06/2009.   6L x nk   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Matchem      2000m.      56kg   2.08.60.   Bon Souple,    Cavalryman (GB) 58 9/10F 1st   Portus Blendium (USA) 56 3rd   EUR 11,000.00
2nd-6   19/06/2009.   0.5L x 1L   Toulouse la Cépière,  Toulouse, FRANCE   Derby du Languedoc      2400m.      58kg   2.32.95.   Bon Souple,    Valletta (GB) 56.5 17/1 1st   Symba's Dream (USA) 56.5 3rd   EUR 11,000.00
3rd-4   6/07/2009.   0.75L x 0.5L   Compiègne, Compiègne, FRANCE   Prix Pelleas      2000m.      57kg   2.09.43.   Bon Souple,    Byword (GB) 57 1st   Three Bodies (IRE) 57 2nd   EUR 8,250.00
3rd-7   27/07/2009.   Hd x nk   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ridgway      2000m.      58kg   2.04.60.   Bon,    Three Bodies (IRE) 58 1st   Aizavoski (IRE) 58 6/4F 2nd   EUR 8,250.00
1st-5   12/08/2009.   6L x nse   Lion-d'Angers, Le Lion-d'Angers, FRANCE   Grand Prix du Lion d'Angers      2000m.      56kg   2.12.21.   Bon Souple,    Karlisse (IRE) 54.5 2nd   Ile De Re (FR) 56 3rd   EUR 27,500.00
2nd-7   29/08/2009.   Sht hd x 1.5L   Clairefontaine, near Deauville, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Clairefontaine - Denis Weibel      2400m.      58kg   2.29.80.   Bon,    Topclas (FR) 56 15/1 1st   Almail (USA) 56 3rd   EUR 11,000.00
1st-8   19/09/2009.   0.75L x 1L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix du Prince d'Orange      2000m.      58kg   2.06.30.   Bon, 186/10   World Heritage 58 4/5EF (bktd) 2nd   Allybar (IRE) 58 83/10 3rd   EUR 40,000.00
1st-10   18/10/2009.   6L x 0.75L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix du Conseil de Paris      2400m.      56kg   2.33.50.   Bon Souple, 6/1.   Makt (FR) 55 12/1 2nd   Shahwardi (FR) 55 5/2F 3rd   EUR 74,100.00
5th-13   13/12/2009.   Sht hd x nk   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Vase      2400m.   12lbs   55kg   2.27.51.   Good, 17/2.   Daryakana (FR) 118 57/10 1st   Spanish Mon (USA) 126 17/10F 2nd   HKD 460,000
FOUR YEARS:  2010  Starts 7: 2-1-1-3                                       
4th-10   14/02/2010.   1.5L x sht hd x 0.75L   Côte d'Azur, Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice, FRANCE   Grand Prix de la Riviera Cote d'Azur      2000m. (AW)      58kg   1.59.20.   Lourde,    Pallodio (IRE) 55 49/10 1st   Eire (GB) 53.5 2nd   EUR 6,000.00
3rd-10   14/08/2010.   1L x 1.5L   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix Gontaut-Biron - Hong Kong Jockey Club      2000m.      55kg   2.12.10.   Tr Souple, 17/1.   Vision D'Etat (FR) 55 cd 55.5 37/10 1st   Budai (GER) 55 11/1 2nd   EUR 12,000.00
1st-8   1/09/2010.   Nk x hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix De Boulogne      2000m.      58kg   2.07.50.   Bon, 1/1F.   Three Bodies (IRE) 56 4/1 2nd   Aizavoski (IRE) 58 44/5 3rd   EUR 26,000.00
1st-10   2/10/2010.   2L x hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Qatar Prix Dollar      1950m.      57kg   2.09.60.   Tr Souple, 9/2F.   Budai (GER) 57 5/1 2nd   Distant Memories (IRE) 57 9/1 3rd    EUR 74,100.00
2nd-7   17/10/2010.   Sht nk x 3L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Du Conseil De Paris      2400m.      60kg   2.40.80.   Bon Souple, 7/4F.   Prince Bishop (IRE) 58 7/1 1st   Shimraan (FR) 57 3/1 3rd   EUR 28,600.00
9th-18   28/11/2010.   1.75L x nse   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m. (Turf)      57kg   2.25.20.   Firm, 108/1.   Buena Vista (JPN) 9/10F 1st   Rose Kingdom (JPN) 78/10 2nd   JPY 0
7th-13   12/12/2010.   Nk x 1.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Cup      2000m.   126lbs   57kg   2.02.96.   Good, 45/1.   Snow Fairy (IRE) 119 6/4F 1st   Irian (GER) 126 53/10 2nd   HKD 0
FIVE YEARS:  2011  Starts 11: 5-4-1-1                                       
2nd-9   19/03/2011.   0.5L x 1.5L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Exbury      2000m.      58kg   2.10.50.   Souple, 5/2.   Polytechnicien (USA) 55 11/5F 1st   Silver Pond (FR) 58 9/2 3rd   EUR 16,000.00
3rd-7   30/04/2011.   1L x 1L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay - Prix Air Mauritius      2100m.      58kg   2.07.29.   Bon, 11/1.   Planteur (IRE) 58 1/1F. 1st   Sarafina (FR) 56.5 3/1 2nd   EUR 34,290.00
2nd-9   22/05/2011.   Nk x 0.75L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix D'Ispahan       1850m.      58kg   1.51.00.   Bon, 14/1.   Goldikova (IRE) 56.5 8/11F 1st   Rajsaman (FR) 58 11/1 3rd   EUR 57,150.00
1st-6   13/06/2011.   0.75L x 2.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   La Coupe      2000m.      59kg   2.07.66.   Bon Souple, 11/10F.   Announce (GB) 56.5 3/1 2nd   Stacelita (FR) 54.5 3/1 3rd   EUR 40,000.00
2nd-5   26/06/2011.   Nk x 1.5L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix De Saint-Cloud      2400m.      58kg   2.34.40.   Bon Souple, 4/1.   Sarafina (FR) 56.5 4/9F 1st   Silver Pond (FR) 58 13/2 3rd   EUR 91,440.00
1st-6   20/07/2011.   3L x 0.5L   Vichy-Bellerive, near Vichy, FRANCE   Grand Prix De Vichy-Auvergne 7eme Etape Du Defi Du Galop      2000m.      60kg   2.14.0.   Tr Souple, 2/5F.   Agent Secret (IRE) 58 10/1 2nd   Saga Dream (FR) 58 20/1 2nd   EUR 40,000.00
1st-7   14/08/2011.   8L x sht hd   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix Gontaut-Biron - Hong Kong Jockey Club      2000m.      59kg   2.08.60.   Collant, 1/1F   Lancelot (FR) 55 16/1 2nd   Skins Game (GB) 57.5 9/1 3rd   EUR 40,000.00
1st-6   28/08/2011.   10L x sht hd   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Lucien Barriere Grand Prix De Deauville      2500m.      60kg   2.45.0.   Tr Souple, 1/2F.   Silver Pond (FR) 60 9/2 2nd   Marinous (FR) 58.5 12/1 3rd   EUR 114,000.00
2nd-11   1/10/2011.   Sht nk x 1.25L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Qatar Prix Dollar      1950m.      59kg   2.00.41.   Bon, 11/8F.   Byword (GB) 57 9/2 1st   Shimraan (FR) 57 16/1 3rd   EUR 28,600.00
1st-12   15/10/2011.   0.75L x .05L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance) (G1)   9f. 212yds   2004m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.02.52.   Good, 12/1.   So You Think (NZ) 9-3 7/4F 2nd   Snow Fairy (IRE) 8/1 3rd   GBP 737,230.00
5th-10   11/12/2011.   1L x 0.25L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Cup      2000m.   126lbs   57kg   2.04.57.   Good to Firm, 12/5   California Memory (USA) 126 69/20 1st   Irian (GER) 126 16/1 2nd   HKD 660,000
SIX YEARS:  2012  Starts 6: 3-2-0-1                                       
2nd-5   3/03/2012.   2L x 0.5L   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Meydan Hotel      1900m. (AW)      60kg   2.00.40.   Bon, 2/5F.   Zazou (GER) 60 7/2 1st   Tryst (GB) 56 63/10 3rd   EUR 10,000.00
1st-10   31/03/2012.   0.25L x 3.5L   Meydan, Dubai, UAE   Dubal Sheema Classic Presented By Longines (G1)      2410m. (Turf)      57kg   2.31.30.   Good, 11/4.   St Nicholas Abbey (IRE) 57 9/4F 2nd   Jakkalberry (IRE) 57 33/1 3rd   USD 3,000,000.00
1st-6   29/04/2012.   8L x 2L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay - Prix Air Mauritius (G1)      2100m.      58kg   2.18.90.   Collant, 8/13F.   Giofra (GB) 56.5 4/1 2nd   Reliable Man (GB) 58 4/1 3rd   EUR 171,420.00
DQ-8*   27/05/2012.   0.75L x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix D'Ispahan       1850m.      58kg   1.51.85.   Bon, 4/7F.   Golden Lilac (IRE) 56.5 6/1 1st   Planteur (IRE) 58 5/1 2nd   EUR 0.00
1st-8   6/10/2012.   9L x sht nk   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Qatar Prix Dollar      1950m.      60kg   2.07.95.   Tr Souple, 4/5F.    Hunter's Light (IRE) 59 8/1 2nd   Saga Dream (FR) 57 33/1 3rd   EUR 114,000.00
2nd-6   20/10/2012.   1.75L x 2.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance)    9f. 212yds   2004m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.10.22.   Soft, 9/2.   Frankel (GB) 9.3 2/11F. 1st   Nathaniel (IRE) 9.3 9/1 3rd   GBP 279,500.00
* Passed the post second but disqualified as prohibited substance in post race sample                                       
SEVEN YEARS:  2013  Starts 8: 2-2-1-3                                       
5th-11   23/06/2013.   1.25L x 1L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud      2400m.      58kg   2.31.12.   Souple, 1/1F.   Novellist (IRE) 58 7/2 1st   Dunaden (FR) 58 6/1 2nd   EUR 11,440.00
4th-8   27/07/2013.   5L x 0.75L x 3L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Stakes Sponsored By Betfair (British Champions Series)   11f. 211yds.   2406m.   9.7.   60kg   2.24.6.   Good to Firm, 6/4F.   Novellist (IRE) 9.7 13/2 1st   Trading Leather (IRE) 8.9 9/2 2nd   GBP 57,084.00
2nd-7   10/08/2013.   Hd x 1.25L   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Prix Gontaut-Biron - Hong Kong Jockey Club      2000m.      55kg cd 55.5kg   2.08.00.   Bon, 9/10F.   Petit Chevalier (FR) 56 83/10 1st   Smoking Sun (USA) 56 11/2 3rd   EUR 16,000.00
5th-11   25/08/2013.   Hd x sht nk   Deauville, Normandy, FRANCE   Lucien Barriere Grand Prix de Deauville      2500m..      60kg   2.44.49.   Bon Souple, 2/1F.   Tres Blue (IRE) 53.5 11/1 1st   Penglai Pavilion (USA) 53.5 5/2 2nd   EUR 7,000.00
1st-5   20/09/2013.   2.5L x hd   Maisons-Laffitte, Paris, France   La Coupe de Maisons-Laffitte      2000m.      57kg   2.11.19.   Bon Souple, 2/1.   Vally Jem (FR) 55.5 18/1 2nd   Smoking Sun (USA) 57 19/5 3rd   EUR 40,000.00
1st-13   5/10/2013.   1.75L x 4L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Qatar Prix Dollar      1950m.      57kg   2.02.83   Souple, 7/4F.   Mandour (USA) 57 10/1 2nd   Petit Chevalier (FR) 57 20/1 3rd   EUR 114,000.00
2nd-10   19/10/2013.   Nk x 0.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance)    9f. 212yds.   2004m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.12.02.   Soft, 6/4F.   Farhh (GB) 9.3 11/4 1st   Ruler of the World (IRE) 8.12 13/2 3rd   GBP 279,500.00
3rd-12   8/12/2013.   1L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Longines Hong Kong Cup      2000m.   126lbs   57kg   2.01.96.   Good to Firm, 5/1.   Akeed Mofeed (GB) 126 7/2 1st   Tokei Halo (JPN) 126 14/1 2nd   HKD 2,200,000
EIGHT YEARS:  2014  Starts 8: 3-1-0-4                                       
4th-7   4/03/2014.   Nse x hd x 1L   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Meydan Hotel      1900m. (AW)      59kg   1.55.44.   Bon, 6/5F.   Now We Can (GB) 59 19/2 1st   Mortga (FR) 56 197/10 2nd   EUR 5,000.00
2nd-15   29/03/2014.   1.5L x 0.5L   Meydan, Dubai, UAE   Dubal Sheema Classic Presented By Longines      2410m. (Turf)      57kg   2.27.25.   Good, 9/1.   Gentildonna (JPN) 55 4/1 1st   Ambivalent (IRE) 55 50/1 3rd   USD 1,000,000.00
1st-8   27/04/2014.   Sht nk x 4.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay (G1)      2100m.      58kg   2.14.13.   Tr Souple, 7/2.   Treve (FR) 56.5 30/100F 2nd   Norse King (FR) 58 20/1 3rd   EUR 171,420.00
1st-6   25/05/2014.   1.5L x 1.25L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix D'Ispahan (G1)      1850m.      58kg   1.57.98.   Souple, 4/7F   Anodin (IRE) 58 33/1 2nd   Polloyana (IRE) 56.5 25/1 3rd   EUR 142,850.00
1st-7   7/06/2014.   2L x 2.25L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Investec Coronation Cup (In Commemoration of St Nicholas Abbey) (G1)   12f. 6yds   2419m.   9.0.   57kg   2.34.86.   Good, 10/11F.   Flintshire (GB) 9.0 4/1 2nd   Ambivalent (IRE) 8.11 13/2 3rd   GBP 218,900.60
DQ 5th-6**   4/10/2014.   Hd x 1.25L x hd x sht nk   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   QNB Prix Dollar      1950m.      60kg   2.05.78.   Bon, 1/2F.   Fractional (IRE) 57 100/30 1st   Hippy (FR) 55.5 33/1 2nd   EUR 7,000.00
5th-9   18/10/2014.   Nk x 1.25L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance)   9f. 212yds   2004m.   9.5.   59.5kg   2.11.23.   Heavy, 7/4F.   Noble Mission (GB) 9.5 7/1 1st   Al Kazeem (GB) 9.5 16/1 2nd   GBP 36,550.38
4th-12   14/12/2014.   Sht hd x 1L x 0.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Longines Hong Kong Cup      2000m.   126lbs   57kg   2.01.96.   Good to Firm, 10/1.   Designs On Rome 126 7/4F 1st   Military Attack (IRE) 126 9/2 2nd   HKD 1,425,000
** Cirrus des Aigles passed the post first but disqualified fifth for causing intereference to Fractional who passed the post second but awarded the race.                                       
NINE YEARS:  2015  Starts 6: 1-0-0-5                                       
1st-7   3/05/2015.   1.75L x 3L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay (G1)      2100m.      58kg   2.18.07   Souple, 3/1.   Al Kazeem (GB) 58 7/4F 2nd   Fate (FR) 56.5 12/1 3rd   EUR 171,420.00
4th-4   24/05/2015.   1.5L x 2L x 2L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix D'Ispahan      1850m.      58kg   1.51.30.   Bon, 9/4.   Solow (GB) 58 4/9F 1st   Gailo Chop (FR) 58 20/1 2nd   EUR 14,275.00
7th-7   12/09/2015.   1L x 0.5L   Leopardstown, Dublin, IRELAND   QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes   1m2f   2012m.   9.7.   60kg   2.05.41.   Yielding, 8/1.   Golden Horn (GB) 9.0 5/4F 1st   Found (IRE) 8.11 6/1 2nd   EUR 11,000.00
5th-8   3/10/2015.   0.75L x nse   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Qatar Prix Dollar      1950m.      60kg   1.59.58.   Bon, 3/1.   Free Port Lux (GB) 57 16/1 1st   Fractional (IRE) 57 7/1 2nd   EUR 7,000.00
4th-13   25/10/2015.   1L x 5L x 1L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Royal-Oak      3100m.      59kg   3.27.61.   Souple, 9/1.   Vazirabad (FR) 55 cd 55.5 15/8F 1st   Siljan's Saga (FR) 57.5 17/2 2nd   EUR 19,985.00
10th-13   13/12/2015.   1.5L x 1.5L   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Longines Hong Kong Vase      2400m.   126lbs   57kg   2.28.43.   Good, 20/1.   Highland Reel (IRE) 126 5/1 1st   Flintshire (GB) 126 13/8F 2nd   HKD 0

Earnings updated 13 March 2019 to include EUR 11,000 earned for 7th on 12 Sept 2015.
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Always thought this bloke underrated.  He beat a lot of quality horses.

And apparently he like to travel. 

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'galopp-seiger.de' has Ribot running in the Premio Besana at San Siro rather than the Primo Natale Di Roma in Sept 1955 at his seventh start.   I am surprised there is not more detail about his career o the net so I am uncertain as to which is correct.  There is a photo in the (London) Times of his jockey (Ugo Penco) looking over his shoulder near the winning post in the 1956 Arc and it looks more like daylight than just 6 lengths separated Ribot from the rest of the field.  Perhaps Frankel is overrated.

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Fantastic Light (USA) 1996                                       
Bay horse                                       
Rahy (USA) 1985 (Blushing Groom (FR) 1974) - Jood (USA) 1989 (Nijinsky (CAN) 1967)                                       
Countries raced: UK, France, UAE, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland                                       
25 starts, 12 wins (6 x G1), 5 seconds and 3 thirds.  Win % 48.0, Place % 80.0.                                        
SUMMARY OF EARNINGS:                                       
England earnings in GBP         GBP 735,772.75    Starts 14: 6-4-2-2                           
France earnings in EUR         EUR 0.00    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                           
Dubai earnings in USD         USD 1,600,000.00    Starts 2: 1-1-0-0                           
(Prizemoney as advertised by 'emiratesracing.com' in USD)                                       
United States earnings in USD*         USD 2,507,400.00    Starts 4: 2-0-0-2                           
* Includes USD 1,000,000 Emirates World Series bonus for winning the 2001 Breeder's Cup Turf.                                       
Japan earnings in JPY         JPY 63,498,000    Starts 1: 0-0-1-0                           
Hong Kong earnings in HKD         HKD 8,000,000    Starts 1: 1-0-0-0                           
2000 Hong Kong Cup Emirates World Series bonus in USD         USD 1,000,000                              
Ireland earnings in EUR         EUR 770,316.53    Starts 2: 2-0-0-0                           
Worldwide earnings in GBP based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         GBP 5,780,882.87                              
Worldwide earnings in USD based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         USD 8,491,378.81                              
Worldwide earnings in AUD based on RBA Daily Indicative Rates         AUD 15,752,442.78                              
RBA (Reserve Bank Of Australia) foreign currency rates can be found at: https://www.rba.gov.au/statistics/historical-data.html                                        
The 'equibase.com' career earnings figure is USD 8,486,957.                                        
The 'racingpost' career earnings of GBP 4,207,029 omits bonuses.  Apparently British record keepers omit bonuses 'for better or worse' (editor of 'thoroughbredracing.com' responding to my email query why Fantastic Light did not make it into their world top 40 GBP earners list taken from the BHA).  This essentially explains the difference between my GBP figure and British GBP career earnings figures.                                        
Details of both bounses obtained in reponse to an email I sent to 'equibase.com' asking about a possible USD 2,000,000 error in career earnings compared to the 'racingpost' figure.                                       
Fantastic Light retired as the highest European bred or trained stakewinner in USD or GBP passing Singspiel (IRE) 1992 (even if bonuses not included).  He held the European record until he was passed by Cirrus des Aigles (FR) 2006.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
Earnings for each race appear at the end of each race record in that country's currency or USD (Dubai earnings are advertised in USD and both bonuses were in USD).                                       
TWO YEARS: 1998  Starts 3: 2-0-1-0                                        
1st-5   2/08/1998.   1.75L x 2L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Carshalton Novice Stakes Class D   7f.   1408m.   8.12.   56kg   1.33.35.   Good, 8/1.   Sicnee (USA) 9.4 8/11F. 2nd   Sampower Star (GB) 9.6 11/1 3rd   GBP 4,104.00
1st-6   22/08/1998.   0.75L x 2.5L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Sun Conditions Stakes Class C   8f. 14yds.   1622m.   9.0.   57kg   1.44.02.   Good to Firm, 7/2.   Aesops (USA) 8.11 9/2 2nd   Adnaan (IRE) 8.11 2/1F 3rd   GBP 4,278.75
3rd-3   11/09/1998.   0.5L x 2L   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   Bellway Homes Stardom Stakes Class A   8f.    1609m.   8.11.   56kg   1.44.70.   Good to Soft, 9/4.   Mutaahab (CAN) 8.11 100/30 1st   Glamis (USA) 8.11 5/6F 2nd   GBP 1,875.00
THREE YEARS: 1999  Starts 7: 3-1-1-2                                        
1st-7   24/04/1999.   Sht hd x 1.25L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Thresher Classic Trial Stakes Class A   9f. 209yds.   2002m.   8.11.   56kg   2.15.73.   Soft, 13/2.   Dehoush (USA) 8.11 13/2 2nd   Glamis (USA) 8.11 11/10F 3rd   GBP 39,870.00
4th-5   8/05/1999.   1.25L x 0.5L x 5L   Lingfield Park, Lingfield, Surrey, UK   Pertemps Derby Trial Stakes Class A   11f. 133yds.   2334m.   8.10.   55.5kg   2.30.31.   Good to Firm, 3/1.   Lucido (IRE) 8.7 3/1 1st   Daliapour (IRE) 8.9 10/11F. 2nd   GBP 2,425.00
2nd-8   15/06/1999.   Hd x 2.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Prince of Wales's Stakes Class A   9f. 212yds   2004m.   8.5.   53kg   2.04.37.   Good to Firm, 14/1.   Lear Spear (USA) 9.3 20/1 1st   Xaar (GB) 9.3 4/1 3rd   GBP 33,445.00
3rd-8   3/07/1999.   Nk x 0.5L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Coral-Eclipse Stakes Class A   9f. 209yds.   2002m.   8.10.   55.5kg   2.06.42.   Good to Firm, 6/1.   Compton Admiral (GB) 8.10 20/1 1st   Xaar (GB) 9.7 6/1 2nd   GBP 31,525.00
1st-7   17/08/1999.   1.25L x 1.25L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Stakis Casinos Great Voltigeur Stakes Class A   11f. 195yds.   2391m.   8.9.   55kg   2.29.05.   Good, 4/1.   Bienarnado (USA) 8.9 11/2 2nd   Glamis (USA) 8.9 9/1 3rd   GBP 57,000.00
1st-6   19/09/1999.   0.75 x 9L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   Dubai Arc Trial Class A   11f. 5yds.   2217m.   9.0.   57kg   2.21.51.   Good to Soft, 9/4.   High-Rise (IRE) 9.2 10/11F. 2nd   Pegnitz (USA) 9.2 20/1 3rd   GBP 28,750.00
11th-14   3/10/1999.   0.5L x 6L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Lucien Barriere      2400m.      56kg   2.38.50.   Heavy, 33/1   Montjeu (IRE) 56 6/4F (bktd) 1st   El Condor Pasa (USA) 59.5 18/5 2nd   EUR 0.00
FOUR YEARS: 2000  Starts 9: 3-2-1-3                                        
1st-16   25/03/2000.   3L x 2L   Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE   Dubai Sheema Classic      2400m.      55kg   2.27.70.   Good,    Caitano (GB) 56 2nd   High-Rise (IRE) 56 3rd   USD 1,200,000.00
2nd-4   9/06/2000.   0.75L x 0.75L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Vodaphone Coronation Cup Stakes Class A   12f. 6yds   2419m.   9.0.   57kg   2.41.63.   Good to Soft, 7/4.   Daliapour (IRE) 9.0 11/8F. 1st   Border Arrow (GB) 9.0 6/1 3rd   GBP 57,500.00
5th-8   8/07/2000.   Hd x 2.5L   Sandown   Coral-Eclipse Stakes Showcase Race Class A   9f. 209yds.   2002m.   9.7.   60kg   2.05.32.   Good, 5/1.   Giant's Causeway (USA) 8.10 8/1 1st   Kalanisi (IRE) 9.7 7/2 2nd   GBP 0.00
2nd-7   29/07/2000.   1.75L x 3.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes Class A   11f. 211yds.   2406m.   9.7.   60kg   2.29.98.   Good to Firm, 12/1.   Montjeu (IRE) 9.7 1/3F 1st   Daliapour (IRE) 9.7 13/2 3rd   GBP 165,000.00
1st-8   9/09/2000.   1L x nk   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Man o' War Stakes (G1)   11f.   2212m.   126lbs   57kg   2.17.44.   Firm, $1.65F.   Ela Athena (GB) 123  2nd   Drama Critis (USA) 3rd   USD 300,000
4th-12   7/10/2000.   0.5L x 1.75L x 1.25L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Turf Classic Invitational Stakes   12f.   2414m.   126lbs   57kg   2.28.58.   Firm, $2.40F.   John's Call (USA) 126 $11.40 1st   Craig Steel (GB) 126 2nd   USD 45,000
5th-13   4/11/2000.   0.5L x nse   Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA   Breeders' Cup Turf   12f.   2414m.   126lbs   57kg   2.26.96.   Firm, $12.90.   Kalanisi (IRE) 126 $5.60 1st   Quiet Resolve (CAN) 126 2nd   USD 49,600
3rd-16   26/11/2000.   Nk x nse   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      56.5kg   2.26.10.   Firm, 79/10.   T M Opera O (JPN) 56.5 1/2F 1st   Meisho Doto (IRE) 56.5 15/1 2nd   JPY 63,498,000
1st-14*   17/12/2000.   1.75 x nse   Sha Tin, HONG KONG   Hong Kong Cup (G1)      2000m.   126lbs   57kg   2.02.20.   Good to Form, $2.90F   Greek Dance 126 $6.40 2nd   Jim and Tonic 126 $3.30 3rd   HKD 8,000,000 + USD 1,000,000
* Fantastic Light earned a USD 1,000,000 Emirates World Series bonus when he won this race.                                       
FIVE YEARS: 2001  Starts 6: 4-2-0-0                                        
2nd-16   24/03/2001.   Nse x 2L   Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE   Dubai Sheema Classic Sponsored By Jebel Ali Freezone Authority & Dubai Ports Authority      2400m.      56kg   2.28.23.   Good, 7/4F.   Stay Gold (JPN) 56 33/1 1st   Silvano (GER) 56 9/1 3rd   USD 400,000.00
1st-6   27/05/2001.   Nk x 3L   The Curragh, Co Kildare, IRELAND   Tattersalls Gold Cup (G1)   10f. 110yds.   2112m.   9.0.   57kg   2.13.40.   Good, 5/4F.   Golden Snake (USA) 9.0 7/1 2nd   Kalanisi (IRE) 9.0 7/4 3rd   EUR 159,000.00
1st-9   20/06/2001.   2.5L x 0.75L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Prince of Wales's Stakes Class A (G1)   9f. 212yds   2004m.   9.0.   57kg   2.04.40.   Good to Firm, 100/30   Kalanisi (IRE) 9.0 2/1F 2nd   Hightori (FR) 9.0 7/1 3rd   GBP 145,000.00
2nd-12   28/07/2001.   2L x 1L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes Class A   11f. 211yds.   2406m.   9.7.   60kg   2.27.71.   Good to Firm, 7/2.   Galileo (IRE) 8.9 1/2F 1st   Hightori (FR) 9.7 22/1 3rd   GBP 165,000.00
1st-7   8/09/2001.   Head x 6L   Leopardstown, Dublin, IRELAND   Ireland The Food Island Irish Champion Stakes (G1)   10f.   2012m.   9.4.   59kg   2.01.80.   Good, 9/4F.   Galileo (IRE) 8.11 4/11F 2nd   Bach (IRE) 9.4 20/1 3rd   EUR 611,316.53
1st-11**   27/10/2001.   0.75L x 5.75L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Breeders' Cup Turf G1)   12f.      126lbs   57kg   2.24.36.   Firm, $2.40F.   Milan (GB) 121 $8.50 2nd   Timboroa (GB) 126 $9.30 3rd   USD 2,112,800
** Fantastic Light earned a USD 1,000,000 Emirates World Series bonus when he won this race which is included in the amount shown.                                       
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« 2018-Dec-27, 02:49 PM Reply #67 »

'galopp-seiger.de' has Ribot running in the Premio Besana at San Siro rather than the Primo Natale Di Roma in Sept 1955 at his seventh start.   I am surprised there is not more detail about his career o the net so I am uncertain as to which is correct.  There is a photo in the (London) Times of his jockey (Ugo Penco) looking over his shoulder near the winning post in the 1956 Arc and it looks more like daylight than just 6 lengths separated Ribot from the rest of the field.  Perhaps Frankel is overrated.

Tim,  You are correct.  Pedigree Query has a note in its stakes records that Ribot's win in the Primo Natale Di Roma is  a 'risultato falso'.

 The Natale Di Roma translates as 'the birth of Rome' and it is a holiday celebrated in April not October. 

The Premio Besana is a 2400m event held at San Siro prior to the Italian St Leger in the Autumn.  Premio Bresana is also listed by other sources as Ribot's seventh start. (eg, Wikipedia),

The curious thing is that the Premio Ribot is held at Cappanelle in Rome in the Autumn over 1600m, which is where and when Ribot was supposed to have won the Natale Di Roma over the same distance.  Someone got their wires crossed I think.

If you like watching old videos and photographs of historical champions the two part videos at the following URL are worth a look.


I have always regarded Ribot as the best of the best and Frankel as over rated.

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All Along (FR) 1979                                       
Bay mare                                       
Targowice (USA) 1970 (Round Table (USA) 1954) - Agujita (FRA) 1966 (Vieux Manoir (FRA) 1947)                                       
Countries raced: France, UK, Japan, Canada, USA                                       
21 starts, 9 wins (1 x DH) (5 x G1), 4 seconds and 2 thirds.  Win % 42.9, Place % 71.4.                                       
France earnings in EUR*      EUR 669,419                                 
France earnings in Francs      FRF 4,391,100.00   Starts 13: 6-2-2-3                              
England earnings in GBP      GBP 0.00   Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                              
Japan earnings in JPY      JPY 28,036,000   Starts 1: 0-1-0-0                              
Canada earnings in CAD      CAD 348,211.00   Starts 2: 1-0-0-1                              
United States earnings in USD      USD 1,988,935.00   Starts 4: 2-1-0-1                              
* 'france-galop' has published race earnings in euros which I have converted back ino French francs (the currency of the day) by converting the euros to FRF at the rate of €1 = 6.55957 francs the rate used at the changeover to euros on 1 January 1999 and which was rate used by france-galop to convert FRF to euros.                                        
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)      USD 2,952,293
Worldwide earnings in United Kingdom pounds (GBP)      GBP 2,025,982
Worldwide earnings in French francs (FRF)      FRF 23,999,302
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)      AUD 3,251,378
Worldwide earnings in Japanese yen (JPY)      JPY 701,476,944
 (Currencies converted into other currencies using US Federal Reserve Daily Spot Exchange Rates tables for 1971 – 1989 see The Fed - Foreign Exchange Rates - H.10 - March 08, 2021 (federalreserve.gov)       
All Along retired as Europe's highest earning bred or trained thoroughbred passing both Allez France (USA) 1970 and Dahlia (USA) 1970.                                        
Singspiel (IRE) 1992 passed All Along's European career earnings record.                                       
Other published worldwide earnings calculations in USD:                                        
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Along      USD 3,018,420                                 
Champions (DRF) p311      USD 3,015,764                                 
https://www.equibase.com…      USD 2,125,828                                 
https://www.pedigreequery.com/all+along      USD 2,125,809                                 
Reason for difference may be partly due to USD 1 million bonus earned in 1983.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
Earnings in local currency appears at the end of each race:                                       
TWO YEARS: 1981  Starts 1: 1-0-0-0                                        
DH 1st-12   10/11/1981.   DH x nk   Amiens, France   Prix d'Hornoy      1650m.      54kg   Time?   Soft,    Tarbelissima 53.5 DH 1st   Vitilla 55 3rd   FRF 16,100.00
THREE YEARS: 1982  Starts 9: 4-2-0-3                                        
1st-13   27/02/1982.   4L x 1L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Mirska      2000m.      56kg   2.24.2.   Heavy,    Zalataia 56 2nd   Magic and Magic 56 3rd   FRF 59,000.00
1st-11   27/03/1982.   4L x 1L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Penelope      2100m.      56kg   2.23.4.   Soft,    Paradise 56 2nd   Charmer 56 3rd   FRF 160,000.00
2nd-8   23/05/1982.   4L x 1.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Saint Alary      2000m.      58kg   2.20.0.   Soft,    Harbour 58 1st   Perlee 58 3rd   FRF 160,000.00
6th-13   5/06/1982.   1L x 1.5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Oaks   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.32.21. (RR)   Firm, 12/1.   Time Charter 9.0 12/1 1st   Slightly Dangerous 9.0 10/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
5th-14   13/06/1982.   2L x 2L   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de Diane      2100m.      58kg   2.16.8.   Soft, 14/1.   Harbour 58 1st   Akiyda 58 2nd   FRF 0.00
1st-12   14/07/1982.   0.5L x 3L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Maurice de Nieuil      2500m.      51.5kg   2.46.6.   Good,   No Attention 58 2nd   Arc d'Or 58 3rd   FRF 300,000.00
1st-13   12/09/1982.   1.5L x hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Vermeille (G1)      2400m.      58kg   2.29.6   Firm, 12/1.   Akiyda 58 2nd   Grease 58 3rd   FRF 600,000.00
15th-17   30/10/1982.   Hd x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe      2400m.      54.5kg   2.37.0.   Soft,    Akiyda 54.5 1st   Ardross 59 2nd   FRF 0.00
2nd-15   28/11/1982.   Nk x nk   Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN   Japan Cup      2400m.      53kg   2.27.2.   Firm, 12/1.   Half Iced 55 1st   April Run 55 3rd   JPY 28,036,000
FOUR YEARS: 1983  Starts 7: 4-1-1-1                                        
3rd-8   12/06/1983.   2L x 0.75L   Chantilly, Paris, FRANCE   La Coupe      2400m.      57.5kg   2.24.4.   Firm,   Zalataia 56 1st   Flower Prince 55.5 2nd   FRF 32,000.00
7th-9   3/07/1983.   0.75L x 0.75L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Saint Cloud      2500m.      59.5kg   2.34.8.   Good,   Diamond Shoal 61 1st   Lancastrian 61 2nd   FRF 0.00
2nd-11   11/09/1983.   0.75L x 0.5L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Foy      2400m.      54.5kg   2.40.3.   Soft,   Time Charter 57.5 1st   Great Substence 57 3rd   FRF 64,000.00
1st-26   2/10/1983.   1L x nk   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Trusthouse Forte Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (G1)      2400m.      57.5kg   2.28.10.   Firm,   Sun Princess 54.5 2nd   Luth Enchantee 54.5 3rd   FRF 2,500,000.00
1st-11   16/10/1983.   2L x 0.75L   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, CANADA   Rothmans International Stakes (G1)   13f. (Turf)   2615m.   123lbs   56kg   2.45.0.   Yielding, $2.65F.   Thunder Puddles 126 $23.20 2nd   Majesty's Prince 126 $4.45 3rd   CAD 312,211.00
1st-10   29/10/1983.   8.75L x 1.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Turf Classic (G1)   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   123lbs   56kg   2.34.0.   Yielding, $1.90F.   Thunder Puddles 126 $9.00 2nd   Erin's Isle 126 $4.20 3rd   USD 351,420.00
1st-8*   12/11/1983.   3.25L x 2.75L   Laurel Park, near Baltimore, Maryland, USA   Washington, D. C. International (G1)   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   124lbs   56kg   2.35.0.   Yielding, $1.40F.   Welsh Term 127 $45.30 2nd   Majesty's Prince 127 $6.50 3rd   USD 1,150,000.00
*Earned USD 1,000,000 bonus for winning both 1983 Rothman's International and Washington DC International.                                       
FIVE YEARS: 1984  Starts 4: 0-1-1-2                                        
4th-6   22/09/1984.   Nk x 4L x hd   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Turf Classic   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   123lbs   56kg   2.25.2.   Firm, $2.80.   John Henry 126 1st   Win 126 2nd   USD 37,515.00
3rd-22   7/10/1984.   2L x 6L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Trusthouse Forte Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe      2400m.      57.5kg   2.39.0.   Soft,   Sagace 59 1st   Northern Trick  54.5 2nd   FRF 500,000.00
4th-9   21/10/1984.   2L x nse x nk   Woodbine, Toronto,  Ontario, CANADA   Rothmans International Stakes   13f. (Turf)   2615m.   123lbs   56kg   2.42.8.   Good, $1.75F.   Majesty's Prince 126 1st   Jack Slade 126 2nd   CAD 36,000.00
2nd-11   10/11/1984.   Nk x 0.5L   Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA   Breeders' Cup Turf   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   123lbs   56kg   2.25.2.   Firm, $4.20F.   Lashkari 122 $54.40 1st   Raami 122 $14.90 (bktd) 3rd   USD 450,000.00
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Noor (IRE) 1945                                       
Brown horse                                       
Nasrullah (GB) 1940 (Nearco (ITY) 1935) - Queen of Baghdad (GB) 1937 (Bahram (GB) 1932)                                        
Countries raced: England, USA                                       
31 starts, 12 wins (3 x G1 retrospective), 6 seconds and 6 thirds.  Win % 38.7, Place % 77.4.                                       
United Kingdom earnings in British pounds (GBP)            GBP 7,015.20                           
United States earnings in United States dollars (USD)            USD 356,940                           
The GBP earnings is an estimate however the actual figure is unlikely to vary by no more than a few hundred British pounds (and 4.03 times this in USD).                                         
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*            GBP 134,493.77                           
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*            USD 385,211.26                           
* This is based on the average of Bank of England Official Rate range quoted in the London Times for the day of the race.  The average of the range for races run in 1947 and 1948 was exactly USD 4.03000 to GBP 1.0000 and for races run in 1949 and 1950 exactly USD 2.8000 to GBP 1.000                                       
Wikipedia and pedigreequery have career earnings of USD 383,968.  Equibase only has the United States USD earnings of USD 356,940 which is the same as the Daily Racing Form total for 1949 and 1950.                                         
Noor passed Isinglass (GB) 1890 European career earnings record (GBP 57,455, USD 285,814) to set a new record for a European bred or trained horse.                                         
Noor held the European bred or trained career earnings record until passed by Bald Eagle (USA) 1955.                                       
In six of his seven wins in 1950 Noor set two world records, one American record, and three course records.                                       
Noor beat the mighty Citation into second in four successive course record breaking races although Noor was getting 22lbs, 13lbs, 5lbs and giving 1lb through the four starts.                                         
Assuming 2 pounds equals 1 length (both horses were 5YO), then, if they were at level weights, Citation should have won the first three of the four meetings given the margins of 1.25L, a nose, a neck and 3L .                                         
Daily Racing Form voted Noor 1950 best Handicap Horse and Hill Prince (3YO) 1950 best Horse of the Year.  They met twice in 1950 with one win each (Noor setting a course record in winning their second clash).                                         
Noor was the leading North American money-winner of 1950.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
The GBP and USD earnings for each race appear at the end of each race record where known with certainty. Noor earned USD 10,000 in 1949 and because the exchange rate remained unchanged all that year the USD and GBP amounts included in the totals will not change.                                       
TWO YEARS: 1947  Starts 7: 2-1-1-3                                        
2nd-6   3/05/1947.   3L x 5L   Bromford Bridge, Birmingham, UK   Compton Wynates Plate   5f. (Turf)   1006m.   8.12.   56kg   1.03.8.   Good,    Minter Lovell 8.12 1st   Sicklejas 8.9 3rd   
3rd-6   4/06/1947.   5L x sht hd   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Woodcote Stakes   6f. (Turf)   1207m.   8.4.   52.5kg   1.10.0.   7/2.   Lerins (later My Babu) 8.9 1/3 1st   Fair Friar 8.4 20/1 2nd   
4th-8   29/07/1947.   1.5L x 0.75L   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   New Ham Foal Stakes   6f. (Turf)   1207m.   8.2.   52kg   1.13.8.   10/1.   Pride of India 8.2 11/4. 1st   Ottoman 8.7 9/2 2nd   GBP 0.00
4th-5   21/08/1947.   Nk x 1.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Elveden Stakes   6f. (Turf)   1207m.   8.11.   56kg   1.16.6.   100/8.   Ottoman 9.2 4/6F. 1st   Mistress Ann 8.13 2nd   GBP 0.00
1st-8   13/09/1947.   3L x 0.75L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   Bradgate Park Nursery Hcp   6f. (Turf)   1207m.   8.7.   54kg   1.15.0.   11/2.   Lake Placid 8.0 7/4F. 2nd   Rodin 9.0 10/1 3rd   GBP 763.15
1st-11   3/10/1947.*   Nk x 0.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Bretby Nursery Hcp   6f. (Turf)   1207m.   8.13.   56.5kg   1.16.2.   100/30F.   William the Lion 8.1 10/1 2nd   Nursery Rhyme 7.12 11/2 3rd   GBP 632.00
7th-19   12/11/1947.   Sht hd x 1.5L   Windsor, Berkshire, UK   Riverside Nursery Hcp   5f. (Turf)   1006m.   8.8.   54.5kg   1.00.2.   2/1F.   Red Brae 6.13 cd 7.2 6/1 1st   Rossini 8.5 100/8 2nd   GBP 0.00
*DRF Champions 2000 edn incorrectly has the date as 30 October 1947.                                       
THREE YEARS: 1948  Starts 6: 2-0-2-2                                        
9th-18   28/04/1948.   Hd x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Two Thousand Guineas Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   1.35.6. (CR)   50/1.   My Babu 9.0 2/1F 1st   The Cobbler 9.0 100/30 2nd   GBP 0.00
3rd-32   5/06/1948.   1.5L x 4L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   169th Renewal of the Derby Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.40.0.   22/1.   My Love 9.0 9/1 1st   Royal Drake 9.0 25/1 2nd   
3rd-8   16/07/1948.   Sht hd x nk   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   61st Renewal of the Eclipse Stakes   10f.   2012m.   8.2.   52kg   2.10.2.   5/2F.   Petition 9.7 8/1 1st   Sayajirao 9.10 7/2 2nd   
1st-2   31/07/1948.   6L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Diomed Stakes   12f.   2414m.   8.4.   52.5kg   2.40.2.   2/11F.   Straight Play 8.4 11/2 2nd      GBP 2,670.00
8th-14   11/09/1948.   1.5L x 5L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   St Leger Stakes   14f. 132yds.   2937m.   9.0.   57kg   3.08.6.   8/1.   Black Tarquin 9.0 15/2 1st   Alycidon 9.0 20/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
1st-3   28/09/1948.   1.5L x 10L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Great Foal Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.7.   60kg   2.07.4.   1/2F.   Pretexte 8.9 4/1 2nd   Cotswold 8.7 5/1 3rd   GBP 638.80
FOUR YEARS: 1949  Starts 6: 1-1-2-2                                        
1st-7   14/10/1949.   Nse x 2.75L   Bay Meadows, San Mateo, near San Francisco, CA, USA   Allowance   6f. (Dirt)   1207m.   117lbs   53kg   1.10.8.   Fast, $8.95.   Frankly 120 2nd   See-Tee-See 120 3rd   
4th-7   4/11/1949.   1L x 1.25L x 0.5L   Tanforan, San Bruno, near San Francisco, CA, USA   Allowance   6f. (Dirt)   1207m.   120lbs   54.5kg   1.11.6.   Fast,    Three Rivers 114 1st   Frankly 114 2nd   
3rd-11   24/11/1949.   Hd x 0.5L   Tanforan, San Bruno, near San Francisco, CA, USA   Marchbank Hcp   8.5f. (Dirt)   1709m.   115lbs   52kg   1.44.0.   Fast, $5.80.   Oration 108 1st   Golden Glory 108 2nd   
3rd-9   3/12/1949.   2L x 2.5L   Tanforan, San Bruno, near San Francisco, CA, USA   Tanforan Hcp   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   115lbs   52kg   2.02.2.   Fast, $6.35.   Miche 115 1st   Johns Joy 120 2nd   
2nd-9   17/12/1949.   Hd x nse   Tanforan, San Bruno, near San Francisco, CA, USA   San Francisco Hcp   9f. (Dirt)   1810m.   115lbs   52kg   1.51.8.   Muddy, $5.40.   Huon Kid 107 1st   Mocopo 109 3rd   
5th-12#   21/12/1949.   Nk x 1L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   San Carlos Hcp   7f. (Dirt)   1408m.   109lbs   49.5kg   1.23.4.   Fast, $22.20.   Manyunk 114 1st   Star Reward 120 2nd   
# This was the second 1949 renewal of the San Carlos Hcp run at Santa Anita that year.  The earlier renewal was run in January 1949.                                       
FIVE YEARS: 1950  Starts 12: 7-4-1-0                                       
2nd-14   7/01/1950.   1L x 3L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   San Pasqual Hcp   8.5f. (Dirt)   1709m.   112lbs   51kg   1.43.8.   Fast, $7.45.   Solidarity 121 1st   Ponder 125 3rd   USD 10,000
3rd-9   11/02/1950.   1L x 0.5L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   San Antonio Hcp   9f. (Dirt)   1810m.   114lbs   52kg   1.50.2.   Good, $6.15.   Ponder 128 1st   Citation 130 2nd   USD 7,500
1st-11   25/02/1950.   1.25L x 1L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   Santa Anita Hcp (G1)   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   110lbs   50kg   2.00.0. (CR)   Fast, $7.40.   Citation 132 2nd   Two Lea 113 3rd   USD 97,900
1st-8   4/03/1950.   Nse x 12.5L   Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA   San Juan Capistrano Hcp (G1)   14f. (Dirt)   2816m.   117lbs   53kg   2.52.8. (AmR)   Fast, $4.40.   Citation 130 2nd   Mocopo 107 3rd   USD 40,400
1st-5   17/06/1950.   Nk x 3L   Golden Gate Fields, near San Francisco, CA, LA, USA   Forty-Niners Hcp   9f. (Dirt)   1810m.   123lbs   56kg   1.46.8. (WR)   Fast, $2.80.   Citation 128 2nd   Roman In 111 3rd   USD 6,940
1st-5   24/06/1950.   3L x 1L   Golden Gate Fields, near San Francisco, CA, LA, USA   Golden Gate Hcp   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   127lbs   57.5kg   1.58.2. (WR)   Fast, $1.70F.   Citation 126 2nd   On Trust 103 3rd   USD 32,950
1st-5   22/07/1950.   0.5L x 4L   Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA   American Hcp   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   132lbs   60kg   2.00.2.   Fast, $1.35F.   Dharan 100 2nd   Frankly 107 3rd   USD 32,500
2nd-5   18/09/1950.   1.25L x 1.5L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA    Harmonican Hcp   8.5f. (Dirt)   1709m.   128lbs   58kg   1.42.8.   Fast, $1.95F.   One Hitter 107 1st   Sky Miracle 102 3rd   USD 1,000
2nd-10   23/09/1950.   Nk x 2L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA    Manhattan Hcp   12f. (Dirt)   2414m.   128lbs   58kg   2.29.2.   Fast, $1.65F.   One Hitter 110 1st   Ponder 126 3rd   USD 5,000
2nd-5   7/10/1950.   4L x 7L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA    Jockey Club Gold Cup   16f. (Dirt)   3219m.   124lbs   56kg   3.23.4.   Fast, $1.65F.   Hill Prince 117 1st   Adile 121 3rd   USD 10,000
1st-5   1/12/1950.   7L x 1L   Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA   Westwood Purse   9f. (Dirt)   1810m.   124lbs   56kg   1.48.0. (CR)   Fast, $1.75F.   Palestinian 120 2nd   Assault 112 3rd   USD 2,750
1st-8   9/12/1950.   1L x 3L   Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA   Hollywood Gold Cup (G1) (now Gold Cup at Santa Anita Stakes)   10f. (Dirt)   2012m.   130lbs   59kg   1.59.8. (CR)   Fast, $1.70F.   Palestinian 122 2nd   Hill Prince 130 3rd   USD 100,000
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Rheingold (IRE) 1969                                       
Bay horse                                       
Faberge (FR) 1961 (Princely Gift (GB) 1951) - Athene III (GB) 1960 (Supreme Court (GB) 1948)                                       
Countries Raced: UK, FRA                                       
17 starts, 9 wins (4 x G1 (all in France)), 4 seconds, 1 third.  Win % 52.9, Place % 82.4.                                       
(pedigreequery.com has 19 starts for 11 wins and looking through the newspaper formguides and elsewhere I can find no evidence for two additional starts for two additional wins.)                                       
CAREER EARNINGS                                        
#England earnings in (GBP) (estimated)   GBP 74,664.28   Starts 13: 5-4-1-3                                 
##France earnings in French francs (FRF)   FRF 3,192,000   Starts   4: 4-0-0-0   
#The Times and Sunday Times (London) the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph (London) and major Irish newspapers only include win prizemoney in their form guides (if at all) and I presume place prizemoney is often not included in newspaper commentaries as the information is not readily available although the Times did regurlarly publish a table of the Uk's largest earners up until 1906.  It seems fourth prizemoney first commenced to be paid in the UK in 1972 at I am guessing about 2.5% of the total.  Before 1972 the prizemoney split was about 70-20-10 and from 1972 to ? the prizemoney split was about 67.5-20-10-2.5.  I have used these splits to estimate the place prizemoney included in the total.                                       
## 'france-galop' has published race earnings in euros which I have converted back ino French francs (the currency of the day) by converting the euros to FRF at the rate of €1 = 6.55957 francs the rate used at the changeover to euros on 1 January 1999 and which was rate used by france-galop to convert FRF to euros.                                     
### Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)   GBP 370,892.35                                    
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)   USD 919,958.22                                    
Worldwide earnings in French francs (FRF)   FRF 4,041,703                                    
### Worldwide earnings are calculated by taking the the average of Spot Sterling  Close for GBP 1.00 to the USD and French franc to GBP 1.00 as published in the (London) Times or (London) Telegraph for the race date or a previous day if the race date is not a trading day and converting the local currency into other currencies.                                        
Other sources of worldwide earnings:                                       
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheingold_(horse)   USD 901,099.00                                    
https://www.pedigreequery.com/rheingold   USD 918,439.00                                    
Biographical Encyclopaedia of British Flat Racing    Won 9 races worth £74,439 + FRF 3,192,000                                    
Rheingold passed Mill Reef (USA) 1968 to become Europe's leading career earnings record holder for European trained or bred horses when measured in GBP or USD but not in FRF (Mill Reef's FRF equivalent total was passed by Dahlia (USA) 1970 on 27 July 1974)                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
I have included race prizemoney in local currency at the end of each race record where I am reasonably certain the amount is correct.  As I can only estimate UK prizemoney for second to fourth places I have not shown those estimates separately.                                       
TWO YEARS:  1971  Starts 4: 1-2-0-1                                       
1st-12   28/08/1971.   Nk x 7L   Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK   Sandgate Stakes (Division II)   6f.   1207m.   8.11.   56kg   time?   Good, 11/8F.   Sunflower 20/1 2nd   Jimsun 9/2 3rd   GBP 825.00
2nd-8   8/09/1971.   1L x 1L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   Champagne Stakes   7f.   1408m.   8.11.   56kg   1.27.0.   Good, 10/1.   Crowned Prince 8.11 11/10F 1st   Shady Fellow 8.11 4/1 3rd   
2nd-11   15/10/1971.   5L x nk   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Dewhurst Stakes   7f.   1408m.   8.11.   56kg   1.29.35.   14/1.   Crowned Prince 8.11 4/9F 1st   Mercia Boy 8.11 50/1 3rd   
8th-13   23/10/1971.   2L x 2L   Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK   Observer Gold Cup   8f.   1609m.   8.11.   56kg   time?   Good to Firm, 10/1.   High Top 8.11 11/2 1st   Steel Pulse 8.11 5/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
THREE YEARS:  1972  Starts 6: 3-1-0-2                                       
1st-5   1/04/1972.   1L x 2.5L   Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK   Roseberry Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.3.   58.5kg   time?   Soft, 4/9F.   Successor 10/1 2nd   Caracola 5/1 3rd   GBP 767.00
4th-6   18/04/1972.   0.5L x sht hd   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Blue Riband Trial Stakes   8.5f.   1709m.   8.12.   56kg   1.49.48.   Good, 4/1.   Baragoi 8.12 5/2 1st   Scottish Rifle 8.12 20/1 2nd   
1st-9   9/05/1972.   0.5L x 5L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Dante Stakes   10.5f.   2112m.   9.0.   57kg   2.08.8 (CR).   Good, 4/1.   Moulton 9.0 13/2 2nd   Coup de Feu 9.0 8/1 3rd   GBP 2,952.00
2nd-22   7/06/1972.   Sht hd x 3L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Derby Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.36.09.   Good, 22/1.   Roberto 9.0 3/1F 1st   Pentland Firth 9.0 50/1 3rd   
1st-7   2/07/1972.   3L x 0.5L   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (G1)      2500m.      54kg   2.41.9.   Going ? Odds?   Arlequino (FR) 61 2nd   Hard To Beat (GB) 543rd   FRF 632,000
4th-5   15/08/1972.   3L x 10L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Benson & Hedges Gold Cup   10.5f.   2112m.   8.10.   55.5kg   2.07.1. (CR)   Good, 7/2.   Roberto 8.10 12/1 1st   Brigadier Gerard 9.7 1/3F 2nd   
FOUR YEARS:  1973  Starts 7: 5-1-1-0                                       
1st-15   14/04/1973.   5L x 2L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   John Porter Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.1.   57.5kg   time?   Good to Firm, 10/11F.   Knockroe 9.5 12/1 2nd   Coup de Fell 12/1 3rd   GBP 4,340.00
1st-17   29/04/1973.   1.5L x sht hd   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Ganay (G1)      2100m.      58kg   2.17.20.   Going ? Odds?   Bog Road 58 2nd   Citheron 58 DH 3rd; Mister Sic Top 58 DH 3rd   FRF 418,000
1st-4   22/06/1973.   6L x 0.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Hardwicke Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.36.76.   Good to Soft, 1/5F.   Attica Meli 8.111 7/1 2nd   Baragoi 8.10 12/1 3rd   GBP 11,843.00
1st-7*   1/07/1973.   0.75L x 8L.   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (G1)      2500m.      61kg   2.35.6.   Going ? Odds?   Direct Flight (GB) 2nd   Roybet (FR) 3rd   FRF 645,000
2nd-12   28/07/1973.   6L x 2L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.7.   60kg   2.30.43.   Good, 13/8F.   Dahlia 8.4 10/1 1st   Our Mirage 25/1 3rd   
3rd-8   21/08/1973.   2.5L x 4L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Benson & Hedges Gold Cup   10.5f.   2112m.   9.7.   60kg   2.20.4.   Good to Soft, 4/6F.   Moulton 9.7 14/1 1st   Scottish Rifle 9.7 9/2 2nd   
1st-27**   7/10/1973.   2.5L x 4L   Longchamp, Paris, FRANCE   Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (G1)      2400m.      60kg   2.35.8.   Going ? Odds?   Allez France (USA) 54 2nd   Hard To Beat (GB) 60 3rd   FRF 1,497,000
* According to The Daily Telegraph (London, England), Monday, July 2, 1973, p.29 Rheingold becomes only the sixth English trained horse to win more than £100,000 in first prize money when he won this race.  The earnings of Mill Reef, Brigadier Gerard and Royal Palace were all greater but his total is bigger than Ribocco and Charlottown.                                       
The paper states he earned £48,112 for his win and his total first prize earnings are now £147,230. By my calculations the first prize was FRF 645,000 which converts to £60,252.22. My total French franc earnings are the same as that in the Biographical Encyclopedia of British Flat Racing.  In my opinion the paper got it wrong.  The paper also states there were 9 runners.                                       
** According to The Daily Telegraph (London, England), Monday, October 8, 1973, p.32. the win took his first prize earnings to £259,000 and only Mill Reef has earned more.                                         
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This is building into another classic collection timw.    :clap2:

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Don't know where you got the pic from.  I have a list of 140 US horses that won 5 or more Grade 1 races that were foaled in 2010 or earlier the earliest being Maskette (USA) 1906.  She is famous but I might have a few to test you.  Some I may never get their complete records.  To help me out with European  Group 1 winners I got a copy of Bend Or Graded and Group Winners 1973-1988 a while back relatively cheap esp postage wise considering the size of the book.  Give me a year or so to sort the Europeans out.


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The picture of Rheingold is unmistakably Richard Stone Reeves work.  His prints are regularly up for auction and I often raid their catalogs for the pictures.

There aren't too many accomplished performers that I haven't been able to find.  Sometimes I have had to resort to cigarette cards to find an image for a colonial horse.  There are a few tricks but mainly it is just using a search engine.

Conformation Photo of Maskette (from americasbestracing.net)  Her portrait is also on her Wikipedia page.
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Maskette (USA) 1906                                       
Brown mare                                       
Disguise (USA) 1897 (Domino (USA) 1891) - Biturica (USA) 1900 (Hamburg (USA) 1895)                                       
Countries raced: USA                                       
17 starts, 12 wins (5 x G1r), 3 seconds, 0 thirds.  Win % 70.6, Place % 88.2.                                        
 'G1r' means races won that were classified by the American Graded Stakes Committee (founded by Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association ('TOBA')) as Grade 1 in 1973 (the first time such classification was made) that were run before 1973. I have classified then as 'retrospective' Grade 1 wins.  TOBA does not recognise retrospective Grade 1 wins. It is my way of identifying and recognising superior race performances from a time before grading of races came into being.                                        
TOBA states:  Despite the European connection to the origin of grading races and the international application of U.S. grades, it must be kept in mind that our racing differs fundamentally from racing in other countries: in most countries, stakes events are set forth by a central authority, and changes to major fixtures are made under the aegis of a central governing body. U.S. racing, however, is de-centralized, and no such uniform control can exist. U.S. racing and stakes programs are dynamic products of regulatory, contractual, and competitive conditions in many local and regional environments. The U.S. grading system is designed to accommodate the flexibility and dynamism of U.S. racing; a grading system that could not quickly respond to our ever-changing conditions would never be appropriate in our country.                                       
Because of the ever changing nature of American racing Maskette is the first American horse that I have been able to find that won five races later classified as Grade 1.  This can be contrasted with Australia where the oldest horse that won five Group 1 races was Tim Whiffler (AUS 1862)  (Fireworks (AUS) 1864 reached five before Tim Whiffler) and in Europe the earliest to reach five Group 1 wins is likely to be Gladiateur (FR) 1862.  Also the American civil war (1861-1865)  had a major impact on American racing and many racecourses never recovered after that war thus the continuity of racing, in eg England, was not repeated in the USA.                                           
CAREER EARNINGS                                       
USD 77,090   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maskette                                    
USD 77,090   https://www.pedigreequery.com/maskette                                    
RACING RECORD                                       
Earnings from race are shown after each race record where the amount is reasonable certain.                                       
TWO YEARS: 1908  Starts 6: 5-1-0-0                                        
1st-8   3/08/1908.   0.5L x 6L   Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA   Allowance   5.5f.   1106m.   101lbs   46kg   1.06.6.   Fast, $1.25.   Miss Kearney 103 2nd   Louise Bell 99 2nd   
1st-6   5/08/1908.   1.5L x nse   Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA   Spinaway Stakes (G1r)   5.5f.   1106m.   112lbs   51kg   1.05.8.   Fast,   Wedding Bells 112 2nd   Miss Hubbard 112 3rd   USD 8,250
1st-9   29/08/1908.   3L x hd   Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, USA   Futurity Stakes (G1r)   6f.   1207m.   118lbs   53.5kg   1.11.2.   Fast,   Sir Martin 127 2nd   Helmet 123 3rd   USD 26,110
1st-5   2/09/1908.   1L x 4L   Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, USA   Great Filly Stakes*   6f.   1207m.   127lbs   57.5kg   1.12.6.   Fast,    Wedding Bells 119 2nd   Lady Bedford 116 3rd   USD 10,515
2nd-5   5/09/1908.   4L x 1.5L   Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, USA   Flatbush Stakes*   7f.   1408m.   117lbs   53kg   1.25.4.   Fast,   Sir Martin 115 1st   Fayette 115 3rd   
1st-2   8/10/1908.   1.5L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Matron Stakes (G1r)   6f.   1207m.   124lbs   56kg   1.20.8.**   Fast,    Affliction 106 2nd      USD 5,895
* Both last run 1909.                                       
** Stablemates cantered around.                                       
THREE YEARS: 1909  Starts 6: 5-1-0-0                                        
1st-4   20/05/1909.   5L x 4L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Ladies Hcp (G1r)   8f.   1609m.   121lbs   55kg   1.39.0.   Fast,    Lady Bedford 121 2nd   Field Mouse 121 3rd   USD 6,630
1st-4   17/06/1909.   2L x 2L   Gravesend, Booklyn, New York, USA   Gazelle Stakes   8.5f.   1709m.   121lbs   55kg   1.48.0.   Fast, $1.25F.   Petticoat 111 2nd   Lady Bedford 111 3rd   USD 4,045
1st-3   7/07/1909.   3L x 6L   Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, USA   Mermaid Stakes   9f.   1810m.   126lbs   57kg   1.52.0.   Fast, $1.13F.   Lady Bedford 111 2nd   Petticoat 111 3rd   USD 3,990
1st-6   5/08/1909.   1.5L x 3L   Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA   Alabama Stakes (G1r)   9f.   1810m.   124lbs   56kg   1.59.4.   Sloppy, $1.30F.   Miss Kearney 116 2nd   Petticoat 116 3rd   USD 3,850
1st-6   12/10/1909.   2L x 1.5L   Jamaica, Long Island, New York, USA    Pierrepont Hcp   9f.   1810m.   124lbs   56kg   1.54.4.   Good, $1.50F.   Huck 98 2nd   Firston 118 3rd   USD 2,000
2nd-4   26/10/1909.   Nse x 1L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Aqueduct Hcp   8.5f.   1709m.   126lbs   57kg   1.48.4.   Fast, $1.25F.   Firestone 113 1st   Olamabala 119 3rd   
FOUR YEARS: 1910  Starts 5: 2-1-0-2                                        
1st-4   5/05/1910.   Nk x 0.5L   Aqueduct, Long Island, New York, USA   Hcp (name)   6.5f.   1308m.   122lbs   55.5kg   1.18.0.   Fast, $1.33F.   2nd unknown   3rd unknown   
6th-9   13/05/1910.   1L x 1L   Belmont Park, Long Island, New York, USA   Metropolitan Hcp   8f.   1609m.   123lbs   56kg   1.37.8.   Fast, $3.50.   Fashion Plate 105 1st   Prince Imperial 97 2nd   USD 0
1st-5   9/06/1910.   1L x 10L   Gravesend, Booklyn, New York, USA   Hcp (name)   8.5f.   1709m.   128lbs   58kg   1.46.6.   Fast, $1.14F.   Hill Top 103 2nd   Imitator 95 3rd   
2nd-6   23/06/1910.   0.5L x 8L   Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, USA   Sheepshead Bay Hcp***   8f.   1609m.   123lbs   56kg   1.37.6.   Fast, $2.80.   King James 129 1st   Czar 110 3rd   
5th-6   6/08/1910.   Hd x 5L   Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA   Delaware Hcp   8f.   1609m.   125lbs   56.5kg   1.40.0.   Good, $1.50F.   Sir John Johnson 124 1st   Stanley Fay 104 2nd   USD 0
*** Since 1959 the Sheepshead Bay Stakes has been run at Belmont Park run in honour of the old race track whose demise was forced by the Hart-Agnew bill of 1908 that effectively banned all racetrack betting in the state of New York.  See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheepshead_Bay_Race_Track for further information.                                       
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