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« 2019-Jan-20, 06:05 AM Reply #75 »
Had no idea re Noor.  I thought Citation was only beaten a couple of times but this guy

clearly had the wood on him even though the weights heavily favoured him in most of the early clashes.

He must have been pretty damned good because Citation is usually rated No 3 by most Americans in the all time best list. 

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« 2019-Jan-20, 09:02 PM Reply #76 »
Fame attaches to very few and can be fleeting as we all know.  For example in 1950 the Daily Racing Form's outstanding horses (published in the American Racing Manual) was confined to 19 horses the most recent being foaled in 1945 but 7 foaled in the decade before publication.  The 19 we  Salvator (1886) Domino (1891) Sysonby (1902) Colin (1905) Exterminator (1915) Man o'War (1917) Gallant Fox (1927) Equipoise (1928) Seabiscuit (1933) War Admiral (1934) Whirlaway (1938) Alsab (1939) Count Fleet (1940) Stymie (1941 ) Armed (1941) Busher (1942) Gallorette (1942) Assault (1943) and Citation (1945).  By 1980 and now called the 20th Century Hall of Fame the number had been reduced to just 14 giving the boot to the 19th century stars Salvator and Domino. The 14 being Sysonby (1902), Colin (1905) Man o'War (1917) Exterminator (1915) Equipoise (1928)  Count Fleet (1940), Citation (1945) (only seven survived the cut from 1950) and the seven newbies Tom Fool (1949) Native Dancer (1950) Nashua (1952) Swaps (1952) Kelso (1957) Forego 1970) Secretariat (1970) although only 2 were foaled between 1957 and say 1975 (4YO for 1980 edition of the American Racing Manual published by DRF).  So throw out those two Seabiscuit movies. By the time we get to 2005 the list of the great horses of the 20th century has expanded to 27. Of the original 19 from the 1950 edition only five made the 2005 list and they we  Colin, Exterminator, Man O'War, Equipoise Count Fleet and Seabiscuit (back in favour so retrieve those movies).  I am not suggesting Noor should be there.  Rather it helps if you are a hero in living memory which is the point of selecting notable horses that youngsters like us may have overlooked.     


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« 2019-Jan-28, 09:24 PM Reply #77 »

Brigadier Gerard (GB) 1968                                             
Bay horse                                             
Queen's Hussar (GB) 1960 (March Past (GB) 1950) - La Paiva (GB) 1956 (Prince Chevalier (FR) 1943)                                             
Countries raced: UK                                             
18 starts, 17 wins, 1 second, 0 thirds.  Win % 94.4, Place % 100.0.                                             
CAREER EARNINGS                                             
England earnings in GBP         GBP 253,089.85                                    
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*         USD 620,334                                    
Worldwide earnings in United Kingdom pounds (GBP)         GBP 253,089.85                                    
Worldwide earnings in French francs (FRF)*         FRF 3,223,903                                    
* Worldwide earnings are calculated by converting the British pound at the average of Spot Sterling  Close for GBP 1.00 to the USD or FRF as published in the (London) Times or (London) Daily Telegraph for the race date or a previous day if the race date is not a trading day.                                             
First place prizemoney for each race appears at the end of each race record for which Brigadier Gerard placed first.  These amounts are based on figures published in the (London) Times or (London) Daily Telegraph.   These newspapers do not publish place prizemoney.                                               
I have calculated the second place prizemoney for the Benson and Hedges Gold Cup as being £9,171.85.  This figure is 20% of the total prizemoney.  I have assumed first prizemoney of £30,955 is 67.5% of the total as published in the (London) Times and Daily Telegraph and is split: 1st 67.5%, 2nd 20% 3rd 10%, 4th 2.5%.                                                 
My total for all 18 races is about £65.00 higher than the total prizemoney on wikipedia and about £63.00 higher that the amount on pedigreequery.                                              
The Biographical Encyclopaedia of British Flat Racing has a total for 17 wins that bears no relationship to any other figure I can find so I can only suggest there was an error in publishing noting that one of the authors of that book was Roger Mortimer who reported for the (London) Times when Brigadier Gerard raced.                                             
The (London) Daily Telegraph, Wed 21 June 1972, page 1 reported that the Brigadier had won £110,431 after 13 starts and that equals the total of the individual race prizemoney amounts set out below for the first 13 starts.  I could find no information in that paper or the (London) Times of his total earnings after his 18th start.                                              
Nothing I have read in the Telegraph or Times newspapers at the time his retirement was announced put him among one of the greats.  Perhaps it is the understated British style of reporting (Bruce McAvaney where were you). The discussion seems to have been about him being syndicated to stand at stud in England when the owners might have got more if the owners had tried to syndicate him internationally (which I infer means selling him to the USA).  He could win on heavy to good (fast) and over 12f. (2400m.) so I would rate him better than Frankel but behind Ribot. On reading some of the race reports where the ground was officially rated as good one gets the impression that the weather was so bad that the track must have been at least slow.                                               
RACING RECORD                                             
TWO YEARS: 1970  Starts 4: 4-0-0-0  for GBP 13,468.00.                                             
1st-5   24/06/1970.   5L x 2.5L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   Berkshire Stakes   5f.   1006m.   8.5.   53kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.05.8.   Good, 100/7.   Mais'y Dotes 8.7 4/1 2nd   Porter's Precinct 8.6 9/1 3rd   GBP 1,201.00
1st-10   2/07/1970.   4L x nk    Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK   Champagne Stakes   6f.   1207m.   9.7.   60kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   No time taken   Good to Soft, 8/13F.   Gaston Again 9.0 4/1 2nd   Comedy Star 8.12 100/8 3rd   GBP 598.00
1st-6   15/08/1970.   2L x 2L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   Washington Singer Stakes   6f.   1207m.   9.2.   58kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   Time?   Good to Firm, 4/9F.   Comedy Star 10/1 2nd   Takasaki 8/1 3rd   GBP 1,154.00
1st-5   1/10/1970.   3L x 0.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Middle Park Stakes   6f.   1207m.   9.0.   57kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.15.11.   Good, 9/2.   Mummy's Per 9.0 5/6F 2nd   Swing Easy 9.0 9/4 3rd   GBP 10,515.00
THREE YEARS: 1971  Starts 6: 6-0-0-0 for GBP 79,240.00.                                             
1st-6   1/05/1971.   3L x 0.75L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Two Thousand Guineas Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.39.2.   Good, 11/2.   Mill Reef 9.0 6/4F 2nd   My Swallow 9.0 2/1 3rd   GBP 27,283.00
1st-4   15/06/1971.   Hd x 6L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   St. James's Palace Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.0.   57kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.46.94.   Heavy, 4/11F.   Sparkler 9.0 3/1 2nd   Good Bond 9.0 18/1 3rd   GBP 4,857.00
1st-5   28/07/1971.   5L x 2.5L   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   Sussex Stakes   8f.   1609m.   8.7.   54kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.41.1.   Good to Soft, 4/6F.   Faraway Son 9.4 5/2 2nd   Joshua 9.4 12/1 3rd   GBP 12,134.00
1st-3   28/08/1971.   10L x 4L   Goodwood, West Sussex, UK   Goodwood Mile (later Celebration Mile)   8f.   1609m.   8.6.   53.5kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.42.1.   Good, 1/6F.   Gold Rod 6/1 2nd   Ashleigh 14/1 3rd   GBP 3,926.00
1st-3   25/09/1971.   8L x 10L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Queen Elizabeth II Stakes   8f.   1609m.   8.8.   54.5kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.41.39.   Good, 2/11F.   Dictus 6/1 2nd   Ashleigh 22/1 3rd   GBP 5,761.00
1st-10   16/10/1971.   Sht hd x 2.5L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Champion Stakes   10f.   2012m.   8.7.   54kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.17.90.   Good to Soft, 1/2F.   Rarity 20/1 2nd   Welsh Pageant 9/1 3rd   GBP 25,279.00
FOUR YEARS: 1972  Starts 8: 7-1-0-0                                              
1st-5   20/05/1972.   2.5L x 8L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   Lockinge Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.5.   59.5kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.41.4.   Good, 1/4F.   Grey Mirage 7/1 2nd   Gold Rod 14/1 3rd   GBP 7,249.00
1st-5   29/05/1972.   0.5L x 2L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Westbury Stakes (later Gordon Richards Stakes)   10f.   2012m.   9.10.   62kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   Time ?   Good to Firm, 4/11F.   Ballyhot 8.10 10/1 2nd   Pembroke Castle 9.0 5/1 3rd   GBP 2,253.00
1st-7   20/06/1972.   5L x 1.5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Prince of Wales's Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.8.   61kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.06.32. (CR)   Good, 1/2F.   Steel Pulse 8.3 10/1 2nd   Pembroke Castle 9.4 16/1 3rd   GBP 8,221.00
1st-6   8/07/1972.   1L x 2L   Sandown Park, Surrey, UK   Eclipse Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.5.   59.5kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.20.2.   Good to Soft, 4/11F.   Gold Rod 50/1 2nd   Home Guard 8/1 3rd   GBP 32,579.00
1st-9   22/07/1972.   1.5L x 5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.7.   60kg   Joe Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.32.91.   Good to Firm, 8/13F.   Parnell 28/1 2nd   Riverman 17/2 3rd   GBP 60,202.00
2nd-5*   15/08/1972.   3L x 10L   York, North Yorkshire, UK   Benson & Hedges Gold Cup (later Juddmonte International)   10.5f.   2112m.   9.7.   60kg   J Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.07.1. (CR)   Good, 1/3F.   Roberto 8.10 12/1 1st   Gold Rod 9.7 33/1 3rd   
1st-4   23/09/1972.   6L x 5L   Ascot, Berkshire, UK   Queen Elizabeth II Stakes   8f.   1609m.   9.7.   60kg   J Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   1.39.90 (CR)   Good to Firm, 4/11F.   Sparkler 3/1 2nd   Redundant 16/1 3rd   GBP 5,658.00
1st-9   14/10/1972.   1.25L x 4L   Newmarket, Suffolk, UK   Champion Stakes   10f.   2012m.   9.3.   58.5kg   J Mercer   Maj. Dick Hern   2.07.40.   Good, 1/3F.   Riverman 6/1 2nd   Lord David 33/1 3rd   GBP 35,048.00
* Brigadier Gerard also broke the old course record in running second.  Roberto was ridden by Panamanian American Braulio Baeza who was specifically brought over to ride Roberto.  Some thought that the front running style he brought to the race contributed to the Brigadier Gerard's defeat. Newspaper commentary before the race centred on the Brigadier equalling Ribot's winning streak of 16 which I interpret as the benchmark for being one of the all time greats of the modern era. It seems many could not believe Roberto was capable of beating the Brigadier.  The Brigadier seemingly redeemed himself at his next start by breaking the course record.                                              
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« 2019-Jan-29, 09:07 AM Reply #78 »
The problem with Brigadier Gerard was that he was born the same year as Mill Reef who the Brits did regard as an out and out champion.

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« 2019-Jan-29, 12:30 PM Reply #79 »
And both Brigadier Gerard and Mill Reef were the year after Nijinsky.

Brigadier Gerard's record is very impressive.

Thanks for all the race records, Tim. I'm sure I'm not the only one really enjoying reading about some of the past champions.

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« 2019-Jan-30, 06:35 PM Reply #80 »
The problem with Brigadier Gerard was that he was born the same year as Mill Reef who the Brits did regard as an out and out champion.

The problem with Mill Reef is the only time they met, the Brigadier beat him. 

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« 2019-Feb-01, 01:51 PM Reply #81 »
True. However, with the English fascination with  mile and a half racing, most in England would have  considered that  Mill Reef's  Derby and Arc wins put him above the Brigadier.

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« 2019-Feb-06, 07:19 PM Reply #82 »
Analysis of horses that won five or more group / grade 1 races that first raced in Europe      
The grading classification was first applied in 1971 to races conducted in Great Britain, Ireland, France and Italy and in 1972 to Germany.      
For the purposes of the analysis below all races classified as group 1 in 1971 (or 1972 re Germany) were deemed to have been a group 1 race prior to those years.       
The total number of races in Europe deemed to have been classified as group 1 races plus the total number of actual group 1 races conducted was  8,329 to the end of the 2018 year.        
All horses that one won five of these races were selected.        
Added to this number were selected horses that won 0 to 4 in group 1 races in Europe but were thought to have won group/grade races outside Europe after commencing racing in Europe.  Of these there were four horses that won all their group / grade 1 races outside Europe of which only one, Bald Eagle, competed before the introduction of the pattern system.             
In total I have so far found there are 128 horses that won 5 or more group 1 races.  Of these 50 are deemed to won five or more group 1 races (retrospectively) and 78 won five or more group 1 races under the pattern system.        
 Italian racing has been on the decline since the 1970s and this may affect the number of European group 1 winners (they need another Tesio to lift their profile).       
I will have missed some horses or got some wrong however it is a useful starting point for a different look at top European performers:      
The earliest horse to feature was Gladiateur (FR) 1862 followed by Boiard (FR) 1870 and Jongleur (FR) 1874.      
A surprising omission was Jim and Tonic (FR) 1994 who raced all over the place for 13 wins and set an earnings record for a French bred horse (wikipedia) yet his only group 1 win was the 1999 Hong Kong Cup.      
The top European group 1 winners a      
Goldikova (IRE) 2005   14   
Exceller (USA) 1973   11   
Dahlia (USA) 1970   10   
Miesque (USA) 1984   10   
Frankel (GB) 2008   10   
La Camargo (FR) 1898   9   
Triptych (USA) 1982   9   
Pretty Polly (IRE) 1901   8   
Ksar (FR) 1918   8   
Brantome (FR) 1931   8   
Tantieme (FR) 1947   8   
Allez France (USA) 1970   8   
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) 1999   8

All the rest won seven or less.      
Undefeated horse to make the list of five or more group 1 winners a      
Ormonde (GB) 1883      
Nearco (ITY) 1935      
Ribot (GB) 1952      
Zarkava (IRE) 2005      
Frankel (GB) 2008      
Of the 50 horses that are deemed to won five or more group 1 races (before the pattern era) the country of birth was:       
Country of birth   Number   Percentage
France   26   52.00%
United Kingdom   14   28.00%
Ireland   1   2.00%
USA / Canada   4   8.00%
Germany   2   4.00%
Italy   3   6.00%
TOTAL   50   100.00%
The Canadian representative was Nijinsky II (CAN) 1967.      
Of the 79 horses that won five or more group 1 races  in the pattern era the country of birth was:    
Country of birth   Number   Percentage
France   12   15.19%
United Kingdom   16   20.25%
Ireland   27   34.18%
USA   17   21.52%
Germany   7   8.86%
Italy   0   0.00%
TOTAL   79   100.00%
(updated 10 Fed 2019 to increase number from 78 to 79 and move another from UK to Ireland)

There is very little information on the internet about quite a few of the French bred horses before the pattern racing era.  Chasing the detail should keep me busy for years.      
By way of comparison with Europe 187 Australasian horses have won 5 or more group 1 races of which about 77 raced under the pattern system introduced in 1978/1979 (some raced before and after the change).  To paraphrase tontonan perhaps this reflects the institutionalised nature of racing in Australia (and New Zealand).      
And I have found that in North America just over 170 horses achieved 5 grade 1 wins of which 54 raced before the pattern regime was introduced in the USA (this information is a a few years out of date).        
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« 2019-Feb-06, 08:29 PM Reply #83 »
How about Rock of Gibraltar?

I have him winning 8 successive group 1's.

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« 2019-Feb-07, 05:30 AM Reply #84 »
Sobig - thanks re Rock of Gibraltar - I did a quick check of the candidates against their major wins on their wikipedia page and pedigreequery stakes wins.  His win in the Breeders Cup was not listed as major win on his wikipedia page although one G3 win was.  That win is listed in pedigreequery.   Missed that one somehow.

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« 2019-Feb-11, 12:02 AM Reply #85 »
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MONDRIAN (GER) 1986                                       
Chestnut horse                                       
Surumu (GER) 1974 (Literat (GER) 1965) - Mole (GER) 1974 (Espresso (GB) 1958)                                       
Countries raced: Germany, France, UK, Canada (but only earned prizemoney in Germany)                                       
26 starts, 12 wins (7 x G1), 5 seconds, 1 thirds.  Win % 46.2, Place % 69.2.   

Record updated 11 March 2019                                    
 'equibase' has 26 starts for 12-5-1-8 for USD 754,215 which may include at least one other Mondrian; racingpost mixes at least one other Mondrian in its records and DRF only has 3 starts.  'france-galop' and galopp-seiger.de do not have a complete record.  german-racing.de has prizemoney for each German start and misses one start in England and is the most complete record.                                       
Germany earnings in German marks (DEM)      DEM 1,883,225    Starts 21: 12-5-1-3                           
France earnings in French francs (FRF)          FRF 0    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1                           
England earnings in British pounds (GBP)      GBP 0.00    Starts 3: 0-0-0-3                           
Canada earnings in Canadian dollars (CAD)       CAD 0.00    Starts 1: 0-0-0-1   
 'pedigreequery has 26 starts for 12-5-1-8 for Euros 965,434   The pedigreequery euro earnings is equal to DEM 1,888,225 if the euro to DEM conversion rate of €1 = 1.95583 DM set on the changeover on 1 January 1999 is used. 
Worldwide earnings in German marks (DEM)*         DEM 1,888,225                              
Worldwide earnings in United States dollars (USD)*         USD 1,103,090                              
Worldwide earnings in British pounds (GBP)*         GBP 647,771                              
Worldwide earnings in Australian dollars (AUD)*         AUD 1,406,216                              
Worldwide earnings in French francs (FRF)*         FRF 6,591,389                              
* Based on Reserve Bank of Australia (rba.gov.au.statistics/…) daily exchange rates as published for the date of the race or the previous trading day if the date falls on a non-trading day.                                       
RACING RECORD                                       
I have included earnings at the end of each race record in the local currency only.                                        
TWO YEARS: 1988  Starts 6: 1-3-1-1                                        
4th-7   14/08/1988.   margins?   Hannover, GERMANY   Preis der Stadtsparkasse      1600m.      56kg   Time ?      Oldham 56 1st   Iringa 54 2nd   DEM 600.00
2nd-13   31/08/1988.   margins?   Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Preis des Landkreises Rastatt      1400m.      56kg   Time ?      Kalamata 56 1st   Aaritter 58 3rd   DEM 3,200.00
3rd-8   18/09/1988.   margins?   Frankfurt, GERMANY   BSH Trophy der Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall      1350m.      58kg   Time ?      Uldimeo (GER) 58 1st   More Wind (IRE) 58 2nd   DEM 1,100.00
2nd-6   24/09/1988.   Hd x 3.5L   Koln, GERMANY   Excelsior Hotel Ernst-Criterium      1900m.      56kg   2.04.6.      Expertiello (USA) 58 1st   Aarritter 56 3rd   DEM 9,600.00
2nd-7   9/10/1988.   1.5L x 1.5L   Dusseldorf, GERMANY   Arag Junioren-Preis      1400m.      56.5kg   1.28.4.      Uldimeo (GER) 57.5 1st   Rubina (GER) 56.5 3rd   DEM 12,000.00
1st-6   20/11/1988.   margins?   Bremen, GERMANY   C.Aug. Bunnemann-Rennen      1600m.      58kg   Time?      Shaghad 56 2nd   Northern Crack 58 3rd   DEM 6,000.00
THREE YEARS: 1989  Starts 9: 7-1-0-1                                        
1st-9   9/04/1989.   margins?   Gelsenkirchen-horst, GERMANY   Hoffnungs-Preis      1800m.      56kg   1.58.9.      Laudator (GER) 56 2nd   Silbersee (GER) 56 3rd   DEM 11,700.00
4th-10   4/05/1989.   margins?   Dortmund, GERMANY   Grosser Preis der Stadtsparkasse      2050m.      57kg   Time?      Glady Nostrum (FR) 57 1st   Manitou (GER) 56 2nd   DEM 4,500.00
1st-6   14/05/1989.   margins?   Bremen, GERMANY   Preis der Deutschen Bank AG      2200m.      61kg   2.28.8.      Argentano (GER) 58 2nd   Schetan (GER) 56 3rd   DEM 14,700.00
1st-8   17/06/1989.   margins?   Bremen, GERMANY   Consul Bayeff-Rennen      2200m.      58kg   2.20.3.      Obrero (GER) 58 2nd   Taishan (GB) 58 3rd   DEM 90,000.00
WOP 1st-17   2/07/1989.   1.75L x 2.5L   Hamburg, GERMANY   Holsten Cup Deutsches Derby (G1)      2400m.      58kg   2.33.70.   Soft,    Taishan (GB) 58 2nd   Turfkonig (GB) 58 3rd   DEM 363,325.00
1st-9   23/07/1989.   1.5L x 3L   Dusseldorf, GERMANY   Grosser Preis der Berliner Bank (G1)  (later Grosser Preis von Berlin)      2400m.      53.5kg   2.31.88.   Good,    Filia Ardross (GB) 51.5 2nd   Summer Trip (USA) 58.5 3rd   DEM 160,000.00
1st-8   13/08/1989.   1.5L x 5.5L   Gelsenkirchen-horst, GERMANY   Aral-Pokal (G1) (later Grosser Preis von Bayern)      2400m.      54.5kg   2.32.78.   Firm,   Alwuhush (USA) 60 2nd   Taishan (GB) 54 3rd   DEM 100,000.00
1st-8   3/09/1989.   1L x nk   Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Grosser Preis von Baden (G1)      2400m.      55kg.   2.29.68.   Good,    Per Quod (USA) 60 2nd   Summer Trip (USA) 58 3rd   DEM 235,000.00
2nd-6   24/09/1989.   1.5L x 2.5L   Koln, GERMANY   R+V-Europa-Preis      2400m.      55.5kg   2.34.57.   Soft,    Ibn Bey (GB) 60 1st   Sheriff's Star (GB) 60 3rd   DEM 94,000.00
FOUR YEARS: 1990  Starts 8: 4-1-0-3                                        
1st-7   29/04/1990.   1.5L x 1.5L   Koln, GERMANY   Gerling Preis      2400m.      60kg   2.27.65.      Silvestro (GB) 60 2nd   Twist King (GB) 58 3rd   DEM 72,500.00
7th-7   19/05/1990.   2.5L x sht hd   Saint-Cloud, Paris, FRANCE   Prix Jean de Chaudenay      2400m.      62kg   2.38.20.   Good,    Lights Out (FR) 58 1st   Robertet (USA) 56.5 2nd   FRF 0.00
6th-6   7/06/1990.   1.5L x 1.5L   Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey, UK   Hanson Coronation Cup   12f.   2414m.   9.0.   57kg   2.36.43.   Good to Soft, 16/1.   In the Wings (GB) 9.0 15/8F 1st   Observation Post (GB) 9.0 5/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
2nd-8   22/07/1990.   4L x 1.5L   Dusseldorf, GERMANY   Grosser Preis der Berliner Bank (later Grosser Preis von Berlin)      2400m..      60.5kg   2.27.09.   Good,    Ibn Bey (GB) 60.5 1st   Artic Envoy (USA) 60.5 3rd   DEM 80,000.00
1st-5   12/08/1990.   3L x 2L   Gelsenkirchen-horst, GERMANY   Aral-Pokal (G1) (later Grosser Preis von Bayern)      2400m.      60kg   2.31.60.   Good,    Lights Out (FR) 60 2nd   Taishan (GB) 60 3rd   DEM 120,000.00
1st-9   2/09/1990.   1L x 1.75L   Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Grosser Preis von Baden (G1)      2400m.      60kg   2.34.65.   Soft,    Ibn Bey (GB) 60 2nd   Per Quod (USA) 60 3rd   DEM 250,000.00
1st-8   23/09/1990.   5L x sht hd   Koln, GERMANY   Geno-Europa-Preis des Genossenchaftlichen Finanzverbundes (G1)      2400m.      60kg   2.39.97.   Soft,    Krezus (POL) 60 2nd   Turgeon (USA) 60 3rd   DEM 260,000.00
10th-10   14/10/1990.   1.25L x 3L   Woodbine, Toronto, CANADA   Rothmans International Hcp   12f. (Turf)   2414m.   126 lbs   57kg   2.34.80.   Soft,    French Glory (IRE) 126 1st   Sky Classic (CAN) 118 2nd   CAD 0.00
FIVE YEARS: 1991  Starts 3: 0-0-0-3                                        
9th-10   20/04/1991.   0.75L x 7L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   Lane's End John Porter E.B.F. Stakes   12f.   2414m.   9.3.   58.5kg   2.32.90.   Good, 10/1.   Rock Hopper (GB) 8.10 3/1F 1st   Warm Feeling (GB) 8.10 9/2 2nd   GBP 0.00
5th-7   17/08/1991.   2.5L x 3.5L   Newbury, Berkshire, UK   IBN Bey Geoffrey Freer Stakes   13f. 61yds.   2671m.   9.8.   61kg   2.45.16.   Good to Firm, 11/2.   Drum Taps (USA) 9.5 15/2 1st   Spinning I (GB) 9.2 6/1 2nd   GBP 0.00
9th-9   1/09/1991.   7L x 4L   Baden-Baden, GERMANY   Grosser Preis Von Baden      2400m.      60kg   2.28.81.   Good to Firm, 5/1.   Lomitas (GB) 55 6/4F 1st    Temporal (GB) 55 9/1 2nd   DEM 0.00
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So in the 5 starts he had outside of Germany he ran last 3 times, 2nd last once and 3rd last once. :chin:

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Better record than you have in the Soap Box.   lol