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« 2022-Jun-24, 09:37 PM Reply #200 »

The Racenet 'lock' is now on the whole newsroom.

Racenet's 'lock' is different to the new Tabcorp 'lock'  -- Racenet's lock shields punters from the 'unmentionable' ..... the fate of all the special insights and priceless tips ... a fate which Racenet does not openly account for.

.............. who can imagine the relief, when, today, for the first time access was denied to the 'bookies top tips' .... some of the best tips ever were the 'lays' nominated by bookmakers ........... as if they would invite bets on likely winners.

Spare my days .......... as a marketing bumble .... iQ ........... ranks with the more outstanding.

One might be thinking this bumble would have racing administrators asking Racenet 'what are you doing?' ....... the most-punter set, denied the usual 'tipster' nonsense,  is browned off like the winter tracks.

.... sensible punters will be buying the SMH form guide and listneing to 2KSKY -- 1017 on the AM band in Sydney.