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As I was saying  ;)


EDITOR’S NOTE: IN relation to any e-mails sent concerning the CURRIE STABLE INQUIRY, please be aware of the requirement for a presumption of innocence. Ben and his father Mark are facing a seemingly endless list of charges to which they have pleaded not guilty. Regardless of what the court of public opinion thinks, their guilt or innocence will eventually be decided by the appropriate Appeals Body. Have your say on fallout from the Currie Inquiry but be mindful of the message above. And on another topic it is the right of Ben Currie to engage the best racing legal lawyer in the business if he thinks that will give him an edge. Please refrain from being judgmental of JIM MURDOCH, himself a licensed trainer and well-known identity in the thoroughbred industry. I would be the last to fly a flag for the gun lawyer but Jim is entitled to represent who he likes (be it the control body or stakeholders - that seems to be a problem with some stakeholders who want to have a Whinge - unfortunately we cannot accommodate your views). He has found loopholes that have caused embarrassment for QRIC cases in the past. Most think he faces a mission impossible on this occasion. But time will tell!

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It's a full load this week the whingers have been busy.....some more Curry and other issues ..Stu Peters  who has an excellent memory for political appointees is able to recall the names of all Racing Ministers from both sides of politics back to Sir Gordon Chalk........the said memory retention Mr broadly  in agreement with the SM editorial claiming current minister Stirling Hinchcliffe as "a dud" .....when he hasn't had a lot of time to make an impression..... bad or worse than the others time will tell......all opinions are subjective......great selection of cartoons by John wonder he was later than usual in putting this issue to bed.



STU PETERS, a regular contributor from the DOWNS, makes some interesting and less than complimentary observations about Racing Ministers in Queensland over the past 40 years:

‘THE more things change in Queensland racing – the more they stay the same.

‘The first official Racing Minister I can find for Queensland was the controversial Russ Hinze in the era from 1980 to 1987. Prior to that there was no allocated portfolio and racing fell under the responsibilities of the Treasurer (before Hinze it was Sir Gordon Chalk).

But haven't we had some doozies as Racing Minister since big Russ including the likes of Jim Randle, Gilbert Alison, Bob Gibbs, Russell Cooper, Merri Rose, Robert Schwarten, Andrew Fraser, Judy Spence (as part of the Sport portfolio), Phil Reeves (as part of the Sport portfolio), Steve Dickson, Bill Byrne, Grace Grace and the latest Sterling Hinchliffe

Imagine feeding some of those – what a waste of space and taxpayer (racing industry) money. Many wouldn’t know the difference between racing and pacing and when it comes to betting six to four and four to six.

I read with interest The Sunday Mail Editorial headlined: ‘A Bad Bet for Racing’ and largely agree with the sentiments expressed that our current Minister Sterling Hinchliffe ‘is a dud’.

I would respectfully suggest though that the author got it wrong when he asserted that Hinchliffe runs second worst to Victorian Martin Pakula. Only a brave man would compare anything in Queensland racing to the success story that is Victoria regardless of their recent doping scandal.

Don’t throw too many stones there until you see what happens in the wake of the Currie Inquiry. Even if they escape major penalties courtesy of a shrewd lawyer who might be able to manipulate a loophole in the Rules which has happened before, win or lose for QRIC this is a major embarrassment for racing in Queensland.

That aside I absolutely agree with the opening comments in the Editorial which I will reproduce in case you missed it:

“THOROUGHBRED, greyhound and harness racing in Queensland is at the cross roads.

The unpalatable route will consign Queensland racing to an amateurish, boorish second-rate operation.

Cynics in the southern states are already laughing at the Eagle Farm debacle and our lack of prizemoney and infrastructure vision.”

When you label current Racing Minister Hinchliffe a 'dud' – so were many of his predecessors, particularly Steve Dickson, Grace Grace, Mary Rose and arguably Russell Cooper.

Let’s face it – big Russ spent far too much on state-of-the-art new tracks and facilities, many of which inevitably became white elephants. But at least he understood the industry.

Just look at the joke it is today with the much-publicized redevelopment of Eagle Farm a prime example of why any Government worth its salt would have either installed an Administrator (virtually sacking the directors) at the Brisbane Racing Club or appointed a Board of Racing Queensland that had some idea of how to run one of the biggest industries in the State.

The greyhound industry remains treated like a second-rate citizen when it has overtaken harness racing in turnover and popularity. The political influence King Kevin Seymour, regardless of what party rules Government, continues to ensure that the ‘red hots’, which are going down the gurgler faster than an out-of-control roller coaster, continues to piggy back the gallops and dogs.

And the least said about the Currie Inquiry, which continues to steal the limelight from the Winter Carnival, the better except that many stakeholders fear a smart lawyer will find a loophole in the Rules of Racing and integrity in the thoroughbred industry in Queensland will become an even bigger joke than it is a present – if that’s at all possible.

The Sunday Mail, now that it doesn’t have to worry about offending Tatt’s (UBET or whatever you want to call them, was 100 per cent correct in highlighting the extraordinarily bad decision (overseen by the LNP Government and the Board of Little Kevvie Dixon) to strike a product agreement in 2014 that was arguably the worst in Australian racing history. The real reasons that saw two high profile RQ Board members resign in protest at lack of consultation (claiming privately that a much better deal could have been done) still have not been published. Perhaps The Sunday Mail would like to set the record straight on that now that the dust must have settled on a legal action taken against a certain Racing Editor over what he wrote way back when concerning one of the parties involved.

The Editorial points to the Government defending how well racing is going through the recent $15 million prizemoney announcement for country racing. But it is a drop in the ocean for an industry that employs thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in wagering turnover. And compare it to the tens of millions being thrown at Racing NSW courtesy of the urgings of CEO Peter V’landys or the major prizemoney boost announced by Racing Victoria only last week.

Forget about the bread and butter races in Queensland which are falling further behind the metropolitan and provincial levels in the major southern states, when it comes to the big races the Sunshine State isn’t even in the hunt.

Of course the Government and Racing Queensland will throw up the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast with ‘throw up’ being an appropriate phrase considering the tens of millions of taxpayer and industry money that is being ploughed into a private company owned by one of the richest men in the country on the basis of what it does for a tourist industry on the tourist strip at the height of the tourist season. What utter garbage!

One grey area many are not sure whether to agree with The Sunday Mail on is the Point of Consumption Tax. Comparisons are being made between the new levy against corporate bookies being proposed at 15 per cent in Queensland compared to eight per cent in NSW and Victoria. Are the stakeholders, especially the punters, being played for mugs on this issue as is being suggested? Or are the Government and the punters being played by the greedy corporates who make absurd profits (most of which end up off-shore) and are permitted to close down accounts of successful punters without justifiable reason.

At the end of the day Queensland racing does not attract anywhere near as much turnover as Victoria and NSW. Regardless, these parasite corporates should be made to pay as much as possible. If they don’t like it then leave the punters to bet with the TAB which does plough the majority of its profits back to Government and the racing industry.

When you start seeing clubs like the BRC (through their mainstream racing spin doctors, including the one in The Sunday Mail) fighting for an eight per cent Point of Consumption tax you have to question just who is in bed with the corporate bookmakers and why.



OSCAR DIMANTINA of BRISBANE, a regular racegoer at the WINTER CARNIVAL, for more years than he can remember is disgusted at the current attitude of the BRC and RQ:

‘CAN one assume that the Brisbane Racing Club, in keeping with its decision to reduce the number of races on Stradbroke day, will also have cheaper admission and charge less for food and drink?

Who’s kidding who?

What a farce – do the powers-that-be at the BRC and those running Racing Queensland really believe that by reducing the Stradbroke day card to eight races a later start will ensure a better surface for the biggest race meeting of the year?

The club’s chief ‘rocket scientist’, Matthew Rudolph, says it will give the Doomben track longer to dry out from the morning dew. What would he do at Flemington during the Spring Carnival if it rained heavily as it so often does, install lights and run the big races as a twilight or night fixture?   

Here’s hoping those showers predicted for Brisbane on Wednesday and Thursday don’t flow on later into the week or that the exaggerated morning dew doesn’t stick around too long on Saturday. If that were to occur can we expect the number of races to be reduced to five or six or the track rating to be in the SOFT or even HEAVY range?

Why not just run the Group One events or better still did one of the geniuses who make the important decisions concerning racing in the Sunshine State not consider moving Stradbroke Day to the Sunshine Coast where the track isn’t A1 but at least it’s not B2 after the workload endured by Doomben during the Eagle Farm debacle?

Of course not! That would have made some sense racing wise even if it cost the BRC in corporate revenue and ensured that Brisbane was once again the laughing stock of racing throughout the nation.

Let’s face it when it comes to governance, administration, integrity – all the things that matter – racing in Queensland runs a long last. But when it comes to stupidity, free-loading and lack of confidence from the punting public they are the nation’s pace-setters.



LGHR compiled this WHINGE from numerous emails sent to us concerning the bully-boy tactics being adopted by a group the cynics call the Curriazzi:

COMPARISONS can be cheap and in this case rather comical but they’re a group who operate in racing circles in Queensland and have been likened to the much maligned Paparazzi.

The Currieazzi are supposedly loyal fans and supporters of trainer Ben Currie, his under siege stable and a prominent racing family on the Downs (the Nolan’s) who have apparently become rather disjointed in the wake of arguably the worst controversy in Queensland racing since the Fine Cotton affair.

Rightly or wrongly, the Currieazzi are being accused of adopting intimidating and bully-boy tactics against any individual or racing website that dares to be critical of ‘their man or his stable’. They should keep their opinions on the job being done by QRIC and the racing ‘coppers’ to themselves and immediately halt their disguised but disgraceful comments on social media concerning the lifestyle choices of some QRIC heavies.

Attempts have been made to silence any website – like letsgohorseracing or – that has dared to provide a platform for racing folk (stakeholders or punters) to have their say about the on-going Currie stable inquiry.

We at letsgohorseracing have continued to remind our contributors and readers that the Currie’s are entitled to ‘presumption of innocence’ pending the hearing of charges, handing down of verdicts by QRIC and ultimately, if required, any appeals to QCAT.

The rumor mill has been in overdrive for so long that it was inevitable QRIC would investigate allegations, many of which were emanating from rival trainers. This has resulted in a seemingly endless list of charges being laid against Ben (the trainer) and Mark (his father and de facto stable foreman). Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett has publicly stated that the Currie Inquiry has far from reached its conclusion.

Ben now faces 31 charges and has vehemently declared his innocence from the day rival trainers started alleging that racing in south-east Queensland was a far from level playing field. Since he engaged gun racing lawyer Jim Murdoch, Currie has had a win of sorts in his bid for a stay of proceedings. But that only occurred after many of his horses were transferred to rival trainers.

The way some of these horses performed at a Toowoomba meeting on Sunday – when the majority blew like gales in the betting – has not helped his cause in the eyes of many critics. To say that some had ‘lost a leg’ would be an understatement. Perhaps the change of environment has upset some or that Ben is simply a far superior trainer.

Some racing websites no longer provide a platform for comments on the Currie Inquiry. They have probably received the same threats and intimidation that we have from alleged members of the Currieazzi.

It has also been suggested by these boofheads purporting to be protecting the interests of Queensland’s most successful trainer that they have managed to silence the critical websites. Dream on  :censored: s, all we at LGHR have tried to do is level the playing field so that Ben and his dad are afforded their rights pending the outcome of hearings and appeals.

But if you want to believe the latest little gem floating around racing circles – and said to emanate from the Currieazzi itself, Ben has sought to do a behind-the-scenes deal with QRIC Commissioner to get the matter done and dusted sooner rather than later.

If the stories are correct – and who are we at LGHR to doubt the reliability of the Currieazzi – Ben is prepared to take a 12-month sabbatical from racing (to sew his oats like most young blokes his age and do a backpack around Europe). Problem is QRIC had in mind a five to 10-year absence instead.

Intimidation said to be emanating from the Currieazzi isn’t the only topic of discussion when the Winter Carnival should be attracting all the headlines. A couple of prominent trainers have got a bee under their bonnet over an inquiry that has become the focus of QRIC attention and a major embarrassment for racing in Queensland – taking some of the heat out of the Eagle Farm and Doomben track debacle.

One prominent trainer is said to have given young Ben some career advice recently that went something like this: ‘We would have copped you having a bit of an edge with one or two of your winners but you wanted the lot. You wanted to shit in our faces and at the same time be a smug little c…t’.

Then there was another trainer with a terrific strike rate, whose horses for some strange reason seem to have lost a leg in recent times, accusing two of his colleagues of ‘dogging Ben Currie to QRIC’. One took it a step further and went to the stewards with a resultant hefty fine being imposed.

And as if the unproven Currie allegations from stakeholders had not done enough damage the same momentum is building against another top trainer from a different jurisdiction in south-east Queensland. But his case isn’t being helped by a stable hand mouthing off whenever he gets drunk about being the ‘watch dog’ while certain things happen behind closed stable gates.

The Currie Inquiry has taken its toll on racing – not only on the Downs but in south-east Queensland – at a time when the Winter Carnival should be dominating the headlines. There are owners who refuse to allow their horses to race at Toowoomba. We had one prominent trainer contact us in the past few days complaining that race meetings had been transferred to Clifford Park in the wake of a decision to try and protect Doomben.

Closer to home the Inquiry has sadly had its effect on one of the best respected and known racing families on the Downs – the Nolan’s (Mark Currie is married to the daughter of Paul Nolan snr). Those close to the action say the fallout from the Currie controversy has seen some bad blood develop between certain family members (one a veterinarian and other close relatives who don’t even speak any more). A notable absence from the highly successful function (A Night with the Nolans) run by the BRC recently with Peter Moody guest speaker was the absence of Ben Currie.   

The Currieazzi has accused QRIC of undertaking a witch-hunt and persecuting the Currie stable. If contributions to the Wednesday Whinge (the majority of which we are not publishing for legal reasons) are any indication their belief is in the minority.

A general lack of confidence in QCAT is also unfair and unfortunately for those who are asking us to publish their thoughts we are not prepared to do this. Let the proceedings see out their course, give those responsible for hearing appeals the benefit of the doubt that they deserve. Not all of them know little about racing and should be confined to disputes involving barking dogs and over-hanging trees. In fact we at LGHR have been quite impressed by the handling of the stay of proceedings application by presiding senior member of QCAT Joanne Browne, who showed she is certainly familiar with racing affairs.

This whole business has got a long way to play out yet and the best thing the Currieazzi can do is return to the kennels, stop acting like a bunch of bully-boy dogs and take a half dozen distemper tablets.     



DICK SEYMOUR, Palm Cove, QLD (Retiree, former owner and punter who restricts  betting to Victoria and Hong Kong only these days but still  retains an avid  interest in  racing all over which he describes as ‘once the greatest game of all.’

‘THERE is nothing in the Stewards’ Reports that I have read, but a person in the know tells me the stewards are putting the skids under the visiting Brisbane jockeys that regularly ride at North Queensland meetings.

Apparently concerns (or complaints) about them ‘working together’ were originally exposed on Facebook and Stewards at Townsville allegedly followed it up by interviewing three southern jocks after a recent Cluden meeting.

There have been several instances of doubtful riding tactics by the ‘big three’ of late and a complaint to Stewards by a trainer that one of the trio totally ignored riding instructions at a Townsville meeting in recent weeks.

Well, at least the Stewards are now aware of what a lot of punters have been saying (or at least suspected) for a long time.

I am told also the jockeys’ defense is that air fares are sky high and owners don’t sling anymore!





ONE would hope that the stories of a former high profile Australia steward returning to run racing in Queensland are way off the mark. If that’s the future then why pension off ‘old Al’ – the end result would be no different.

The rumour mill gained momentum on this topic when news filtered through about a former well regarded Queensland, now Victorian-based steward, heading off to Hong Kong for a ‘holiday’ or should that read ‘interview’.

Perhaps speculation would cease if the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission revealed the identity of the four applicants for the job of Chief Steward when Allan Reardon rides into the sunset.

LGHR understands the list does not include Reid Sanders who recently completed a stint with Tasmanian Racing. Our spies suggest the nominees are the current Chief Stipe for a major Asian racing centre and perhaps even a high profile steward from Hong Kong, along with a well-known steward who has officiated for many years in provincial centres in Australia and the story goes that ‘old Al’ has reapplied to continue his tenure – GOD help us! 




ONE of the biggest flops of the weekend was the heavily-backed long odds-on favourite ADOYNE ROAD making her comeback at the Gold Coast.

Adoyne Road was being hailed a Golden Slipper prospect after her brilliant Doomben debut win in December when trainer Tony Sears revealed she would miss the Magic Millions Classic.

All sorts of stories about the filly surfaced since that big win but she defied the gossip and returned to racing last Saturday albeit in disappointing fashion.

Sears was at a lost to explain the performance when questioned by stewards at the Gold Coast except to suggest that the filly may have choked down as she had returned to the enclosure making an abnormal noise before recovering quickly. It was nothing like that which some of those who took the shorts were making.




IT came as a surprise to many that Hong Kong stewards didn't take a tougher stance following Kamikaze tactics that arguably saw the chances of a favorite destroyed at Sha Tin last Sunday.

Punters who follow Hong Kong racing closely were gob-smacked by the tactics adopted by Tommy Berry on Gino Severini when he served it up to Joe Moreira on the heavily-backed Go Beauty Go in the sixth. Both were quickly beaten when the pressure was applied in the straight.

We had a couple of emails to the Whinge suggesting the incident had gone unnoticed but far from it here is what the Stewards’ Report read:

WHEN questioned, T Berry (GINO SEVERINI) stated that he was instructed to ride the horse positively in the early stages and obtain a forward position. He said it was explained to him that GINO SEVERINI is one-paced and that with an anticipated lack of speed in the race the horse may be disadvantaged by being ridden back in the field. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode GINO SEVERINI along for a considerable distance in the early stages to obtain a forward position. He said he had to continue to ride GINO SEVERINI along approaching and passing the 1300 Metres to clear RACING LUCK to his inside. He said passing the 1200 Metres he was aware that he provided RACING LUCK with just enough clearance and therefore he was reluctant to immediately take hold of his mount as he did not want to place RACING LUCK in an awkward position behind GINO SEVERINI. He added this resulted in GINO SEVERINI racing slightly in advance of GO BEAUTY GO. He said in the middle stages GO BEAUTY GO, after initially racing slightly behind GINO SEVERINI, was allowed to improve its position to be racing on terms with his mount after the 900 Metres. He added GINO SEVERINI and GO BEAUTY GO subsequently raced on terms until rounding the Home Turn at which time GINO SEVERINI came under pressure and then weakened in the Straight. Mr M J Freedman, the trainer of GINO SEVERINI, confirmed that his instructions were to ride that horse positively. He said he anticipated that only GO BEAUTY GO would show pace and that stepping up in distance today provided GINO SEVERINI with the opportunity to obtain a forward position and sit outside the anticipated leader of the race GO BEAUTY GO. After having considered all the evidence, the Stewards reprimanded T Berry and informed him that whilst they accepted that he had to make some use of GINO SEVERINI to cross RACING LUCK after the 1200 Metres, there was an opportunity for him to steady the tempo gradually and sit off GO BEAUTY GO rather than continue to race directly to that horse’s outside in the middle stages which resulted in the race being run at a fast tempo. T Berry was advised to ensure that he rides his mounts in such a manner to provide them with the best opportunity to finish off their races.



OUR old mate ‘The Bantam’ has been thumping his chest bragging of an ‘exclusive’ on his Press Room program on Radio TAB concerning the Eagle Farm track.

A great supporter of all things BRC – and anyone who can help him climb the ladder in racing or harness racing (the latter a little difficult in recent times) – Davey had new Racing Queensland CEO Brendan Parnell as a guest interview.

Parnell announced ‘an end of year’ return to racing at the much maligned and doubted new Eagle Farm track.

As one contributor to the WHINGE commented: ‘That’s terrific news but Mr Parnell failed to tell us the END OF WHICH YEAR he was referring to.’



MEANWHILE, back at the SUNSHINE COAST last Friday stewards adjourned an inquiry into the ride of Damian Browne on the favorite Fighting Teo which was beaten almost 10 lengths.

Browne has been questioned over an alleged lack of vigour on the Kevin Kemp-trained horse. Stewards advise in their report on the race that connections advised a change of tactics with Fighting Teo to be ridden more forward from its wide barrier but the horse settled in the second half of the field.

Nathan Exelby reported for The Sunday Mail that Browne said the horse never felt comfortable in the run and feared it would lose its action had he let it down.

Browne spent a fair bit of his day in the Stewards’ Room last Friday at the Sunny Coast. After the third he was asked to comment on the performance of The Administrator. He said it was disappointing but could offer no tangible explanation.

After the fourth Browne was asked to explain his tactics on Peppi La Few which he said were to settle with cover midfield but he was caught wide in the back straight and rode vigorously to obtain a position outside the leader.

Just one of those bad days at the office for Browne and the biggest losers were the punters. One of those who sent an email to the Whinge confirming this posed the question: ‘How long is it since one of these top jockeys was given time over a ride? It seems the stewards keep their kill shit rolling with the lesser names in the riding ranks’.



BEST BETS is a popular publication but those running the show or controlling its website need to get their act together.

For the second successive weekend subscribers late on Saturday could not access form (racebooks etc) for the Sunday racing. The problem was even worse last weekend when the BEST BETS site was down from sometime on Saturday until after the races had started on Sunday.

One subscriber who contacted LGHR said: “I wrote them a letter of protest but they didn’t even acknowledge there had been a problem. If I don’t pay my subscription fee I don’t get the product. They don’t provide the product I have paid for two weeks in a row and it’s just tough cheddar.

“My understanding is that Racing Victoria has something to do with the publication Best Bets and it’s time they stepped in and gave those running the show a stiff upper-cut. It’s fine for the talking heads, like the unbearable Jason Richardson, to wank on about how wonderful Best Bets and its tipsters like David Gately are (no argument here) but perhaps instead of allocating investment in corporate bookmakers for shows like Get On they should spend something upgrading the Best Bets website to ensure the customers are not only happy but also get what they paid for.”



INTERESTING story published in the British newspapers in the past week:             

A 13-YEAR-old boy with a gambling addiction managed to blow $A106,000 on betting websites after stealing his dad’s credit card.

The teenager, from Lancashire, got hooked after seeing adverts for online bookmakers while watching a football match at Wembley, reports The Sun.

He used his mobile phone to take pictures of his company director dad’s business credit cards and set up a betting account in his parent’s identity.

The youngster, who has not been identified, began placing hundreds of bets a week on football matches and horses — and some stakes were as much as $A5300 a time.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “I had no idea that ­gambling could be an addiction like smoking, drinking or drugs. It seemed like fun and I thought I would make money too.

“It was just far too easy. I just had to put in dad’s name, ­address, date of birth and card details and checked a box saying I was 18 — it took literally seconds to register and start gambling.”

The debts went unnoticed at first as his dad’s groundworks firm turns over $52,840 a month but a call from the bank six months later uncovered the fraud.

When confronted by his parents the boy immediately confessed to the deceit, which by this point stood at more than $A35,000.

He was sent for psychotherapy and they assumed he had learned his lesson.

But several months later he went on a week-long gambling binge and ran up debts of a further $106,000.

His parents have said they will never be able to trust him again and they’ve been forced to take out loans to pay off the debts.

Their son, now 15, said: “I am sorry for what I have done. I feel like I’ve ruined everything and our lives will never be the same again.”

The family decided to share their experience to warn others about the dangers of online gambling — no matter what age they are.

It comes as new Government figures reveal 25,000 children aged 11-16 are addicted to gambling, while MPs are calling for tighter advertising regulations to prevent child gambling.

The number of 16-year-olds addicted to betting has risen by a third in the last three years, according to Government regulator the Gambling Commission.


Giddy Up :beer:
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No mention of the Ubet outage on Sat and the paltry compensation of a $10 bonus bet? Is John falling asleep at the wheel?

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« 2018-Jun-06, 10:31 AM Reply #1078 »
At least one omission from list of Qld racing ministers . .

Tim Mulherin

Some, perhaps unkindly, may say . . understandable

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"I am told also the jockeys’ defense is that air fares are sky high and owners don’t sling anymore!"

Is not this 'excuse' from the jockeys an admission that they are benefitting from pre determined race outcomes they do their best to ensure happen?

Might explain a real danger being taken out by a jockey....... also reported recently.


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« 2018-Jun-06, 01:08 PM Reply #1080 »
they are benefitting from pre determined race outcomes

One wag up this way . .

"You can't tie up a race here any more . . . the jockeys are too crooked"  :whistle:

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I've gone 180 degrees Arsenal.

This bloke publishes some of the most interesting stuff you will encounter on the web regarding Australian racing content. I hadn't really looked before.

It is doing my head in.

With the Whinges, he appears to be not only making them up, but telling us that he is making it up before he writes


LGHR compiled this WHINGE from numerous emails sent to us concerning the bully-boy tactics being adopted by a group the cynics call the Curriazzi:


I actually had to read his definition of Currieazzi (I thought it was a bunch of photographers chasing Ben Currie)

and this bit....

One prominent trainer is said to have given young Ben some career advice recently that went something like this: ‘We would have copped you having a bit of an edge with one or two of your winners but you wanted the lot. You wanted to shit in our faces and at the same time be a smug little c…t’.

WTF is going on up there!! Here I was thinking it was so quiet living at Main Beach for two months   :lol:    :lol:

Going to have to back read previous issues when I finish with this one.   emthup

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No surprise that the lead story is devoted to comments on the OAM awarded to former CM racing editor Bart Sinclair......whose connections to dubious characters is once again brought to the surface by those who knew him.... worked with him ....or read allegations about him.........a lengthy series on Terry Bailey's departure and stewarding issues in general...... not much about Ben Currie which is a bonus ...there'll be more about that after the stewards inquiry gets going next week.and some good cartoons which help to break up the reading matter.

NOT surprisingly the awarding of an Order of Australia Medal to prominent Brisbane racing media identity Bart Sinclair attracted its share of criticism.
There are enough voices out there wanting to be heard on this subject that I should adopt the advice of my dear old mum who told me: ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all John.’

But I can’t resist the opportunity to give the biggest imposter of a Racing Editor I ever worked for a solid workout. (And by the way there were some mighty fine bosses during my years as a turf scribe, like Keith Noud, Jim Anderson and Max Presnell).
Sadly, throughout his career as a high profile turf journalist and commentator, Sinclair has been rewarded (even in retirement) for his loyalty in promoting and protecting some of the biggest  :censored:  to grace the turf and political landscape in Queensland.

It came as no surprise that those still around with political influence, especially survivors of the goat rooting club of the corrupt old days of Sir Joh, would kick up and nominate their long-time media 'mate' for this award.

Those long-time followers of racing in Queensland who only got to know of Sinclair through his writings in the mainstream print or appearances on radio and TV witnessed only a sanitized version.

Many others (like me) who knew him personally through an involvement with racing or the media became more aware of his ‘not so publicized’ trackside associates and activities not to mention his steely determination to get his message across on behalf of racing and political mates.

Working with ‘our Bart’ in the racing media was easy if you adopted the ‘suck-up and survive mentality’ – which many of today’s troops did and continue to do even though he is no longer there. Morning Nathan!

But attempting to cover horse racing without fear or favor in Queensland under his Racing Editorship became a mission impossible for those scribes who dared to disagree with him, his disciples in the industry or his political attitude to racing in which one could argue the ‘mum and dad’ punters rarely got a say.
That is why his Order of Australia Medal for services to racing, awarded in this week’s Queen’s Birthday Honours, has been frowned upon by some and treated as a total joke by others.
Here are some of the emails that we received in the wake of the Award announcement (including one that actually prompted us not to ignore this totally, which we start with):

‘I guess we can expect a bucketing from LGHR for one of the finest men in racing in Queensland in Bart Sinclair. Your dislike for him is well documented and it will fall on deaf ears. This was some positive (not fake) news that you and your grubby mate (Peter) Bredhauer can choke on.’

On the minus side there were many others (including politicians, officials, lawyers and industry stakeholders) who question what checks were done before this Award was sanctioned.

Here’s what they had to say (and to ensure they can still enjoy their day at the races free of intimidation we have withheld their identities): 

'I THOUGHT they did background checks before awarding OAM’s. They obviously didn’t bother checking Bart’s alleged (I’ll use that word loosely) links to a few unsavory characters including SP ‘king-pin’ George Freeman as highlighted in a story by Archie Butterfly on his website,’
‘ANYONE who has read the first edition of The Gambling Man by Kevin Perkins will be shaking their head in amazement at the awarding of an OAM to Bart Sinclair. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this version. You’ll be gob-smacked.’

‘I TUNED into racing radio on Monday morning to hear The Bantam doing one of his regular arse licks, this time to Bart Sinclair over the awarding of an OAM. And then a mate from the station told me that all he was really trying to do was stir the pot with certain people. More the reason most of us can’t wait for Fowler to be replaced under the Tatt’s merger by the best caller in Queensland (SKY’S Josh Fleming). As one of his long-time followers said – that will enable him to head off to Adelaide and operate a pie floater van at the gates to Morphettville Racetrack.’
‘I NEARLY choked on my corn flakes when I read The Courier-Mail report about their former Racing Editor receiving an Order of Australia Medal. What services to racing? Those who know Bart well claim he spent more time dashing between the jockeys’ room and the bookies’ ring than writing stories. Where were those great stewards back then – some were accompanying him to a free night out at the Lions’ homes games at the Gabba I am told. ’

‘That OAM should stand for Order of Australian Maggots’. What’s next elevation for little Barton to the Racing Hall of Fame where his photograph can hang alongside another ring-in (not Fine Cotton) but The Bantam (for services to harness racing)? Only in Queensland!’

‘OAM for services to racing goes to Bart Sinclair – little wonder there is little respect for these Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday Honors. In my opinion all this guy did was spend his career as a turf writer promoting himself and his racing and political mates – from on-the-nose SP bookies to helping the old hacks at the QTC run racing until Bob Gibbs removed that privilege. Then he was rewarded with a job for the BRC (old QTC) when he retired from race writing. Now some of his loyal mates in the LNP (who probably owed him a favor or two for something political he wrote way back when Joh and his corrupt bunch were running the State) have made sure he gets nominated for a belated OAM.’
EMAILS to the WHINGE certainly suggest that the attitude to integrity in racing that has been adopted by some States over the years has been hard to follow from a punters’ perspective.
Victoria was arguably hell-bent on forcing out a Chairman of Stewards who was doing too good a job while in Queensland there were those who seemed determined to retain the services of a Chief Steward who had lost the confidence of punters.
It’s all a bit Irish but at the end of the day ‘politics’ sadly continue to decide the fate of many good people in racing – from stewards to administrators and even control bodies.
It is rather ironic how there has been some shifting in the saddles for horses on the Chief Stewards’ Merry-Go-Around in recent times.
Terry Bailey leaves Melbourne to fill the shoes of Peter Chadwick who is moving from Singapore to take over from Allan Reardon who is heading to what many have described as a well overdue retirement.
Ironically circumstances could well have been different but for racing politics when the Government changed in Queensland some years ago.
LETSGOHORSERACING was at the coalface of a situation when a new Racing Queensland chairman (who shall remain nameless) made what could arguably be described as one of the most mystifying decisions involving integrity.
This was long before the much-maligned Queensland Racing Integrity Commission was even mooted. An approach was made – quite confidentially and secret – which would have involved a major changing of the guard in integrity in Queensland.
A new Board had just been appointed and there was a new Chairman with a refreshing approach – or so we were told – and the boss of a prominent south-east Queensland TAB club organized a meeting to discuss a proposal that would have turned the stewarding of racing in Queensland on its head.
RV Chairman of Stewards Terry Bailey, his Integrity Boss Dale Brown and chief stable fence jumper on the panel, Kane Ashby, were keen to relocate to Queensland in a package deal. At the time RQ was looking for a new Chief Steward – confidence in what was happening on the track was at one of its many all-time lows.
The RQ Chairman in Waiting sounded genuinely interested – the money being asked for the trio wasn’t unreachable – and all appeared to be set for negotiations to take place between the parties.
But overnight something happened. All of a sudden the new powers-that-be didn’t want Bailey and co. There was a changing of the guard but it started a sequence of failed Chief Stewards which subsequently led to Allan Reardon returning from the Bailey panel and becoming the boss again in Brisbane.
Had things been different Bailey may well have returned to his home State of Queensland and cleaned up the mess that we have been left with today where there is little punter confidence in the product being provided or the policing of it – not to mention how badly turnover has dropped (while it is convenient to blame that on the closure of Eagle Farm rather than the real reasons). And that’s without a mention of how badly integrity has deteriorated to at the ‘red hots’.
MOST high profile stewards would arguably not have survived the job for half the time that Terry Bailey has, given the pressure and stress that finally wore him down.
It comes as no surprise that Bailey made his share of enemies and detractors over the past two decades during which he insists ‘looking the other way’ was not an option.
There will be those – spearheaded by some prominent trainers and jockeys (past and present) who will rejoice in his departure but one has to question where racing in Victoria might be today without the contribution that Bailey made.
We at LETSGOHORSERACING have never wavered in our insistence that Bailey is the best steward in the land and that is not intended to reflect on the job that Ray Murrihy did before his retirement as boss of the Racing NSW panel.
Bailey made enemies of some influential individuals – officials, owners and licensees – during his tenure in Victoria. It was inevitable that this would eventually take its toll.
One of the country’s most successful owners, Lloyd Williams, has blamed a lack of high-level support from Racing Victoria executives for the departure of Bailey. One suspects it eventually wore him down not that he will dwell on that issue but rather look forward to the next chapter of his career as Chairman of Stewards in Singapore.
Bailey’s only public comment has been that he does not regret refusing the ‘look the other way’ regardless of how high profile the person breaching the Rules of Racing was. He took on the best and was a class act. The same can’t be said for trainer Danny O’Brien, understandably still bitter from the fallout the cobalt crisis caused his stable.
Rather than win back many supporters that he and a couple of other high profile identities lost forever because of their personal attacks on Bailey during that drawn out inquiry, O’Brien couldn’t help himself. When news broke of the Chief Steward’s resignation, he took a farewell swipe tweeting: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out champ. #4corners”, with the hashtag reportedly a reference to the ABC current affairs program.( Danny is all class)
Another who no doubt will be dining out on the Bailey departure from Victoria will be an old sparring partner in Danny Nikolic – although some might say ‘Danny Who’ these days. At least Bailey has a promising career to look forward to.
Lloyd Williams expressed the views of many trainers, owners and a lot of punters and members of the racing public – big and small – when he said: “Having had a lifetime of experience in racing, I have been disappointed in the fact that the Chief Steward has had very, very little support from the powers that be.
“That hasn’t happened and if you don’t support the people who are in your management positions, why should they stay. I think they have worn him down.”
Williams described Bailey as “uncompromising” in his role, but said: “If you want to be the custodian of integrity, you need to be uncompromising. If they (Racing Victoria) don’t take care of integrity, they won’t have a sport left.”
One wonders where confidence in racing in Victoria would be today had it not been for Bailey’s unwavering focus on administering the Rules of Racing and ensuring that all participants and customers can compete on a level playing field.
What a pity the same can no longer be said for an old stamping ground of some good Chief Stewards like Murrihy, Bailey and Steve Railton in Queensland. But things are set to change in the north with Peter Chadwick, whose position Bailey will take in Singapore, accepting the role of Chairman of Stewards for QRIC. 
It was inevitable that the incredible pressure, the threats against him and his family, the unrelenting criticism for simply doing his job and the fallout from some very controversial situations would eventually take its toll. Bailey became a scapegoat.
It is little wonder that Bailey’s reign as RVL Chief Steward, where he was never far from the headlines during a time of significant upheaval in Victorian racing, lasted as long as it did.
He was in charge during the long-running and messy cobalt saga that dragged on through a number of judicial hearings across several years and split a number of participants in the industry on the matter.
He was also at the helm during the Aquanita Racing scandal which came to light on Turnbull Stakes Day last year, and led to the suspension of a number of high-profile racing identities, including leading trainer Robert Smerdon.
Bailey was involved in a bitter feud with jockey Danny Nikolic, with Nikolic deemed “not a fit and proper person” to ride in this state after verbally abusing the steward.
He revealed receiving death threats during his time in the role, and in 2015, gunshots were fired into the exterior of his Melbourne home in what remains an unresolved police incident.
Can you imagine going to work and confronting this sort of drama every day of your life? Good luck to Racing Victoria in the search for a replacement for Bailey. Regardless of what the critics might say they have a might big pair of shoes to fill IF integrity is to remain at its current level in what is regarded as the leading racing state in the nation.
DAVID JACKSON of BRISBANE makes an interesting assessment of the STEWARDING situation in QUEENSLAND:
‘I am just your run-of-the-mill punter – a nobody when it comes to importance in racing – but I believe my views represent those of many who are still prepared to invest their hard-earned on racing in Queensland week-in, week-out.
Not since the days of Ray Murrihy have my mates and I had any confidence in a Chief Steward or his panel overseeing race meetings in the Sunshine State.
Steve Railton looked the goods but that infamous Count Gaffa Inquiry seemed to take its early toll on his confidence when Mick Dittman was in the ‘hot seat’ but escaped largely through the apparent inefficiency of two members of the panel who failed to give their boss the backing he deserved.
Interestingly, I have friends in Toowoomba who tell me that almost two decades down the track the gentleman who owned Count Gaffa and vowed he would never race a horse in Queensland again is back and has an involvement with another stable now that has been in the news in recent months. Since the days when the Count was a good money-spinner he has hit a hurdle as well and even spent some time paying the price for a major misdemeanor as a bank officer when he ‘borrowed’ a couple of million to feed his unsuccessful punting habits.
But back to my original Whinge and when Railton was shown the door the stewarding situation – in the opinion of many – took a major downhill turn. Allan Reardon followed in Steve’s footsteps then we had the extremely unpopular but in my opinion talented Reid Sanders followed by rank failures (again just my opinion) in Jamie Dart and Wade Birch not to mention the unsuccessful return to Chief Stewarding of Reardon who arguably should have been pensioned off long ago.
Here’s hoping with the arrival of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, as maligned as it has been, that lessons are learned from our past mistakes with some of these Chief Stewards who have failed to regain the lost confidence of a legion of punters who gave up in despair betting on racing in Queensland.
With all due respects – and I hope those responsible at QRIC like Commissioner Barnett who have done their best in more recent times to clean the joint up – there is a need for a complete reshuffle in the stewarding ranks. By that I certainly do not mean a rearranging of the deck chairs on the good ship RQ Titanic.
Now that old Al is about to enjoy his retirement might I suggest that they let the new Chairman of Stewards Peter Chadwick loose on some of the smarties who I believe have been taking advantage of this ‘feet under the chair let’s enjoy the afternoon out’ mentality that seems to now exist with policing on some race days.
There needs to be a new Chairman of Stewards appointed in the trouble-spot of Toowoomba (rightly or wrongly punters have lost confidence in the one that is currently based there). And the bloke who is supposedly in charge in the north is under plenty of fire for the job he is doing. Has he got a clue?
My understanding is that Martin Knibbs, a respected and experienced steward, is considering his future in Queensland after again getting to the short list for a big job and missing out. Chadwick needs to find an important role for him to ensure a steward of Knibbs’ calibre isn’t lost to Queensland. Daniel Aurisch is another whose career needs to be consolidated locally.
It wouldn’t hurt to have a chat with Terry Bailey about what he would do to improve the situation in Queensland before he heads to Singapore.
The lack of confidence at the trots continues to be a problem that no-one wants to address. Something needs to happen there before that code is non-existent.
It’s a changing of the guard in Queensland. Things can hardly get any worse. The time has come for those responsible to start regaining punter confidence before it is lost forever.’
BITS AND PIECES that we selected to run from dozens of emails received in the past week – apologies to those who missed out for a myriad of reasons, largely legal:
'THE Channel 7 news in BRISBANE last Saturday night declared the crowd at the Stradbroke a record 12,000.
I was in attendance on the day and pleased to report that there were many thousands in attendance but I doubt it was anywhere near 12,000.
As a regular racegoer to carnival and major meetings in Brisbane over the years it most certainly was not a ‘record’ as the uninformed Seven declared. Perhaps it was a record Stradbroke crowd for Doomben.
We would forgive them for forgetting Gunsynd Day – it was a long time ago. But Black Caviar was in more recent times and there would have been easily double the number that attended Saturday’s Stradbroke.
There were no dramas with the track. It played ‘rain affected’ but we didn’t need to be continually reminded how fair and great it was by Bernadette ‘I’ve now got a job with SKY forever thanks to my friends at RQ’ Cooper. When are they going to spare us her dribble and awful tips and consign her to the back of a horse interviewing winning jockeys on big days?
As for carnival crowds Ipswich Cup Day will again blow the Brisbane Racing Club and its much more highly funded marketing machine out of the water when 20,000 plus turn up (yet again) next Saturday. It comes down to who knows how to attract crowds and who doesn’t. Simple as that!’
‘LET me confess at the outset that I am a great fan of Ben Currie and what he has achieved as a trainer. I am reliably informed that one of his chief critics has been colleague Robbie Heathcote.
Well on Saturday I watched as the Heathcote-trained Hopfgarten score an upset win in the Listed Wayne Wilson. In my opinion this was a form reversal compared to its previous tiring sixth under similar conditions.
Yet Robbie is the first to talk about a level playing field in racing.
Not a question was asked by the stewards of the improvement. One wonders if that would have been the case had the trainer of Hopfgarten been Ben Currie which just convinces me that this whole Inquiry involving his stable has been a witch-hunt’.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Robbie Heathcote did explain to SKY that Hopfgarten was going from 1200m to a mile at its previous start and he had encountered problems finding suitable races for the horse. At the same time he conceded Hopfgarten was no longer the topliner he once promised to be.
‘DID a prominent committeeman of the Toowoomba Turf Club set a good example when he was observed helping the Ben Currie stable out during trackwork last Thursday morning?
Gee, Currie may be short of staff but it raised a few eye-brows and also questions as to whether this well-known racing man on the Downs is a licensed stable hand or strapper.
We thought of asking the Club Chairman how he feels about one of his committee working with a stable that is under siege with stewards not to mention the trainer facing over 30 charges. But it was suggested that would be a waste of time as the Chairman apparently has an ownership interest in a horse trained by Ben Currie.
Is it my imagination or are most of the Currie-trained winners restricted to his home track of Toowoomba these days where the competition isn’t as tough?
With two meetings at Clifford Park this week the corporate bookmakers won't be too keen to go up with early markets – you can find them well ahead for the southern venues but strangely not Toowoomba. Perhaps they’re sick of losing on heavily backed runners.’
‘HAVE you noticed how horses formerly trained by Robert Smerdon are struggling to reproduce their best for new stables?
The latest was Ability at Flemington on Saturday which blew like a gale in the betting and beat only two home down the straight behind Rocket Tommy.
There are those who will say that new trainers, like Henry Dwyer (in the case of Ability) are on a belting to nothing trying to bring Smerdon horses back to their best when some had already reached their mark.’
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Most of the contributions follow the wash up of the announcement of the appointment of Peter Chadwick to be chief steward at QRIC.......some whingers obviously relish the chance to turn the issue into kick Reardon up the clapper giving outgoing chief Alan Reardon some uppercuts even went so far as  to describe him as" Harry Hopman the non playing captain"   quite clever but very unkind ......the critics fail to acknowledge that if it wasn't for Reardon going public about the appointment process  we the oft quoted (and probably politically incorrect term in today's pc correct society)  "The man in the street" would have been none the wiser...... so instead of criticizing Reardon  IMO we should be thankful he brought the issue to the racing industry's attention...not that I expect anything will be done by those with the authority to look into it and reassure us that the appointment passes all scrutiny .....that being said I personally have no argument or axe to grind against Peter Chadwick fact I think he presented very well when interviewed on Radio TAB a week or so ago.....but we haven't been given all relevant information in the Media Releases by QRIC and there are a number of questions that remain unanswered....Safari Mick the lone voice questions the process ....pity I also didn't take the opportunity to raise some  with the WW. while the issue is still that's all from me the rest is from LGHR.

MOST of the e-mails to the WHINGE in the past few days have focused on the bad blood between retiring Chief Steward Alan Reardon and his bosses at the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, especially Chairman Ross Barnett. Here is our take on what has occurred, including contributions from readers that we hope gets their general message across: 

CRITICISM of the effectiveness of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is regarded by many in the industry as a ‘bit rich’ coming from a Chief Steward who has arguably overseen a massive deterioration in punting confidence in the local product.
It was only after a Labor Government bit the bullet and some say turned up the heat on what was happening on and off the track that there was some light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s hard to find too many punters who believe that panels operating under Chief Stewards of the ilk of Alan Reardon, Wade Birch and Jamie Dart were tough enough to regain integrity respectability for Queensland.
Nathan Exelby, writing in The Verdict in The Sunday Mail and again in his Monday Mail column in The Courier Mail has highlighted a rift between stewards and the official ‘racing police’ arm of QRIC.
‘Retiring stipe’s gripe at job choice process,’ roared the headline on Sunday with out-going Chief Steward Reardon launching a scathing, some might say out-of-character attack on the appointment process for his replacement. The on Monday: ‘Reardon’s rocket exposes QRIC split’.
As one cynic suggested in an email to the Whinge: “What has awoken old Al from the slumber he has been in for the past two years since returning to the job he failed at before Bentley and Mason showed him the door? His response to what many claim has been happening on and off the track has had the effectiveness of a pop-gun and now he wants to fire a bazooka at the system because he can no longer milk it dry before riding off into retirement with his saddle bags full of cash”.

And another, much closer to the action at the Integrity bunker: ‘Reardon now wants to use his spin doctor mates in the racing media to highlight the bitterness and bad blood between the racing coppers at QRIC and some of the stewards on his panel. What you won’t read about is how some of his colleagues can’t wait for him to go complaining confidentially about his lack of interest on race days. Some secretly labelled him Harry Hopman, the non-playing captain of the team.’

Our spy in the Integrity Bunker also suggests we should delve into ‘who spilt the beans’ on Peter Chadwick over his two per cent interest in the ownership of a horse and pose the question: ‘Could it have been two Chief Stewards who held the job that Peter Chadwick will now fill?’
Now one of these couldn’t be Reardon when you read his comments to The Sunday Mail: “This is not sour grapes on my part. I was always 100-1 to get the job again, but I feel for my colleagues who applied for the position in good faith and never had a chance.
‘I am unhappy about the process. There is no integrity in the decision. We should change our name from the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission to Queensland Racing Commission because there’s no integrity.
I don’t know of any steward who has ever raced a horse. The decision is flawed.’

Another contributor to the Whinge wrote:
 “Reardon has to be kidding when he suggests that they should remove the word ‘Integrity’ from the name of QRIC. How many scalps did he claim as Chief Steward? Was it that squeaky clean? One could argue that it wasn’t until QRIC got involved that they investigated complaints that racing wasn’t a level playing field because of certain rumors relating to one particular stable.’

Exelby was correct when he wrote in the Monday Mail:
‘To say morale has been low in the stewarding ranks would be an understatement.
‘Reardon’s explosive spray was the culmination of two years of frustration and by no means a reflection of just his own sentiments.
‘It’s just that with his contract set to expire at the end of the month he had less to lose than his colleagues.’
Apart from his protest at the appointment process for the Chief Steward’s job for which he had reapplied and missed out, Reardon failed to highlight why morale is low and what has caused this frustration in the stewards’ ranks that Exelby refers to.
Suggestion is the ‘old guard’ of stewards feel like the poor cousins in the turbocharged integrity arm that was born out of the MacSporran Greyhound inquiry. Like it or not, heads had to roll in the wake of the live baiting fiasco and the same should apply to the ‘red hots’ in Queensland where to suggest punters have no confidence in the product would be an ‘understatement’.

One contributor to the Whinge made some interesting observations on this contentious issue:
‘The ‘red hots’ are still piggy-backing on the gallops and politics dictates that the rorts will continue regardless of how serious QRIC gets about cleaning the joint up. How can they deserve new multi-million dollar facilities and grandstands when no-one wants to attend and the punters prefer to bet on the dogs these days?
‘Dig a little deeper into the blow-up by Reardon and you might discover political motives as well. One has to ask does Alan have close connections with a high profile political and racing identity who is said to be joined at the hip with a former leading Liberal on the Sunshine Coast?
‘Jockeys and fellow stewards also tell how before most city race meetings Reardon sits down for a half hour fireside chat (some might call it career advice) from an old mate from the racing media. Interestingly, the campaign has now been started by the ‘spin doctors’ to ensure controversy continues to ride shotgun with QRIC.
‘Reardon returned to a high paid stewarding role in Queensland and worked under a couple of dud Chief Stipes before taking over his old job. He was given a year-long extension and now he wants to keep going when many (including some of his colleagues) believe he should be pensioned off.
One could suggest the latest attack on QRIC is designed to again turn up the heat on Commissioner Ross Barnett and to make the job difficult for incumbent Chief Steward Peter Chadwick (whose Singapore record is impeccable).     
What needs to happen is for Barnett and Chadwick to rissole the disillusioned ones and restructure the stewarding ranks starting with the transfer of some Chief Stewards from regions where there is a cloud hanging over their performance.’

In conclusion several questions need to be answered:
WHY is there increasing support from some circles with media influence to retain the services of Alan Reardon when the majority of stakeholders and the racing or punting public at large believes he is past his ‘use-by’ date as Chief Steward and there is an overdue need to have a no-nonsense replacement brought in who has no problems working with QRIC to put a broom through the joint?

WHY did a former Racing Queensland Chairman turn his back on the opportunity to bring Racing Victoria Chief Steward Terry Bailey and Head of Integrity Dale Brown north in a package deal some years ago when all that has happened since has been a deterioration of punter confidence in the Queensland product?
WHY were some at Racing Victoria secretly admitting they were ‘glad to see him go’ when RQ made Reardon an offer he couldn’t refuse that some describe as a retirement package to train the younger brigade?

WHY did at least two former Chief Stewards reject a proposal from a former high profile RQ administrator to employ security guards for all runners in major feature races in Queensland following the successful lead implemented interstate and overseas? Would this not have ensured greater punter confidence and justified the cost?
A CONTRIBUTOR who calls himself ‘SAFARI MICK’ has emerged in more recent times weighing into the debate on several issues. Here’s what he had to say about the QUEENSLAND RACING INTEGRITY COMMISSION:

‘(QRIC) Commissioner (Ross) Barnett appears slow to understand the industry he supervises?
After being in the position for a few years it is again apparent that Commissioner Barnett has learned little of the racing industry including that ‘the minions’ can smell out political spin and bullshit. Most days they'd be awake well before the Commissioner.
His recent ‘nothing to see here’ Press Release dated June 15th regarding the newly appointed (RQ) Chief Steward’s ‘perceived conflict of interest’ is ample evidence of that fact and the lack of regard he has for participants.

Sir, Mr (Peter) Chadwick's conflict of interest is not perceived. It is real and was well known within the industry prior to the interview.
‘The perceived conflict of interest’ will occur if the new Chief Steward fails to exclude himself from any objection, or serious inquiry, in which the Hawkes stable, and/or his fellow owners of the horses concerned (the plural was used deliberately), are involved! And that will then become another issue for you to spin, Sir!
Does the Commissioner really expect the industry to believe that there had been disclosure of ownership prior to the interview, because that's not what well positioned sources, or ‘the minions’, are saying?
Does the Commissioner seriously consider the industry should take confidence from the appointee’s judgment in this instance?
And why hasn't the Commissioner told the full story regarding its efforts to attract international applicants to the position of Chief Steward?
Were there other candidates than four current QRIC Stewards and Mr Chadwick who the industry knows came to the interview knowing that he was being replaced by RVL's Terry Bailey who had long been head hunted insistently by Mr Chadwick's current employer (the Singapore Turf Club)? 
Mr Chadwick needed the job. Can the industry be satisfied the interview panel fully examined or understood the reasons behind Mr Bailey being sought to take his position?
Commissioner, the position failed to attract a broader response due to a range a factors which include the following.
You, and ‘the plodders’, appearing to hold the view that participants are the great unwashed, ‘the minions’, and all hiding from previously undiscovered indiscretions; the QRIC model, where little communication is alleged to occur between ‘the plodders’, who seemingly don't trust their mothers, and the Stewards; and the salary available.   
Sir, be advised that most participants are hard-working law-abiding folk just doing their best whilst at the same time keeping yourself and ‘the plodders’ in the comfort to which you no doubt feel entitled!
Spin again puts the Commissioner in a poor light with the now infamous Currie affair? Surely, one shouldn't lay charges against participants if the evidence gathered does not support such charges?
And such charges might also be particularized, shouldn't they?
But if the QRIC investigators had the evidence on May 28th when the charges were laid, why couldn't copies be provided to Currie and (his lawyer) Mr (Jim) Murdoch within the following fortnight (almost three weeks)?
Have ‘the plodders’ afforded Currie procedural fairness?  No doubt Murdoch QC will find out?
Sir, one could be excused for thinking the urge to shout from the rooftops ‘QRIC gets Currie’ was overwhelming, or became politically necessary, even if somewhat premature!
Sadly, confidence within the industry in the State continues to wane. Is that any wonder?’
‘AS a long-time follower of the Sport of Kings both in England where I resided for many years and now in Australia, I have read with interest from various States their take on the Point of Consumption Tax.
Forget it!
The only way you will get a reasonable tax revenue return from Corporate Bookmakers is a turnover tax.
They are a mob of parasites who have destroyed racing in England and Ireland and are now out here doing the same to Australia.
How lucky are they that the Federal and State politicians haven't got a clue as to what they are doing and the billions of dollars that they are taking out of this country every year?
If it wasn't for the cashed-up oil Sheiks and well-heeled owners from France and Ireland there would be no horse racing left in England
Have a look at the current Royal Ascot card and see for yourself the number of overseas-owned horses
Whoever that bloke Exelby is writing for your local paper up there hasn't got a clue.
From his writings and the editorial comments I have read it seems to me they are pushing the wheelbarrow for Ladbrokes. For whatever reason I don’t know.
The greatest money gatherers in the world are Jewish. Their motto was to take a percentage of turnover. It has stood the test of time.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Well said Charles – plenty can answer your question concerning the Murdoch Media determination to support Ladbrokes. Perhaps it has something to do with a multi-million dollar annual contract sponsoring form guides in their newspapers. Then again that would be cash for comment and we all know that ‘honourable’ Rupert wouldn’t allow that sort of thing to happen.
ALBERT WILLIAMS, a regular contributor to the WHINGE, reminisces about how popular the daily newspapers used to be and how woeful what’s left are today:
‘WHEN my dear old dad was alive he used to subscribe to The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail and would spend hours of his retirement days reading these from back (he loved the sport) to front.
Going back even further he would arrive home from work with his copy of The Telegraph and would wait on Saturday’s for the Pink Sports Edition usually grabbing his copy outside the races when he was one of the last to leave the track.
The first sign he was going downhill after a couple of months in a nursing home was his reluctance to read the The Courier-Mail that I made sure was delivered to his bed each morning.
I am not sure if his life had reached the stage where he could no longer be bothered but I suspect – from comments he made when he was still a regular reader – that the standard of the newspaper and its coverage had lost his interest.
Dad was never a fan of Rupert Murdoch and the way he monopolized the newspaper industry in this country. That dislike grew through the Super League years. Asked what side he supported in the new-look NRL, dad would reply: ‘Any that looks like beating the Broncos’.
Back in the days of The Telegraph he loved reading the racing news and columns of the late Keith Noud. In more recent times he always got a laugh out of ‘The Ear’ by Mark ‘Obe’ Oberhardt. And he wouldn’t miss the Letters to the Editorsection.
But as he grew older and the Murdoch domination of the mainstream media intensified, he got very bitter. “We only get one side of the story nowadays – the one Rupert wants us to read. Whatever happened to Freedom of the Press? Half of these columnists just express the views of Murdoch. I’m not going to have that rammed down my throat every day,” dad would say.
A regular racegoer, one of his pet hates was the kow-towing to the old guard QTC by the new Kid on the Block in the Racing Editor’s ranks in Bart Sinclair. “He should be employed by the QTC as their PR man. Bloke’s like Fred ‘Frog’ Fraser wouldn’t have survived writing critical articles that expressed how the punters were thinking. But that’s what the punters wanted to read not this arse lick stuff.”
Dad might have been going downhill fast in the years leading up to his passing but he certainly wasn’t stupid and nothing angered him more than what he saw as a complete disregard for the punting public by the mainstream racing media. “Some of these blokes just want to write stories to suit their racing officials and politician mates. They don’t give a stuff about us poor old punters,” dad would complain.
One thing that annoyed him the most was the unbalanced reporting when it came to politics especially. He would blow up at the Editorials leading up to elections but celebrate more often than not when the vote came in. “Poor old Rupert and his rags. They’re the kiss of death when it comes to elections. Whoever they try to influence the public to vote for always seems to get beaten.”
A few year have passed since his death and I am kind of glad that dad isn’t around to see just how bad a state the Murdoch media racing coverage in Queensland has deteriorated to – not to mention the blatant bias (some might call it cash for comment) in some of the stories and editorials.
We watched in disbelief as Queensland Newspapers refused to criticize the ‘dud’ TAB deals that were done by the Government of the day and its puppet Racing Queensland Boards all because Tattersall’s were funding for millions the form guides in the Murdoch Media.
Since that cosy little arrangement ended it is open slather and the TAB gets its fair share of criticism but the ‘protection’ banner seems to have been hand-balled to Ladbrokes who now sponsor the Murdoch Form Guides to the tune of more millions every year.
Ladbrokes is just one of a multitude of parasite corporate bookmakers making tens of millions in profit annually and ploughing very little back into the Australian racing industry. But because some of those profits are going into the fat, greedy pockets of Murdoch then all of a sudden they are the ‘good guys’.
Hiding behind an argument that a Point of Consumption Tax will destroy the financial viability of racing (to be objective perhaps it will), readers of the Murdoch publications are being browbeaten with story after story of woe.
As my old dad would say: ‘How much of this is designed to help the racing industry or is it a veiled campaign to help one of the biggest advertisers with News Limited make more millions?’
Forget about a Code of Ethics when it comes to newspapers, the mainstream media and journalism – Murdoch and his mates burnt that long ago.
Thank God for those websites who at least try to keep the bastards honest.’
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