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« 2017-Dec-22, 08:34 AM Reply #250 »
No mucking around with staffing re-structure

Tabcorp CIO exits in Tatts merger

Kim Wenn will leave an eight-year career at wagering giant Tabcorp next year, with Mandy Ross named the new chief information officer of the company following its merger with Tatts Group.

Tabcorp late yesterday revealed its new leadership line-up, effective from today. The wagering giants were given approval to merge by the Australian Competition Tribunal in November.

Mandy Ross was promoted as Tatts CIO in early 2014, having spent around a year as its head of technology transformation and process improvement.

She now takes over responsibility for the IT of the merged entity.

The changes see Kim Wenn depart after eight years as Tabcorp's CIO and more than a decade at the company.

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« 2018-Mar-08, 11:30 AM Reply #251 »
Notification from Ubet that any resident of Japan cannot have an account with them.
As Ubet and former names it was not an issue but now with Tab merger it is. Account closed shortly.

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« 2018-Mar-10, 08:09 PM Reply #252 »
What's the rationale?

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« 2018-Mar-10, 08:57 PM Reply #253 »
What's the rationale?
Residents of Japan are not supposed to bet overseas.

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« 2019-Mar-26, 07:24 PM Reply #254 »
Hi all I found this forum whilst googling.  I have my own betbot written in VB.NET and I use the betfair API / JSON calls to get market book data and compare against TATTS (or now UBET/TABCORP) looking for arbs in the racing market.  I was worried when these two merged however so far so good I can still make API calls and get data.  I could also still place TATTS bets using the sellbet call.   I have noticed is that the web-browser URLs have changed a bit which I also used to .

For instance ... gives the Brisbane (Ipswich) Greyhounds JSON data still works :)    This data is best view in Google Chrome does not :(

So good news is I can continue to code/developer and look for systems.  I am chasing ARBS however also looking at other systems in particular:

  • Looking at relationships between tote/fixed price as well as Betfair prices
  • Identifying false favourite as opposed to real favourite

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« 2019-Mar-27, 05:11 AM Reply #255 »

Presumably you know that Tabcorp also has a JSON API.

Trouble is it is very unimpressive.

Recently Tabcorp tried to force all the Premium outfits to used Studio away from the existing system, but that migration has now been suspended indefinitely.

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« 2019-Mar-27, 12:11 PM Reply #256 »
Thanks jfc.  Previously I had not looked at TAB because I had read you had to pay for API access, however I have just registered so lets see what happens.  In relation to their API I did see some example code as per below and it looks quite similar to BETFAIR and how I ask TATTS to Sell me a Bet  :)   We will see in time how easy it is to use ;)

The question I have is what API calls for when the two websites eventually merge.  There can be only one set of URL endpoints !   OR will they support two different endpoints for a few years ?

I guess if I get access to TAB studio then I should ensure I can request betting data from TAB as well as the current TATTS site such that if they change my software will have minimal downtime.

' Setup the Request
Dim request As HttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(""), HttpWebRequest)
        request.Method = "POST"
        request.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
        request.ContentLength = byteArray.Length

' Write data
Dim postStream As Stream = request.GetRequestStream()
        postStream.Write(byteArray, 0, byteArray.Length)

'Send Request & Get Response
Dim response As HttpWebResponse = request.GetResponse()

        Using reader As StreamReader = New StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream())

' Get the Response Stream
Dim json As String = reader.ReadLine()
Dim j As Object = New JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize(Of Object)(json)
Dim token As String = j("access_token")
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« 2019-Mar-28, 09:51 AM Reply #257 »
HMMMM so this was my response from TAB Studio  :mad:

Dear Troy,
Thank you for your enquiry.

We regret to inform you that your request for access to the new API application has not been approved.  Please note that access to TAB Web Service and TAB Data is entirely at the discretion of the Tabcorp Group.
Additional information can be found at “TAB Web Services Terms of Use – account customers” section on the TAB Customer Help page:
TAB Digital Team

Why is this - is this because they asked me how much I will put make a month and at this stage since I am not making much I put down $500

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« 2019-Apr-09, 05:20 PM Reply #258 »
I understand UBET is doing the right thing by paying two First4 dividends after the last race  fiasco at Toowoomba on Saturday where the wrong number 5 was posted as 4th it ran eighth 15 Cool Drafts ran fourth but correct weight was signalled on the wrong numbers which meant F4  account holders with 5 were paid would any retail customers....... once the stewards realised their mistake the 4th placing was corrected but too late to affect bets ...all dividends stand the TAB in a spirit of goodwill is working out the dividend to account holders  who had the correct number 15...the F4 hold was $21547 and the declared dividend $4997.40 paid on 5 ........the IT Dept is calculating what the dividend should be for account holders who had 15 the event of an account holder having selected both 5 and 15 they will be paid the difference between whatever the calculations on 15 come to and the $4997.40already in their might be bad luck for any retail punters who had 15 and destroyed their ticket on correct weight......TAB would require evidence of the bet where and when and CCTV support to pay has been reported that Ladbrokes will also pay twice and It's assumed other corporates will follow suit.......UBET advised that the dividend on 15 will not be published ...only account holders will know how much more it is worth.

Giddy Up   :beer:

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« 2019-Apr-12, 03:01 PM Reply #259 »
HMMMM so this was my response from TAB Studio  :mad:

Why is this - is this because they asked me how much I will put make a month and at this stage since I am not making much I put down $500
I put down $100 and got the same rejection :/

My question is - can I just use the beta for TAB Studio to pull data and just bet manually? I haven't been game to try hammering the beta API with too many requests.

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« 2019-Apr-20, 08:25 AM Reply #260 »
 Sorry wrong Thread.
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