Tattsbet / UNiTAB NEW WEBSITE !!!!

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Just noticed they have redesigned the unitab website.


Looks an improvement after having a quick look        emthup     

Use the old site, by clicking on this link


UNiTAB parimutuel place divvy on shoe-in JAZZ HEART was $1.00.

$1.13 was the closing price on UNi fixed odds.  emthup

Betting the way it should be. :unsure:

el zoro:
The navigation isn't the main concern to me as it's just up on the top, just needs getting used to.  :/
Why do you have to hit 'login' button now to get the login banner when the login banner used to be waiting there previously. Now takes longer to log in & you have to log in everytime to see the good form. Still don';t see the point of even having the old form as it's not even a complete formguide & it no longer takes you to previous races anyway! THe old form needs to be put in the junk pile.    :yes:

Yesterday I place some trebles on the Kilmore races and went out after the first leg had finished. I returned home later at night, fortunately I got the treble, however, when I went to the new website and I was unable to find the all anticipated payouts on all the starters in the last leg.Do they disappear after correct weight on the final leg and if not where are they ?

I finally went across to my NETBET PRO account and found them there but re the new website I am puzzled. 

el zoro:
Yep I've noticed that too. Approximates are no longer viewable after the race. I guess their reasoning is if you missed it then there is no reason to show it.  :o
Sometimes when you're out & miss the races, good to see what you had going by way of Quaddie. I've been at the track sometimes & tried to get the Quaddie Approx, can be a battle unless you find an experienced operator.   :lol:  

Also the distance of each race is missing from the Quaddie page(before the races are run), surely it would be helpful to know the distance when putting on a Quaddie.   :lol:    :lol:    :lol:  

Stan Still:
Its an improvement, call me pedantic but why oh why couldnt they find a picture of an australian horse and jockey for the racing home page not a bloody american - lets hope someone kicks the bogan up the bum and get the queensland racing website into the 21st century, ever try to find the stewards reports specially for a meeting from a track whose name startes down the alphabet, silly buggers can't even put the track names in alphabetical order, not that bogan bob would care, he still thinks the internet is something associated with a prawn trawler  and that simple logic is the latest hip hop band. :what:


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