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Offline Shogun Lodge

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« 2019-Mar-14, 08:36 AM Reply #25 »
There has been a few reports that he may race Winx in QE.
Messara would like to ruin Winxies last start?
Or at least try?
For or Agin it?
Debate.  emthup
$1.40 exacta?

Offline JWesleyHarding

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« 2019-Mar-14, 08:53 AM Reply #26 »
Until Saturday he showed  me nothing to make me think he'd pose any problems for her.

But that finish was one like hers.

Go Girl. :x:

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2019-Mar-14, 10:08 AM Reply #27 »
Hed be mad not to take her on. Roll to the front and see what happens

Online kicker

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« 2019-Mar-15, 06:49 AM Reply #28 »
Shits me to tears listening to the BS excuses coming from connections and Waller especially about not racing this horse against Winx.

With his breeding and as the winner of 4 G1's, with the Caulfield Guineas amongst them, his stud value is guaranteed and it wouldn't drop 1 cent if Winx beat him in the QE2, so that excuse just does not wash. And spare me the crap about his maturity etc.

If he were trained by anyone else there would be no question about him running in the QE2 as it's is the logical target, just as the Cox Plate was after his Guineas romp but Waller is desperate to keep Winx's unbeaten run intact. She could very well kick his brains in but it looks like we'll never know if Waller has his way.

This recent infatuation with keeping winning runs intact annoys the hell out of me. Give me the days when The King would run in anything and The Vo, Super and Better Loosen Up would never dream of dodging each other.

Offline Authorized

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« 2019-Mar-15, 10:15 AM Reply #29 »
Highland Reel beaten 5+ lengths by Winx and won all his group 1 races between 2000m and 2400m was unplaced 8 times - served 148 mares at $16500 in Australia last spring.

Grow some balls John Mesarra and Christopher.

Offline redhair

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« 2019-Mar-15, 11:08 AM Reply #30 »
At this stage it's unlikely he will run against her, although as a purist who misses the days when top horses took on hard challenges I'd love to see it.

The Doncaster is his grand final and Waller has gained a lot of success by ending a horse's campaign after their main target has been achieved.
What might change the mind of his connections is if he flopped in the Doncaster because of being held up for a run, or failure to handle a wet track or simply having an 'off day ' 
This may tempt his owners into trying to re establish his reputation with a good performance against Winx.

Online firezuki

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« 2019-Mar-23, 05:14 PM Reply #31 »
Didn't impress me as much as he has some.

I agree with Jeunes.  2nd horse had to go to early and still almost held him off.

He seems to be looking for more ground.

Winx would kill him over 2000m.

Nothing I saw today has changed my opionion of him.

Perhaps he didn't like the wet track or the second horse is a champion.

Or maybe he's not as good as some people think. 

Offline redhair

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« 2019-Mar-23, 08:01 PM Reply #32 »
His galloping action has never looked like a horse that would suit a wet track and his jockey confirmed that after the race.

To still win even though he was struggling showed his class and guts and Waller made the point about the big margin to the 3rd  horse, all we know now is that he would find 2000 on a good track easier than today.

Mesarra is talking about not running him again but I'm not sure if he means this Autumn or retiring him.

If they were to press on Mesarra would be better off picking his next race on track conditions rather than worrying about Winx, much better to run a good race in the  QE  on a good track than flounder on  a wet track against a big field in the most high pressure mile race in the country.