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« 2019-Jun-15, 04:18 PM Reply #150 »
Looks no chance to me.  :biggrin:

Hopefully we'll get some today. Looks eachway value again in the last.

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« 2019-Jun-16, 07:06 AM Reply #151 »
I mentioned the >$15.00 the place horses kept coming but its up to you guys to do the work,

Just so you know they keep on coming one last example for you as basic as I can make it from Sandown race 7 yesterday.

There was only 1 horse in the 13 strong field offering more than $15.00 the place and that was Travimyfriend - the absolute roughy of the field according to the market at $112.10 the win and $18.60 the place. Its run 2nd and the two very clear market favs have filled the other 2 trifecta spots - so a $6 trifecta bet could have returned $2,243.20 for you on the day. The same $6 could have snared you a very good % of the 25 grand first four instead.


Lazy people were once again simply not doing the form to the depth required to do the odds properly for the field. Just a few pointers of why Travimyfriend should have been in the top 6 of the market :-

1) Only 6 horses had a career place % more than 50%

2) its slow track place % was 66.6% - mostly in the quinella spots

3) Its distance place stats were >70% from 5 starts = - really how can you miss this if you look?

4) it had put in a recent very good run at this distance and has come back to this distance today

5) It is substantially down in grade today...


Or keep losing  - its up to you.


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« 2019-Jun-16, 10:08 PM Reply #152 »

Enough provided in the thread by me already for some prepared to do the necessary disciplined work to achieve profits - or can't you comprehend that?

Upside as well as  downside pitfalls and traps all provided.

Pegasyber can so read more closely.

If you cant make money when shown an approach to turn $24 ( maybe even only $6 on Unitab ) into > $18,000.00 then there is n hope for you.

Ongoing things since I last posted - horses with >50% place strike rate paying more than $15.00 the place keep occurring but I don't see the need for me to point out each one.

My posts are not for lazy spoon feeders but for those that are prepared to do some work of their own.



I take exception , as most on here will
you make bold statements with know proof and expect me to be silent ?
I can only comment on the proof supplied by most of your Strategies
which are hearsay and your bosting
all will be equal when you put up before the fact

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« 2019-Jun-16, 11:17 PM Reply #153 »

The strategy has been put up, much more than once, before the race - this is merely yet another example of it being provided AFTER the strategy has been provided given your claim 'of another failed approach'.

pegasyber sees that on his ear but you cant.

Says a lot about you Ratsac.

I did not do that bet - I was walking along a lovely beach at the time and not betting so there is no boast. Face it Ratsac you are on a par with Peter Mair and want to be spoon fed tips before the jump - sad.

You are in fact claiming that you are totally incapable of doing the work to find horses paying more than $15.00 the place with a career place strike rate of 50% or more.

You are in fact claiming that you are totally incapable of seeing 1 or 2 clear standout favourites from the field.

You are also claiming that you are totally incapable of roving a roughy or two with a clear favourite or favourites in a trifecta or first four bet as in the example provided. Again very sad for you.

So you might fail if you try yourself but so what.... When $6 turns into >$2,200.00 you can fail many many many times and still be in front; 365 times in fact. I was prepared to give you credit for being capable of doing that - why aren't you? Why do you only see failure?

Or Ratsac have you not given up your trolling ways just yet?

Finally Ratsac this is just an approach for people to consider for themselves - its not about me and my bets, nor you ratsac nor pegasyber. It's just an approach for people to consider.

Pegasyber loves it given his capabilities and outlook. Others might too.

Ratsac if you don't like it then simply don't do it and or give the thread a miss and or put me on ignore!

I'd be more than happy Ratsac if you put up a much better approach than this one for people to consider; before the race tips too if you like. But I think we will be waiting an awful long time for that as you are only interested in negativity aren't you Ratsac - something that destroys forums.

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« 2019-Aug-15, 11:56 AM Reply #154 »
Hi Fours.
I am new to this forum, actually today I joined. I have been reading so many of your posts, but I am unable to find your system anywhere.
Could you please direct me to where it is, pretty please   :noteworthy:

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« 2019-Aug-17, 08:53 AM Reply #155 »

Your mail box is full so no one can send you any PM's - I wont try again until you fix it.