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Enable's win in today's Breeder's Cup Turf takes her to number 20 in my list of the word's top earners with earnings of USD 10,682,238.

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Note this is a table that I am updating from time to time.            
The earnings figures are not to be taken as gospel and I have set them out together with the a list of other horses I have discarded as unlikely to be the leading earner of their era.  Sometimes the difference between making the list and being discarded is only a few thousand GBP.             
If anyone has evidence of another horse I should consider or if you believe any information is incorrect please let me know.            
I have included both Allez France and Dahlia as leading earners as I do not have enough information at this stage to split them.  Perhaps they could have both been leading earners at various times during their careers.            
Amerigo raced in England as a two year old before being sent to USA to race.              
Some of the earnings figures I have below vary substantially from those on pedigreequery or wikipedia.            
British newspapers on the 1950-1960s concentrate on whether the leading earner is trained in the UK and they tend to include Ireland as part of the UK.              
Roger Mortimer writing in the Times in the early sixties noted that France was sending its second eleven to England as prizemoney in France was far better yet the French second eleven was still superior to the English stayers and something ought to be done about it.             
One of the horses in the 'discard' list is Bon Mot who only had 3 wins yet there is some suggestion his USD earnings would give him a chance a being the leading earner of his era.  While French prizemoney was possibly better than English prizemoney it seems unlikely the figure I have seen is correct.  The French franc was revalued in 1960 (see wikipedia page on French franc) and it is possible the wrong exchange rate was used.            
I have seen 'Sea Bird II' spelt a number of different ways and have elected to go with the way it is spelt here because I like it!            
A separate list of of British and Irish trained leading earners would include some of those in the discard list.            
Gladiateur is most likely to have earned far more than any European racehorse before him much as Carbine did in Australiasia and as such is, in my opinion, the undisputed record holder of his time.              
Gladiateur (FR) 1862                       GBP 30,776.00   USD 235,822.22      19 starts: 16 wins, 0 second, 1 third.
Donovan (GB) 1886   Passed Gladiateur   GBP 55,443.00     USD 268,595.11      21 starts: 18 wins, 2 seconds, 1 third.
Isinglass (GB) 1890   Passed Donovan   GBP 57,455.00           USD 285,814.00      12 starts: 11 wins, 1 second, 0 thirds.
Tulyar (IRE) 1949   Passed Isinglass in GBP not USD   GBP 76,696   USD 214,750      13 starts: 11 wins, 2 seconds, 0 thirds.
Ribot (GB) 1952   Passed Tulyar in GBP and Isinglass in USD   at least GBP 78,000   USD 294,414      16 starts: 16 wins, 0 second, 0 thirds.
Ballymoss (IRE) 1954   Passed Tulyar   GBP 107,165 or GBP 114,150 (both wikipedia)   USD 299,411      13 starts: 11 wins, 2 seconds, 0 thirds.
Amerigo (GB) 1955   Passed Ballymoss   GBP 153,098   USD 428,679      46 starts: 14 wins, 12 seconds, 6 thirds.
Exbury (FR) 1959   Passed Exbury   GBP 156,120   USD 437,138      15 or 16 starts: 8 wins, 3 seconds and 3 thirds.
Sea Bird II (FR) 1962   Passed Exbury   GBP 229,411   USD 642,356      8 starts: 7 wins, 1 second and 0 thirds.
Nijinsky II (CAN) 1967   Passed Sea Bird II   GBP 255,984   USD 614,358      13 starts: 11 wins, 2 seconds, 0 thirds.
Mill Reef (USA) 1968   Passed Nijinsky II   GBP 309,225   USD 764,412      14 starts: 12 wins, 2 seconds, 0 thirds.
Allez France (USA) 1970   Passed Mill Reef    GBP 493,100 for firsts   USD 1,386,146      21 starts: 13 wins, 3 seconds, 1 third.
Dahlia (USA) 1970   Passed Mill Reef   GBP 497,741 for firsts   USD 1,489,105      46 starts: 15 wins, 3 seconds, 7 thirds.
All Along (FR) 1979   Passed Allez France / Dahlia   GBP 2,043,735   USD 2,959,877   FRF 24,018,020   21 starts: 9 wins, 4 seconds, 2 thirds.
Singspiel (IRE) 1992   Passed All Along   GBP 3,207,796   USD 5,953,018   1 start in France   20 starts: 9 wins, 8 seconds, 0 thirds.
# Fantastic Light (USA) 1996   Passed Singspiel   GBP 4,207,029   USD 8,486,957   Raced as 2YO before euro introduced   25 starts: 12 wins, 5 seconds, 3 thirds.
Cirrus des Aigles (FR) 2006   Passed Fantastic Light    GBP 6,151,639   USD 9,791,604   EUR 7,336,430   67 starts: 22 wins, 20 seconds, 6 thirds.
Flintshire (GB) 2010   Passed Cirrus des Aigles in GBP but second to him in USD   GBP 6,414,248   USD 9,602,227   EUR 8,205,359   24 starts: 8 wins, 12 seconds, 1 third.
Highland Reel (IRE) 2012   Passed Flintshire in GBP and Cirrus des Aigles in USD   GBP 7,875,927   USD 10,525,708   EUR 9,395,997   27 starts: 10 wins, 6 seconds, 3 thirds.
Enable (GB) 2014   Passed Highland Reel in GBP and USD only   GBP 8,139,550   USD 10,682,238   EUR 9,230,001   11 starts: 10 wins, 0 seconds and 1 third.
# In my opinion has overstated Fantastic Light's earnings by USD 1,000,000 as first prize in the Breeder's Cup Turf of 27 October 2001 was USD 1,112,800 not USD 2,112,800 as stated in the chart for that race.  Similarly the total value of the race was overstated by USD 1,000,000.  However I think there is a USD 2,000,000 overstatement by 'equibase', 'wikipedia' and 'pedigreequery'.  Perhaps someone tried to correct the error and instead of reducing career earnings by USD 1,000,000, USD 1,000,000 was added to the then existing total, adding to the error.  The equibase / wikipedia / pedigreequery figure is currently USD 8,486,957. If this is reduced by USD 2,000,000 then the career earnings will be USD 6,486,957 which is very close to my figure of USD 6,491,378.  The 'racingpost' figure of GBP 4,207,029 is reasonably close to my figure of GBP 4,402,970.01. 'racing post' seem to use a GPB figure that is about USD 1,000,000 less than that shown on the equibase chart.  The lower figure is also consistent with prizemoney awarded in other years around that time.               
Kincsem (HUN) 1874               
St Simon (GB) 1881               
Ormonde (GB) 1883               
Ayrshire (GB) 1885               
La Fleche (GB) 1889               
Orme (GB) 1889               
Persimmon (GB) 1893               
Flying Fox (GB) 1896               
Ksar (FR) 1918               
Bahram (IRE) 1932               
Nearco (ITY) 1935               
Ragusa (IRE) 1960               
Baldric II (USA) 1961               
Santa Claus (GB) 1961               
Bon Mot (FR) 1963               
Ribocco (USA) 1964               
Royal Palace (GB) 1964               
Sir Ivor (USA) 1965               
Brigadier Gerard (GB) 1968               
Grundy (IRE) 1972               
Blushing Groom (FR) 1974               
Alleged (USA) 1974               
Erin's Isle (IRE) 1978               
^Theatrical (IRE) 1982      GBP 1,832,291   USD 2,942,004   Did not race in France   22 starts: 10 wins, 4 seconds, 2 thirds.
^^Miesque (USA) 1984      GBP 1,157,916   USD 1,973,172   FRF 11,868,005   16 starts: 12 wins (10 x G1 (7 x FR, 1 x GB, 2 x USA)), 3 seconds, 1 third.
Kotashaan (FR) 1988      GBP 1,774,295   USD 2,664,362   FRF 15,464,638   22 starts, 10 wins (5 x G1), 5 seconds, 2 thirds.
Ouija Board (GB) 2001      GBP 3,443,479   USD 6,307,755   EUR 5,075,370   22 starts: 10 wins (7 x G1), 3 seconds, 5 thirds.
Danedream (GER) 2008      GBP 3,196,441   USD 5,027,014   EUR 3,765,984   17 starts: 8 wins (5 x G1), 0 seconds, 4 thirds.
Frankel (GB) 2008      GBP 2,998,302   USD 4,788,386   EUR 3,590,310   14 starts: 14 wins (10 x Group 1), 0 second, 0 thirds.
Treve (FR) 2010      GBP 5,930,560   USD 9,516,031   EUR 7,347,571   13 starts: 9 wins (6 x Group 1), 1 second, 1 third.
Found (IRE) 2012      GBP 5,525,377   USD 7,647,067   EUR 6,818,666   21 starts: 6 wins (3 x Group 1), 11 seconds and 3 thirds.
Cracksman (GB) 2014      GBP 2,799,254   USD 3,681,356   EUR 3,161,071   11 starts: 8 wins (4 x Group 1), 2 seconds, 1 third.
Thunder Snow (IRE) 2014      GBP 6,665,592   USD 9,073,534   EUR 7,622,479   21 starts: 7 wins (3 x Group 1), 6 seconds, 3 thirds.
^ Theatrical's figure relies on an estimate of earnings from one Irish and one German start and some other guesswork as to timing of amounts earned for exchange rate purposes however it is unlikely the figures above are out by more than a few thousand GBP or USD.  The USD figure above splits the equibase and pedigreequery career USD figures but that is probably a fluke on my part.                 
^^ Some guesswork re Miesque's two UK starts but error unlikly to be more that GBP 10,000               
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First mare to earn more than USD 1,000,000

Allez France (USA) 1970 v Dahlia (USA) 1970

According to Allez France’s Wikipedia page at :  Allez France was the first filly in Thoroughbred horse racing history to earn $1 million, according to the United States National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. However, Sports Illustrated says that Dahlia was "the first filly to win $1 million (just before Allez did it)", and the U.S. National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame contradicts itself by saying that Dahlia was "the first female Thoroughbred to earn $1 million."

Allez France

Allez France’s career record:  21 starts, 13 wins (8 x G1), 3 seconds and 1 third.  Win % 61.9, Place % 81.0. 

She raced in France, 18 times,  England twice for 2 seconds in the Champion Stakes and her last race was in the USA in the National Thoroughbred Championship Hcp at Santa Anita over 10f of dirt where she ran 11th of 11.  She had never raced on dirt before. I understand this race was being promoted as a big money dirt lead up race to the Washington DC International (it was run the week before) but I have no further information about the race. 
Allez France competed against Dahlia on 8 occasions (they also raced on the same date as 2YOs but possibly in different races) and on each of those 8 occasions Allez France beat Dahlia home.  Allez France won seven of them.  The closest Dahlia came was a second in the Prix de Diane.  The only time Allez France did not win the race in which both competed was the 1975 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe where she finished fifth (as defending champion) to Dahlia’s 15th.

Even though Allez France had one race in the USA her career summary record does not appear on   

Her career summary and race record (limited details)does appear on ‘’ in euros not French francs even though the franc was the currency at the time she raced.  From looking at a number of horse earnings details from the pre euro period (pre 1 January 1999) it seems all pre 1 January 1999 French francs amounts of ‘france-galop’ were converted to euros at the rate of €1 = 6.55957FF which was the agreed rate on the introduction of the Euro on 1 January 1999.  As the euro did not exist when Allez France raced there is no rate of exchange to work out her earnings in other currencies so I have converted the euros back to French francs first.   Ditto for Dahlia.

According to Wikipedia, ‘pedigreequery’ and ‘amercanclassicpedigrees’ Allez France career earnings were USD 1,386,146. She is not inducted into the US National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame although her trainer for 1974 and 1975 Angel Penna was inducted and it is under his bio that the reference to her becoming the first mare to win USD 1,000,000 is made.

Doing the best I can with the limited information at my fingertips I have her career earnings as follows:
France earnings in FRF:       FRF 5,996,650  (Starts 18: 13-1-1-3)
England earnings in GBP:    GBP 23,859.00  (Starts 2: 0-2-0-0)
United States earnings in USD:  USD 0.00  (Starts 1: 0-0-0-1)

I have converted these amounts to calculate worldwide earnings into FRF, USD, GBP and AUD amounts as follows:
FRF 6,232,244.70
USD 1,361,871.54
GBP 570,015.08
AUD 980,494.42

(This is based on Reserve Bank of Australia (…) monthly exchange rates as published for the month the race for USD and GBP amounts and annual rates at PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service to convert to FRF amounts to USD first before converting into other currencies.  During the period both horses raced currency rates were fixed by governments but there were ‘unofficial’ rates offered by banks.  World governments were considering moving to the floating rates we are familiar with today which happened later.  Reuters were publishing daily rates during this period but they do not appear to be on the internet.)   

Amazingly my USD figure is close to the USD 1,386,146 other sources quote.


Dahlia’s career record:  48 starts, 15 wins (10 x G1), 3 seconds and 7 thirds.  Win % 31.3, Place % 52.1.

Even though she couldn’t beat Allez France at home she had a fantastic international career winning two King George’s and a Washington DC International among her 10 Group 1 wins as well as winning a Canadian International (then a Group 2 race).  Dahlia ran twice on dirt in the USA but was not placed among the 13 starts she had in the US in 1976 as a six year old.  (Allez France retired after her five year old season.)

Again, doing the best I can with the limited information at my fingertips I have her career earnings as follows:
France earnings in FRF:  FRF 1,929,300  (Starts 21: 5-3-3-10)
Ireland earnings in Irish Pounds:  IEP 22,474.00  (Starts 1: 1-0-0-0)
England earnings in GBP:  GBP 253,865.50  (Starts 6: 4-0-2-0)
United States earnings in USD:  USD 361,699.40  (Starts 17: 4-0-2-11)
Canada earnings in Canadian Dollars:  CAD 102,972.00  (Starts 2: 1-0-0-1)
Italian earnings in Lira:  ITL 0.00  (Starts 1: 0-0-0-1)

I have converted these amounts to calculate worldwide earnings into FRF, USD, GBP and AUD amounts on the same basis as for Allez France  (using annual rates for FRF, CAD and ITL amounts (IEP = GBP then) to arrive at the following amounts:
FRF 7,131,770.85
USD 1,541,997.76
GBP 673,004.66
AUD 1,112,618.20

My USD figure is close enough to the ‘’ figure of USD 1,489,105 to suggest that I am in the ball park.  As one might expect the US National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame total is the same as the ‘’ total.

Dahlia’s 1973 earnings -

The major difference between my figure and the ‘’ figure  is Dahlia’s 1973 earnings which I have at USD 587,789 and has at USD 541,577 so some further work required here. 

A possible reason for the difference is the amount of French francs earned by Dahlia in winning the Prix St Alary (G1) at Longchamp on 20 May 1973.  ‘france-galop’ has earnings of EUR 71,834 which equates to FRF 471,200 while ‘galop-seiger’ has first prize as FRF 350,000.   If FRF 350,000 is plugged into the calculations the USD total falls to USD 1,514,778 a reduction of USD 27,218. 

The million dollar milestone

If first prize for the Prix St Alary is FRF 471,200 then:

-   Dahlia passed the USD 1,000,000 total on 20 August 1974 when she won Benson & Hedges Gold Cup (G1) at Yorkt
-   Allez France passed USD 1,000,000 total on 6 October 1974 when she won the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (GI) at Longchamp .

If first prize for the Prix St Alary is FRF 350,000 the answer is still the same albeit the margin for error is only about USD 3,000.

If the benchmark was set at FRF 5,000,000 Allez France exceeded that total on 6 October 1974 and Dahlia six days later. 

If the benchmark was set at GBP 500,000 Dahlia exceeded that total on 9 November 1974 whereas Allez France took until 4 May 1975.   

I need some for information before I can publish detailed race records.