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Offline timw

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« 2022-Jun-18, 10:19 AM Reply #1000 »

Sorry about missing the gag. I have found the commentary between races so painful I have changed channels to anything to fill in the time.

PS Homesman is being quoted about the same price as Nature Strip to win tonight's sprint and there are 27 runners and he's not as good.  Interested in seeing how Hurricane Lane goes  in the Hardwicke Stakes.


Offline nemisis

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« 2022-Jun-18, 10:44 AM Reply #1001 »
Home Affairs ,Tim.

I've backed Artorius....my only Ascot bet.
Hard to be confident with him.....he disappointed me a bit in his last start....1st time I have been disappointed in him

If you want to listen to some painful inbetween race commentary....try Terry Bailey and Matt Welsh doing Geelong yesterday on Racing.com.
What a turnoff :thumbsd: :thumbsd:

Online wily ole dog

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« 2022-Jun-18, 11:30 AM Reply #1002 »
Sorry Nem but it does make me laugh. Itís very subjective but seriously what do you expect from some talking heads at an obscure Friday  meeting ?

Offline nemisis

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« 2022-Jun-18, 12:21 PM Reply #1003 »
You are probably right Wily...my expectation may be a bit high.

Seems to me that a prerequisite for racing commentary jobs these days is to have an annoying voice or laugh.
Matt Welsh's voice is a bit high pitched.
Terry Bailey's laugh???....now where have I heard something like that before????

Maybe here....https://www.racingnsw.com.au/news/latest-racing-news/peter-vlandys-responds-to-abc-730-report-with-alan-jones/

Certainly aged well this interview!

Online Gintara

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« 2022-Jun-18, 06:47 PM Reply #1004 »
I'm not sure why anyone let's it bother them  :what:

Online Peter Mair

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« 2022-Jun-18, 06:56 PM Reply #1005 »

They might be bothering a great architect.

Offline Arsenal

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« 2022-Jun-19, 08:19 PM Reply #1006 »

A jolly good lunch at windsor Castle Pv'L  sat next to the Queen and had a jolly good conversation with her majesty.

According to LGHR Big Richie was also on the ground in top hat & tails pity he didn't make the luncheon and I never sighted him on Racing.com ' coverage.

giddy up  :beer: