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Steve M

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O.P. « 2012-May-08, 08:18 PM »
Story is he's passed away.

Awaiting confirmation.

Offline fours

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« 2012-May-08, 08:45 PM Reply #1 »

Vo, or an impersonator, has been posting regularly on another forum.


Offline Runway

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« 2012-May-08, 09:24 PM Reply #2 »
yes - I think i saw from posts on racenet from a vo rogue and the style of comment did seem similar to the stuff vo posted here. Hope he's still with us

Offline Gintara

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« 2012-May-08, 10:02 PM Reply #3 »
Seems to be all over twitter  :chin:

Offline Authorized

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« 2012-May-09, 12:10 AM Reply #4 »
Wonderful horse. What a story.

Offline MagiC~*

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« 2012-May-09, 07:26 AM Reply #5 »
Was a great horse,

My father had the privileged of beating him in the Lord Mayors Cup in Brisbane, aboard Burglar of Bamph.

From memory, he stalked him, never letting him get away with his massive lead, sitting right on his tail.

In all fairness, Vo Rouge was coming off a pretty tough campaign down south, but still, a nice feather to have in your cap    emthup  

Offline Runway

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« 2012-May-09, 09:28 AM Reply #6 »
yes - I think i saw from posts on racenet from a vo rogue and the style of comment did seem similar to the stuff vo posted here. Hope he's still with us

I am a duffer - I thought you were referring to the forumite not the horse

Offline makybediva

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« 2012-May-09, 12:37 PM Reply #7 »
28 years old..what a tough old horse he was!  As much as racing needs it's "Black Caviars" and all "the next big things", it really needs horses like "Vo Rogue" to give that sense of adventure.

Offline jimbler

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« 2012-May-09, 06:02 PM Reply #8 »
Vo Rogue, who was never washed or shod, consistently out-ran champions Better loosen Up and Super Impose in an 83 start career.


Don't understand this bit?  Never washed?  Was there a reason for that?

Steve M

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« 2012-May-09, 06:45 PM Reply #9 »

1987 Alister Clark Stakes

Offline JWesleyHarding

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« 2012-May-09, 08:29 PM Reply #10 »
I am a duffer - I thought you were referring to the forumite not the horse

I thought the same thing. :embarrassed:

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2012-May-09, 10:50 PM Reply #11 »
Tragic stuff, I'm gutted. Absolute champion who deserved more recognition. At his top, nothing could live with him over 2000m

Steve M

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« 2012-May-09, 10:51 PM Reply #12 »
Australian racing bid farewell to one of the most popular horses in its history on Tuesday night. Brad Bishop pays tribute to the star Queenslander, Vo Rogue.
If you gathered a panel of experts and asked them to rank Australasia's best horses from the late 1980s and early 90s, Vo Rogue wouldn't be favourite to come out on top.

In fact, the Queensland front-runner might even battle for a spot in the top three.

Hall of Famers Better Loosen Up and Super Impose, fellow Cox Plate winners Bonecrusher, Rubiton and Our Poetic Prince, Japan Cup champ Horlicks and Kiwi star Rough Habit were among those Vo Rogue raced against in what was a golden era for weight-for-age racing, while Shaftsbury Avenue and Let's Elope came along not long after.

But if you took a popularity vote on the same era, Vo Rogue would be Black Caviar-type odds to win it.

His free-wheeling style of racing, which often saw him shoot 10 lengths clear of his rivals mid-race, combined with his association with battling trainer Vic Rail and little-known jockey Cyril Small, earned a cult following, especially in Melbourne, where he did his best work.

Hence, there was much sadness late on Tuesday when news came through that Vo Rogue had died, aged 28.

Small – who rode Vo Rogue in 68 of his 83 races, including 64 of his last 65 starts – was saddened by his passing but thrilled to have been part of the story.

“It is a sad time,” he said. “Melbourne people really did love him. I think the connection with Vic Rail and Vic's personality (played a part), plus the horse's great performances. They just love a good horse.”

There was little sign early that the son of Americain stallion Ivor Prince and Vow, who was foaled on 12 November 1983, would go on to win 26 races and $3,116,100 in prizemoney.

It took him five starts to win a race, a lowly two-year-old maiden at Eagle Farm on 25 June 1986, while he failed to salute at any of his next five starts. But he turned the corner with three wins in the space of four starts in the summer 1986/87, which prompted Rail to send him south to Melbourne.

Vo Rogue showed an immediate appreciation for left-handed racing, running third in The Debonair (1400m) at 40-1 before a third in the Group 1 Australian Guineas (1600m) won by Military Plume at 50-1.

He then failed behind Rubiton in the Group 3 Autumn Stakes (1400m) before producing the first sign of his star qualities in the Creswick Stakes at Flemington, then a 2000m event for three-year-olds.

He walked home by seven lengths, in a scorching time of 2:00.7, and backed it up with victory over established staying three-year-olds Cossack Warrior and Myocard five days later in the Group 2 Alister Clark Stakes (2040m) at Moonee Valley.

That was the first of 13 wins at Group 1 or Group 2 level in Melbourne. Four of those were at the highest level – the William Reid Stakes and Futurity Stakes in 1988 and back-to-back Australian Cups in 1989/90 – and of the remainder, five were Group 2 races that are now run at Group 1 level.

Vo Rogue owned the C.F. Orr Stakes (1400m) – which didn't become a Group 1 until 1993 – from 1988-90 and won back-to-back Turnbull Stakes (2000m) in 1988/89.

He also won both the Blamey Stakes (1600m) – then run before the Australian Cup – and St George Stakes (now Peter Young Stakes, 1800m) in 1988 and 1989.

He was runner-up in five Group 1s in Victoria, one of which is the race he is best remembered for. The 1988 Australian Cup was promoted as a match race between Vo Rogue and Bonecrusher and while Vo Rogue had Bonecrusher's measure, he was unable to withstand the powerful finish of 125-1 shot Dandy Andy.

Vo Rogue won further Group 1s in the 1988 Winfield Stakes (1800m) in Perth and the 1989 George Main Stakes (1600m) – the only time he ran a place in eight starts in Sydney – but it was his second Australian Cup that Small remembers most fondly.

After looking as good as ever in the Orr Stakes, he then ran third as a 4/7 favourite in the Blamey Stakes and was controversially beaten by King's High on protest in the St George Stakes.

But he bounced back to beat possibly the greatest Australian Cup field of the past 25 years. Better Loosen Up ran second and Super Impose third with Stylish Century and The Phantom on the placegetters heels.

Vo Rogue fans who maintained the faith were rewarded with odds of 12-1 – his longest-ever winning price.

“I'd say my best memory would be his last Australia Cup,” Small said. “A lot of the so called experts thought he was over the hill and he proved them wrong.”

Vo Rogue didn't win another race in 16 starts – his best effort a second to Better Loosen Up in the 1991 Australian Cup – and Rail died after contracting the Hendra virus, around three years after his final start in 20 May 1991.

Small, who only last week had his first ride in Victoria in years when he came out of retirement to ride at Warrnambool, is now the only surviving member of the famous trio but their story will live on forever.

Farewell Vo Rogue


Offline wily ole dog

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« 2012-May-09, 11:02 PM Reply #13 »
I gave the great horse a cuddle and shared a beer with Vic in his stall after the George main bak in 88. It was hours after the last race and in darkness but there was Vic with his boy :love:

Offline worldisavampire

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« 2012-May-10, 12:58 AM Reply #14 »
I gave the great horse a cuddle and shared a beer with Vic in his stall after the George main bak in 88. It was hours after the last race and in darkness but there was Vic with his boy :love:

  emthup   emthup

Offline arthur

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« 2012-May-10, 08:52 AM Reply #15 »

Had the good fortune to back VR at E/ Farm in its maiden win

Asked a bookie mate for a tip and was told to back VR if there was a penny for him because it had been beating Rode Rouge(??) in trackwork

I didn't wait to see 'the money' as the 16-1 looked OK to me . . Then the money & came in to 5-1 but if I remember rightly it got back out to 8-1

Bart mentioned the 'huge plunge' in today's C-M but the crowd was pretty small so plonk may not have been as big as it seemed

Think it was the 'Hugh Courtney Maiden' . . HC was a man highly esteemed in rugby union circles

PS Still have the racebook from that day but it is in a 'safe place' (??)  :confused1: . . if I can find it in time will try to post it
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Offline dubbledee

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« 2012-May-10, 09:01 AM Reply #16 »
Yes, Arthur.  I remember the day as well as I remember this morning's breakfast.

A colleague from work accompanied me to the races that day.  She wasn't a total novice, but certainly wasn't a keen punter.  I think it might have been Race 2.  I saw my friend before the race and I asked what she'd backed.  "Vo Rogue, I liked its name".  I think she backed it at around 7/1.

I don't have recollection of there being any "plunge".   :no:

Offline arthur

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« 2012-May-10, 09:45 AM Reply #17 »
What a horse. I met his owner at EF one day when he was a yearling. froggy said he was a scrawny thing but Vic thought he might be alright later on. froggy had a pair of stubby shorts on, a Jackie Howe singlet and a pair of thongs. I remember his great quote after the horse lost the St George on protest - as you slide down the bannister of life you're bound to get a splinter or 2 in the ass along the way. He made sure the horse was looked after in his old age. When people ask me why I love racing so much I tell them the Vo Rogue story
(pinched from another site)

I can remember that day too . . but seem to remember the connexion on Sky as saying: "We've gone from 'wine, women, and song . . to rum, bum and bagpipes!"

Maybe he said both . . and no doubt a few more  :rant:  unprintable things as well 

Also thought that VR had changed hands

Steve M

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« 2012-May-10, 01:11 PM Reply #18 »

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2019-May-14, 07:24 PM Reply #19 »
It’s taken 30 years but he’s finally in the hall of fame :clap2:

Offline firezuki

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« 2019-May-15, 05:19 PM Reply #20 »
And rightfully so.  What a great horse. 

Offline Dave

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« 2019-May-16, 05:32 PM Reply #21 »
Very good horse in an era of very good horses, the difference between Vo and champs like Black Caviar and Winx is a thing called "Romance of the Turf" Vo had it and they never could.....not a lot of doubt they were endowed with more ability than Vo.....but they were owned by Multi's and Trained by big name "numbers" trainers.........Hollywood has understood what puts Bums on seats since Hollywood began......and it ain't just getting the best actors and the best Writers, you could put Olivier on playing Shakespeare in one theatre and right alongside in another theatre Put Stallone playing Rambo and see who puts the most bums on seats??
Champion horses are great but very rare.....Romance of the Turf is everywhere and in abundance but it is left sitting on the shelf.......Movies need 2 things to be a blockbuster at the Box Office.....Heroes and Romance!!....Black Caviar and Winx were neither of them,,,,,,racing needs to be leveled up so everyone has an opportunity to share in the success.....in it's present state Waller will keep on growing and pushing everyone else out
We need more Vo Rogue's/Vic rails and Takeover Target/Joe Janiaks......but if they need a Champion to succeed that makes it highly unlikely if not impossible that it will happen often enough to save Racing from going down the gurgler like it has every where else on the Planet (except for a few Asian countries)
Racing at present is All about Gambling/Breeding, we need it to become about entertainment again....and about the wonderful Thoroughbred

P.S. I love Black Caviar and Winx and appreciate them for their sheer untapped ability........not so much love for their p#*s weak owners!

Offline sobig

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« 2019-May-16, 05:47 PM Reply #22 »
Nor disputing Vo Rogue's career but he did not attract the crowds that Winx did.

Offline JWesleyHarding

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« 2019-May-16, 05:57 PM Reply #23 »
What's this about comparing Vo to Winx?

Get off the grass!!!!

As good as he was I'm not sure whether he should be compared to Super Impose. :chin:

Offline gunbower

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« 2019-May-16, 08:32 PM Reply #24 »
JWH, watch some You Tube videos . When the Vo was in his prime , Super was generally chasing him home. Of course that was also after the Vo had made the pace in the race and afforded Super and Co a lovely trail into the race.