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Author Topic: Wet Track Sires  (Read 16004 times)

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« 2020-Jul-23, 03:46 PM Reply #25 »
Canford Cliff?

Offline PoisonPen7

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« 2020-Jul-23, 05:09 PM Reply #26 »

There is another one in the 7th race - #11 - could be an omen because #11 has won two races thus far today.

3rd. $5 place   :biggrin:

Offline Dave

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« 2020-Jul-27, 01:31 AM Reply #27 »
Looking at wet track stats can be very misleading unless you know how to read them, first take a staying sire, any runners he has in the wet over a sprint distance should be eliminated from the stats, second you must eliminate any horses with Zero ability, it isn't that they don't win in the wet, they aren't any good on the dry either!.....so now you have horses with ability over a suitable distance....that is where you get an accurate picture of a sires wet track stats.......then you are cooking with gas