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O.P. « 2015-Oct-17, 09:04 PM »

What did Patrick Bartley write?

With the deft foresight of a Pope banning a racy book, whoever banned Patrick Bartley from Caulfield today only ensured that people would be asking 'what did he say?'

I pay attention -- but I will be pleased to be reminded of what offended the rulers: it may need more attention.

There is a rule for accredited media people about what shall remain unwritten -- the rule embraces any and every thing critical of the administration of racing in Australia.

Ban on Age racing writer lifted

Read mo http://www.theage.com.au/sport#ixzz3oozQ6cPg
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« 2015-Oct-18, 03:51 AM Reply #1 »
Ban on The Age racing writer lifted

Melbourne Racing Club on Saturday afternoon backed away from a decision taken earlier in the day to ban The Age's chief racing writer, Patrick Bartley, from the Caulfield Cup meeting.

Caulfield officials sought to bar Bartley, who has been a racing journalist for 35 years, after a series of articles in which he had been critical of the MRC track and the way the club had conducted its operations.

As reporters and photographers from all major media groups were preparing to discuss a boycott of coverage of Caulfield's second race, Bartley was notified the ban had been rescinded.

Bartley received a phone call on Saturday morning telling him he would not be welcome. The club insisted it had the final right to decide on who it let into any of its race meetings, irrespective of whether they had been accredited by Racing Victoria. 

The MRC and The Age will have further discussion about the issue during the week.

Read mo http://www.theage.com.au/sport/horseracing/ban-on-age-racing-writer-lifted-20151017-gkbn0o.html#ixzz3oqfiwKpT
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« 2015-Oct-18, 07:56 AM Reply #2 »
The photo in the Michael Lynch story can't be Patrick Bartley can it????? :shy:

this is what appears with his by line

MRC very touchy if they can't cope with a bit of stick occasionally.....barring him then rescinding it shows they're weak and prone to pressure.

Giddy Up :beer:

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« 2015-Oct-18, 08:50 AM Reply #3 »

No need for this autocratic nonsense

......... having perused the file of PB stories, a couple that dealt with the MRC were hardly reason to warn-off a prominent journalist.

Since when do race club administrators decide to disqualify professionals?

Will RVL be speaking to those responsible -- or will this warning to scribes be left standing?

Check the basis for the warn-off


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« 2015-Oct-18, 04:38 PM Reply #4 »
It may be the quoted below from the following article


However, for the Melbourne Racing Club it was a public-relations disaster for it's bid to attract European stayers for its premier race. In fact, speculation on Monday night was Mike Symons and his current regime at the Melbourne Racing Club were losing favour with their members.

Promises such as returning jumps races to the Caulfield track have amounted to little under Symons' watch. More worrying for the Melbourne Racing Club was that the Tabcorp figures that have been up all spring carnival, were down nearly 10 per cent on Saturday's Caulfield Guineas meeting and while their opposition, the corporate bookmakers, were up on last year, the Tabcorp figure is worrying.

In fact, if the same loss is experienced at the Caulfield Cup meeting, Racing Victoria will have to assist in the hemorrhaging of the club's figures.

Melbourne Racing Club, under Symons, has shared an indifferent relationship with Australia's most powerful wagering operation in Australasia. While the club defended its 6.15pm final event, the late finish has been widely condemned, with some executives believing that the template used at Flemington of having an early start and a gradual arrival at the race meeting is a far better option.


It could also be that Patrick is not everybody's favourite over his hard-line reporting of the cobalt cases

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« 2015-Oct-18, 06:16 PM Reply #5 »

Partick Bartley did not write this nonsense -- and no administrator said a word because they liked it

Hong Kong boost

NSW TAB punters will be betting into the huge Hong Kong pools on Happy Valley and Sha Tin by the end of the year, like Victoria, once regulatory approval is obtained. Tabcorp has signed a deal to co-mingle into the win, place, quinella, duet and trifecta pools in Hong Kong. Victorian punters enjoyed the benefit for the first time on Wednesday night. Tabcorp's chief operating officer Brendan Parnell said Victoria has been co-mingling with New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa for the past couple of years. "We are working towards having the Hong Kong pools available to NSW customers but have to get the final approval because of the different rules we bet under in the co-mingled pool," Parnell said. "It will be a great benefit to punters because the size of the pools and it is part of our overall commitment to international racing and co-mingling, which benefits the punter. We signed off with the agreement with the Hong Kong Jockey Club this week and we were able to implement co-mingling for Victoria straight

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« 2017-Oct-15, 09:03 AM Reply #6 »
Age journalist Patrick Bartley stands accused of making an anti-Semitic comment to a Melbourne Racing executive at a Spring Racing Carnival luncheon.

Page 13: The Age racing writer accused of anti-Semitic rant at Spring Carnival luncheon
Alice Coster, Herald Sun
October 13, 2017 9:30pm

THE Age racing writer Patrick Bartley stands accused of making an anti-Semitic comment to a Melbourne Racing executive at a Spring Racing Carnival luncheon.

Bartley appears to have put his weights up with a rant in front of MRC racing general manager Jake Norton after downing several frothies at the race luncheon at St Kilda’s The Stokehouse.

Norton, who is no stranger to Bartley’s verbals, says he was gobsmacked by the two-minute rant that flowed as freely as the beer.

He was prepared to cop the swearing, but when Bartley allegedly started spewing comments about Norton and his “Yid mates at Caulfield”, the MRC exec took exception and complained to The Age.

Bartley is also understood to have had another verbal showdown with incoming Melbourne Racing Club chief executive Josh Blanksby.

Bartley has been in a long-running dispute with the club and was banned from the Caulfield Cup meeting two years ago after a series of articles in which he criticised the state of the track and the way the club went about things.

However, the ban was lifted the same day after other racing journalists discussed a ban on covering the meeting. But to say Fairfax have been slow out of the stalls on the matter is an understatement.

Age editor Alex Lavelle, Bartley and sports editor Chloe Saltau went to Caulfield on Wednesday to have a meeting with Norton, Blanksby and other MRC executives.

After the meeting, Lavelle assured the MRC that Bartley would not be allowed to attend upcoming Caulfield race meetings under a Fairfax directive.

But Bartley on Friday night told Page 13 it was all business as usual, refuting the alleged racist claims.

“I deny all that, that’s wrong,” Bartley told Page 13. “It’s all been wound up. It’s yesterday’s news. It’s over, I’m looking forward to a great Cup carnival.”

This was news to Lavelle who on Friday night told Page 13 that Fairfax had decided Bartley would not attend Saturday’s Caulfield Guineas.

Lavelle said he did not wish to comment on whether Bartley had been suspended or stood down saying it was an “internal matter”.

“It’s not that he has been barred or not allowed to attend, we have just decided he won’t do the Caulfield Guineas,” Lavelle said.

The editor said it was not yet determined if Bartley would be put in the sin bin for future Caulfield meets.

Unhappy with the feeble Fairfax action, the MRC on Thursday issued a formal complaint to Racing Victoria, saying Bartley contravened its code of conduct.

Norton did not want to comment when called by Page 13, but is understood to be deeply concerned by the alleged racist taunt.

It’s understood Blanksby is outraged a member of his staff was abused and has told Page 13 the MRC will be pursuing the matter.

It’s odds-on that we have not heard the last of this one.

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« 2017-Oct-15, 09:14 AM Reply #7 »
I hope the Melbourne Racing Club have independent witnesses.

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« 2017-Oct-15, 09:31 AM Reply #8 »
Patrick has never let independent witnesses or unsubstantiated sources stand in the way of his 'stories' before.  Why should they be demanded now ?

There is often an undisclosed subtext to news stories that don't quite fully make sense - something else that can't be published is often going on that only 'insiders' are aware of.  Sometimes that something comes to light further down the track that makes a lot more sense.

The old RVL board has stood down earlier in the week and Patrick has already lost his rag.  Maybe his drip has dried up.

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2017-Oct-15, 10:23 AM Reply #9 »

This looks like a glimmer of good news:

..................................The old RVL board has stood down earlier in the week

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« 2019-Jul-12, 11:06 AM Reply #10 »