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Qld Gallops / North Queensland Racing
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 2 minutes ago »
....and Question #2.

Who will win the race? (midweek tipping comp).
Qld Gallops / North Queensland Racing
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 3 minutes ago »
My money was on the e).

If it were anything other than b) or e), under what circumstance would they pay out the fillies bonus otherwise  :what:
Qld Gallops / North Queensland Racing
« Last post by arthur on 18 minutes ago »
2 01:45PM CHANNEL 7 QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap 1050M
QTIS Prizemoney: 1st: $16300 2nd: $4700 3rd: $2400
Prizemoney: 1st: $7800 2nd: $2400 3rd: $1200 4th: $600

Cut & paste from Qld Racing official formguide . .

So I would think PP's (c) would be the answer

And the bit below from the 'race description' seems to back that up

Race 2 1.45pm

CHANNEL 7 QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap / 1050m

Prize Money $12,000

1st $7,800 / 2nd $2,400 / 3rd $1,200 / 4th $600

Bonus QTIS $12000 Prize Money $12,000

1st $8,500 / 2nd $2,300 / 3rd $1,200

No class restrictions, No sex restrictions, Two-Years-Old, Handicap, Apprentices can claim

Nominations extended 16 Feb 2017 9.00AM

Starters Fee $173 Acceptance Fee $0 Field Limit 7

My tip for what it is worth is #3 . . but I can stoppem  :sad:
Racing Talk / Race Records Of Champion Racehorses
« Last post by timw on 32 minutes ago »
I recall your interest in leading stakewinners.                          
I started reviewing Gloaming's earnings which most seem to accept was 43,100.                          
This figure is supported by a race by race analysis at page 3 of the Referee (Sydney, NSW : 1886 - 1939) of Wednesday 3 June 1925 in an article on trove titled "GLOAMING'S WINNING RECORD EARNINGS NOW TOTAL 43,100 His Fastest Times at Various Distances (By "PILOT.")".                        
However another race by race analysis on trove at page 4 of The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) of Thursday 9 October 1924 titled "GLOAMING'S RECORD All His Winnings RECTIFIED FIGURES (By Poseidon)"covering up to start 62 out of a total of 67 starts has a number of differences.                        
The eight differences up to start 62 are as follows                        
Start No.   Position   Date   Racename   Earnings - Page 3 of the Referee of Wed 3 June 1925      Earnings from page 4 of The Sun of Thursday 9 October 1924    Comment   
33   1st-2   10/02/1921.   Hawera Stakes    430.00      400.00   NZ Turf register not checked   
34   1st-2   26/02/1921.   Jackson Stakes    425.00      400.00   NZ Turf register not checked   
36   1st-7   30/10/1921.   Fielding Stakes    500.00      350.00   NZ Turf register not checked   
41   1st-2   2/02/1922.   Hawera Stakes    430.00      400.00   NZ Turf register not checked   
44   1st-3   30/03/1922.   North Island Challenge Stakes    700.00      600.00   NZ Turf register not checked   
60   1st-8   4/10/1924.   AJC Spring Stakes   1,967.00   1,967 includes 125 breeder's premium   1,842.00   No evidence of breeder's premium payable in Aust Turf Register or newspaper reports   
61   1st-4   8/10/1924.   AJC Craven Plate   2,354.00   2,354 includes 150 breeder's premium   2,204.00   While Aust Turf Register makes no mention of breeders premium the newspapers indicate a 150 breeder's premium was payable.    
62   1st-5   1/11/1924.   VRC Melbourne Stakes (later Mackinnon Stakes) (G1)   1,123.00      1,124.00   All records sighted suggest correct figure is 1,124 not 1,123.   
Unfortunately NZ newspapers are light on detail so of not much use.                        
This is mere speculation but some of the differences might be due to the value of trophies and whether trophies are included.                         
The optimistic view is that Gloaming won 43,101.  Accepting that both writers would agree on the amounts for the last 5 starts (all in NZ) The Sun's total would be 42,491 although I think it is almost certainly understated by 150. Unless anyone else can help I will put it on my 'to do' list.                         
Racing Talk / Teaching the Maths of Gambling
« Last post by Dave on 32 minutes ago »
I have been advocating teaching gambling in schools for decades! The absolute worse case scenario is kids get addicted to gambling instead of Drugs and Alcohol......if gambling takes all their money there is nothing left for Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes etc.......that can't be a bad thing, can it??  On the other hand they will have a much better chance of winning,............and enjoying a much longer life..................what we must understand ain't gambling addiction that is ever a is losing that is the problem.............ever seen a winning gambler attending meetings saying he has a problem, too much money??
Racing Talk / Putting the fun back into punting
« Last post by Dave on 41 minutes ago »
Not true Peg, Computers are inanimate objects, they can't even turn themselves on without human intervention
Racing Talk / Autumn 2017 TAB.COM.AU Tipping Comp #20
« Last post by ratsack on 1 hour ago »
Nice work Calvo
My usual $55 contribution
Might go with best place divi this time please
Winner share a place parlay with moi
Westie and I have had a small collect from the last comp and still have a bet to go  :beer:
Racing Talk / Autumn 2017 TAB.COM.AU Tipping Comp #20
« Last post by Calvo on 1 hour ago »
Welcome to the Autumn Tipping Comp getting us through some of the best part of racing for the year!!

We are doing our usual 1-4 tips every Saturday and days listed below with a hypothetical $10 E/W.

Lots of races from the first in NZ till the last in Oz only clause is that they have to be TAB covered as per usual.

Scoring will be as follows:

The winner of the day with the best return on their 1,2,3 or 4 $10 E/W bets will win the day and score 10 points.
The second best return of the day will receive 6 points
The third best return will receive 4 points
The fourth best return will receive 2 points
The fifth best return will receive 1 point.

* Points will be carried over to the following comp day where they will be tallied with an updated leader board.
* VIC TAB will be the dividend the returns are calculated.
* In rare case of a daily dead heat then the points concerned will be added together and awarded half each.
*In case of a deadheat after the final round is counted then the contestant with the highest profit margin over the duration will win. 

***Bonus Points***

If anyone has a win or place dividend paying $10 or greater then 5 bonus points will be awarded as a reward for an outstanding selection.
Only maximum 5 bonus points awarded per person per week.

Now the all important prize please feel free to donate any others

Overall Winner
$400 bet with huge thanks to TABCorp

Blue Diamond Day (25/2)
Randwick Guieneas
Australian Cup
Golden Slipper Day
The BMW (inc. William Reid meeting from MV Friday night)
Doncaster Mile
Queen Elizabeth Stakes
All Aged Stakes (15/4)

Tips to be posted on this thread no later than before scheduled race time.


Usual syntax and race codes please.
I.E:  BR7 #3 Zed Man

Good Luck!!
Qld Gallops / North Queensland Racing
« Last post by sobig on 1 hour ago »
Almost certain it is your choice f.

The conditions of QTIS state quite clearly that a 2yo filly winning an eligible race will get a 50% bonus.
so a colt/gelding will get 7800 plus 8500 but a filly will get the extra 4250.
Racing Talk / CrownBet
« Last post by Peter Mair on 1 hour ago »

A sullied crown

The NSW community feels bangarooed by whatever Crown does in Sydney

I cannot imagine anything Crown wants to do in Sydney being welcomed by modest punters.

As for RVL ---- the present board is to be dismissed and no one connected to racing money is to be among the replacements.

Any fears that racing needs only insiders, steeped in the traditions, to be the managers will soon be exposed for the cub it is.

When the new RVL board seeks submissions on policy matters, and publishes them on its web site -- as well as 'file-notes' any 'diary appointment' discussions with anyone taking a take from anything to do with racing -- the game will be up.

There is a risk that racing in Victoria will be cleaned up -- bring it on.