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Racing Talk / Feedback Sought
« Last post by Aldocruz on 2 hours ago »
Please join the forum and contribute before posting external links.
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 2 hours ago »
Second Race

Field of 7 with a long odds-on conveyance.

As a group we had 4 different selections without one even a placegetter.   :huh:
« Last post by specialweek2 on 2 hours ago »
Thought I posted early but waiting for Media.

1.    10
2.    9
3.    1
4.    5
5.    8
6.    1
7.    1
8.    1


1.    10
2.    1
3.    1
4.    5
5.    8
6.    1
7.    1
8.    5

« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 2 hours ago »
Sorry. Running late.


R2 #1
R3 #1
R4 #5
R5 #8
R6 #6
R7 #4
R8 #2
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 2 hours ago »
No SW today :what:
Racing Talk / Thorougbred earnings records
« Last post by timw on 3 hours ago »
Saudi officials announced that purse monies from the Saudi Cup (won by Maximum Security on 29 February 2020) are being withheld until they complete their own investigation into the US federal charges.  So Maximum Security's first prize of USD 10,000,000 is up in the air. Bob Baffert now trains the horse and the horse is back in work (Paulick Report).
« Last post by westie on 3 hours ago »
R2. 1
R3. 1
R4. 5
R5. 4
R6. 2
R7. 2
R8. 6

Qld Gallops / QRIC
« Last post by Arsenal on 3 hours ago »
Racing Industry meeting yesterday covered by two reports firstly Ben Dorries from Racenet outlines what he has been told of discussions bearing in mind he was not invited neither was Nathan Exelby whose  story in the CM was based on what he was told by persons who were there on what outcomes were/or will be achieved.... there's no progress on removing the big stumbling block to a successful racing appeals system.....which has been under review since August 2019 and no sign that it'll be fixed any time soon the responsibility for this lies firmly at the feet of the Racing Minister The Hon. Hinchey.

Landmark integrity change afoot in Qld - TCO2 levels set to be published
Landmark integrity change afoot in Qld - TCO2 levels set to be published
Ben Dorries
Article Author
Ben Dorries
9:09AM02 June 2020

Racing integrity bosses in Queensland are set to agree to a plea from an overwhelming majority of trainers to publish TCO2 levels after a high-powered meeting of stakeholders.

Racenet also understands the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission conceded at Monday's meeting there had been a distinct reduction in pre-race testing in the last few months due to an overload at the testing centre.

Integrity in Queensland racing became national news last week after a suite of trainers, including 10-time Group I winner Rob Heathcote, went on the record with Racenet to claim they weren't sending their horses to the races on a level playing field.

Their frustration was primarily pointed towards QRIC which they claimed had dropped the ball with testing and wasn't doing enough to stop doping and cheating.

It led to an industry pow-wow at Doomben on Monday which trainers Heathcote, Tony Gollan, Les Ross, Bryan Guy, Toby Edmonds, Stuart Kendrick, Michael Costa, Desleigh Forster, Tony Sears, Jim Murdoch, Darryl Hansen, Kelly Schweida, Lindsay Hatch, Kevin Kemp, Brian Wakefield and Chris Munce attended.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett and deputy commissioner Mark Ainsworth were there as well as Racing Queensland CEO Brendan Parnell and a representative from Queensland Racing Minister Stirling Hinchliffe's office.

It is understood the meeting became heated at times as some trainers felt the industry had been slurred as a result of the way the issues had been played out in public due to the trainers coming forward to Racenet.

QRIC was told at the meeting that over 95 percent of trainers wanted TCO2 results published and it now seems set to be done in consultation with the Australian Trainers' Association.

Barnett told Racenet on Tuesday morning that QRIC would now examine a suitable model for the publishing of TCO2 levels and ensure they received legal advice surrounding the privacy act.

QRIC would then move towards the results being published on a trial basis.

TCO2 tests are conducted on horses pre-race and under a previous Racing Queensland administration they were published on the RQ website.

Trainers including Heathcote demanded the practice be re-introduced, insisting it provided a deterrent for those operating on the edge of the rules of racing.

A natural TCO2 level for horses is 28-32 millimoles per litre in blood, but under the rules of racing, a test needs to exceed 36 before it’s deemed to be illegal.

In Racenet's article last week, Heathcote had pushed for the publishing of the TCO2 levels saying:  "At least if QRIC are not vigilant in their duties, at least the industry can have a idea of which trainers are pushing the envelope. Remember, any raceday treatment of any horse is in breach of the rules and if any horses are in the mid-30s range, chances are they have been treated and that allows a form of ‘peer group pressure’. At least it is something of a deterrent."

Also at Monday's meeting, QRIC told trainers that a reduction in pre-racing testing in recent months, which they said was due to a an overload at a laboratory, had now been addressed and testing levels were back to normal.

More scientific equipment had been introduced and a new scientist employed.

The majority of trainers at the meeting told QRIC they needed to have a beefed-up integrity presence in stables and at trackwork and it was also suggested surveillance cameras be installed in horse urinals on race days.

While there was major progress on several fronts, the trainers were told there was no immediate solution to the internal review process and QCAT appeals system.

The process, in which can take months and even years to resolve cases, is bound in government framework and has been a major frustration for the Queensland industry.

Respected trainer Kelly Schweida told Racenet last week: "For example, there are still positive swabs outstanding from well over 18 months ago to cobalt and regumate.

"They said we would be the envy of all the states.

"They’re kidding, the only ones who would say that are the jockeys, who are the envy of other states because of our 'anything goes' situation.

"In my 48 years in racing, this is the most ridiculous system I have ever seen. A jockey told me about a month ago he had five riding suspensions in the wind.

"There is no deterrent whatsoever for a jockey to give everyone a fair go. "

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Ben Dorries
Article Author
Read all News by Ben Dorries

Airing grievances a winner
Ross Barnett backs meeting.
A LARGE group of southeast Queensland trainers met with integrity commissioner Ross Barnett at Doomben yesterday in a high voltage meeting where a range of integrity concerns were laid bare.
Seventeen trainers, including six of the top seven on the state premiership, were represented, which was also attended by Racing Queensland chief executive Brendan Parnell and Ben Marczyk from the office of Racing Minister Stirling Hinchliffe.
Barnett was joined by chief steward Peter Chadwick, stewards Daniel Aurisch and Paul Gillard, and deputy integrity commissioner Mark Ainsworth.
It followed an article on where trainers Rob Heathcote, Kelly Schweida, Desleigh Forster and Bryan and Daniel Guy spoke out about integrity concerns in Queensland racing.
Premier trainer Tony Gollan described the meeting as having a positive outcome, where “a lot of questions were answered”.
“It gives us confidence in what is going to happen,” he said. “There was plenty of robust discussion and a lot of grievances were aired.
“I thought Ross was pretty good with his responses.”

Fellow leading trainer Toby Edmonds said he was disappointed with the way the situation had played out leading up to yesterday, feeling everyone had been slurred as a result of the allegations made about widespread cheating.
“I think there is a lot of banter in the background and, because we win a lot of races, you hear it all the time,” Edmonds said. “There are people that are disgruntled that you are winning a race. It seems there’s always a slur on people that are doing well.
“I feel we’ve all got a responsibility to the industry to try and uphold the image of the industry. And that hasn’t happened in this instance.”

Barnett said the meeting was a worthwhile exercise.
“It’s always better when people come together and talk. It gives all sides the opportunity to communicate together and explain things that have been going on,” he said.

Key issues included the QCAT lag, drop off in pre-race testing during COVID-19, and the enforcement of horse arrival times on course.

“We were here to reassure people about what we do that they don’t see that we do,” Barnett said. “Try and give them some encouragement that integrity is not just about prerace testing, there’s a lot of other things going on.

“I think they have a better appreciation of our issues and we have a crystal clear understanding of their concerns and the perceptions of their concerns.

“I certainly don’t agree with the perception that there is widespread cheating here, but as I’ve said before, people are entitled to their view and to express their view. One thing it did was led to this meeting, which was a great outcome.”

Giddy Up :beer:

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Qld Gallops / QRIC
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Finding the problem by eliminating wrong explanations

Racing integrity bosses in Queensland are set to agree to a plea from an overwhelming majority of trainers to publish TCO2 levels after a high-powered meeting of stakeholders.

Most likely, breaches will not be found but rough race results will continue.