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Comps & Clubs / Saturday Tipping Comp July 4 -Aug 17
« Last post by Brian Mc on 1 hour ago »
SR7 # 2 North Pacific
MR5 #6 Hydro Star
MR6 #3 Parlophone
MR8 #9 Arcadia Queen

Comps & Clubs / Saturday Tipping Comp July 4 -Aug 17
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 4 hours ago »
MR8 #5 Kalashani Lad
KGR3 #4 Rocabarriagh
PR9 #7 Fa'lion Maschine
TR6 #1 Chevronsnrockers
Sports Talk / NRL 2020
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 6 hours ago »
Agree totally - the pile-on towards Seibold this year has been disgraceful, and that's before the latest round of scuttlebut. The bloke comes across as fairly decent  - anyone would think he was an axe murderer instead of a footy coach.

There is a photo of the troublemakers at Gosford Friday Night in the Tele. Is that you Maximus in the hoodie with your back turned toward the camera? I've told you before not to hang around those NZ supporters.

NRL 2020: Brent Naden racially abused in Panthers 18-12 win over Warriors

Peter V’landys has vowed “action will be swift and hard” after ugly racial abuse allegations directed at Penrith winger Brent Naden overshadowed a club record-breaking ninth straight victory for the NRL competition leaders in Gosford.

The ARL Commission chairman was quick to make a stand after a group of up to eight spectators were kicked out of Central Coast Stadium late in the first half of the 18-12 win over the Warriors.

It’s claimed the same group were later kicked out of nearby Central Coast Leagues Club and caused trouble near Gosford train station.

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary revealed the abuse that came from a group that appeared mostly Warriors spectators seated near the sideline occurred on numerous occasions.

Do they still have police in Gosford  :what:

International Racing / Saudi Cup day 29 Feb 2020
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 7 hours ago »
Thanks for posting that Tim.

Very interesting read.

Maybe more people will start bringing their horses to Australia at that time of year instead of Saudi Arabia in future if that is the way they conduct their racing.
Jockey / James McDonald
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 8 hours ago »
Geez let's not rush in releasing the reasons for varying the penalty on Threeood

Date of Hearing: 3 July 2020
Date of orders: 3 July 2020
Date of Reasons: 7 August 2020

10. As with so many riding appeals, the best evidence is the film of the race. Two things stand out
to the Panel:

(a) The appellant’s ride on Threeood lacked the vigour he showed in other races in this

(b) Whatever could be said of the Appellant’s ride from the 300m to the 100m, the Appellant
did switch off at the 100m. In fact, the mare gaining some ground from the placegetters in
the last 100m appears to have surprised the Appellant, who started to ride with real vigour
in the last 30 or so metres of the race.

11. Accordingly, the Panel is of the view that a breach of the Rule is established. However, aside
from there obviously being no intent or dishonesty involved, the Panel is of the view that the
Appellant’s breach is well short of the more serious breaches of this rule
. The appellant’s ride
did not cost the horse a place in the first four, and she did look at one stage as though she was
going to run near last. The ride was a lapse in judgement, in circumstances where the
Appellant appears to have been lulled into thinking his horse was travelling worse than she
was, particularly in the last 100m, or at least that she would not pick up in the manner she did
in the last 100m or so. While we would therefore uphold the finding of breach of the rule, we
consider the three-week suspension imposed should be set aside, and in lieu of that penalty
we impose a suspension from 5 July 2020, to 12 July 2020 (on which day the appellant may ride).
Comps & Clubs / Saturday Tipping Comp July 4 -Aug 17
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 8 hours ago »

#### DESPO DAY ############

#### FINAL DAY #############


Despos have about a 50% strike rate on the final day by my reckoning.

Beware of roughies selected tomorrow.

Good luck all.
Qld Gallops / Bonus Bets to be Banned
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 9 hours ago »
What outstanding politicians we have.

Ban bonus bets.

Ban on line poker.

But Poker Machines???

Pub and Club and Casino lobby - don't want to upset those guys do we. Might not get those big donations. Corrupt filth.

Sports Talk / NRL 2020
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 2020-Aug-14, 11:43 PM  »
Pretty much anything and everything was in the rumour - drugs, alcohol, affairs, who the drugs come from, who the affairs are with, issues in the family etc.

It's was like chinese whispers on steroids  :shutup:

Typical bloody Souths Forum Members.

F. uncouth rabble.

Easts forums are far more civilized.
Sports Talk / NRL 2020
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 2020-Aug-14, 11:41 PM  »
Don’t worry Jeunes, SBW is riding in on his horse and uncle Nick will arrange a loan deal for Pangai

Roosters coach says they won’t look at Tevita Pangai Jr

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson says the back-to-back champions have no interest in signing unwanted Brisbane forward Tevita Pangai Jr.

Pangai Jr is expected to part ways with the Broncos and his $650,000 a year contract after he breached the club’s COVID bubble by attending a barber shop opening over the weekend.

The Tongan star has been linked with the Roosters on numerous occasions, including as recently as last week when he reportedly shopped himself to Tricolours chairman Nick Politis.

But Robinson said the Roosters won’t be signing Pangai Jr, declaring that the troubled prop doesn’t suit the Bondi-based club’s culture.

“No, he won’t be at the Roosters,” Robinson said about Pangai Jr, who won’t play again until 2021 because the NRL’s transfer deadline passed on August 3.

“I don’t know what’s going on up there, but we’ve worked really hard - as you can see - for the type of player that we want.

“And he’s not going to fit that mould.”

Told ya. Doesn't fit into the culture   :biggrin:

Would fit more into Souths culture. Uncle Russ would love a bikie on his books. Along with Jai Arrow, Wunderkind, Million Dollar Latrell. Souths sombrero looking good for 2021.

And what outstanding choices to spend your sombrero money on I should add.   emthup
Sports Talk / NRL 2020
« Last post by Gintara on 2020-Aug-14, 11:12 PM  »
Gee the bunker were on fire tonight  :shutup:

Can't wait for the Annesley apology this week   :wacko: