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Racing Talk / NO RACE _Race 9 at Caulfield should be abandoned
« Last post by Dave on 51 minutes ago »
Pete you are right about one point, the Cup no longer stops a nation......but your reasoning as to why is poles apart from the facts..................When Carbine won the Cup there was nearly 40 runners, the Cup field is restricted in size more to day than it has ever been in the past, fields of 30 or more were once common place.....what has diminished the Cups relevance is that they have taken it off the people and given it to the elite and they wonder why the people don't care anymore?? and that is what you want to spread throughout racing?? You are a silly old fool

People who take Quadrellas like buying lotto tickets, they are looking for a huge collect.....They are greedy and not very B-R-I-T-E and don't really want to work for their money(Just like you)  huge collects are why people buy lotto tickets.....and take Quadrellas.............that is the whole attraction of a Quadrella...........put races on with only 1, 2 or 3 chances in them thyat are easy to pick the winners of and the Quadrella would go the way of the Dodo Bird in double quick time........try to use your little grey cells before you shoot your mouth off

Peter is just admitting that the inherent variance of big fields is too tough for him. He wants an easier task  - one more suitbale for HIS level of ability and HIS level of little or no form work at all. He sees interference as a problem whereas others see it as a chance for a big collect.

Peter's idiocy is not this admission ( we cant all be high IQ types ) but his persistance in looking at such fields at all.

Peter should simply concentrate on smaller fields like that of Winx where they more or less finish in market order.

However what Peter does not realise that in such fields the takeout AND the rebate players will take his money even more surely. His losing is the price he pays for getting his desired psychological comfort of a higher strike rate. He is a bookmakers dream client.

Racing Talk / Winx
« Last post by Authorized on 2 hours ago »
Racing Talk / Quiz
« Last post by Dave on 2 hours ago »
Now this is from memory so I take no responsibility for trainer actually won all four Grandslams in the same year with a different horse! Who was he/she and who were the horses?
« Last post by westie on 3 hours ago »
R1. 1
R2. 2
R3. 3
R4. 4
R5. 1
R6. 6
R7. 1 

« Last post by westie on 3 hours ago »
A bit of a stuff up here.
Racing Talk / Winx
« Last post by Dave on 3 hours ago »
Sure I like Theatre but get a grip, she was Winx running down some horses that will not get a run in a Cox Plate unless Winx scares everyone else away.....times on the day that seem to have everyone wetting their pants was irrelevant because of the wind, if they mean anything Last Witness has the Everest in the bag! was as about exciting as Winx gets if you cared about the result, if Winx was the old Winx the result was never really in doubt........

and Gin I was only repeating Hugh himself said, that he was worried about making his run too early and her run ending before the post.....personally I think he rode her badly, if he had made his move from the 800 he could have been on top of them on the turn and she would have won easy......but we will never know and she won anyway so who cares?

What makes a great Jockey is that they don't panic when things go off script, he did what he had to do, no pressure to shit his pants, all the top Jockeys would have done the same thing.....that is the beauty of riding Winx(and horses of that calibre when racing at WFA) you can make stuff ups all along and she will still win and make you look great

My problem is I don't like Bullies at School and I don't much like them on a racetrack either......and really that is all she is, just teasing the others to let them think they had a chance.....then she stomps on them....just like Bullies do!
« Last post by specialweek2 on 3 hours ago »
Terrible fields.

1.    1
2.    2
3.    3
4.    4
5.    1
6.    5
7.    1


1.    1
2.    2
3.    3
4.    4
5.    5
6.    3
7.    3
Sports Talk / Rugby League 2017
« Last post by Authorized on 4 hours ago »
« Last post by Racehorses on 4 hours ago »
R1 #7
R2 #2
R3 #2
R4 #3
R5 #6
R6 #3
R7 #9