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Sports Talk / The Pride of the League
« Last post by wily ole dog on 13 minutes ago »
Settle down mate, we'll be right....soon

Mind you, it's frustrating seeing how well the likes of Nathan Brown, Luke Keary & Dylan Walker are going after our idiot coach punted them
Racing Talk / Legal challenge coming over whip rule
« Last post by Wenona on 21 minutes ago »
I was on Violate and was waiting for the protest after the race .... it never came.  :no:

Have a look at the video, Larry looks like he is being completely out ridden .... but of course the jockeys weren't operating under the same rules.  emthdown

It's not like she hit the winner a couple of extra times ..... surely someone connected to the horse could have said something to him, it was just soooo obvious.  :chair:

International Racing / Japanese Racing
« Last post by wily ole dog on 26 minutes ago »
My boy SCIACCHETRA going around in the Tenno. Stand out tri

1st 1

2nd 3, 4, 6, 10, 15, 16

3rd 3, 4, 6, 10, 15, 16
Why do I constantly get this message. Does anyone else?

No races available
There was an error loading races. Try  again later
Racing Talk / Legal challenge coming over whip rule
« Last post by Authorized on 56 minutes ago »
The whip rule will be on the agenda for the racing australia board on friday (image: racing photos)

The Whip Rule is once again causing controversy (Image: Racing Photos)

Legal challenge coming over whip rule

Trainer Brent Stanley is set to launch legal action over the controversial whip rule in Australian racing.

Stanley’s colt Violate, ridden by Larry Cassidy, was beaten a nose by Dream Aplenty, ridden by apprentice jockey Tiffani Brooker, in Saturday’s Group 3 Gunsynd Classic over 1600m at Eagle Farm.

Stewards suspended Brooker for seven days and fined her $2000 after charging her for whipping the winner 17 times before the 100m, well outside the permissible five strikes.

In total, she used the whip on 27 occasions. Neither stewards nor Cassidy lodged a protest over the result.

A furious Stanley is confused by the system and will challenge the result on behalf of Violate’s owners.

“The first I heard of it was when I woke up on Sunday morning,” Stanley said.

“We get beaten narrowly, discuss the post race, but at that time Larry had no knowledge that the winner had broken the whip rules.

“He is busy doing his job for us, not counting how many times she is using the whip on the other horse.

“She was using the whip in her right hand, which was on the opposite side to Larry and it was impossible for him to know.

“During the race, we are focussed on our horse and not paying close enough attention to what the other rider is doing with the whip.

“I’m frustrated that there was nothing said by the stewards after the race, we weren’t given any information from the stewards.”

Stanley believes that there needs to be greater clarity around the rule and how it is administered.

“The winning rider is fined $2000 and given a seven day suspension so there is evidence that she has breached the rule, there is no doubt about that,” Stanley said.

“That would mean that it has clearly had an impact on the result.

“I have a very well-bred colt running in a Group race and there is a massive difference for the owners between a win and a narrow defeat.

“I have had legal advice this morning and will be lodging an official complaint on Monday to challenge the result of the race and try and get it overturned.

“This is not being done over having sour grapes, this is being done because there is no consistency with rule around Australia and it is an Australia-wide rule.

“Quite simply, I don’t feel that I was given an appropriate chance to do anything about it before correct weight was called.

“I didn’t know that the winner had broken the rules.”

Racing Queensland chief steward Allan Reardon informed Brooker on Saturday that her overuse of the whip could have led to her losing the Gunsynd Stakes.

Reardon was quoted in the Courier Mail that Cassidy ‘could have looked at the video if he wished, but we can’t take that any further’.

“Ultimately, we have to be satisfied the whip use exceeded the winning margin.”

The restrictions to whip use in races were first introduced in Australia in 2009 before being tightened to the current rules in December 2015.

International Racing / Japanese Racing
« Last post by specialweek2 on 2 hours ago »
Glorious spring day.

R8    15  5  3  7  12
R9    10  9  2  8  3
R10  12  5  1  2  14
R11  3  15  6  16  1
R12  6  11  10  12  2
International Racing / Japanese Racing
« Last post by specialweek2 on 2 hours ago »
Currently around 5/4 each of two, although you can get some 6/4 Kitasan Black

Great race in prospect.
The 2kg turnaround is the decider for me. Numbers soon on 5 races calling from track.
International Racing / Japanese Racing
« Last post by j.r.b. on 3 hours ago »
Huge local interest here in Japan with the Tenno Sho (Spring) edition run Sunday at Kyoto racetrack.
Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond have established a terrific rivalry and they lead the betting in the 17 horse field as equal favourites.
SD beat KB in last year's showcase race the Arima Kinen in the last stride. KB won the Tenno Sho last year.

Currently around 5/4 each of two, although you can get some 6/4 Kitasan Black

Great race in prospect.
« Last post by JWesleyHarding on 3 hours ago »
Monday  Ipswich
Racing Talk / Restrictions on credit and bonuses
« Last post by PoisonPen7 on 3 hours ago »
...back on topic....

At what point are our elected representatives going to realize that we do not elect them to classify the populations actions into "good and evil" and start putting restrictions on their interpretation of the evil.

Greyhounds and Mike Baird was an outcome they ignore at their own peril.

We elect them to responsibly look after the collective interest. We are not interested in their new age puritanism.

Maybe they should be concentrating on things like the economy and health.

Any Queensland politician who discusses morals at a time where they have collectively (and irresponsibly) put the state on a path to $75.5 billion in debt should be shown the door at the next election.