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Racing Talk / Save The Moonee Valley Strait
« Last post by wily ole dog on 8 minutes ago »
The point is mate that he pollutes this joint with lies, exaggerations and generalisations to push his own barrow. I will happily and laughingly call this out every time.

No skin off my nose. I've tried to discuss issues that he raises but he won't enter those discussions as he's a mud thrower, hoping his lies stick for his own benefit

Im well and truly on record as bagging the MV track. I hate it and struggle to win there so try not to bet too often. That's nobodies fault but ole Pete has a victim mentaility and wants to be spoon fed.
He's an idiot
Racing Talk / Save The Moonee Valley Strait
« Last post by Peter Mair on 14 minutes ago »

..........glimmers of commonsense

There are relatively few 'black type' races at the VOT -- sensibly, any trainer with a likely winner in those events would accept for these races.

The obvious reluctance to run he better horses there, in the normal course, is also clear enough

In Sydney the same applies to racing at Warwick Farm -- funny farm results ensure only funny horses run there.
« Last post by specialweek on 58 minutes ago »
#8 L/S in the last.
Changed to 4 on my list thanks

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« Last post by westie on 59 minutes ago »
#8 L/S in the last.
Harness / Trot Tactics Denis Smith
« Last post by Arsenal on 1 hour ago »
"TROT TACTICS" 18/11/2017..

 Hot on the heels of a very successful Summerfest/ Harriott Memorial meeting last Sunday, the merry folk of Marburg have another serve of harness for you today. Seven races this time, and the chance of some one taking home the "pick the card" jackpot where $3 can get you $1300. Gate prize of $100 free bet with bookie Stephen Anthony, plus the "funny money" deal where you bet with no money then use your bogus dollars in the auction after the last race. Best of burgers, cheapest beverage, great raffle and all this for $5 Adults, Members and Pensioners $3, with kids under 16 free. Gates open 10.30am trials commence at 11,00am and Race one goes at 12.00 noon. Don't miss it!!

 THE ELECTION. No one ,taking a fair and balanced view of the two horse codes in Queensland, could say that the bulk of participants, be they punters, owners, trainers or drivers, would be comfortable with their future prospects. Both major parties are trying to buy votes in the country areas with promised injections of funds around the $70 million over four years. Intending voters, and that should be all of us, should think hard about what is on offer.  Election promises are easily made, and just as easily broken. What we should be hearing is a commitment to splitting the three codes, if only to ensure that each code's achievements or short comings are easily identifiable, and a return to stricter government control. We do not want Ministers of Racing claiming that they have appointed people to run racing and that dissidents should take their complaints back to those people. Such action is no better than that of Pontius Pilate!

The following press release is about as sad as it gets. Where is racing in Queensland headed when QRIC stewards of whatever code, cannot go about their duty without risking assault. There are many  in the horse codes who resent the high cost of QRIC, incurred in its bid to provide a clean product in all facets of racing from paddock to track. They will be even more upset when we have to provide police protection to stewards when they enter a licencee's premises.
  14 November 2017 .
"Two Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards are recovering after they were allegedly assaulted during a stable inspection at Toowoomba this morning.
The stewards, from the Commission’s Integrity Regulation Unit, were conducting an inspection at a Toowoomba property when they were approached by an industry participant.
It is alleged the man, who is known to the stewards, sprayed an unknown liquid into the eyes of both of them. 
It’s further alleged that he then stole the keys from a Queensland Racing Integrity Commission vehicle and drove off in his own vehicle.
Both stewards were transported by Queensland Ambulance for medical treatment. 
Detectives from the Queensland Racing Crime Squad are investigating the incident with the assistance of Toowoomba police.
A 73-year-old Pittsworth man is wanted for questioning".
Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the stewards were acting within their lawful responsibilities when they were subjected to an unprovoked attack.  “It’s very fortunate that neither of the officers has suffered any long term damage as a result of what occurred yesterday but having engine degreaser sprayed directly into their face and eyes was a very concerning incident,” Commissioner Barnett said.  “I should stress that this is very unusual within the racing industry and most participants treat stewards with respect. “We of course will not condone any assault on any of our staff and when anything like this happens we will ensure that the people responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Commissioner Barnett said.

 Nothing remarkable on the leader board this week. Darrell Graham was top trainer with five winners, while he shared driving honours with Pete McMullen and Nathan Dawson at three apiece.

 Resultsville.. Albion park 10/11..Geronimo Beau (Trent Dawson).. Horace Foxley (Narissa McMullen for Tahn Cammilieri).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Albion Park 11/11.. Moonlight Eyre (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Charms On A Roll (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Marburg 12/11.. Grizzly Montana (Darrell Graham).. Shadow Pass (Darrell Graham).. Inciter (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Bubbaloobah (Dan Russell).. Soldier Of Fortune (Lachie Manzelmann for Karen Schulz).. Daenerys Stormborn (Adam Sanderson).. Proficient (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Riverleigh Jeff (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Playnserious (Gary Litzow).. Albion Park 14/11.. Spud (Chris Petroff for Jay Edmunds).. The Caringbah Kid (Trent Dawson).. Trevs No Angel (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 15/11.. Black Belt (Madi Dux for Ron Sallis).. Flashing Good Time (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Rubys Bad Boy (Lachie Manzelmann for Darrell Graham).. One Last Roll (Taleah McMullen for Narissa McMullen).. Somepartysomewhere (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Redcliffe 16/11.. Beef City Blaze (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. Tarin Kowt (Pete McMullen for Ron Sallis).. The Next Star (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..
Racing Talk / Down Goes Another Of Lloyd's Trainers
« Last post by Dave on 2 hours ago »
I am starting to think Wily is good ole Pete's alter ego, he argues with himself just to keep the rest of us on our toes  :chin:
Racing Talk / Save The Moonee Valley Strait
« Last post by Dave on 2 hours ago »
Wily you are being a little pedantic in your criticism of Pete, picking on the small details and ignoring the gist of what Pete is talking about, you know it, I know it, we all know it...........technically you are 110% correct (in my opinion), all the good/sensible trainers do go there.....but Pete's point that it is an inferior track for top class racing is also 110% correct (in my opinion) and you know it....

Dwelling on inconsequential details ain't a good look, Pete doesn't think before he tries to make a point, hence he is usually wrong.....this time reading between the lines is easy to grasp what he means......Just because he uses a wrong analogy to make his point doesn't change what he means..............and it doesn't make him wrong in the big picture

Disagreeing just because you don't like him doesn't help your cause.....I am sure if Pete said the Sky is Blue and Grass is Green you would find a way to disagree.....i.e. sometimes grass dies and is Brown, sometimes it is overcast and skies are grey etc
Racing Talk / Save The Moonee Valley Strait
« Last post by wily ole dog on 3 hours ago »
Pick our top 30 horses in the last 20 years and use that as your "support peter moron" yardstick.

Racing Talk / Save The Moonee Valley Strait
« Last post by Authorized on 3 hours ago »
Depends on who you call sensible trainers.
« Last post by specialweek2 on 4 hours ago »
Wodonga Friday