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Qld Gallops / The Brisbane Racing Club
« Last post by arthur on 18 minutes ago »
PS ; the joint is closed.

Not the child-minding centre . . I hope  :whistle:
Qld Gallops / The Brisbane Racing Club
« Last post by gunbower on 24 minutes ago »
Yes but they are the two dummies who told us that we would  be racing on a world class racing surface by now. PS ; the joint is closed.

Qld Gallops / The Brisbane Racing Club
« Last post by arthur on 34 minutes ago »

BRC loses money on its tote

The BRC is expected to declare an $806,000 overall loss . . . . despite a good performance in non-racing activities .

The report will show revenue from the totalisator was $1,454,285 but the costs of operating it was $1,485,536 for a loss of $31,251.[/b]

The club is expecting its non-racing activities to increase income in the coming year including the Eagle Farm markets, a shopping centre, Gallopers Sports Club and an on-site child minding centre.


Doesn't seem so long ago that DD and Ascot used to urge those 'unviable' country clubs to come to grips with reality and economic rationalism . .

Good to see that the child-minding centre is doing well though. .  :whistle:

You're right Nem. He did finally answer a question

First time for everything. Now he just needs to answer the other questions but he won't as he knows he's wrong
I think in fairness Wily you have been given a fairly detailed answer to your question.

No shame in my book to be moved on by RNSW because they only want compliant and "nothing negative" employees.

Not really much room for a "consumer rep" doing his job there?
He was rejected by the industry a few years back, was he not?

The political dilemma was resolved some time later by abolishing the consumer rep position on an RNSW committee.

Trainer / Ciaron Maher
« Last post by jfc on 2 hours ago »
Reminds me of the time a "Lady of The Night" was a part owner of a horse favoured to win the Grand National Hurdle at Flemington and the then, Chairman of the VRC, was going to refuse to present the trophy to the said Lady if the horse had won.
They could have written a book about that champion jumper and the scandal involving that high-class call girl, a gifted but unlicensed horseman, a television and radio personality, and an aspiring VFL footballer, although it was a long time ago, however it is still part of racing folklore.
That television personality went onto win a Gold Logie and one of his daughters won a Miss Australia title, whilst that VRL footballer has gone to be nationally recognised today in television commercials for an Australian primary food product.
Bit easier than your Quiz posers.

« Last post by specialweek2 on 2 hours ago »
RH big today.

RH               331
JWH             255
SW               198
Westie          191
Media           135
Rat                  32

340 out

JWH              465
RH                 406
SW                 308
Rat                 258
Westie            246
Media             189
N.S.W Gallops / Country NSW
« Last post by ratsack on 3 hours ago »
thanks JWH i have seen the replay , my point is there is no margin on the official site


tuesday pm we have a margin    0.02L

nothing in the stewards report
Trainer / Ciaron Maher
« Last post by Peter Mair on 3 hours ago »

John Kerr and an efficient trainer both got gigs on cup day -- as have some others.